Benzino Apologizes For Feud With Eminem

Benzino says he regrets beefing with Eminem and taking extremely personal shots at the rapper's daughter Hailie.

Perhaps one of the most volatile and highly publicized Hip Hop feuds of the past decade occurred between Benzino and Eminem. Now, in a recent video interview with Global Grind TV, Benzino reflects on his verbal back-and-forth with the Detroit emcee.

Benzino said that in that era, he felt untouchable because of his position as CEO and co-owner of The Source. As a result, he had no qualms about publishing content disparaging Em or even threatening Em's daughter Hailie on a song. But now, 10 years removed, Benzino says that he regrets taking their beef to such a personal level, and would apologize to the Shady Records impresario if he ever got the chance.

"When the Eminem situation happened, I was just on top and I didn't have to answer to nobody," he said. "When you're on top and even with a lot of people in New York [and] even with labels, you still have to answer to somebody. Me and Dave [Mays, co-founder] was [at The Source], and at that point, I wanted to prove to everybody like, 'Listen, I'm the one running this here and I can do this without reservation'…it was a mistake for me getting involved in the situation with Eminem."

He added, "The Eminem thing started getting uglier and uglier, and of course I can take responsibility for some of the stuff I said as far as directly towards his family, you know, really personal shots. It was out of order. I believe some of the stuff that he said was out of order also, but at the end of the day, it's all fair in war…if I could do it over again, I definitely would. Eminem was and still is a major force. Hip Hop has brought cultures together - Asian, Latino, Black, White - and I should have been more responsible…[If I met him today] first I'd want to apologize for the Hailie references."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • KRS 1

    It wasn't even a year ago and this clown was still talking about his come back mix tape rap battle against Em and that he wasn't gonna let that Cracker destroy his rep......Wow 10 years it to this guy to learn his lesson. His best bet is to just Em off the brain and move on and do his own thing....But sum people can't just move on. You lost u lost, just move on.

  • perry yo

    Benzino a washed up munkee. 10 yrs too late

  • Jesus Martinez

    Benzino The biggest fucking clown ever in the history of the game. Ruined the Source then got ethered, now on his ass wants to suck up to Eminem ? crawl back in the sewer, hip hop never liked you , you never made any good music either.

  • Benzino is the reason hip hop is dead

    Benzino destroyed the reputation of a magazine, destroyed his career, attempted to destroy the career of others, (and failed horribly) and used his piece of shit zero credibility magazine to make himself look good, (including giving one of his garbage albums a 5 mic rating). He is the reason hip hop is dead- Benzino is a parasite and should not only be ashamed of himself, but should disappear from the hip hop scene and never show his face again. For the record he is a racist and a sexist and should never have been in a position where he was able to be heard by the general public. Hip hip is a beast. Benzino is a parasite on it's asshole.

  • X

    Good for him to admit he was wrong. Only thing is he should have done a few years earlier. The crap that he pulled ruined the Source's reputation. Furthermore because of their employees, people still feel the Source is racist and baist when it comes to music done by people that are not black. Eminem proved it.

  • Anonymous

    How has he grown up exactly?

  • Anonymous

    The man grew up, thats cool but I could care less about this really.

  • Anonymous

    "But he's a changed man so y'all need to let him live" You do realize he's in a reality TV show on VH1. It's not so much that he's changed, it's that there's nothing left for him out there. If he would have kept his mouth shut and focused on him, who knows where the dude could be today. Even the dude he stabbed, Paul Pierce, moved on and has made millions in the NBA. Move on.

  • Anonymous

    "I was just on top and I didn't have to answer to nobody" He acts like he was running the CIA. It was a fucking magazine lol

  • Frank Wonder

    Let me tell y'all clowns something. If you don't respect Benzino for this then you're a lame! Everybody makes mistakes. I commend him and I have a lot more respect for him now. I was a Benzino hater before, too. So I kinda understand why people don't like him. I felt that way before the situation with Em. But he's a changed man so y'all need to let him live. Plus, he's from my hometown. And all of you lames saying that Benzino is the worst rapper, knock it off. Y'all know damn well there are worse rappers out there. Y'all only talk shit about him because of Em. None of y'all would say whatever y'all have to say to his face. So cut it out.

