E-40 & Too Short Reportedly Banned From "Rock The Bells" Mountain View Tour Stop

E-40 says that the city of Mountain View has banned him and Too Short from performing at the Rock the Bells stop.

E-40 and Too Short rocked the stage at last weekend's Rock the Bells 2012 festival, but don't expect them to hit the stage at this weekend's Mountain View, California stop.

During an interview with Fuse (via HHNM), E-40 said that he and Too Short have been banned from performing at the event, stating that the city has prohibited them from making an appearance.

"I'm not even going to be there. For some reason, the city of Mountain View won't let E-40 and Too Short perform," he said. "They can't even give us an excuse or nothing. They can't say nothing. They don't even know why they won't let us perform. I'm putting it on that the city of Mountain View won't let Too Short and E-40 perform. Anyway, they don't want us performing on our own soil, man."

He said that his performance with Too Short at last weekend's San Bernardino event was "classical" and described it as "electrifying." "My man always classical to do anything with Too Short. Always classical to do Rock the Bells. We ain't at the Bay Area one in Southern California, but it's still groovy like a drive-in movie. The energy? It's electrifying in that thang, man. Turnt up. I love every minute of it, I love to see my fans with a smile on they face, I love to be performing."

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  • rhonda

    Well if our Bay Area Bro'z cant play we should not play either, lets keep our money in our pockets yall, lets how unity for this one.NOW....DONT GO , DONT GO.

  • Anonymous

    I listen to... E-40 and others rappas u don't know-KOOL KEITH

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this let my nggas be , fuck all those uncle toms, and his kids talking shit about "this is is thug music" nigga fuck you this COMPTON!

  • Anonymous

    you attract a trash crowd of pimps, thugs and whores. haha thats sounds cold but thats it

  • realHIPHOP

    theyre not even real hip hop! theyre rap artists! RTB is for real hip hop! they can perform at kmel summer jam and all the clubs where they get hyphy! not to mention all the fights that are now NOT gonna happen. to be honest, this is thug music so logically thugs are going to go. so more thugs equal more fights! hooray MT. VIEW!

  • whoafieldz

    How do u have a hip hop show in da Bay and NOT have 2 of the most most influential MCs of da region perform?!!!! This is like Jay-Z being told he cant do Hot 97 show n NY!

  • Anonymous

    Thats some bullshit right thur


    We have millions of hitters out here in Northern California. E-40 is the BAY.

  • fuck haters

    hey, if all you clowns talking shit are sleeping on e-40's and too $hort's catalogue (especially from the 1990s) then it's your loss.

  • Anonymous

    That's right these niggas careers are over better off go to a asylum and stay there no one want y'all old asses anymore

    • Bradzuk

      I'll avoid making sweeping generalizations like, "You are a pathetic, self loathing, moron who lives his life in deliberate ignorance so you can somehow feel good about yourself by shitting on your obvious superiors." No. I'm not going to say that, because I dont know you. But I'll say this, GROW A FUCKING BRAIN... AND MAYBE A PAIR OF EARS. Just because they've been making great music for decades does not mean they cant still be making great music. And if you had any fucking brain between those broken ass ears, youd be able to recognize that E-40 is on top of the fucking game right now. 100+ songs in the last 2 years. A double album in 2010, loved by critics and consumers, and a TRIPLE ALBUM this year, equally loved. So back the fuck up.

    • Anonymous

      Shut up hater!

  • Anonymous

    This is foul, but I would expect nothing else from racist ass Mountain View..

  • firealarm

    hahahaha no seriously HAHAHA at you people saying E-40 is irrelevant. Please try to not make a complete ass of yourself anymore.

    • Bradzuk

      Thank you. The ignorance and hatred of this site is straight up shocking at times. You can always count on these threads to find the most vehement bullshit on the web.

  • Anonymous

    LOL hope they get banned from everywhere else

  • Anonymous

    Irrelevant. You crazy. You must be from wisconsin square!

  • Anonymous

    Obviously there's a reason. The promoters are probably afraid of fights, and the element that could show up.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck both of y'all below me

  • Anonymous

    E-40 = Most irrelevant nigga since Kid Capri.

  • Fuck Vallejo

    Take that, fucking faggot!!!

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