Birdman Backs Lil Wayne's Comment That He Doesn't Like New York

Birdman explains that whatever Lil Wayne says is "law."

Earlier this week, Lil Wayne made a controversial statement that he "flat out [doesn't] like New York." After Senator Malcolm Smith demanded an apology from the Young Money chief, Wayne's mentor Birdman said that he backs his feelings against the Big Apple, stating that whatever Weezy says is "law."

"Well, to me, I feel personally whatever my son say, I’ma ride with," he told Fuse. "So if he say he don’t like it, that’s what it is. He don’t like it, we don’t like it. I don’t like it if he don’t like it. If he say it, that’s law."

Senator Smith held a press conference yesterday in Times Square to put Wayne on blast. “If you don’t like New York,” said Smith, “you don’t have to come to New York. You don’t have to sell your products here. And perhaps we won’t come to your concerts.”

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  • Al

    It shows people that Senator has nothing better to do. He got offended because he was born and raised there and he likes the city. He is like a little kid. Get a life you schmuck!

  • icyboyniggaz607

    dude is this senator serious? its not even a big deal get over the fucking bullshit and step aside. lil waynes been in the rap game for so long and its just his personal opinion. fuck outta here with weak shit grow up

  • Anonymous

    That senator should be ashamed of himself for making such a big deal of what some rapper said. I'm pretty sure there are many other issues to address in the big apple. I don't even live there, but I'm pretty sure there are other things much more important that needs attention then some dude saying a few words about New York. Really this Malcom Smith guy is a fucking disgrace.

  • Anonymous

    Not a JayZ fan. . but.. Lil weazy fucking baby think he has more money than JAYZ? Not even weazies 12 year old fans would believe that. Lil Wayne Net Worth: $95 Million Bird Man Net Worth: $115 Million Jay-Z Net Worth : $475 Million just for fun.. his wife Beyonce: $300 Million (she has more than birdman and weazy lol) celebritynetworth. com/ not related: Diddy: $500 M/ Master P: $350 M/ Ice Cube: $100 M/ Dr Dre: $260 M/ Eminem: $120 M/even Justin Beieber has more at $105 Mil

  • BOY

    Birdman is a Mob Boss! What he says goes and Weezy is the KIGN of HIP HOP! Both these real niggaz run the game. all about YMCMB, we got the game on lock! Fuck Nas! Fuck Jay! Fuck Eve! Fuck Biggie! Fuck Ja Rule! YMCMB!

    • James

      FUCK YOU, Birdman and Lil Wayne aren't even good rappers, they suck and you don't know real Hip Hop so fuck off. So I'll say this, FUCK YMCMB, its all about Nas, Biggie, 2Pac, Ice Cube, Wu Tang Clan, Bone Thugs, Tech N9ne, and old school rap.

  • MC Ren

    @Senator Malcolm Smith Eat a dick!!! L.A. all day, Westsiiiiiiide!!!

  • Anonymous

    "The Rotten Apple is the filthiest City in America" How dare you insult the city Derek Jeter built.

  • Anonymous

    "NO ONE LIKES YOU BABY" Universal does.



  • Ghana

    u sure a fool, all we do is honour the dead and condemn the living. how the hell can you compare the dead to the living, are you saying we would still be listening to 2pac if he was alive? hell no, no way we tired of his shit already... learn some sense, waiting for Wayne to die to be a fan, 'ohh shooter by Wayne was my favourite song too bad he's gone' stupid fools... he's done alot than pac ever did, better records and also helped alot'o rappers gain stand in the industry, get the fuck outta here... comparing dead niggas, never heard anything bad about some dead rapper yet and yet we condemn the living because we wish to be in their position, how pathetic

    • real shit

      I feel you word for word, people are stupid as fuck. i been tired of pac and biggie shit, when i listen to them, it feels like im reading the bible, boring as fuck like im forcing myslef to do it. wayne definately better than botth them dumb ass niggas, in my opinion, fuck he happens to have the most money in the game, wayne is no doubt top 3 best rappers period

    • Anonymous

      Kill yourself, dickriding bitch. How dare you disgrace Tupac's name and praise wack ass Lil Wayne who kisses men on the lips. Nothing you said was true.

  • vigil

    i straight up hope baby and wayne get capped. thats a pretty rough thing to say but both of them are destroying rap, their fucking jokes as human beings. FLAT OUT, NO ONE LIKES YOU BABY , KILL YOURSELF.

