Kanye West Says He Didn't Physically Write His Lyrics For First Four Albums

It looks like Kanye West took a cue from Jay-Z by not writing down his lyrics for his first four albums.

It looks like the Throne and "a song with Coldplay" aren't the only things Kanye West and Jay-Z have in common. Now, in an outtake from Ice-T's directorial debut The Art of Rap, Yeezy says that he didn't write down his lyrics for his first four album.

'Ye said that he didn't begind actually writing down his lyrics until he began recording his last solo album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. He went on to say that he noticed a major difference in the quality of his lyrics when he began writing them down, as evidenced by his 2010 single "Power."

"I didn't write my raps down for my first four albums - like all, I did it from the head straight to the booth," he said. "But on this last album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, I wrote it because I really put myself in the zone that my life was dependent on the success of this album. With that being the case, I said, 'You know what? No matter what anybody says about me, I can write something that can make someone that hates me the most have to really respect or love the song.' So even a song like 'Power,' I spent 5,000 hours writing it, and it's really the psychology behind the lyrics; it's not just blatantly, 'I've got all the powers' - [it's] 'No one man should have all that power.' It's word[ed] it in a really sensitive way that opens it up for everyone."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • David Bosworth

    Absolutely cannot stand the man. Says shit that actually hurts me to know that young females I know and care about actually listen to and, especially ones with self-esteem issues, are influenced by and who think his bullshit is actually cool. Everything I know about this guy is something I'd truly love to clock him on the skull for.

  • Anonymous

    That cause Kanye a punk



  • Anonymous

    lol this explains a lot.

  • FuKKK KKKanye West

    We need to take rap out of the suburbs and give it back to the hood.

  • Snatchstretcher

    Hes a producer and rapper right...so if he's creating it all himself why are there always 5 to 12 names credited on his publishing for each and every song? Wonder where mos def and lupe been the last year? Check out ye's next album lol

  • tonystark5151

    I can tell he didn't write, he babbles most of the time. He didn't write half of his songs, Rhymefest/Kweli/Common likely did!

  • Anonymous

    Rhymefest came to my school when I was in high school and told us he wrote half of Power and it was suppose to be about a superhero and Kanye changed it up when he left out the studio

  • Anonymous

    Bulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllshit. 5000 hours yea oooo

  • Anonymous

    this is a flat out out lie

  • ihatehumans

    @Solid I knew it wouldn't take too long...don't take this ass-whupping too personal umm-kaaay?!. Think for a second that might hurt but humor me for as long as you can before passing out. There is no piece of paper to recite from at a concert. Regardless if the rapper/artist rehearsed it or not it is still coming from memory which is the same thing I said. There was no mention of free-styling at a concert but since you brought it up my first Hip Hop concert was in 1986. There comes a point that you begin to read and comprehend at the same time or maybe you need to do that more often. Just like the thousands of word and sentence combinations that even you might use in a days time you dont have to write those down do you? I just want to make sure considering you probably have a hard time remembering your name. I can go on and on but I have things to do so I will end it like this: You pitiful sack of flesh please don't insult my intelligence with your pitiful attempts at pithy remarks. At best you are at my feet; in fact Ive probably stepped on bugs that are more knowledgably than you. I would love to tap-dance on what you call your brain some moreso uh write back.

  • Youngindy21

    I like Kanye West's music and lyrics. Although I didn't really like My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. It had a few good songs, BUT It had too many weird/illuminati/supernatural like lyrics and if Kanye West claims to be a Christian he shouldn't be rapping about those kind of things. His first three albums were really good and even WTT was pretty good. But yeah I don't believe he didn't write down any of his lyrics.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule doesn't write out his lyrics either cause they're to powerful to stay on the paper.

  • ChillOut

    WHAT IS THIS, HATE KANYE DAY?? You cats on here are straight weirdoes. Exactly what did Ye do that's got you turning red?

