DJ Drama Says Lil Wayne's "Dedication 4" Mixtape Will Be "Quality Street Music"

DJ Drama also hints at who listeners can expect to be on Lil Wayne's "Dedication 4" mixtape.

Lil Wayne is currently at work on his upcoming mixtape with DJ Drama, Dedication 4. During an interview with, Mr. Thanksgiving hinted at what listeners can expect on the project, stating that the offering will provide listeners with a glimpse of Mixtape Weezy.

"Mixtape Weezy, Drama Weezy, one of the finest collaborations in the game," he said. "One of the biggest and most known mixtape series of all time, Dedication. So you’re going to get what you’ve come to expect from that quality street music."

Drama explained how the mixtape came to be, stating that it all began with a run-in with Wayne's manager Cortez Bryant. "Me and Cortez [Bryant] run into each other a lot. We always talk about a lot of things, I’ve known Tez for a long time, but I’ve brought up Dedication to him a couple times. And when we saw each other in Vegas, he was like, ‘Yeah, him and Wayne had been talking about it. He said Wayne felt he was ready to do it, so it made sense."

He also hinted that someone who appeared at Drake's OVO Fest will appear on the tape. "I ran into somebody at OVO Fest. Drake was there, Rick Ross was there, Meek was there, Kendrick, A$AP, Nicki, Snoop… I did run into someone and had a convo and they mentioned that they might be on Dedication. I’m pretty sure Wayne made a couple of calls."




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  • we not the best

    'we make quality street music' for 12 year old skaters give up wayne ur a fucking joke

  • Anonymous

    sorry but there will never EVER be another "No Ceilings"

  • the squ1sh

    quality music??? that is historically impossible for wayne to do on his own, niggas nuts got suffocated by his bitch pants...aint nothing good comin outa him again

  • Anonymous

    His last mixtape release, sorry 4 the wait, wasn't bad but it was great either. We all know what mixtape weezy is capable of. He killed damn near every song on no ceilings. And this is coming from someone who is no longer a wayne fan. But just like everyone else who isn't a wayne fan that clicked on this i'm curious to hear what this mixtape sounds like. Lets see if he's still got half the talent he had on his previous mixtapes!

  • Guen

    I thought lil wayne was skateboarding can he make quality street music...didn't he say he was getting to old for rap?

  • Anonymous

  • Quality Street


  • Dale

    All we can do is hope Wayne brings it on this tape.

  • lil wayne

    lil wayne, best rapper alive. he ahs produced the most money from rap, has teh largest fan base, and only rapper who can afford a bugati

    • Writ-in_wayne2012

      fyi not tryna be Hermione but sometimes do feel like i know all(young sage opened his eyes)got stuck up in a crystalball(then he opened up his thirdeye)then shut it back only, God need know all...anyways ymcmb, Trukfit...all those other rappers on that dumb like oil, yeah its steady pumpin, everyone say ym fake, aint that really something...they reppin kill the light, yeah they all up on that pac shit so dont ask me why i stay up on the apocolyspe before bath salts invade the youth, im steady tryna to rhyme some truth, i know i cant spit, dont give a shit , not something im tryna tryna stop the crack and meth cuz these fools aint got a cue....cut meth and crack with the bath salts, now the truth shining thru....nwo, wwe, yeah one of aint those fake...anyways im to smoke, fuck all u frosted flakes...ridde me this, comment is al this me who on that crack and meth in the united states? thats y i support full legilaziton, not just weed...cuz i pray to God George Romero is not a prophet yo, and if u scream im a fag, idc i know im dope....yeah im an ace to plead the case, lets save our children yo!!!!!!!!!!!

    • PresidentCarter2012

      @haha forgot jayz and eminem....eminem barely in the top ten of money making rappers cuzz he didnt like endorsements til it looked like his comeback(relapse) was fen to bomb...tell me where his clothing line clubs, soda deals who pay millions plus said theyd put out in theters the ymcmb exclusive movies...yeah jayz paid but he number 3 behind 50 and DIDDY...and wayne fourth then someone else then baby...then someone else then drake then nicki then even tyga(um 7figure deal to produce reebok shoes, plus they put out his last kings shits? moolah young yo, but still there lol)plus forbes dont count money maid over seas so yall can google bronal oil (lol according to everything i read is a front cuz noone get ahold of them yet all that money still coming in...that would put wayne at 2 so yall haters can see now why wayne think he the best...jayz paid to not talk about tupac/biggie death....50 paid cuz he gay.....diddy paid to keep quiet bout his involvement in biigie(maybe pac..or wa it suge?who knows really, too much intentiaonal misinformation)and before all these wayne and eminem are gaay too, well fuck yall they were raped as kids and admit to it so yeah i support elevationg battle raps(fore example. hotboyz reunion if it happens(chronic any1?)instead of competin on trax, battlin on wax..that would be hotboi, yea hotter then a new toy, no im not a rapper i just think and talk better in rhyme schemes, Write-in-Wayne2012, lets put a kink in they schemes

    • NahNah

      Nahh fuck Lil wayne, you fagget

    • Anonymous

      yo fuck eminem, you fool.