  • fossie

    Fuck birdman!!!Suge Knight was a better CEO than him!

    • Anonymous

      Suge night is broke..... birdman is still in the game and not leaving. birdmans been in the game longer than suge was in the game. I dont like Atlanta i just dont like it.

  • Anonymous

    Can't blame him fuck new york they all talk

  • Anonymous

    those are some wack gay ass nigga

  • Real Talk

    I'm not even from NY but thats some disrespectful shit. The game has changed.

  • Anonymous

    'I dont like it if he dont like it. If he say it, thats law.' nice to see he's got a mind of his own ! what an idiot.

  • paul

    lil wayne rules, so does ny knicks! love them both

  • YA BOI

    Real talk...Theres a growing Anti-New York movement in the south. You niggas think Wayne just talking crazy. Some niggas really dont like New York. First off you niggas only think Jay Z, Biggie, Big L and Jadakiss are the only niggas who can rap. And if a up north nigga starts hanging with down south niggas he some how turns wack all of a sudden. Ya'll niggas still living in the 90s.... aint nobody checking for New York except New York. Kill ya self.

  • N.O. JOE

    Dwayne Michael Carter is a legend in this game of rap. However, he isn't the first nor the last, but at least he had his turn. There are only a few that get chosen.


    Wayne's going to be remembered as the next 2pac. How can you guys not award him that right? Look how much he has done for hip hop. Hip Hop album sales have been on slow decline, yet Wayne has been the small breath of air keeping it alive and bringing in money by bringing in ATTENTION. Attention is what keeps music or anything else alive. He branches out and does other things than music. He features on other artists of different genres albums. 2Pac would be proud of Wayne if he were still alive and I even believe he would agree to sign to Young Money records and help Wayne build even bigger empire. If Wayne were to die, he WOULD become the same vessel of icon as 2Pac was and still is to this day. Look how many people bite Waynes style same as they did 2pac(Nas, Ja Rule). Yall know its true but are just to afraid to admit it.

    • ^

      Kill yourself, 10 year old YMCMB dickrider. You just said a whole bunch of bullshit.

    • Anonymous

      u sure a fool, all we do is honour the dead and condemn the living. how the hell can you compare the dead to the living, are you saying we would still be listening to 2pac if he was alive? hell no, no way we tired of his shit already... learn some sense, waiting for Wayne to die to be a fan, 'ohh shooter by Wayne was my favourite song too bad he's gone' stupid fools... he's done alot than pac ever did, get the fuck outta here

    • hahahahaha right...

      i was going to write a serious, extensive response on why you are wrong..then i saw you thought pac would sign to this point i realised you are 6 years old, slightly retarded and not worth compare lil wayne to pac is an insult not only to pac but to real hip hop!!

  • Anonymous

    nick cannon is hilarious

  • Anonymous

    Nigga to the left is holding his head down in shame like "daddy why you make me do this???"

  • Anonymous

    lil wayne stoopid ass nicca but he paid so whatever

  • Adore7373

    I think this has also to do with the Funk flex-Nicki crap. He is a dumb ass. Any real business man knows you keep your personal shyt to self if there is money to be made. I dont give a shyt how much money you have, Same as you got it ,you can lose it. I'm sure he is cool with others in the game from Ny so that may end up not going well. Lets not forget his lil money maker is from here too.That's why Blacks may get rich but never wealthy. The white man knows when to stfu and keep making money of folks they don;t like. We allow our personal feelings limit us. Always thought he was ok, but no huge fan, But having catchy lyrics and dumbing shyt down doesn;t make one an emcee. Being rich also doesn't make you the best either

    • Anonymous

      i thought blacks wanted "REAL NIGGAS"... hahahaha if he wsnt real, he aint real. if he's being real now he's too real? WTF is wrong with blacks?????

  • Cheif.Keef


  • Anonymous

    man fuck you, you new york niggas used him to promote a gun. new york likes self suck their own dicks. you may think your something special but the world dont. keep drinking your own cum and hyping yourself.

  • Hip Hop Historian

    east vs south? is that what he's trying to cook up? lol Wayne's Garbage anyway

  • King of Kingz

    Listen u muthafucka......don't mention Pacs name. In fact why don't u go hang out wit the rest of ur school boy friends!just coz u might have watched a few PAC documentaries, don't claim or pretend u understand a flying fuck about what ur talking about. If u knew anything about pac's history, u wouldn't even be comparing the two!!!! GTFOH....these young kinds nowadays!