  • Roy

    Nah fuck that i'd like to see fuckin Kool G rap or Nas or Black thought's writing process. This dude Kanye thinks he's an elite MC and shit....elite producer sure...but only a decent MC with veryy corny tendencies. I fuck with Kanye no doubt but people give in to his bullshit and suddenly think he's an all time great rapper

  • j

    Wow..hes full of sh*t, he even said years about when "Mama" came out, it was so hard writing a song with that much meaning..we're not impressed Ye.

  • new Delhi

    kanye west just like dre doesnt write his lyrics he only comes up with the production and theme of the song.

    • Anonymous

      IF YOUR AS RICH AS K-WEST, then you can hire lyricist too scribble down all your technical lyrics while you have all the artist control ;)

  • Yes man!!!!!!!!

    For all you fackin funkin punks!!!!!! Jump up or get beat down!!!!!! HIP HOP SPITZZZZ ON YOU!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get the F!@# out here!!!!!!!Dudes so WACK IT MAKES THE TERM A WHOLE NEW ONE!!!!!Old HEAd out!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anonymous

    Hey Trolls. When was the word "FREESTYLE" ever used in this interview? I'll wait....



  • Billy Bucks

    He said it on "Diamonds are Forever" - Does he write is own rhymes? Sort of, I think 'em. That means I forgot better shit than you ever though of. Damn is he really that caught up...I ask, If you talked about classics do my name get brought up.

  • Anonymous

    Power was Terrible and I hope he is exaggerating when he says it took 5000 hours to write that shit. How does this dude say Good Life is for "everyone" or "something everyone is going through" when the shit says The good life... something you never could imagine". This nigga is full of shit. You can tell by the way the nigga talks about it. Just keep making Techno/ Electronica.

  • ihatehumans

    Prior to the current state of mental erosion cultures remembered their entire history in song form. Others had sets of languages; some written others just spoken. Is it that difficult to conceive that someone can come up with rhymes in their head and recite them on the spot - you know like a concert or like how it only takes a few listens to a song before you remember it for like ever. Or are you suffering from mind control better know as the education system little robot. You humans disgust me carry on with what you do and know: nothing.

    • Solid

      @ihatehumans FOH!! What Hip Hop concert have you been to that they're reciting rhymes/songs on the spot? Every concert I've been to has been artists performing pre-recorded songs from their current or previous albums, and maybe a prewritten freestyle. Also it would take anybody more than just a few listens to know the lyrics to an entire song. Especially if its 3 verses. But who knows maybe you can do that with all these simplistic ass rappers on the radio these days. No complexity or intricacy in their rhymes at all. Stop exaggerating to make yourself believe whatever they're saying is true. Since you played puppet I just cut your strings. Now kill yourself

    • Anonymous

      Let them revel in their stupidity.

  • Anonymous

    wasnt a big fan of MBDTF. Just think his first albums were more inspirational & had more soul to it... It was better than WTT & sold well tho



  • Anonymous

    Was a fan since I heard Through the Wire on the radio...But the dude is a LYING ASS BITCH now. Why do rappers always make up this bullshit? A lot of the lyrics on those first three albums where REUSED from old songs he had out before his first LP came out...He's acting like he freestyled all that shit.

    • Jin

      I think that's what he meant. He never freestyle of the top the songs he just used stuff he remembered or thought up before hand. Its really not THAT hard to do. Which is why people find it fucking annoying when niggas bring blackberrys to freestyles!

  • Lloyd

    But why would you write an essay just to get your point accross. Just go write your song

  • casper21

    who cares what he says, he's craving attention. I only liked his first two albums. Everything after that only had a few good tracks at best.

    • ETK

      Kanye West, craving attention? Lmao. You niggas have no idea the attention he's getting, that made fuckin sense

  • flotorious

    then why are your first albums way doper than your last shitty album?