    • Anonymous

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Good joke. You obviously forgot about Eminem, and Jay Z.

  • From Da South

    u guys need 2 shut up, you fucking keyboard warriors. real niggas in the hood are listening to lil wayne and minaj while you mad fools be writing comments about what real niggas should do

  • Who got the strongest team??:

    YMCMB - Lil Wayne, Birdman, Drake, Busta Rhymes ,Nicki Minaj, Mystikal, Bow Wow MMG - Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Wale, Triple Cs Slaughterhouse - Royce Da 5'9, Crooked I, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz GOOD Music - Kanye West, Pusha T, Cyhi Da Prynce, Big Sean ROC Nation - Jay-Z, J. Cole, Jay Electronica Aftermath - Dr Dre, Eminem, 50 Cent, Slim Da Mobster Wu-Tang. Bad Boy - Diddy, Machine Gun Kelly, French Montana, Red Cafe The HRSMN - Ras Kass, Canibus, Kurupt, Killah Priest M.A.R.S - Cormega, Saigon, Roc Marciano, Action Bronson 'The Standard' - Nas, Q-Tip, Common, AZ (to balance things out) LOX - Jadakiss, Styles P, Sheek Louch Dipset - Cam'ron, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, Vado

    • Anonymous

      slauterhouse is apart of shadys group so you would have to put them together...

    • trillllllllllll

      the lox been around since 96 and still better mc's than most out there slaughterhouse dope too

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      in my opion there is a secret puppet game going on...ymcmb broke out the pack, just ask their mixtapes..(ie, please google Tyga"STORM"(ps who know what tyga even stand for?)or LlTwist"GettinCrazy(second verse i believe, but even if twist not there yet, he got his own style, so all u haters smiling just adding gleam onto his smile))anywys they on that pac when he was shot shit, so all u haters make a mosh pit..ym millitia, and sage he too a martian....he that prophet, dont need a prophet for what he prophesize, thirdeye open see the future, zombie sutures....yeah bath salts in the crack...meth to death, boo! tell me this batman, when the joker cuts them both with that zombie drug? what happens next when a black crackhead eats a whiteboys wife? not talkin oral, talking hannibal yeah that shit is real, yall just wait as i plead my case, begging God for help...cuz when on or the other eat th other civil war will be a hell...fema takeover, then its over, obama get the crown..nostradomus, yea im on it, yeah i got this shit, look for the GEMSTONE mixtape coming soon, hundred freestyles unanimous...not lil b but yeah im based, flow deep like wayne...yeah im on mars, not yet a star i call this outerWayned....presidentCarter2012, yea bitch WRITE_IN-WAYNE

    • the squ1sh

      ide say housegang.....but funk volume is missing out of this selection..

    • Anonymous

      You threw Big Sean in GOOD Music but not Kid Cudi. WTF?

    • Anonymous

      According to this list.. I'll have to go with roc nation

    • BIGCAM

      NONE OF THE ABOVE......TDE WE IN HERE!!!!!!!!!

  • BOY

    FUCK THA HATERS! Lil Wayne is still KIGN of Hip Hop! If he dies today, he will go straight to heaven and Pac and Biggie will greet him and invite him to have a 3some. No homo tho. Its just how the Gods of Hip Hop celebrate. YMCMB!

    • Anonymous


  • yall are faggot

    Why does everyone here hate on lil wayne and think they know hip hop. Lil wayne has some really good albums. Carter 3 made the rolling stone's top 500 albums of all time

  • ZeeZuh

    Where the Mixtape At ?????

  • KC Q

    yo i live in the hood in kansas city mo.. im not a thug, i handle my shit but i dont claim anything but my sector.. i fuck with wayne,, cause when i started fuckin with him he was droppin the block is hot.. dude aint a thug, he clever and does dress like a girl but i like his music.. is he the greastest? fuck no.. he sells a lot to white people(im white) some my dudes from the block are preetty deep in some crip and blood gangs and they do not fuck with him at all.. his name holds no weight in the hood, point blank period.

  • Alex

    I bet wayne and kendrick got a Song on dedication 4 or maybe kendricks just got verse on the tape like he did on drakes album. either way the artist he's talking about has gotta be either or Asap

  • Horgo

    People on here sayin where the fuck is Em now and that Gayne is the king of hip hop, motherfuckers i bet if Em dropped a mixtape with 5 tracks that were 30 seconds long each with only 5 words in each song and charged 50 bucks for it everybody would buy it, and Gayne would be forgotton.