  • anon44

    why is it so hard to fathom Lil Wayne signing 2pac to Young Money records? He already has the biggest and best names in the industry under him running the game. And what does Wayne kissing other men have to do with his music? Pac was a damn background dancer before he made it big...with a parted flat top Ever seen the video of him when he was like 18? Completely different. Wasn't a "thug" or "gangster", and goin on and on about how he respects women, then all of a sudden he "don't love dem hoes". He used super proper and formal speech and had a quire boy vibe to him(he used proper speech in interviews when he was older but not to that degree) So how is he different from Wayne? Wayne has a much better flow as well...just sayin

    • -

      Wayne sign tupac not a fuckin chance. if tupac was alive he wouldn't be rollin with gay ass young money. the last shit he was doing was with duckdown before he died ..young moneys a pop label bubblegum bullshit

  • Anonymous

    How can someone listen to him only niggas worst than Wayne are Pimp C, Big L, Mack 10, Bizzy Bone, and Waka Flocka Flame

  • Anonymous

    Wayne doesn't even have to rap anymore, he was already the best rapper alive during the carter 2 era (don't believe me listen to Tha Mobb) and only a few can match what he once was...but other than that i hope dedication 4 is a return to form for the fans sake.

  • D.A.

    It's not like this is nothing new, I needn't refer to his statement at that NYC concert way back when the cops pulled him over and stuck him for a gun charge. Let's not be ignorant to that fact. Besides, it's one mans opinion backed by a legitimate reason. No need to be booty-hurt about it.

  • Anonymous

    a gay ass nigga "backing" another gay ass nigga: there's something wrong

  • idiots

    im white but completely not racist, im gonna explain something to yall. if black people wonder why some white people are racist and hate ghetto bullshit, dont sympathize with inner city problems, etc. this is why-a fucking senator stood up to a rapper over a comment of dislike for his city. WHO GIVES A FUCK WHAT LIL WAYNE THINKS? especially if you are a senator. lil wayne is one of my favorite rappers but his opinion means jackshit if its not about rap or sizzurp. these attempts by politicians to lure in young people with "cool" statements are a joke. you are sheep and you are flocked together with other sheep being pushed wherever they want you to go(you think what they want you to think). imagine a beef between mitt romney and clay aiken.....sounds fucking stupid right???? shouldnt the senator be worried about something else? why isnt he doing his fucking job???

    • -

      "i'm white but i'm completely not racist or i'm not tryna be racist but" --- things white people say before they say something racist that they think somehow makes it okay..

    • @idiots

      I didn't understand your essay, is just too damn retarted to me.

    • Anonymous

      @Hip Hop Historian If the shoe fits, then wear it, honky.

    • Anonymous

      i dont even know what your talking about i stop reading after the third sentence

    • Hip Hop Historian

      O'Reilly is that you again?? Hip Hop is a multi-racial culture, shit even aliens would be welcome to become hip hop heads.. who the fuck are you to say he aint welcome, what because he's white?? GTFOH

    • Anonymous

      Just learn something: you have absolutly no business here, stop listening to rap, get out of this site, go back to your Europe and stay there.

  • gilliedakid

    __youtube/lil wayne comes out of the closet at 2011 vma

  • Acesun

    If he doesn't recant his statement, the whole 718 is going to ride on YMCMB and Busta and Cory better stay out the way, how you going to respect your boss when he straight shits on your home state? Some things are better said off the record, now he is going to feel the wrath of NYC EMcee's. It's about time he put his foot in his mouth... HOW YOU GOING TO FLY WITHOUT YOUR WINGS? DEM NIGGAS AINT DIEING FOR YOU...

  • Anonymous

    if he dont like it we dont like it? thats a serious dick rider

  • Anonymous

    i bet these fags like the village though

  • The_Observer

    Lil Wayne & Birdman biting the hand that feeds them

  • Anonymous

    "313-485-7311" His mom answered.

  • james

    No one cares. Birdman is irrelevant and probably only said this so Wayne would pay him. Birdman isn't newsworthy.



  • Anonymous

    The Rotten Apple is the filthiest City in America handz down. Lame niggaz shooting other lame niggaz dont make u hard. It make you targets!



  • Blasthoro!