    • 4twenty3sixty5

      you completely missed my point. ye put an insane amount of work into mbdtf, the point of doing so was so even if haters didn't like him as a person, they would have to respect his music. you can't hate on mbdtf because not only do the sales prove it, but if you listen to it , its dude bleeding his heart out on a track. Im not homo , i just look at music like many look at sports and yeezy is one of the best MUSICALLY, he perfects every last detail of his albums so theyre perfect, especially for mbdtf, he even made a movie to visualize. Every aspect of ye has to be diiferent from his music vids to his emphasis in lyrics,to separate himself from all the wack mc's you listen to who dont even write their own music. so stfu.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ How sick can you be? I mean, seriously, do you actually like Kanye like that? Do you actually think his music is impecable? And just because it's certified platinum doesn't mean it's good. You need therapy.

    • 4twenty3sixty5

      mbdtf was a fucking masterpiece retard. if you don't believe me check the numbers and ACTUALLY LISTEN TO THE LYRICS. fuck i hate simple minded idiots like you, it sounds so stupid when you try and hate on yeezy cause you can't. thats why dudes a perfectionist with his music, you can hate him all you want for crashin the vma's or whatever but his music is IMPECABLE. an before you say anything the colour of that album ain't red no more, its certified double platinum.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga is the most overrated thing that happened to hip-hop...smh

  • Anonymous

    Kanye is lying here. At the least its not a full truth. I have almost every song he's released and he is notorious for recycling rhymes he wrote. If he's mistaking that for freestyling, he's just plain wrong.

  • j

    Well we know Rhymefest wrote some of the first. Quit lying

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    Biggie wrote too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmW58Tr0OPY

  • saw44

    Kanye speaks the truth he dont write his lyrics, his ghostwriters write them. The guy below is right only Biggie could spit shit from the dome

  • Anonymous

    lol the only ones who dont write were Biggie and Jay-Z. Kanye you arent that good as rapper and remember Jesus walks was Written by Rhymefest, it was first his song. video's are on you tube with Rhymefest rhyming the lrycis.

  • Violater

    Most of ya'll are confusing not writing lyrics down on paper with freestylin. Wayne explained it best in "A Milli" when he said "...through the pencil I leak on the sheet of the tablet of my mind coz I don't write shit coz I ain't got time" Just coz you ain't writing it down don't mean the lyrics ain't refined and planned ahead

  • Slick Ross

    GTFOH. All these cats claim to not write anything down and just keep it all in their heads. Why are all these dudes to embarrassed to show that they have some sort of filter or quality control and expect us to believe they just freestyle entire albums. So lame! Writing, unless you are unable to move your hands, shows critical thinking and allows you to review your work before you jibber on a track. Stop lying! You expect us to believe that Jay-Z can remember 10 albums worth of rhymes and never wrote any words down! STFU.

  • Violator

    1 Man can't or won't spend 5000 hrs writing one song. This must mean that he's counting the hours that co-writers/collaborators put into the song. 5000 hrs = 208 days of non stop writing 24/7

    • the doc

      @violator...god damn you are fucking dumb

    • ???

      I dont think he means literally dude. Pretty sure he is just talking shit exaggerating, same way you can say i heard i heard the college drop out 10,000 times in 2 weeks. And yeah idk if every lyric is off the dome like that, but Q Tip did say him and Jay record something one day leave the studio and continue another.


    I don't believe him, simply because he said Rhymefest helped him write "Jesus Walks"

  • So Icy Boi!

    fuckin liar! Kanye West has ghostwriters (just like Nas) and his i copyin ma nigga Lil Wayne. 808s and Heartbreak wuz a Lollipop cover. fuckin Lil Wayne wannabe. swag

    • Youngindy21

      Nas denied having Ghostwriters on his last album.


      NOt you dumbass, the person above me.

    • Cwillim

      Ye's music and Wayne's music are nowhere near similar. the fact that Kanye decided to make an autotune album was influenced by the fact that the autotune craze had just picked up steam. T-Pain was at peak popularity, and pretty much all artists were experimenting with autotune at this point. Please stop thinking that Wayne influenced every rapper ever. a comparison between him and Kanye is apples to oranges.