    • R.O.P

      Guess you heard he was from your hometown and decided not to hate then. I he REALLY was sorry, he wouldnt say this 10yrs later! He must be knee deep in shit or just plain desperate. And sure everybody makes mistakes, but we're not talking about a single comment made or something in that manner. Dude really went in for this, taking multiple shots at different rappers and shit, fucking up a whole magazine. He had it coming man. No hate, but no respect nor mercy either, fuck him!

    • JusPro

      BEANTOWN BITCHES. I had alot of respect Benz, he had talent, fucked up what he had going, but he man'ed up and I give him that.

  • Anonymous

    Eminem killed you career and your magazine. HA!

  • Anonymous

    ...Benzino's about 10 years too late...but still, big up for admitting that Em is a major force in Hip-Hop

  • Pat

    of course hes sorry when he has no career left

  • Anonymous

    Probably bitch Benzino needs money. So saying eminem is cool means he can do interviws with Shady records artists. Fuck The Source!

  • nickrazor2000

    How did a post about Benzino apologizing turn into a racial debate on the comment board? Hip Hop culture will never be united.........sad

  • Michael

    this beef died a long time ago...Benzino lost lyrically and his magazine lost respect and its hold on the Hip-hop magazine #1 spot. Shady destroyed this guy, then he dissed slaughterhouse and Royce Da 5'9 individually and well, they won and now the irrelevant fucktard apologizes. Pussy end of story

  • So Icy Boi!

    Lil Wayne >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> white rappers swag

  • >_

    i guess this clown doesn't remember Eminem releasing the song "No Apologies". This guys been done for a while.

  • Anonymous

    "White America" shut Benzino down for touching their precious "White Knight".

    • Knowledge for yoru ass

      Corporate aka White America! Took down the source and Murder Inc!! Also gunit and Shady Records. They working with the FEDS!! White America has made hip hop pop. As soon as Bob Johnson sold BET that was the true demise of Hip Hop. Look at Hip Hop before that happen after. White America fucked hip hop up. Just like Source was the bible of hip hop. But BET was the heart of hip hop. Damn shame BET is pop and corporate music now wow.

    • $p|!ff999 aka $p|@t17

      "it was a mistake for me getting involved in the situation with Eminem." HAHAHA!!! You just sucked Ems dick you fukin half breed! HAHA!

    • Anonymous

      you sound like you willingly worship the white man

  • Young Cracka aka Cave Devil

    since u apologize u lose

  • qa2

    Niggaz ride Em's dick way too hard B, muthafuckas act like that nigga invented hip hop or some shit. The dude can spit no doubt,but to put him ahead of cats like Rakim,KRS 1, Big L, Biggie, Pac, Pun....that shit is just takin it way too fuckin far

    • Ek

      ^^ Quit embarassing yourself. Eminem's not the GOAT.

    • ox

      how is that taking it to far??? people rate biggie among the greats after 2 albums... eminem is at the top of the list man .. stop it ... not saying you're wrong for putting them cats above em .. but if some place em on top .. thats not taking it too far thats a fair opinion

  • Anonymous

    FOH. Even without Em, this bum's career would still be practically non-existent.

  • Anonymous

    White shut him down for punking Em, just like they did to Kanye over Taylor Swift..real talk!

    • White Devil

      No we shut him down for fuckin suckin ass... We turned Kanye back on when he hooked up with Kim... If Benzino could fuck Taylor Swift he'd get turned back on too...

  • Metroplex

    Fuck Benzino for ruining The Source. That magazine sucks ass now.

  • Ricky Rozay

    This nigga apologizing to the hinky for what? Everyone knows reason why em so popular cuz crackas buy hs shir. Real niggas don't listen to him. Benzine you lame nigga apologizing. Gotta admit the honky murked thus nigga in they beef but em is overrated by white folks and uncle toms. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Courtney

      hahaha and who do you think buys black peoples music??? WHITE PEOPLE DO!!!! That is why lil Wayne tried so hard to gain white audience by changing his look and sound dumbass lol!!!! Funny how people hate against white people for bringing down hip hop and eminem being famous because of white people...White people make everyone famous!!1 Who do you think is at the top of all them labels putting the music out there? WHITE PEOPLE! Who do you think buys the music, puts it out on the stations and plays the videos??? For the most part...WHITE PEOPLE DO! People just can't handle the fact that Eminem made it to the top in a "black" genre...Like really black people did not invent basketball but black people owned it...just like Eminem OWNED rap music!

