Alicia Keys "Girl On Fire" Tracklist & Cover Art

UPDATE: Alicia Keys reveals the tracklist for her upcoming album.

Alicia Keys has revealed the cover art for her upcoming album Girl on Fire, releasing November 27th.

In a previous post on her website, the singer-songwriter explained why she settled on the title of her new LP, stating that she felt like she was confined to expectations from others but managed to break free from them.

"[L]et me just say before making this record, in some ways I felt like a lion locked in a cage…I felt like a girl misunderstood that no one really knew, I felt like it was time to stop making excuses for any part of my life that I wanted to change. Once I made that choice I became a Girl on Fire, the lion broke free!!"

Check out the album art below.


[August 23]

UPDATE: Alicia Keys has revealed the tracklist for her upcoming album Girl on Fire. Check the tracklist below.


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  • Streetgypsy

    I love Alicia Keys. Great artist who has made top-rated music for a number of years now. I am a fan. But, this "Girl on Fire" song sucks. This is quite beneath her abilities. For me, the song is unimaginative and uninspiring. It makes me cringe to listen to it on my car radio. I turn the radio all the way down until it goes off. It sounds so amatuerish. Like not a lot of imagination was put into it. I haven't heard the latest album. yet. I am hoping other tracks on it are much better.

  • Magic

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  • Anonymous

    yes! yes! yes! yes! can't fuckin' wait!

  • kennyken

    i actually want to hear this album. i know it's a girl album but i want to take a sneak peak at this. this gal makes me become an instant howling wolf. ohhhhhh!

  • On that rah

    Im feeling all that new shit, the album the hair....she still sexy as fuck...I just dont know what she mean by she thought people didnt understand who she was. We know who u are you been in the game for a cool 10+. We've been following you ...fuck is she talking bout

  • jg

    I can already tell by the album art the dumb way she wears her hair that she's gna transition to that dumb poppy Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga sound. Soo sick of that shit.

  • jester

    I thought New Day was for Street King Immortal

  • jameswade

    alica is HIPHOP u clown

  • Anonymous

    This is why I'm leaving HHDX. Find me on RapRadar.

  • Anonymous

    Mofackas posting R&B shit over here because is black music??? Rock n Roll is black music too, I never Hip Hop DX talking shit about Linkin Park or any other band like that.

  • Anonymous

    This is not hip hop so why is this article even here...?

    • Malone

      Fuck what ya'll talkin bout.. this should be a pornsite. Am I the only one here who can see that?

    • Anonymous

      but where do you draw the line? cause if they post lil wayne and drake youll say that's not hip hop and complain all day like you always do. Then it just becomes about accomidating your own bias definition of hip hop. fuck off nigga. its not like you support real hip hop anyway. you'd rather complain about lil wayne than support real hip hop. just like all you other bitter false idealist posers.

    • ETK

      dude there's news about Rihanna all the time, you got songs by Mariah Carey, MJ Blige and shit being posted here, and Alicia Keys has had beats posted on here for years. get with the times or find another website that's "strictly" hip-hop if it bothers you so much

    • Anonymous

      ^^ You're missing my point. You wanna see Alicia Keys? Go to her website. Hip Hop DX should be a HIP HOP website.

    • doubl negative

      All men, especially the type of guy who listens to hip-hop, loves Alica. I can't see your beef homie, would you rather look at pictures of Gucci and Action Bronson?

  • woo

    Dont think Alicia Keys ever made a bad song but i think this album may have a couple..dam

  • markisillmatic

    Weird that there's info on the Alicia Keys album before Dead Prez's and their album came almost almost a week ago and there was no post about a tracklist or anything... Talk about R&B coming before actual Hip Hop... Lame as fark.


    There's few artists that convey me to buy their album without needing to hearing a single...Alicia Keys is one of them

  • Anonymous

    funny how she plays the victim of some relationships with men on some tracks when she actually broke a marriage and did everything to stole another woman's husband stanky bitch

  • Ice Cube


  • da1

    I noticed tht her last two albums were getting more and more pop oriented. She was fucking with(or just plain fucking) swizz beatz arond that time. I really truly think that dude messed up her whole image and sound. Both New Day and Girl on fire sounds like something Alicia would have never done back in the early 2000's.It sounds so commercial. I really think this album is gonna sell like Beyonce's last album. It may go platinum but very slowly. It may have a few decent songs on there but it may only sell just because it's Alicia Keys. But that will only work for so long and people will start looking at her like they do a Keyshia Cole or Kelly Rowland. Without her neo soul/ classical schtick she's nothing different from those singers.

    • Anonymous

      Sales? Schtick? Gimmicks? Fans of black music are the worst. Always ready to abandon ship and hop on new "it" person from the industry. BTW, what trash has Alcia released?

    • BP

      anything an artist releases 10 years later probably won't sound like what they did when they were coming up. you fans who expect artists to stay in their lane for that long are in fuckin dream land. and she'll never be looked at like Keyshia Cole or Kelly Rowland, she's got twice the grind and twice the acclaim any of those have

    • Anonymous

      I'd like to co-sign that. I feel she's lost her legend status, by releasing a lot of trash of recent.

  • Anonymous


  • Cornrows are beautiful

    Man on Fire with Denzel Washington is a great movie. Fuck this "straightened" hair i wish she still rocked them cornrows.

  • Tracy

    I will not this home wrecker slut music don't date married men.

    • BP

      ain't this funny now, not only do you sit on a computer chair judgin people you don't know but you can't even make a coherent sentence out of it. lmao

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    Why does she gotta be so fine though. Fine as fuck. I need to steal her from swizz. I hope she doesn't start going half naked in all her videos and start with all the hoe talk shit now, cuz she has more talent in one finger than a lot of other singers. Her talent speaks for itself and she looks sexy without having to show everything.

  • RJ

    she definetly got dat pewseh



  • Anonymous

    imma own dat pewseh

  • Anonymous

    just one hour....

  • Anonymous


  • lapetitecollette

    miss keys has more credentials than half these whack-ass rappers out right now claiming relevance.

  • Doubl Negative

    In the monochrome picture, Alicia resembles the equally fine Jennifer Connelly. Haven't heard any of this new record, but definately gonna cop her new ish, she's my favourite non hip-hop artist. I don't wanna sound too sycophantic, but she truly is an intelligent, beautiful, talented, wonderful and special person.

  • Fuck Steven J. Horowitz

    If I wanted to know about a washed up R&B singer, I wouldn't come to HIP HOP DX.

  • Anonymous

    Tryna Copy Sade or what?

  • Boy here hating hard AF

    yu gotta be a gay *ss ni99a if think A Keys ain't a 10+ doc

  • Alicia messed up and had muppet babies with Swizz..

    She looks terrible on that album cover..Swizz Cheese ruined this broad...

  • FuKKK Alicia KKKeys

    She ain't Hip Hop.

    • Burmy

      She never was...she had been R&B/Soul. But I fear she's abandoning R&B/Soul and crossing over to the dark side of electro/pop...I will give this a chance-ONLY a chance.

  • HighlyOpinionated

    I just bit my fucking thumb in half looking at this....Can someone call 911 because she's hot!

  • Swizz Beatz

    Its Show time! GOT DAMN IT!!!!

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