    • c

      Nas dont have ghostwriters

  • 2-Sentz

    There is all kinds of BS coming off of this nigga right here. I'm not buying it, not one word. I have an extremely hard time believing ANYONE, Jay-Z included, is able to come off the top with dope rhymes that are fluent, use vocab that's above high school level, clever, and actually make sense all at the same time. All these things can be done, but it takes a truly exceptional mind to be able to just bring all that from outta nowhere, and there aint that many damn exceptional minds in Hip Hop, much less the world. Aint no shame in writing your rhymes down, if thats what you do then your a freakin writer! These niggas protest their pen game like they're in the closet, god damn. Anyway, check out the music when you get a chance, ever listen is appreciated. peace http://soundcloud.com/dcshaman

    • Solid

      @Nickel Yeah but they both make it seem like they go str8 off the dome on an entire verse by just saying they don't write lyrics down. And that recording process you talking about like them recording 2 bars, stopping to think, going in again, playing it all back, then recording it all at once must take forever. First off, if he recorded it like that that means he would have to sit there and learn the verse before he goes in the booth and records it all at once since he recorded it bar by bar. Let me just say I would hate to be the engineer in their session regardless of who they are. I guess since they're rich they can afford to pay the engineer for his patience. Plus even if they did do it like that IMO that's a form of punching in. There's nothing fluent in that recording process. That doesn't show any type of breath control whatsoever. I always felt that Jay stretches the truth when it comes to that subject and plays off it as if he really doesn't write anything down. But when pressed about that technique and how he actually does it I've heard him curl up and say he writes lyrics. I think the only truth to that statement is he'll either 1) sit with the beat for a day or 2, write the song and recite it enough so that when it comes time to record the song its memorized. Or 2) He already has rhymes prewritten that he can bend words to and find the flow that matches the beat he chooses to record to. I believe this is the skill both of them possess but it definitely isn't the same thing as saying you don't write lyrics down and go str8 off the top for 4 albums. These rappers be lying out they ass but they know most of you fans will believe anything and everything they say then go run tell a friend and have them believe it. SMH

    • Click Clack

      Ditto! One take or 1000 takes, these dudes write it somewhere in their Blackberry, iphone or on their hands in the booth. You expect us to believe that Jay and Dame or No I.D. just let you freestyle your way into the industry. GTFOH. You didn't even start out as a rapper and now you act like your the best MC alive....and don't write anything down!

    • nickel

      you guys are stupid he doesnt mean he spits the entire verse as straight off the dome. he might do one or 2 bars off his head, stop think, then go again, play it all back, keep going and then record the whole verse at once.. no where does it say they do it in one take!

    • mikeyd105

      I agree. To supposedly have come up with the lines on all his early albums is ridiculous. Listen to his freestyle on the Cypher videos. Nothing on his album stuff. Ridiculous claim!!

  • jack johnson

    lol thats because he has other people write them. What he probably means by 'he doesn't physically write them', is that he has others write it but adds suggestions or tells them what to subject to write about

  • Jay

    Kanye top 10 greatest producer...overrated corny rapper. Good rapper..but very corny and wouldn't make a top 50 Mc's list...too many underground rappers and forgotten legends to mention first.

  • Rhymefest

    Thats BS, no u didnt write cus u had people writing for you.

  • 2pac's ghost

    if 2pac was still alive lil GAYne, dick ross, the GAYme and kanGAY west would be workin at KFC

    • STFU

      Wow... I like Pac but he got some of the worst fans ever. The 90s had Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer during Pac's time. Besides, 2pac would be out of his prime and collaborate with artists like Justin Bieber if he were still alive. Nice to know that that you have homo-erotic thoughts about your "hero" since you use lame immature gay jokes toward to rappers he influenced.

