Beanie Sigel Speaks On Prison Sentence, Relationship With Jay-Z

Beanie Sigel reflects upon his upcoming two-year prison sentence and why the time for a sit-down with Jay-Z has passed.

In less than a month, Beanie Sigel will head back to prison to serve out a two-year sentence for failure to pay his taxes. Now, in a recent interview with XXL, the Philadelphia emcee reflects on his impending time behind bars.

Beans explained that his upcoming sentence is a painfully sobering experience. He said that it's difficult to prepare oneself for jail and the concept of becoming a number rather than a person. Still, he said that once he's released in 2014, he plans on changing his lifestyle and never looking back on his past.

"I’m done [with prison]. It’s over!" he said. "In that environment, this outside world…you gotta hang all that up. When I go in there, I won’t be Beanie Sigel. I’ll be 57613-066. That’s who I’ll be. I won’t be Beanie Sigel. I’m not gonna sit in my cell and write rhymes everyday. That’s a real thing inside. There’s people inside who ain’t ever coming out of those buildings. I would talk to them and do my best to be a window for some of ’em who are never gonna make it outta there. We all have the same commissary, we all have the same amount of money on our books, we all gonna eat the same food and nobody cell gonna look different. I’m gonna be a number like everybody else."

Sigel also spoke on his rocky relationship with former Roc-A-Fella cohort Jay-Z. Referencing his 2009 song "What You Talkin Bout? (I Ain’t Ya Average Cat),” Beans said that the time for a conversation with Hova is long gone; he's come to understand that his partnership with the Brooklyn emcee wasn't built on friendship, but rather business.

"There’s no need for that conversation anymore [with Jay-Z]’s been too long," he said. "That’s all I ever wanted. Jay-Z don’t owe me a dime. What me and Jay had or what I thought we had was a brothership that was beyond music and business. A brothership that I trusted and that I’d put my life in harm’s way for ‘this thing of ours, this La Familia.’ I thought it was bigger than music, I thought it was bigger than business, but as I got older and thought about it…that’s all it was, it was business. So, the conversation is for what? I kind of understand…Jay was growing, he’s in a different space, he was rubbing shoulders with different people and when you get around certain people and you get into a certain bracket, sometimes you got to disassociate yourselves with the one point, I thought this rap shit ruined me. I got in more trouble being Beanie Sigel than when I was just Mac."

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  • iambadnewz(dot)com

    "Bean's I ain't trying to change you, just give you some game / to make the transition from the street to the fame" -Jay-Z should have listen to Jigga and maybe you wouldn't be in the position your in right now...

  • Banga

    I hope they make up,if jay should make up wit anyone,it should be beans. They make great music.

  • Anonymous

    "Jay-Z dont owe me a dime" Yeah, especially since he'd already made you rich. Fact is, Jay hooked both Sigel and Bleek up. If they fell off, it was because of lack of motivation. The most productive thing Sigel can now do is get his mind right and once he gets out, go down to the mall and see if he can get a job at one of those cell phone booths.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • What

    For the first time i read what Beanie Sigel is saying and it make prefect sense, it help show how Beanie have grown man, he have gotten it Just like EPMD said man, this is Business Never Personal, it was all about, aint nothing move but the money when it come's to Jay-Z and in Prison you just a number and time for you stand still, Beanie is one of the most talented rapper out there man, he just need his head check, it just a bite to late now.

  • Kakashi

    This is the real world,Sigel cant expect to load guns and carry pistols with Jay Z when Jay Z is supposed to have a high profile business meeting tomorrow.Times change you cant keep saying "im from the streets" when there are taxes to pay,kids to raise and a life to live...Jay Z wised up he owes nobody jerk even Sigel.Beanie Sigel is a grown man like literally,he cant be crying on another man with a daughter and wife to take care off!

  • Sco*

    Sounds as if Beans almost gets it, but not quite....B.G., Lil Boosie, Mac (from No Limit), C-Murder, Prodigy, Turk, Ja Rule, Shyne, Max B, True Life, ect., gotta leave the streets to the streets when you reach a certain level.....

  • Wood Black

    Well said and dead on.

  • Stop crying Beans..