  • another_one

    im feeling another classic coming. wayne has only released fire this year. fuck 10yo haters who dont even know what insturments are.

    • Horgo

      U fucking idiot. Its the 10 year olds who actually listen to Lil Gaynes shit. The older dudes know he's fake as shit, same goes for rest of youngfunny.

  • jr88

    sorry but after whatweezy has done these past few years, i dont see any hood bumping dude!!!! he wears girls cloths sings like a biotch, has the gayest dance called throw that d, drops wack as fuck music, trys to skateboard to look cool to white kids and is a fake blood...only white kids and posers like wayne at this point

  • Anonymous

    Everybody that posted about this subject hater or not still gone go download dedication 4 Regardless. I know i am if not why your dumb ass clicked on this page.

  • BOY

    Just tell me who tha fuck is more gangsta gangsta than lil weezy baby, please say the baby!? NO ONE! He is the most best of them all. He is the reigning KIGN of Hip Hop! Hate on it all you want. #ColdHardFacts YMCMB!

  • Lil Loc

    Never thought I would read the words Lil Wayne and Quality on the same sentence.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    its gonna be kendrick as the guest kendrick used to ghost write for wayne when he was named kdot and if you dont think he did listen to c4 the mixtape his flow was just like waynes old flow

  • BaseDYMCMB

    You nigga's hatin on Lil Wayne what the fuck have you done for freedom of expression in this hell hole called earth. Before you start aiming at people being gay look in the mirror first he's successful. What have you rat cocksuckers done lately. Tunechi OuT.

  • blaze

    This ain't quality street music it's quality suburban music

  • 2 chainz


  • Anonymous

    Dj drama= STR8 BITCH

  • So Icy Boi!

    The Rolling stones has declared Lil Wayne da King of Hip Hop. Weezy is da greatest of all time, he sold da most albums of da decade. swag

  • Anonymous

    wayne hasn't made "quality" any type of music in years. i'm unconvinced.

  • BOY

    Lil Wayne is KIGN of HIP HOP! Fuck the haterz! They got nothin to say! They only hate HAHAHA! We stay winning mah niggaz! YMCMB!

  • Anonymous

    Where's YESSIR, So Icy Boi, dentaldamboy, and those other YM dickriders? I wanna see something to laugh at.

  • iamhiphop

    Why do I have a hard time believing that statement?

  • BOY

    Fuck yea! We gettin that raw street music from the Kign of Hip Hop himself, Lil Weezy! Bang Bang! Only real Blood Niggaz jam to the Weezy! DEDICATION 4 YMCMB!

  • truth

    it will be sub-par but his fans will act like its illmatic part 2

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      hey you cocky motherfucker, who the fuck cares about spelling. its just i bet, you bitchnigga make lots of mistakes while respondin to other topics. now get off his dick

    • Anonymous

      "HOW THE FUCK AM I JUDGING A PROJECT THAT I DIDN'T EVEN HEARD YET? HELL, THEY PROBABLY EVEN HAVEN'T RECORDED 1 FUCKING SONG." You obviously didn't do too well in high school english class...smfh... Learn to write properly before you decide to type anything. Alot of what I read in the comments is correct. He does not make street music or quality music. He raps about the same dumb shit all the time and most of what he says makes no sense. Fuck lil punk ass wayne and his ymcmb clowns. They are all a bunch of fake talentless fucks.

    • Anonymous

      what the fuck is funny about that, you faggot?!

    • Anonymous

      "THAT I DIDN'T EVEN HEARD YET" classic shit thanks for the laughs bud

  • Anonymous

    Ok. How much Lil Wayne paid you for it, Drama?

  • Double H

    Yeah. Quality street music for undercover homos who gangbang while secretly wearing pink Lil Wayne panties. Wayne is every gay dudes favorite rapper.

  • HipHop

    It's entertaining reading all of the comments below. Clearly a few of you lames have NOTHING to do with your day, other than click on a news article in which you KNOW you're already going to blast. Fuck out of here.. If you don't like Wayne and or Dj Drama, why waste the time out of your miserable, pathetic lives to comment? Hahah is it an attempt to get Wayne's attention? I'm not going to sit here and say I love YMCMB or think that Wayne is still the best rapper alive. Yes, there was a period in time where he almost was.. Let the man live, he is taking a back seat to the industry, because he CAN... if you ACTUALLY listen to some of his classics, half of your idiots wouldn't comment.

  • Danny

    What about his skateboarding career?

  • Brendon

    When he says Quality Street Music he means music that belongs on the street after being run over with my car multiple times.

  • Anonymous

    more like garbage sellout music for little girls homos

  • ETK

    that's the name of his damn mixtape.. proof he talkin too much hype but either way, I don't expect it to surpass Dedication 2. old Lil Wayne is that shit. or at least, it's somethin to listen to

  • Anonymous

    Lil Wayne doesn't make street music

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