  • KillaSeason

    Why do rappers lie and make up so much bullshit nowadays??

  • Anonymous

    So basically he's saying hes a better freestyler than writer because his first 2 CDs were lightyears more lyrical than MBDTF....if that's the case....hes lying like shit

  • Anonymous

    I'm calling ALL KINDS of bullshit on this

  • Anonymous

    laugh out loud at all you blow-hards worshipping these rappers/artists/entertainers. music is not the ends of all means; do yourselves a solid and reevaluate your lives

  • jerryc

    I'm really tired of you who stick up for the new rap at all costs. Im 23 years old man its not like I'm from the fuckin old school. I was 9 when big and pac died. As I got older I got into rap and I have seen it decline. Stop saying Kanye is great for branching out, or kanye shows you how diverse he is, etc etc. His new stuff is not as good as his old stuff. Its as simple as that. You will not be playing Mercy in your car in 5 years, but you will put in college dropout. You will put in Late Reg. You will put in Graduation. Those are timeless. MErcy? WTT? That shit isnt good. He used to produce and was the best producer of the 2000s....now what? He needs to go back to sampling hardcore and the soulful shit. Lucifer, Through the Wire, Heart of the City. Lets go Kanye. We all crave that shit.

    • Lawless

      Mercy was a 2 Chainz produced track and not on a Kanye West album. If you're going to be critical about the decline of Kanye's music, both lyrically and production wise, you'd better focus on what he himself actually produces and actually puts on his albums. His first 3 albums were timeless, I agree, 808s was an experiment that fell short and won't be well remembered, MBDTF was stellar and arguably some of his best work production wise.

    • Anonymous

      wow powerfull

  • djblur

    WE, so he had a team of co-writers helping him but he said before it took them 5000 hrs to make it meaning master,mix and everything... now he's trying to say 5000 hrs to WRITE?

  • Anonymous

    More Kanye exaggerating the depth of his work. It's not even that serious dude. You rap. You're good. Keep it moving. Let's not act like you have some crazy thought-provoking bars like that.

  • Lil Wayne


  • jje

    HE did NOT use a ghost writer. he just recorded from off his head memorizing his words not using someone else's. go to fucking college and learn how to listen and read articles!!!!

    • CN

      if Rhymefest co-wrote it that doesn't mean Ye wrote it down...in the WTT documentary you see Ye and Jay figuring out parts of the song while the song is blasting (through speakers or headphones) when Ye's figuring out the chorus for Lift Off you see him talk to one of the engineers on the side "how does that sound?" or something like that...there are a thousand ways to help someone write a song even if they don't write it down.

    • Flamez

      Yeah i know for a fact Rhymefest Co wrote Jesus Walks and a few other early Kanye West tracks. So idk what to say about this,form you own opinion lol.

    • Ur dumb

      if you actaully believe kanye. yea yea... he freestyled jesus walks off the dome.. n right down through the wire.... no way

  • JAD-1

    Well Kanye needs to start writing. His lyrics are so-so at best. His production is off the charts though.



    • Lil Tunechi SUCKS

      lol...im tired of everyone sayin lil wayne spits raw, ill start a big brawl and slam his ass into a brick and have fat nigga sit on him, RICK ROSS -Hopsin aka the one of the best rappers out now

    • JAD-1

      When you have to go out your way to let people know that Wayne is a REAL BLOOD than that pretty much sums it all.

  • Anonymous

    He said WE spent 5000 hours writing power. 5000 hours include all the team on board, the musicians and the technicians etc.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Kanye West sucks... I write better lyrics than him... SWAG! It's so icy here, burn you niggaz alive Sittin' in a tree to taste your beehive Best rapper since Lil Wayne been skatin' Real blood, no lie but you faggots be hatin' I'm the LeBron on the mic, you pussy niggaz Weezy F Baby, YMCMB we are the only real niggaz Don't fuck with my swag you fag, I'm on a duty My bitch so hot, she got that Rick Ross booty

  • R.Pgh

    so he spent 208 total days writing the lyrics to power? I smell bullshit.

