Jay-Z Opening Rocawear Store In Brooklyn Nets Stadium

Jay-Z is making big profits off the Nets with a Rocawear store and 40/40 Club in the team's stadium.

Despite owning a mere one-fifteenth of one percent of the Brooklyn Nets, rapper Jay-Z has largely become the face of the team. Now, in a recent report from the New York Times, fans can get a look into just how much influence the Roc Nation titan exerts on the team.

According to the report, Hova has been influencing the team and management's direction since he first opted to purchase a portion of the team. Since then, he's been able to infuse his own brand into the Nets franchise, including adding a 40/40 Club and Rocawear store to the team's Barclays Stadium, as well as stocking all VIP suites with his "Ace of Spades" champagne.

"As much as his partners...are getting out of him, Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, is benefiting handsomely, too, beginning with free use of one of 11 exclusive 'Vault' suites, for which paying customers are charged $550,000 a year," reads the article. "Suite owners will have access to a champagne bar serving Armand de Brignac, an expensive bubbly that Mr. Carter promotes and in which he holds a financial interest...the arena will contain a 40/40 Club, an iteration of his sports-bar-style nightclub chain. There will be a Rocawear store, selling his clothing line, on the arena’s exterior. Even the advertising agency used by the Nets, Translation, is half-owned by Mr. Carter."

That doesn't mean that there hasn't been quite a bit of give to Jay's take; rather, he's been playing an active role in upkeep of the stadium and team. According to the report, Jay-Z's been integrally involved in everything from selecting halftime performances, to designing the logo, to even how security checks patrons for weapons and other illegal items - all in the name of improving the team's image.

“He is [the face of the team],” said the stadium's developer Bruce Ratner. “He is us. He is how people are going to see that place.”

NBA agent Aaron Goodwin added, “[Players are] going to take the phone call now [from the Nets]. They’re going to take the flight in. They’re going to listen. In years past, the Nets wouldn’t have gotten that. But now they’re in the game [because of Jay-Z].”

Check out the full article over at the New York Times.

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  • FreeMoney2013

    QUOTE: He is [the face of the team], said the stadium's developer Bruce Ratner. He is us. He is how people are going to see that place. Jay Z got people off Ratner's back, because they lost their land and he rolled home in a BRINK TRUCK just like BUSH, CHANEY & BLOOMBERG etc etc.. GREAT HUSTLE if you can get it! All Jews need a black Mascot (a.k.a. Obama)and that's not a poke at Jay Z, it's been that way for a long time. He's the face of BK and they know that, put the Talent out front and the masses of SHEEP will follow without complaints. JOB WELL DONE! Remember the White CEO's have NO clot in the STREETS. "JAY Z DOES"

  • Lyrical Exercise

    Dude's hustle doesn't stop

  • J.F McGee

    I'm sure Jigga is appreciating his 0.3% ownership of the Nets, and what a better way to show it then to become a merchant at a stadium he owns a trivial stake of. Then again, I ain't see any niggas out there who also own any part of a sports stadium, so I'll leave it at that.

  • Anonymous

    nigga Rocawear is straight played out. Even Jigga hasn't worn it since 03

  • Jay

    "I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man Let me handle my buisness, damn!"

  • ilexx

    Niggaz on here always want to downgrade Jay's hustle... You hear that he only owns x percentage and want to trip out. I have heard niggaz clown how much of the Nets Jay actually owns or talking about how the real owners are using Jay bla bla bla.... Does any of that really matter at this point? Dude got to design the logo... He is putting Rocawear officially in the stadium AND he is opening shows at the stadium. Can we just talk about how much he is going to profit off of this.... If anybody knows anything about hustling you will see this as one of the biggest hustles you have ever witnessed.

  • Anonymous

    I pray for his downfall.

  • EWAY

    Who cares how much money this nigga make! Ya'll on here worrying about figures you won't even see. Get your money right my people! Congrats on your new business venture Jay-Z, even though I don't buy your shit.

  • Anonymous

    You know, maybe Jay might make more money than Beyonce next year. Then again, her money is also his.

  • Anonymous

    Trukfit ain't sh*t. The Roc is happenin right now.

  • khordkutta

    1st line of article got me, WTF? i thought he owned @ least 10 percent!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is just another example of how Jay-Z continuously pushes hip hop to new heights. He went from selling out arenas to helping develop one in his own image.

  • rn506

    I wonder if anyone is thinking about the all the people who were evicted from there homes to build a f'ing basketball arena...lol

  • Jeremy O'Brien

    I wonder how many people who wrote scathing critiques of Jay-Z in the comments are sitting in their cushy Upper East Side apartments, born into privileged worlds void of the violence and deep poverty that many people in their same city must climb out of. If they had any contact with this world, they would be less judgmental of a man who dodged many of these hurdles, and while delving into some criminal activities as a young man, managed to make it out ALIVE (which many of us never do). To that end, he then figured out how to create a legal business empire now worth almost $500 million dollars. Its shameful that some of you are too short sighted to even think about what its like for people who come from these neighborhoods. But I suppose you might be the same folks who dont bat a lash at the criminals who work at the financial firms who crashed our economy. Jay-Z is the boogie man, but Lloyd Blankfein is a model citizen we should look up to.