    I absolutely despise Lil Wayne as a rapper(Emcee he could never be) and Fuck YMCMB as a label and they artists. Still got love for New Orleans tho. Hood to Hood.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ Did Ho Budden really say that? If yes, I have found a new respect for him. That's one of the wittiest lines I've ever read.

    • lame

      in the words of joe budden, "let me tell you the difference between you and I, yall hug tha block, I kiss it goodbye." let the hood shit go. if you had the choice to be out it-wouldnt you leave? so why glorify something just because you are from there. learn from it, and move the fuck on

  • jay

    fed up with the fakes

  • Jay Kushtana

    I Wonder What Nicki Thinks OF THis {Being That She's From There}Hmmm??? ----O well peep tha new tracks ....Google Jay Kushtana Peace'--)

  • michael

    yall dont get it wayne would still get along with all ny rappers but shit i wouldnt like a city that locked me up over a gun that wasnt mine either. shit on top of that why yall care half of yall arnt from ny im from south carolina ima represent no matter what. YMCMB BELLIEE DAT!!

    • the_truth

      They didn't just find a gun and throw him in jail. There was a process and a trial in which he took ownership of the gun "to be tough or whatever" and went to Jail. Nothing wrong with NY.....

  • CurtisQuick

    First off, was anyone even there listening? Second, people are entitled to their own opinion and are allowed to like or dislike whatever they please. Third, doesn't a state senator have better, more important things to do than respond to someone in the entertainment industry? This is a joke.

  • Man fuck Detroit!!!

    Man all these dumbasses screaming Detroit shut he fuck up!!! What the fuck dies that shithole of a duty have to do with ths article. As a nigga that grew up off van ness and imperial and been to Detroit some places in Detroit can't fck with the Nickerson gardens so fuck Detroit! Niggas in queens would own yo bitchasses.

    • Man Fuck Man fuck Detroit!!!

      On behalf of all the niggas in the D, we apologize for fuckin' your bitch, snatchin' your chain, and beatin' your ass.....BITCH!!!

    • Anonymous

      Detroit is Disneyland compared to Haiti or India.

    • Joey

      Lmao off at this nigga ethuggin it online. What dipshit puts his number online. Fuckin idiot


      Yeah Right, Bring yo cunrty bread azz to the "D" then, call me @ 313-485-7311 when you get here and I will meet you. You probably from Idaho or Nebraska or some crap anyway.

  • Anonymous

    let hm go to rikers now

  • Anonymous

    "nigga fuxk cKhongosK" "I don't speak Niggerish" ^ see? A Caucasian trying "gang slang" baits a another, then the racism comes out. The omission of a "c" being used in the next word with 2 capital k's because they forgot the first one. Eff Wayne, the senator and Baby within 48 hours. It's blatant if you can comprehend.

  • Anonymous

    Wayne doesn't mean he doesn't like the ppl of NYC, he's more referring to his recent run in with the law that had him on the island for a year. Y'all NY cats need to chill.

  • JC

    Birdman and Wayne are some clowns. New York doesn't like Wayne because he isnt' real hip hop. Out here we like Pharaohe, Nas, Rakim, Big, Guru, KRS, Kane, Raekwon.

  • Kuntry Kotton

    Yo don't forget he did mention this before as to say they would have to give hime u2 money for him to do a real show. And It's not tha people of New York. It's the laws and police they on some other sh1t. It's a city were some type set-up or robbery type things happen. I'm just sayin

  • what

    Yo man! year have pass and i see niggaz haven learn jack, why niggaz cant just make music man, why they got to put west aganist the east, south aganist the east, its stupid, nigga if you dont like New York, dont come to New York, stay too F out of New York because would never understand New York. FAG niggaz dont like nyc but sign nigga on the label that belong to NYC. what the F

    • J

      You forgot to mention the NYC radio stations also. Maybe since Wayne said this that they'll stop playing his whack ass music non stop. Would be funny if the stations didn't give him no air play when his next album comes out.


    Haha goodbye Young Money, How you gonna say some stupid shit like that after just signing Busta Rhymes?

  • nickrazor2000

    Well it seems this issue has really brought out a ton of fake internet thug from all around the country. Hey guys from Detroit, why do you feel the need to brag about how horrible your city is? It makes no sense. Every city in america has its own neagative and positive aspects. If a regular person said they didnt like New York no one would care But when weezy's fagot ass says it they hold a press conference? This whole issue is complete insanity.