    • Me

      Real niggas probably ain't concerned about hip hop beefs and who is bumpin what.

    • ox

      this man talking about real niggaz and talking like he rick ross .. officer ricky .. thats not real nigga shit b .. take his c.o ass back in a cell asap

    • Anonymous

      You whack bro

  • Anonymous

    why does this make a different. eminem is nothing but over rated by white he is there hip hop elvis. who cares

  • zmz

    "i was on top"? "if i could do it again, i definitely would"? go back to sleep old man...

  • Anonymous

    Awww somebody needs validation from Eminem that they are still relevant. The oly relevance Benzino ever had was destroying the best hip hop magazine around. His stupidy was revealed in how short sited his vision was for the source, and to actuallty think he could beat Eminem. Dude Benzino couldn't outrap Kreyshawn or 2Chainz.

  • dj nemesis

    "i regret doin sorry...but if i cud go back an do it again i would" lmao fuckin clown

  • M.A.C

    "The Eminem thing started getting uglier and uglier" LOL.... for you. Ya best move was to bust that racist rant tape..... wasn't effective... Benzino is in a good race for clown of da year

    • VeinyDickTracy

      Benzino is now trying to get publicity for apologizing to Eminem. Eminem remember what 50 said to Ja Rule, when it is real beef, you don't have to keep beefing, but damn sure don't be seen accepting his fake ass apology. This is all for publicity. Benzino, you are a corny playa hata...

  • Fuck Boston

    Damn. Dude is sucking Eminem's dick so hard. SMH

  • Eminem

    hahahahahaha...bitch ass nigga!!!

  • anon555

    Eminem will never be the GOAT. Whoever says so became a fan in the nineties. Slaughterhouse are great rappers but until they stop trying to just sound ill that's all they'll be. They have a place in he culture but that place isn't at the top, nor should they be compared to the Wu or the HRSMN. The members of those crews (whether together or not) are artists who expand their conceptual range not just to sound pretty but to know the limits of their mind. No one person in Slaughterhouse wants to see any individual member of the HRSMN at EMCEEING, not rapping. Neither should Slaughterhouse be dismissed as just punch line rappers. Through their continual attempts to push themselves to out think each other and the rest of the rapping world they are teaching this generation of rappers that it's ok to try, to think, to take on multiple perspectives. Their only flow is that the purpose of their rhyming is less about development a an artist and more about how to stay solvent in smart form that's treate and referred to unfortunately as a "game". It's not a fuckin game. The industry is a game, the elements and Hipop are sacred. Don't get it twisted.

    • epinz

      @ holla com on dog, u know u dont believe that shit lol what has u god done on his own?!?!?! what has capodonna done on his own?!?! aint he a taxi driver?!?!? whats killa done?!?! aint it take him 10 years to drop an album?!?! i love inspeckta deck, but he aint done nothin good on his own.acually, the last time i heared from him, he was dissin buddens. no classics, no plaques, nothing. i love the wu, but lets call a spade a spade. they stood atop the rap game as a group, but nothing close as individuals. i bet u dnt got one solo album from any of these dudes, and if u do, i bet u dnt listen to em. i know, cuz i own no said date and the pillage; shits get no play. but i still listen to ob4cl and supreme clientele...and ur crazy if u think the hrsm are better have slaughter house. what albums have the hrsm dropped?!?! what mixtapes?!?! wheres the music at?!?! what are u comparing the music too!?!? wu i understand, the hrsm, not so much...and i dnt get what u sayin bout em, i was defending him

    • Holla

      epinz, your an idiot. First of all, Masta Killa, U-God and especially Inspecktah Deck have been on an enormous level, far away from practically all of the rap game. They stood on the top, so don't say they couldn't hold their own. Second of all, Slaughterhouse is alright, nothing against them, but they are never coming close to the HRSMN I think. Let these niggas prove themselves first, aiiight? And fuck off about Em, he's one of the greatest.