    • Anonymous

      i just googled Lloyd Blankfein and he apparently was born in the Bronx and grew up in the Linden Houses in East NY, Brookyln. so he's from the hood too.

  • Anonymous

    The blurb is dumb about JAY Z because he's still getting money. And when you own shares you do own the business. No matter the percentile. If they profit, he profits, He's making money about 5 ways at the Barklay. I think the writers need to inspire kids on people accomplishments, instead of always trying to pull a person down. YALL SICKENING!

  • Anonymous

    So hows lil wayne and birdmans sports franchise going? Oh yeah thats right they dont have any with all that "wittle baby money" AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA FUCK YOU YESSIR AND SO ICY BOI!!!!!!


      Those two are trolls, meant to fuck with you into thinking they really like YMCMB or anything else shitty...

  • Daviddanielz

    Jay-Z - Here Everyone Else In Hiphop. hahahahaha! Get it Jay! The hatters are sooooooooo mad right now!

  • Anonymous

    Who still or actually EVER wore or wears Rocawear?

  • Fado

    imma hustla imma imma hustla....Dame Dash take notes lol....

  • Wiseman

    I don't think niggas realize how big of a move this Nets shit is tho. This is literally history being made. The last time the team moved was in 1977. Now when people look back at this time they'll now that Jay-Z, a RAPPER, was largely responsible for it. Why can't niggas respect what the man is doing and spread positivity? Why is the 1st thing ya'll want to send out into the universe is some negeative, IRRATIONAL, bs comment? WHY? I really wanna kno lol. It bugs the fuck out of me...

    • Jamaica Queens BOI

      Business is is dirty, you make way more enemies than friends. Jay understands that and makes moves based on his future,not yours. Corporate America does it everyday. I'm happy that our culture of hip hop has taken another step towards being a viable force in today's economy. Keep making moves jay, You're the Blue Print for these suckers.

    • Anonymous

      I respect what he has accomplished, but I just don't respect the way he went about achieving it.

    • Anonymous

      haters and kids

  • Anonymous

    This shit literally made me laugh out loud. This nigga a such a hustler its fuckin hilarious lmao. Cant even hate on em tho.

  • Jaesus

    I don't know where their source came from, but NY Times & Forbes have Jay-Z owning 1.5% for which he paid $1 million in 2005 that was worth $4.6 million in 2011. They expect the value to keep going up once they move. Damn good investment from my POV!!! Especially when you add all the side ventures it looks like he got going @ Barclays!!!

  • Anonymous

    This all sounds good on paper, but the reality is the average nicca taking little man or little woman to a game having nosebleed seats and spending $50 at the concession stand wants to see THE BASKETBALL TEAM WIN, and not so much of catching a glimpse of Jay-Z.

  • Anonymous

    retard clothes for retard people... sean carter = front coon, though the likes of dream hampton will lie lie lie lie lie lie lie to play it any other way.

  • Fuck Marcy

    No matter how much I pray, he still keeps getting richer.

  • kennyken

    roc-a-wear has the worst style. i can't say quality because i don't wear it because of the style. it sucks. if you are gonna leave hiphop for style, make your clothing up-scaled. Man that shit looks like something a 40-year old man would wear to his daughter's graduation and she'd be ashamed of him.

  • Lol

    Jays only getting 15% of 1% from the nets...lol.

    • Anonymous

      I doubt his stake is 200k. That wouldn't even be worthwhile for either party business wise and the organization definitely wouldn't be showing him nowhere near that much love for a 200k investment. 200k is still 4 times what the average person makes a year tho, and the Nets isn't even a major revenue stream for him. Its more of a longterm investment, and a testament to his status.

    • Anonymous

      maybe i'm mistaken but i think i remember reading that Jay originally bought a 1/3 of a percent stake and it somehow got reduced to 1/15th of a percent

    • ivy hov

      I said someone is lying because in the nyt article it says jay paid 1 million for his stake. Now either the fraction they quote is wrong or the amount he paid for his stake is wrong. They cant both be right because I believe your figure of 300 million is in the ball park. Somebody, somewhere, lying!

    • Anonymous

      the team is worth 300 mill 1/15 of 1 % of 300 mill comes out to like a 200K stake in the ownership

    • ivy hov

      I cant argue with the new york times but if you pay a million bucks for 1/15 of a percent, it means 1% is worth 15 million dollars which makes the whole franchise worth 1.5 billion dollars. The new york yankees, the second most expensive sports franchise in the world is worth just about that, so somebody, somewhere lying.

    • Anonymous

      of a baskettbal team not a hot dogg haha

    • Anonymous

      ^^^aww, did that irritate you or something? i didn't say anything negative or mockful, i simply pointed out that Jay was getting 1/15th of a percent, not 15% of a percent. take a chill pill lil nigga.

    • Anonymous

      Still amounts to a hell of a lot more than either one of you will earn in your combined lifetimes.

    • Anonymous

      he's actually getting 1/15 of 1%, which is even less than what you said

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