    Senator Smith is not NY, so how can he he speak as an authority to NY? Your senator status is temporary. How about dealing with issues that effect the well-being of your people instead of someones opinion. Dildo.

  • lapetitecollette

    ...and if it truly is all about "gettin money", wayne just made a huge financial mistake. good thing he gave up rapping for skateboarding!

  • lapetitecollette

    birdman backed it up for wayne? huh. always thought he'd be on top, not power bottom...

  • Danny

    Who do these clowns think they are? They don't strike me as the most intelligent guys going, they'd be jobless bums if it wasn't for New York

  • Anonymous

    Who cares if he backs his comments!? See this is why Hip Hop is fucked up. All you guys want to talk about it negative shit. Lets talk about Lupes new video and how great it is instead of this stupid shit. And whats up with you guys not even posting the Havoc diss towards Prodigy?

  • kushiteking

    i dont really do - comments.. but jus 4 my own personal hip-hop sports can some ny rappers go @ lil weez 4 fun?

    • Anonymous

      Yo man i would write a song about lil Wayne being he is the first Gay rapper to come out the closet but why waste my time the nigga cant real spitt 20 bar on a song, i will kill that nigga with just 10

    • GoReadABook

      haha like who? Jay-z alone would shit on Lil Wayne, and that's not even including Jadakiss, Styles P, Sheek, Beanie Sigel, Freeway, etc. Lil Wayne wouldn't even win a rap beef against Drake

    • Magnolia Ninja

      Anyone who comes at Weezy will get their careers finished with a fucking Brutality like this is Mortal Kombat or something.

  • Anonymous

    hes tryn make it like lil wayne vs new york

  • Anonymous

    HHDX is the only place I see people bragging about being from the hood. I never see people doing that in real life.

  • Anonymous

    Haha. This is hilarious. americans are not the smartest bunch! So what he doesn't like NY! Why the hell is a senator rising to a 'comment' made by someone like lil wayne!? after all he's free to not like it, and it's not an insult to not like something, it's a matter of taste and opinion and we like in a democracy so Lil wayne is entitled to that opinion..

  • Anonymous

    that nigga birdman a dicksucker

  • Is It Really True That Niggas Grew Up On Manhattan?

    Niggas don't know what struggle is. Y'all should be thankful for living in a place like the USA instead of trying to say which city is the most dangerous. Thank God for being here instead of being treated like trash in South America.

  • 2 Cents

    I'm not from NY so I have no feelings towards this personally, but in reality New York is where hip-hop was created and mastered so for Lil Wayne to say he doesn't like the city is kind of disrespecful. If it wasn't for NY, Wayne and Birdman would be nobody's. To me Birdman is a straight up bitch, he never gives his own opinion on things and loves to take the backseat, dude straight up pisses me off.

    • 805'r

      Who cares if he doesn't like New York. I've never been there so i dont have a opinion on New York. But I do know if I go to a restaurant and it makes me sick or I flat out dont like it I wont go back. He has the right to not like something. And just because New York is "where hip hop started" doesn't mean everyone has to bow down to New York always. Have respect for it but fuck bowing down. That is why when ever any other part of the country gets a artist that blows up they hate on it. Always throw out this is where it started. To each there own. Get over it. And i'm pretty sure Hot 97 and Fuck Master Flex has alot to do with it. FUCK THAT STATION AND FUCK FLEX. They are not Hip Hop artists or stars. They are radio people who act like they are on top of the world.

    • swageezy

      thats loyalty. birdman doesnt need to give his own opinion; the dude's rich as hell and he'd been giving his own opinion his whole life. he's in his 40's he just lets weezy do his thing. and if u think new york made Weezy then ur either on some heavy drugs or just to young to understand that new york didnt even come to play in weezys life until he was already succesful. the south made him and the east coast didn't embrace him until he had dropped C2 and started hopping on everybody songs dropping features left and right. and who care's if weezy said fuck new york? new york is dirty and everybody is always rushing to the next stop with their head down. the majority are a bunch of zombies

    • Anonymous

      You are pissing me off with your played out ebonics.

  • grrreg

    bottom line NYC is the biggest and most vibrant metropolitan are in the world. It is a place where stars are born and has the most cultural diversity of any city in the United States.

  • Anonymous

    LOL at all these Detroit people acting tough behind the screen. Damn y'all are trying too hard Detroit ain't all just violence. You wanna know what a "Ghetto" is come live in a third world country.

    • Eminem

      Fuck you! I'm from Detroit motherfucker!