    Who told you to become addicted to lean and pills?Who told you to not pay your taxes those years when you were actually doing shows and the IRS hit you when the money dried up?Who told you to be a grown man in his late 30's still packing pistols like he wasn't a boss that could have had dudes do that for him?Who told him to still be trolling Philly streets looking for beef and getting into situations that were detrimental to his career? You ethered your own career.You wanted Jay to agree with all your dumb shit no matter what when he rubs shoulders with politicians.billionaires,athletes,heads of state.You should have grown up but instead you wanted to continue be ignorant and keep it all the way "real".Well prison is as real as it gets.. congratulations..

  • JIG203

    Once again the Roc-a-fella breakup story! Ok point blank period, Beans is a great rapper but thats where it stops. He never bettered himself business wise and bit the hand that fed him. Jay gave him opportunity he knows that. He had more than bleek had at one point, a stronger team, movies, label, clothing, etc. He didn't handle his business they way he should and when the chips were down its all Jay-Z's fault like always. I respect beans but u have to look in the mirror sometimes and man up. I'm pretty sure Jay respects beans beyond music but he can't surround himself witht that especially since beans threw various shots at him on records now. Hold ya head Beans

    • Anonymous

      Good rapper + with lots of filler = never made a great album and he had FOUR chances, more if you count the State Prop garbage

  • Timmy

    Sig has spent half of his life in jail :(

    • Blackboy

      REAL dumb you talkin bout irrelevant ish and he on his way to the bing son get it together or you will be on your way to the bing to dazeone

  • dazeone

    Gay Z was preaching that since reasonable doubt....and anybody he came up with he ished on em...Sauce money, especially Jaz O...Kane ...Memph reason none of them should not be working with Gay Z to some capacty...Beans legitamized him with that street element...came at Nas and many rhymes he got going at either ...Beans aint get Ethered but Jay did.....real recognize real..

    • BlackBoy

      REAL dumb you talkin bout irrelevant ish and he on his way to the bing son get it together or you will be on your way to the bing to

    • mindrelated

      What are you talking about? Bleek is still making money with Jay so you point is mute. Yes Beans dissed Nas and Jada but lets not act like Jay did not have his hat in the ring. I do recall Jay going at both of them own his as well. At the end of the day, Beans did not do as well as he could because of himself. I have the same issues with my friends from Brooklyn. I went to college and fought to make it out the environment I grew up in. I fought to make it and my friends let the streets make them and somehow I became "to good". No, I am not good but I am not stupid enough to stunt my growth to appease or keep a hood card I never wanted in the first place. In the situation Beans wanted to stay stagnate and you can not fault Jay for wanting to grow and reach for what everyone says a Black man can not have; dreams.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Roc Nation keep loosin. YMCMB on top. fuck a camel. swag

  • Anonymous

    this is a real dude real talk thats why i love his music cant hate on tha...

  • wow...

    this nigga is still reaching for Jay to acknowledge him in some way. His paragraph seemed like some sort of bitch sob story. All those disses didn't get him shit, no real publicity, and no record deals. If Mac and Brad ever comes out, Scarface will be the one who murders every track.

    • @this fool

      stupid faggot, is that why there's a paragraph talking about how he thought Jay and him were just more than associates and more like brothers, but he guesses "he was wrong". you're a dipshit. @j it's not hard to take Jay's side when this retard was dissing everybody associated with him, just to get his name out there again, was there a reason for him to diss Kanye? Calling him a faggot, on a couple of songs, when Beans only had "Beef" with Jay, I remember he even threw shots at Drake for what Jay said on "Light Up". Then he went to 50, he tried getting a deal with him, that fell through, a couple of months after he did an interview where he said that he would love to remake the Fat Boys with Rick Ross and Fat Joe. This dude doesn't get what he wants so he stirs the pot. Teenage girls literally do the same thing.

    • J

      If you listen to the song "Show Must Go On", you'll understand where Sigel is coming from. He's a real dude from the streets whereas Jay-Z lost touch with everyone that was around him & he would f*** so called close friends over just to make more money. SMH But die hard Jay-Z fans will always take Jay's side.