  • Blah

    Yea... cuz Coonsequence wrote it...fagbag ye boy

  • Todd

    Is it cuz Rhymefest and Consequence was writing them for you?

  • Bradzuk

    to be clear, Late registration is hands down my favorite kanye album, followed by College dropout. But Ive gotta respect what he did with MBDTF. the man is perpetually underrated.

    • Bradzuk

      Sorry this was supposed to be below my previous post. Hes underrated by all of you people who cant accept the fact that every critic loves him AND he sells well.

    • Anonymous

      He's not under-rated. He gets critical acclaim and has won plenty of awards. If anything he's over-rated

  • Bradzuk

    Its incredible how under-appreciated Dark Twisted fantasy was. Every critic LOVED it. It sold incredibly well. It was beautifully put together and the lyrics were masterful. How do you all still hate on it?? you might not care about what critics think. And that's perfectly fair, but when they all agree unanimously, it says something about the album. MBDTF got a 94 on metacritic. A FUCKING 94. Thats insane. and if you dont care about critics, it got an 84 user score. Thats still fantastic. How can you say its garbage? How?

    • brad.zukerman@gmail.com

      people just get way too caught up generalizing whole swaths of a genre. there is great mainstream hip hop. there is great underground hip hop. There is great shit in whatever the in between is. Just enjoy it people.

    • Anonymous

      the same people who say its garbage are the same people who call anyone mainstream a faggot

  • The Game

    u fools need to stop blogging here, get outta yo house and go grab a copy of my classic album that has ALREADY gone gold! #RED ALBUM

    • Anonymous

      i hope you got rid of that froghorn leghorn red rooster ass mohawk because that shit look suspect as fuck

  • Anonymous

    People are fucking stupid... the 5000 hours thing was obviously just an exaggeration... he didn't really spend 5000 hours writing one song jesus christ....

  • thought dog

    So thats why hes always been so terrible on the mic.

  • tony toca

    when i first read the topic i thought it was about kanye having someone wrie all his music for him i personally cant stand kanye west i think hes an annoying jerkoff but he can make a dope ass song and i do enjoy most of his music

  • Anonymous

    Dayum it's alot of immature up to nothin motherfuckers on here! Get your life up!

  • jason

    5,000 hours to write the song Power? lmfao. WHAT?

  • Anooso


  • Ash Motown

    In other words he is saying GLC and Consequence wrote my first 4 albums.

  • TX

    Haters gon hate. Kanye is dope. Sorry, guess I'm not part of the "cool" crowd seeing as hating anything the man does is the norm around here.

  • Anonymous

    fuck kanye wack rapper rapper & ghost writer = actor

  • Anonymous

    i had ghostwriters for 4 albums -kanye

  • THC

    Thou shall not lie - you have a gang of writers working with you Kanye you should really shed some light on them.

  • Anonymous

    Got eat Kim's Falafel.

  • Anonymous

    5000 hours = 208 days and 8 hours.

    • Anonymous

      5000 man hours is really what he meant, i checked another interview he talked about this, meaning if you divide the team, pianist, technicians, and everyone on board the song, it all took them 5000 hours to make Power. Get it?

    • Bradzuk

      i mean... or it was a benign exaggeration

    • Sco*

      ....i was wondering how many days that was....lol....hopefully that's a typo, or this nigga just pretty much lied throughout the whole article, about everything......

  • Jacc

    Am I the only one who doesn't think this kid is a GOAT???



  • Anonymous

    this is bullshit you wrote lyrics you bitch

    • ETK

      why the fuck would anyone lie about that, writing down lyrics & not writing them down are just two different styles of emceeing, god damn you're stupid

  • Mastadon

    Yea......I call bullshit

  • Anonymous

    bullshit on everything he said. 5000 hours? the hell?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    YEAH KANYE I'LL TELL YOU WHAT YOU SHOULD DO! Because you know never mind your so much more successful than me I obviously know more about Hip Hop/Music than you.