    • No Lie

      I'm not gonna lie. I drove down Martin Luther King Jr. (downtown Detroit) with my bitch in the car. I was just trying to get to the MGM. We'll, the bus stopped and 50 niggaz jumped out. I was shook! I grew up in Oakland too. They surrounded my whip and I thought I was done.


      NEGRO PALEEZE!! Come to the "D" and see! If you come here, you won't even get outta your car, and we'll still drag you out of your Honda Civic and beat yo azz for not driving american

  • Anonymous

    Hong Kong bitches!

  • Lil Wayne

    "Thank you for having my back. This goes out to my true fans worldwide.......even in New York."


    You know Detroit, No one come here and takes over nothing. Get Yo azz gagged, head and feet cut off, drenched with acid and burned on an empty street.


      The "D" is a 3rd world country homie, the murder rate is always at the top next to our brothers in Flint,MI., robberies are common practice and blasting on yo bich azz is a must. Come to the "D" and check it out, 7mile, 6 mile, Fenkell, Puritan, Eastside; Dexter,-wherever you land, is where you cease to stand.

    • Ur a dumbass

      To the OP ur a dumbass. Detroit may be bad but it's not like a fuckin warzone. Matter of fact all cities have bad areas and good areas. Stop talkin like the D is some 3rd world country becuase it aint.

    • Anonymous

      You trying too hard B. I mean damn the way you talk make Detroit looks like hell on earth. I live in there and it ain't all gangs and violence ;-).

  • Anonymous

    This is the most absurd thing ever

  • Long Beach Ninja

    Cities with the most bitch niggas in the country: 1 - New York 2 - New Orleans 3 - Miami 4 - Chicago 5 - Detroit


      There are no nice areas in Detroit. NONE.


      Cities with the most bitch niggaz in the country: *1) Long Beach *2) West Long Beach *3) East Long Beach *4) Carson,CA *5) LA,CA. Proper/L.A.County

    • Anonymous

      ^ Co-sign niggas talk like Detroit and Long Beach are bad everywhere but they're not.

    • dumbasses today

      so many bitch ass niggas on here posti bout their. Detroit is rough but niggas from Detroit actin all tough on the net, some of the streets is LB, u walk through with ur tough attitudes get ur caps peeled back. Fact is all those cities ahve nice areas and bad areas. Fuckin idiots on these forums today.

    • Poker Face

      Trust me. Y'all had to live in places like Haiti or Brazil to know what danger is. I mean all the shit that happens in America can't be compared to what goes on in Africa or South America.

    • Anonymous

      You niggas act too hard LMAO like damn Detroit ain't even the most dangerous city. And by the way neither is Long Beach. So fuck both cities.

    • DL Dub

      It is kinda funny for a guy to talk shit about other people's city and how they're made up of bitch niggas, on the internet. Pretty tough talk from behind that screen. I feel one should go to Detroit and scream that out in the streets and see what happens when those "bitch niggas" come out of the woodworks to see the commotion.

    • Long Beach Ninja

      ^^ LOL what you gonna do??? Caps lock me until I'm dead?? LMAO I said it once and I'll say it again: Detroit is TRASH.

    • Anonymous

      long beach has to be added. Long beach hasnt been relevant since the 90's lol.

    • youngvito79

      Come to Detroit and say that u internet tough guy..

  • Who cares

    but the irony is YMCMB pays both of those stations millions to play their records.

  • Who cares

    yeah...who cares. NY doesnt like him either. hopefully that means hot97 and power 105 wont play his music anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Great. Now everybody is repping their cities. I'll rep mine too. Long Beach stand up!!! Fuck both New York and New Orleans, Westside 4 Life!!!

  • Anonymous

    wayne doesnt have the ballz to say he doesnt like Detroit...niggas will put money on his head for that...LOL

  • Anonymous

    this nigga gay for real...

  • gilliedakid

    youtube/lil wayne comes out of the closet at 2011 vma

  • DUBB, The King

    shit you wouldnt like a city too if everytime you visit there, your tour bus get shot up by some crazy chick, or you get arrested for a gun that wasnt yours, or you go to jail for an arrest for a gun that wasnt yours. Fuck that money


    New York is dead. No need to respect that filthy azz place. Nobody wants your hot dogs from street vendors, Italian Icies from cart peddlers, stinking smog from under the street, cabbies that can't speak a bit of English, subways that reek of urine, pot holes that will eat your car up, massive amounts of people that walk around like zombies, parks that stink, expressways that are so crowded you would be better if you got out your car and walked, and of course, they shot 2Pac there.

