DJ Khaled Calls Eviction Over Unpaid Rent "Rumors"

DJ Khaled addresses an eviction notice for failing to cough up $55,000 in unpaid back rent.

DJ Khaled was hit with an eviction notice for failing to hand over $55,000 on unpaid back rent, a claim that he's chalking up to being "rumors." During an interview with Hot 97's Angie Martinez, the Miami, Florida mogul said that it's possible that it's true, but that he moved out of the place and apologizes if that's the case.

"Nah, that’s just people missing me. They miss me. I apologize," he said. "We ended up moving into something different, something with an elevator and a few stories. They’re trying to say I owe $55,000 or something like that. $66,000, I odn’t know. I don’t know where people get this information from. If I do, holla at my accountant. It’s nothing, man. That’s what my rugs cost and my trips cost and my wrist costs. It’s rumors. I realize that the more hustle you do, the more rumors come out. I appreciate the promotion, but I’m definitely alright and we’re OK."

Watch the full interview below, where he talks about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's relationship, as well as his new album Kiss the Ring.

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  • Anonymous

    "It's obvious he's not broke" Ross gave him a car. Birdman gave him a watch. Wayne gave him a house. DJK ain't spending any of his own money. Of course he's not broke.

  • Anonymous

    I don't think he broke, but I bet he owes that rent for real. He wouldn't be the first person to abandon a lease to move to a nicer spot.

  • Cody Argumaniz

    we da fattest! i dont like fat rappers.. even if they are good i just cant listen to fat people.. dont respect them. FUCK FAT PEOPLE.. oh and he is ugly so that makes it worse

  • tono

    lol probably its only the rumors, DJ Khaled is maybe wack but he aint broke and 10 years? fuck yall, his first album came out in 2006 and his first 4 albums werent released under cash money so stop telling he had money just beacuse of sucking birdman's dick

  • Anonymous

    Did just Khaled said that "holla at my accountant. Its nothing"? I remember a video when Rick Ross (not the real, the floss) standing in a vehicle salon with some random white dude in a suit, telling about how "people know you the boss when you got your personal banker". Meanwhile the dude's facial expression was like "I have no idea WTF are you talkin' bout" ... It was priceless. Same story should be applied to Khaled. Interesting how less talented people always find each other. Hell, it would be great to see supergroups formed from artists like those. That'd be the beginning a new genre, humorous/tale-teller rap. Oh, wait a minute ...

    • Anonymous

      i remember that ross video. and it sounds like youre creating your own subtexts and undertones to videos again - which is practically the easiest most arbitrary thing in the world anyone can do. its like those memes that take a picture and someone creates their own humorous caption to seemingly match with the picture even though its does not represent what the person in the picture was actually thinking. niggas like you always create falsehoods trying to speak on behalf of others just to try and make someone look stupid or discredit them. and every rapper from biggie to rick ross told tales. biggie even had a song called " i got a story to to tell" gtfoh with this played out shit man. get some new material.

  • Anonymous

    this guy is so insecure about how people perceive him. kind of sad.

  • Anonymous

    I dont know where people get this information from. If I do, holla at my accountant. Its nothing, man. Thats what my rugs cost and my trips cost and my wrist costs. Its rumors. TYPICAL RESPONSE THATS HOW YOU KNOW HIS A FAKE WHEN YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT HIS GONNA SAY BEFORE YOU'VE HEARD IT

  • Anonymous

    His just like Officer Ricky always lying and acting and both of their characters are rich so thats how they play them people like them are cancer to hip hop

  • FuKKK DJ KKKhaled

    Go back to Iraq, fucking fraud.

  • Anonymous

    It's obvious he's not broke...It was probably just a misunderstanding. People on here are always waiting for stuff like this to happen to feel better about their own sad lives. lol Even if he was "broke", his broke is money you'll never see in your life.

  • Anonymous

    If he's still around in 10 years, then you can say he's rich, maybe even wealthy, but right now he's just talking cause that's how he sells himself.


    Give me a fucking break, you don't have a fucking dime to your name. Anything given to you is out of Birdman's pocket and your wrist and none of that shit costs as much rent as you owe, you just a sucka ass bitch, how you gon make money just yellin yo stupid ass name and sucking Birdman's dick so he'll getchu the features you NEED to sell your bullshit records. HA

  • Anonymous

    He's such a fucking asshole.

  • X drop BOMBS like Nagasaki

    Cuhz, just admit, nukkaz isn't livin as lavish as nukkaz be preachin....errbody already c knowin...WEST SIDE keeps it 1hunnid...neva lie...90's West coast artists...fucc da softy ish.

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