  • Anonymous

    I have mixed feelings about Kanye's music now. I prefer his older music and I still bump his old albums. However, his new music isn't exactly bad - it's just different from soulful sounding stuff he used to do. His new beats (the few that he produces himself) are still pretty dope. I loved the instrumentals on MBDTF but I don't know some songs were just garbage lyrically. And don't me started on the songs he's been doing with 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, DJ Khaled over the past two years - ABSOLUTELY AWFUL. Money this, SWAG that! Nigga get the fuck over yourself and your love for fashion/money/cars that shit's been overdone by him. Stop bragging and get back to that those one-liners we all love from Ye. How are you gonna go from collaborating with Kweli, Nas, Mos Def and Common to 2 Chainz and fucking Chief Keef?! These idiots are have a 5 word vocab and make music for retards.

    • Anonymous

      Kanye is one of few people that could pull off collaborating with Talib one day and 2 Chainz the next. Although I agree with you about the excessive bragging, I think it's better that he's not the doing the same kind music he was doing 8 years ago. I think it's better that he branches out and experiments, rather than just staying in his comfort zone and continuing to make the same album over and over again (like Rick Ross).

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree. He seems more focused on his image and trying to be some sort of male super model. He still does show glimpses of musical genius but alot of his recent music seems to be radio friendly garbage. I think the praise and reviews he's received have gone to his head. Cruel Summer sounds like it will be disappointing. (sampling Stardust - Music Sounds Better with You. I don't want to hear another house/rap combo. )

  • DLP

    This nigga is lying...also, someone else wrote the lyrics anyway...Can't believe y'all believe this crap!!!!!

  • djpoohbreezy

    umm Kanye didn't take a cue from jay z...the college dropout was near its completion when he got signed he would use the studio when team roca fella wasn't using..he did the beats and gots his verse's in when he could...all of his albums are great!!! 808's and heartbreaks was the weakest...but overall he's charting and talented..its proven he can be a conscious rapper/backpack rapper, expermiental, soulful...futuristic....and just now recently commercialized rapper he can do it all...not to many can do all of em...


    The College Dropout was his best album considering nothing was written down, an undeniable hip hop classic from beginning to end, ever since his debut he has declined in quality. After Graduation it was all downhill from there, all his newer material is pop garbage.

    • Anonymous

      most people who say kanye's earlier work is his best are just being bias due to nostalgia. there no critical reasoning as to why. critically mbdtf is kanye's best album.

    • Anonymous

      Closest thing to Pop on MBDTF was All Of The Lights. There were a few Pop tracks on WTT, the most obvious being Lift Off, but the 2 biggest songs from that album were Otis (undeniably Hip-Hop) and Niggas In Paris (undeniably Hip-Hop).

  • Anonymous

    I dont care one way or the other, the only reason I ever listened to this guy in the first place is because his beats were dope, I never gave a fuck about his Pompous egomaniacal lyrics regardless of whether or not their freestyled, written or ghostwritten. Just go back to making your own beats.

  • jg

    I hate that Kanye has let the ego take over but at the end of the day he's a mad genius.

  • Anonymous

    Oldest news ever. HHDX already posted this http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/news/id.19996/title.kanye-west-discusses-pressures-of-recording-my-beautiful-dark-twisted-fantasy

  • Anonymous

    He need to go back to producing all his shit by himself too...having wack ass Swizz Beatz produce shit...GTFO

  • Anonymous

    Well maybe he should stick to not writing shit down cause I'd take Late Registration over MBDTF anyday

  • BuddhaShark

    His lyrics are better when he doesn't write them down. Or it could be that he ran our of subject matter, but MBDTF is his worst album lyrically by far. And that includes 808s. And the only news here is that he DID write on MBDTF, because he has said for years that he doesn't write his lyrics down.

