Former Kottonmouth Kings Member Pakelika Passes Away, Group Reacts

Brad Daddy X of Kottonmouth Kings issued a statement after former band-mate Patrick "Pakelika" Cochrun died this past weekend, from an asthma attack.

It was announced this weekend that former Kottonmouth Kings member Patrick "Pakelika" Cochrun has died. On August 11, the 34-year old passed away from a cardiac arrest, reportedly related to an asthma attack - according to his former label. Pakelika was a masked hype-man with the Suburban Noize Records group for some time.

Brad Daddy X, K.M.K.'s front-man, released the following statement, "We are out on tour preparing for the release of our new record. At what should be an exciting time for the group we have been blindsided, shocked and deeply saddened by the terrible news about our friend and former band member Pakelika's sudden death. Nothing can prepare you for such horrible news and this reminds us all just how precious life is and the importance of friends and family. It has been a couple of years since Big Pak performed with the [Kottonmouth] Kings, but his presence and the impact he made on us will live forever. Patrick 'Pakelika' Cochrun was a very unique and special person. We traveled the world together and played hundreds of shows together. The memories and experiences we shared will live forever in our hearts and souls. We want to thank the underground for the tremendous outpouring of condolences and support at such a sorrow filled time. Take care of yourselves and spread love and positive vibrations. Rest in peace big Pak; you will be missed!"

In honor of Pakelika, Kottonmouth Kings have dedicated their video to "Mr. Cali Man" to their former band-mate. The video premieres later today, on HipHopDX.

Today (August 14), Kottonmouth Kings release their 13th studio album, Mile High.


  • will bennett

    pakelika may you rest in peace you will be missed *blazing and drinking in your honor and memory*

  • Anna Burdette


  • Anonymous

    I can't believe people still listen to KMK, it's almost as wack as 2 Chainz and Rick Ross.

  • John C

    Probably died from smoking too much weed. What kind of moron smokes when they have asthma? Also, fuck Kottonmouth Kings. I have no problem with weed but once you have multiple albums about nothing but weed, you are a failure as a group. ICP's better and that's saying a lot because ICP is garbage. WU TANG BITCH

    • ray

      yeah dude fuck you you are pathetic trash.. plenty of people smoke with asthma, who cares it was his life and he had fun he wasn't trying to be judged by worthless white trash like you. who gives a fuck what kmk is about and signs ? there is an entire STONER culture you fucking moron. educate your self some.don't like them? GREAT, don't listen to their music and go back to your trailer in the trailer park you faggot.

    • Anonymous

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  • No, you're white

    And not a single fuck was given that day.

  • nickrazor2000

    R.I.P. Pakelika, you will be missed. For those who had never seen the "Visual Assassin" live, let me tell you it was awesome. he would be the 1st one to come out on stage smokin on a vaporizor. Dj bobby b would play bring the pain by meth and flip it into hip hop by dead prez while pak would fly around on stage. Great memories

    • -

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    • RISE UP



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    • timmm

      I met this dude once, shared a joint with him. Very cool. KMK live shows while still good will never be the same without him.

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