Rappers Beanie Sigel & Jadakiss Reminisce On Their Past Issues During An Episode Of "Rap Fix Live"

Beanie Sigel and Jadakiss touch on past beef and more during their interview with Sway of "Rap Fix Live."

While the beef between rappers Beanie Sigel and Jadakiss was one of the more notorious rivalries in Hip Hop, the two rappers have clearly moved past their issues as they joked about their former beef during an episode of MTV’s Rap Fix Live.

The interview was initially between Sigel and host Sway, but just minutes into the interview Jadakiss was brought out for a surprise cameo. After being joined by Jada, Sigel went on to explain that the beef started due to shots the rapper began to throw at someone on his team.

“I’m a rapper. I read between the lines,” Sigel explained in a video posted on XXLmag.com. “I was hearing a couple of little shots that somebody on my team was throwing out. And I heard a couple come back. And then I’m like, ‘Yo you wanna respond to that?’ So as a team player you know you gotta go out. It’s like if you ain’t gonna fight him I got him.”

Jadakiss chimed in as he spoke on one particular shot from Sigel, a line in which he thought his car was being called out.

“It’s a lot of them,” said Jadakiss when asked which line from Sigel stood out the most. “I know one that really like ‘wow.’ My first car was a 430 Benz AMG and on his first single he said, ‘You got the 430, small wheels.’ He probably didn’t even mean it for me, but I’m like ‘I gotta get rid of this little car.’”

The beef between the two rappers started in 2001 and continued for years before coming to an official close at Sigel’s “Brotherly Love Concert” in Philadelphia.

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  • 900Ksold

    u can bring the baby gorilla with u he dying for free! -Kiss

  • Anonymous

    loving this respect

  • Anonymous


  • what

    Man end of the day that what being rapper is all about, you can sit down with each other after all said and done and talk about it, joke about it and at the end of the day go their seprate ways man and nobody hate each other or try and kill each other, it a good thing love it

  • thefist

    Before the CRACK BABY HATE TRAIN starts to chime in... do know that just because these guys aren't "relevant" (sarcasm on my part) today doesn't mean they didn't pave the way. This beef along with Memphis Bleek dissing Nas on "Mind Right (feat. Ja Rule) was the INITIAL reason for the Take Over/Ether battles and Roc-a-Fella vs. EVERYBODY wars of the early 2000s.. a lot of good music and situations came from those legendary (YES, legendary.. everyone and their momma had a beef mix CD/Streetwars Series/Beef DVD after that ) battles. Stop acting like rap started in 2007. Who do you think these new guys were listening to? Educate yourself chirren

    • p

      I had too many streetwars CDs What happened to PCUTTA? The guy that used to spit in the beginning of the CD, his name was Ryan Banks right? What happenened to him?

    • Anonymous

      Tell it man! Preach

    • thefist

      And as a random trivia fact; The original "The Takeover" didn't have a verse dedicated just to Nas. It only had 2 verses of which 1 was general, the other was dedicated to Prodigy of Mobb Deep and one bar was sent at Nas. It wasn't until Nas returned with the "Paid In Full Freestyle" that Jay-Z did an entire verse for him; you can even tell by the subject matter in Jay'Z's verse. You guys really gotta start doing your freak homework if you're gonna really be fans of the music. If not, Hipster Rock is hiring for hater positions.

  • MMG Uncut

    2 washed up, irrelevant rappers discussing boring issues and so called epic beef. Noone's checking for them dudes now, they ain't hot and they are nowhere near todays most talented and prolific emcees like Wayne & Ross.

    • Anonymous

      I'm amazed by how dumb some people are lol. You could go to an NBA site and type "Brian Scalabrine is better than Kobe Bryant" are sure enough some dumbfuck will get all upset and type a response lmao.

    • T Man

      its called a troll..aka someone with no life who says dumb shit on the internet for attention since they get none in real life..retards like the first anonymous are so fucking slow that they cant recognize obvious trolls and continue to feed them the attention that keeps them going...so FUCK YOU anonymous you fucking idiot, if people like you weren't so mentally challenged the internet would have far less trolls

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    "He probably didnt even mean it for me, but Im like I gotta get rid of this little car" Sensitive much?

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