    • this fool

      "Theres no need for that conversation anymore [with Jay-Z]...its been too long," a book is your friend not your enemy.LEARN HOW TO READ

  • Bad Newz

    "Beans I aint trying to change you, just give you some game / to make the transition from the street to the fame" - Jay-Z he should have been listing back then and maybe he would be in the same situation he is in now.... www. iambadnewz .com

    • thefist

      lol #DEAD #noLOVE He should've left them streets alone. Now he wanna be a window for inmates. They kill me with these pre death/pre deathrow epiphanies. I'm sick of it. God forbid Jay-Z grew the f*ck up. Nobody wants to be poor, selling crack for life and running from the cops day to day. Hell, no one even wants to hear that in an entire rap album. GTFOH with that bullshit. He has to be the worse little man in history, next to Young Buck.

  • Anonymous

    he is right every body i ever seen in the industry that comes into contact with him says he a bully. jay z is hanging out with Oprah if you invites a thug him over and he does something stupid dont you know he cant hang out with those people any more. you dont money from ablum sells its from business. so thug like you is bad for business. its fuck up beans but i can look at you and tell you a ghetto nigga and philly is rough so at least you got to see another side to life.

  • Anonymous

    he sound like a wise dude what dont kill will make you stronger. hold your head up beans

  • Anonymous

    Im gonna predict the future. In 2 years from now hell be out and do another interview with xxl. Hes go. A say that he cant wait to get in the studio cus hes just been writing non stop rhymes in jail and how hes open to a sit down with jay.

  • d-nucks

    THIS IS THE MOST GROWN INTELLIGENT ANSWER HE HAS GIVEN ON have to be a FOOL TO THINK NIGGAZ are your friends in the "industry". Its buisness...just like Diddy and Biggie weren't best friends as diddy likes to say...nor was Suge and friends...they were "Friends cause they were makeing them money thats it. Suge was pac's boss....diddy was biggies boss....Jay was beanies how many of ya'll become best friends with your boss on your regular 9-5? What makes you think it would be any different in the cut throat business of music. Jay-z has only remained friends with those he was freinds with before the money and fame...tah tah...Bleek....thats it.....

    • Anonymous

      It was real friends that made jay successful. It was Beans being a real partner that enabled jay to further along his career and prevail amongst all the hype and industry beef

    • Anonymous

      this nigga using that as some excuse-so cuz we la familia you can do dumbb shit and I still have to talk to you?? Fuck that.

    • wolfman

      I agree it's a step in the right direction, but Beans' statement has implications that he was a founder of Roc-a-fella when he says Jay-Z and him would ride it until the end. I'm not saying he wasn't a major player in the movement, but I never saw Beans' in the role of Roc's leader. From my seat, Beanie needed Jay-Z much more than Jay-Z needed Beans. I think it's that fact that got him emotionally tripped up. Bringing up the Bleek situation is perfect, because Bleek never tried to align himself as having the same strength as Jay-Z and is still reaping the benefits of playing his position.

  • thefist

    What a cop out.. instead of him saying "Jay grew the hell up and left the streets alone, like I should have, but didn't want to for bullshit reasons like street credibility" He tries to spin it as Jay played him as "a number" with the business analogy. Maybe if you would've stopped going to jail, violating probation and getting weed infringements, you'd still be around. The one thing I respected about Memphis Weak [sic], he's somewhere living comfortably, with his family.. NOT going to jail, making bullshit pity statements, living off what we all know is Jay-Z Money. with the exception of Kanye.. all of former Roc-A-Fella artists were living off of Jay-Z Money.. Memphis just took the appropriate route.. he didn't act like he was gonna be semi-sizzle forever, saved up those checks and bowed out gracefully. Man Up MAC... you can do better than weak ass Bill O'Reilly spin tactics

  • Late 90's rapper syndrome

    "I got in more trouble being Beanie Sigel than when I was just Mac." Another classic case of "LATE 90's RAPPER SYNDROME".... all those fools who made millions but pissed it up a wall thinking the industry would support they low-work-ethic weak assess....

  • Anonymous

    He neds to stop answering questions on JAY. He'll be answering questions on JAY for the rest of his SHORT Hiphop DAYS

  • Fuck Philadelphia

    Stay in jail, bitch. We don't need you.

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