Eve Assures Fans That Her Album "Lip Lock" Will Be Out Next Year, Plans On Dropping A Single Soon

Eve speaks on her first performance with DMX in close to 10 years, says "Lip Lock" will be released next year.

Fans of Philly rapper Eve were treated to quite the rare performance over the weekend when the former Ruff Ryder performed on stage with DMX at the annual Rock The Bells festival in San Bernardino, California. Prior to performing with DMX, Eve revealed that despite dealing with a few label problems her next studio album, Lip Lock, will in fact be released sometime next year via Sony Red.

In an interview with HipHopWired.com, Eve also revealed that she plans on dropping a single from Lip Lock before the year is up.

“Yes so I left EMI, it was gonna be through EMI, now my deal’s through Sony Red. Still independent and the album will be out next year,” Eve revealed. “It’s still called Lip Lock and ya’ll will hear a single before the end of the year. So finally, shit.”

Eve was quick to express her excitement in regards to performing on stage with DMX who she says she hasn’t performed with in nearly a decade.

“First of all I’m just happy to see him,” the rapper explained. “That’s my dog and we haven’t been on stage since like 2001, 2002 maybe. That’s gonna be exciting. I think we’re both gonna be like, ‘Aww you so dope.’ So it’ll be fun.”

Once Lip Lock is released next year it will serve as Eve’s fourth studio album.

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  • Shone Jones

    Nobody has given a fuck about an Eve album in 10 Years.

  • fuck

    fuck this ugly talentless flopped bitch. who cares?

  • Eve needs to drop a sextape..

    I wish she would assure us a sextape was coming.I would anticipate that more than an album..

  • Success Is Psychological

    Fuck this ugly talentless ho.

  • UrCareerIsOverBabyGirl

    Seriously tho,baby girl give up on the rap biz.For females their rap shelve lifes aint that long.HipHop 4Females is a young woman's game.It is totally different from the men.For women U probably need to start early...maybe 19-20yrs.But by 28-29yrs u should hv reached ur peak,after 30yrs ur career is over.Aint nobody listening to some 30yrs old female rapper.The other alternative is to go Pop like madonna or some Soul-ful singing or jazz like that Dyke-Queen Latifiah.I hear some fools saying "Aww HipHop wait until Remy-Ma gets out of jail,she go own the female rap game"LOOOOOOL that shit got me laughing hard.Seriously? Remy Ma? When she gets out she gonna be like 34-35yrs?Who gona listen to some 35yr old bitch rap about the streets?LOOOL.U fools said the same about Da-Brat.Bitch is out of jail aint no music pumpin from her end.She retired,go raise a family,start some A&R job,write a book about how 4ucked up& sexist the rap game is to women, start some black women unite against men or some shit u black women do once ur careers are over and u hate all men but dont rap beyound 30yrs Plssssss LOOOOOOOOOL...If u dont agree with me,u could choke on Ru-paul's dick n die slow....let the hating reply begin in 1...2....3....{see replies below}

  • Anonymous

    LOL damn Eve hasn't released an album since 2002! In all honesty I don't think this new album will see the shelves either. She may need to stick to acting because she is way out of the loop when it comes to hip hop. But lets look on the bright side, at least she is still sexy as hell. LMAO!

  • Anonymous

    Guess Barberhop 3 isn't coming out anytime soon.

  • Fuck Philly

    Don't even bother releasing it, bitch. It'll flop like a motherfucker.

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