    • wooord


  • Just A Personq

    Why would they cut they revenue like that. Then again...alot of NYers probably don't care. but still....why take a business risk like that Birdman and Wayne?

  • milehighkid303

    Can 50 seriously just BURY homie?? REALLY, what purpose has this CLOWN served in Hip Hop? ZERO. HIS click made Cash Money the truth NOT THIS LAME. Someone from NYC don't even gotta be 50 I guess needs to pull this cats card and put the piece to his chest (figurtivley speaking), I can't stand this fuckin clown anymore, NYC the BIRTHPLACE of Hip Hop and I'm from Denver, fuck outta here Wayne.......

    • milehighkid303

      LOL, bro you know me? Or do you follow me on here?? LOL, too funny man. Yea, I'm a 50 fan, and 50 is from NY and Wayne dont like NY, SO I dropped my two cents lol, I cant stand Wayne, and yea 50 dissed him on Part Time Lover and called him out on Officer Ricky, wanna know what Wayne did........HUSHED up, thats what happend. Why SPAM up comment with your pathetic attempt to TRY and clown me?? LOL, I'm 30 bro, so I like 50, I BET a mortgage I got more HIP HOP in my fuckin' Nike box then you do in your whole collection you lame. Go kick rocks botherin' me dunny.

    • 50 stan ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

      comin from the biggest 50 dickrider on this site. What the fuck does 50 have to do with this. 50 already tried dissing him and it didnt shit so stfu.

  • gilliedakid

    youtube/lil wayne comes out of the closet

  • Anonymous

    Ja doesn't like L.A.

  • georgel

    NYC the birthplace of hip hop. Any rapper should respect NY because without it rap wouldnt exist. Why does 2pac and biggie and Big L get murdered and this guy is fine. All hip hop fans should respect NY too so all you people saying fuck it and disrespecting the birth of hip hop too.

    • Anonymous

      i guess all black people should respect the founding fathers, even though they allowed slavery.

    • Anonymous

      This ^^^^^ is by far the stupidest comment I've seen. You show respect to New York because we birth hip hop. We aint got to do shit because really yall didnt really come up with that. Jamiaca started what later became hip hop. Do you know your history. Should we show respect to the Pilgrims because they help create the United States. Better yet we should show respect to the slave owners because they brought us here. lol. Shut the fuck up that statement is the reason why a lot of people say fuck New York. Yall act like everyone wants to be there like hell no. With your small as apartments filled with rats. You can come to Texas with 100,000 and live in the suburbs. Dont believe get on Zillow. Your statement represents why people hate yall....NYers are full of themselves. Everybody wants to live here thats b.s.

  • Gay niqqaz

    These two are fucking faggots, have you guys seen that video of them kissing on the lips as a greeting? Then Birdman explains that's how they say hello what kind of father and son does that? Also "Weezy F Baby" means LITERALLY Weezy FUCKING Baby because Wayne's gay with his dad who adopted him.

  • Far Roc's Finest

    Lil Wayne isn't making this about New York rappers, he talking about the New York City Police Dept. Just like Tupac was only dissing Bad Boy Entertainment, but the media tried to flip into, he was dissing a whole coast. Lil Wayne is a product of New York, just like all Americans are a product of the Constitution.

  • chillthrills

    how you don't like a whole city what kind of shit is that!!!niggas is corny,,,,yeah your man got knocked up here,,,shit niggas get knocked everyday,,da fuck!!!,,,your parent company is based up here,,,checks being cut right on broadway,,,by somebody from new york,,,,,a lot of these down south nigga lack knowledge of self,,,,,niggas,,,,is wille lynched out,,,,,,,but a nice chunk of their roster is out of new york,,,,,that weird bitch and them uptown cats,,,and buss,,,,,so what the fuck,,,,,these niggas is sonned out,,,lame niggas with bread,,,,,you know how that go!!!!1

  • brollya

    dis the same thing dat happened to meek.... lik da preacher supposed to be preachin bout god and to his followers, not listenin to rap musicc... jus lik dis senator, he supposed to be fixing new york city, not worrying bout wat wayne sayin.... i wouldn even apoligize to dat bum ass nigga... everybody got opinions.... ny been dissin the south for lik 2 decades.... tel that senator to go find out why nypd so corrupt

    • Anonymous

      snap out of it's about separation...stop dissing the same nigg*s who support's two young Black men in the screen caption...not young Caucasians...