  • hate revolver

    So everyone is come out like how nice they are not writing yet people are coming out that Nas has a ghostwriter, but Kanye has ghostwriters.

    • Anonymous

      Wouldn't it be a "ghostwriter" if they didn't get official credit for it? Because looking at the booklets in my Kanye CDs he doesn't say he wrote all the songs dolo.

    • Anonymous

      Wow you must know everything... Does Jay have ghostwriters aswell? I mean if he does you must know... Does Em? Does T.I.? Did 2Pac & Biggie because I really feel I'm asking the person who would really know that stuff.

    • Anonymous

      jay electronica already shut that down that he didnt write for nas. check it on sohh.com

  • Kennyis22

    My favorite Kanye song is Spaceship and I find it hard to believe his verse was off his head. It had way too much lyricism, flow and structure to be freestyled. And Kanye just seems like too detailed and introspective an artist to freestyle through his first two classics.

    • Anonymous

      not writing is not the same as freestyling. some people memorize better without writing shit down. i dont know why the concept is so difficult for people to grasp. the process is the same except he doesnt write his ideas down. its not like he just get in the studio says "play the beat" the goes off the top. lol

    • Bradzuk

      its also not necessarily freestyled. jay isnt freestyling when he crafts a beat, hes really crafting that shit. but he just doesnt write it down. Theres a huge difference.

    • Anonymous

      he "wrote" the verses in his head then went and recorded them. Its not that hard when you live in the studio.

    • Anonymous

      yea it probably wasnt one take. Just using him as an example but Wayne doesnt write but he doesnt do all of his stuff in one take either. There are videos of him on youtube doing his stuff like 3 or 4 bars at a time, listening to it, then going back to the mic and going from there. Same with Jay. Theres a video of him working on WTT and he didnt do all of his stuff in one take either

    • Anonymous

      It is hard to believe but some rappers can do that. Maybe Kanye doesn't spit his verse on one take. He probably goes back and changes lines that he thought could have been better. Jay does the same thing too.



  • jerryc

    unfortunately Kanye is probably the only person who can save hip hop and give us all what we still want/need. Dre was the other guy but we all know now that hes not going to release his album. Kanye chose to cater to the new rap(which sucks), leaving the soulful sound that made him popular behind. Its unfortunate because he still has the power to give us a classic; however, I dont think we will ever get another. No one else can do it at this point, as the labels will change their albums to the point that it reaches mediocrity. Kanye can produce classic beats and has full control. Sucks for all hip hop fans.

    • Bradzuk

      Wow people are cynical. I really think hip hop is going the other direction. labels have way less creative control than they once did, because the internet has totally opened up the channels of distribution. There is an enormous wealth of creativity in hip hop, and its not even "underground." Kendrick, A$AP, Bronson, Curren$y etc... all these guys and a shit load more are just doin them without any label involvement at all, and a lot of it is great. It doesnt have to chart to be relevant. Indie music fans stopped caring about that shit looooong ago and its paid dividends. Theres a fuck load of great music and you just have to accept that it might not chart.

    • Anonymous

      I really thought Watch The Throne could have been a album to save Hip Hop from the hole it's in right now (mainstream anyway) but no it just turned out to be average.

    • Anonymous

      Dude, quit whining. Yeezy is making great music, even if it is overtly trap-based. You gotta understand that artists change over time and Kanye has definitely changed. But he has become better and better on every subsequent release. On Watch the Throne, maybe Jay still had superior lyrics but Kanye showed he could still rap alongside him pretty damn well (at least better than any other rapper who isn't Eminem).

  • Anonymous

    how is this news besides this is old news

  • Anonymous

    It's more authentic and from the heart when you spit without reading a note pad. Look at Jay and Wayne, these guys made great careers off not writing.

  • stephenc

    He ought to go back to his original method.

  • hova

    i have taught you well

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