    • Me

      anon555 you'r a fucking idiot, nothing you said was coherent... That didn't make anysense

    • epinz

      i respect what u sayin.... but naw homie, u trippin...i dnt think Eminem is goat, but i can see why people do. shit, hes in my top 5. whats becoming a fan in the 90's gotta do with it?!?! aint to many nggz from the 80 keepin up and nobody from the 70's, so i dnt see where your tryin to go with that. unless u sayin u like 30 somethin and u been a fan since the 80's so u look at anyone who thinks Eminem is goat as a new fan that dnt know shit bout rap cuz they wasn't fans in the 80's..70's even!?!?!?.... the wu shit i def agree with. one thing i will say though is, as apposed to slaughter house that has individual somewhat successful KNOWN mc's together, the wu got a few nggz that can stand on they're own(ghost,meth,gza,rae,rza,ol dirt) and a few others that wouldn't survive without the group(masta killa,capadona,u god,inspecta deck)the hrsm cant see slaughter house, im sorry. first off, canibus aint been good in forever and just pulled out a notepad in a battle. ras kass aint drop nothing good in years and what he has dropped hasnt been up to his og standards. killa priest, well, u tell me. his best song evar is b.i.b.l.e off liquid swords. and i love kurupt, but he aint fuckin with crooked i lyrically. also, u fail to realize that slaughter house was created to bring lyrics back. u talk about developing as artist, but thats all joe budden, crooked, royce, and ortiz have done and continue to do individually. the group is for the lyrics, they own shit is where they grow. and thats not to say that they dont do the deep real shit cuz the just dropped the tears of joy shit a few days ago and they went the fuck in.

  • Anonymous


  • giantnyc

    And he gave Lil Kim 5 mics; which is clearly impossible.

    • giantnyc

      Her dumb ass lied about something there was no reason to lie about. She tried to say she did not know the cats that did the shooting. That was it.

    • Anonymous

      she got 5 mics just because she was about to go to jail for 'keeping it real', ie she lied while under oath trying to protect her peoples

    • nope

      Londell McMillan did that. the new owner of the Source and attorney to the stars.

  • giantnyc

    He ruined the credibility of what was a once well regarded publication. He basically, and with a startling lack of sophistication, used the magazine as a weapon in his feud with Em. That issue was the last time I read the Source. Shameful.

  • Anonymous

    we all know eminem but who the fuk is dis nigga again?

  • t

    that beef pretty much made Eminem the best rapper ever

  • QBN

    Benzino is wack, but I give him props for exposing those RACIST Eminem tapes....

  • Troof

    all i kno is, Nail in the Coffin is still one of the coldest diss records ever made... Man...add up all the diss records EM has dropped from Benzino to Mariah, to Ja...he prolly has the best collection of diss records ever LOL

    • Case Closed

      stop it man. Beef with Benzino and Mariah. Ja rule is the only one and that really wasnt any beef on his end. Benzino cant rap and Mariah cant rap. His catalouge of beef or diss records are a joke. He didnt beef with any top level MC's :( He is not the Goat Case Closed

  • X drop BOMBS like Nagasaki

    Wat da fucc thiz Mark sorry foe? He aplogizin to sum Hoe-azz punk, puzzy-azz sellout whiteboi. Whiteboi fuccin faggot on da low. Dude talcc 'bout fucc ICP den dude fucc around and do POP RAP, FUcc outa here. Benzinhoe and Slim Anus, haha. Both yall marks. WEST SIIIIIIDE!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like somebody's out of cash...

  • Anonymous

    This site will do anything to have Eminem's name in an article...I swear they post the most boring, insignificant stuff about him to keep his name alive. Too many white boys on his dick. smh

  • PuCho

    This washed up nigga needs to realize Em doesn't give a fuck about him.

  • Anonymous

    ey benzino ur still a faggot ass: SHADY!

  • Acesun

    Benzino always has been irrelevant, calling out EM's daughter?? No remorse, or apology would be taken seriously from that character, would have been different if he wisened up 10 years ago but now? Eat a Shit Sandwhich Duke, Ima keep blazin you in my rhymes...

  • Anonymous

    TRANSLATION: Em bodided my ass on Bully, Nail in the Coffin, Go to Sleep and the Sauce.... I fell off and hope by doing this people might remember I'm still alive. Hello... Anybody... No one?

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