  • Anonymous

    Yeah Fuck You To Nerdman. Bombs on cash money

  • Username

    I can't even hold it in anymore but this guy is wackest rapper out don't care what no body says. Whoever thinks any different is fooling themselves have you heard the bullshit he been spitting since he came home his shit is trash. Why do people support this garbage he don't be talking about anything, his bars are average at best. Stop being fooled because his label is pushing his wack music all over the world stands for something. How you gone dislike an entire State because you running around with unregistered guns and blame the state because you a dumb ass fool that got caught. Niguh you the so called greatest rapper your camp says with the biggest spot light on you and you think them folks don't no you a dumb asss riding around dirty. so now you don't like the state niguh fuck you and Birdfool!

  • prince

    this whole thing is so stupid

  • Anonymous

    Oh no you DI'INT, spending yo stupid ass resources react'n to some wannabe woodpushers opinion about New York!

  • Louisiana Stand Up

    I'm calling for a boycott of every New York City rapper that hates on Louisiana rap. Lil Wayne, we got your back always down here!!

  • Anonymous

    Birdman is only saying this coz he molested Wayne, so he has to support everything wayne says no matter how dumb

  • Anonymous

    im not surprised birdman is always in back of wayne lookin at that ass in them tight pants

  • Anonymous

    Nikki Minaj, Jae Millz, Cory Gunz and Busta are not looking too good letting something like that ride just because that's their boss. I'm dead ass New York been sucking Southern dick for a while now here's what they think about you. This should wake ya'll up instead of fighting amongst yourselves.

  • Osirus

    Don't have 2 worry about these clowns, i bet NY doesn't even give a damn about em fools. NY Birthplace of Hip Hop!!!

    • Anymous

      yeah and Atlanta is the birthplace of Georgia rap, and Miami is the birthplace of Florida rap, and Philadelphia is the birthplace of Pa rap see how stupid you sound?

    • 504 TIL I D-I-E

      New Orleans is the birthplace of Louisiana Rap for us, so we don't care about New York either.



    • >_

      LOL yeah.. YMCMB is a family... where Birdman molests his son, and robs all of his families money. I honestly cant believe how people idolize these clowns

  • sealittle

    birdman is the biggest dick rider around. get the fuck outta here with this garbage 'news'.

  • Burmy

    In that case, you BETTER release Jae Millz and Cory Gunz from their contracts ASAP...they're New York to the FULLEST!

  • Bjork

    Fuck both New Orleans and New York neega this is L.A. for life

  • Anonymous

    of course...... they're stuck ass to dick

  • noonecares

    why is this news

  • ChiTown

    The sad part bout all this, same nikkas talking shit bout this homo ass nikka Gayne. Will be the same nikkas supporting his albums, music and whatever the phuck else he doing!!!!

  • Jay.H

    Senator should have better things to do than something as stupid as this.

  • Ricky Rozay

    Damn BirdmanBirdman really is a faggot. Whatever Wayne says us law? This nigga be stupid as fuck. Niggas need to stop kissing each other and think for themselves. No wonder the game is fucked up. Btw new Orleans is a dump, most niggas would rather be in new York. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MOF

    Wayne is Birdman's source of income, in other words, Birdman is Wayne's bitch

  • Long Beach Ninja

    Fuck the South AND New York.

  • lon

    if these nigga every come to ny again they better stay in times square, anywhere else, pockets gonna look like rabbit ears....

  • mr. tibbs

    NY stand up!!!! Shit ain't been the same since Snoop came through and kicked over the buildings on NY, NY. Fans should be heated right now, I am. And if you ride yo weak ass through queens Weezy, you gone be Weezen slumped over your steering wheel homeboy.



  • STRIK9

    N.Y. will still support his weak ass even if he dont like'em.People are stupid like that.Baby will ride with anything that his breadwinner says.He needs to change his name to "Buttman" after all those youtube clips of him acting homosexual and calling out men!!

  • Anonymous

    Birdman should have said: Everything Wayne says is "bullshit".

  • Anonymous

    But your main bodyguard is from new york birdman...someones getting juxed

  • Anonymous

    That's it be a good bitch, it must be the same as when Lil Wayne said to Birdman "Imma start being a fake blood"...

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