Missy Elliott & Timbaland Decline Work On Aaliyah's Album

A rep for Missy Elliott and Timbaland says they will not appear on Aaliyah's upcoming posthumous release.

Even though Drake and Noah "40" Shebib have signed on as executive producers, it looks like things have gotten off to a rocky start with Aaliyah's upcoming posthumous album. Now, two of the late singer's most frequent collaborators - Missy Elliott and Timbaland - will not be appearing on the final tracklist.

In a recent report from Billboard, Missy's manager Mona Scott-Young revealed that Timbo and Missy will not be working on the Blackground-released effort. She said that the two have yet to be contacted to appear on it and would not likely agree to work on the album if they were contacted.

"Although Missy and Timbaland always strive to keep the memory of their close friend alive, we have not been contacted about the project nor are there any plans at this time to participate," said Scott-Young. "We've seen the reports surfacing that they have been confirmed to participate but that is not the case. Both Missy and Timbaland are very sensitive to the loss still being felt by the family so we wanted to clear up any misinformation being circulated." 

Last week, Blackground's Jomo Hankerson declared that Aaliyah's longtime collaborators were going to be involved in the release. DX will keep you updated as more information comes to light.

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  • Anonymous

    "Just like how Eminem fucked up Tupac's album" He fucked it up so bad it went platinum.

  • Anonymous

    "...timbaland even said in his interviews if there ever was a posthumous album for aaliyah all profits will go to a charity" Sure it would. Aaliyah's family has plenty of money, so none of the proceeds would even need to go to charity. It's a business. People make music to profit.

  • Anonymous

    "Common and Pusha ethered that Canadian R&B singer" If Common truly ethered him he wouldn't have turned around and told the world how much he liked Drake's music. Face it little man. Common tried actin like a thug, and it backfired. Old ass bad actor lol

  • Sco*

    Drake is Jewish, which means he's inherently a business man in his soul, he got the Aalyah tattoo and proclaimed how much he loved her music, but at the end of the day, he saw an opportunity to exploit a situation and he grasped it, like person of Jewish descent would.....the Jew "thing" is also why he will wind up being one of the few Cash Money/Young Money artists that will not be ass raped for royalties by the companies' founders.......wait&watch....

  • So Icy Boi!:

    My butthole is dripping with anticipation

  • Anonymous

    Motherfuckers needs to come out and say the truth that they 'hate' Drake and stop lying he makes bad music

  • Anonymous

    fck Drake bottle throwing ass!! (real niggaz don't throw bottles) but then again, he ain't a real nigga LOL!! ============================================= ^^, What is a real nigga? Shooting guns and killing ur people, right? Ur faggot ass wouldn't know shit if it hit u in the face. U better wake up and realize ur a bum

  • fan

    why nobody never mention R. KELLY anywhere? I think he made her career, not Timbo and Missy, Kellz produced all songs from her debut album and made her famous, Timbo and Missy just took over already famous singer a made her probably little more famous, but R. Kelly made the roots!

  • Anonymous

    Its not about money because Tim & Missy are still eating from the royalties of songs they wrote & produced for Aaliyah i'm not even gonna talk about their own records, Given the way Aaliyah died good luck to Drake if he goes through with this Because he's gonna need it, i'm not the most superstitious man but some things you just gotta leave as they are. Plus it's obvious the family is not 100% behind this, say what you want about Puff but he's never done anything with bigs legacy without having the support of his moms(she's the executive producer on all albums released by Big after he died) she even executive produced the movie

  • Anonymous

    it has nuthin 2 do with money...timbaland even said in his interviews if there ever was a posthumous album for aaliyah all profits will go to a charity

  • Anonymous

    i say: fuck drake. they shouldnt let that piece of shit touch the project.

  • Anonymous

    "He always burns bridges and in turn wonders why people dislike him" People only dislike him cause he's makin money, and what bridges has he burned? He's on everyone's album. That shows the hate is coming from a few has been's (Common) or never was bums (Pusha T). The rest of the industry knows the dude has talent.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Don't be mad because the truth hurts.

    • Anonymous

      Anon above me is a flat out hater and might be a faggot too. Nothing factual about what u said

    • Anonymous

      You're joking, right? The reason why people dislike him is because his music sucks. Money has nothing to do with it. Stop being a groupie. Common and Pusha ethered that Canadian R&B singer. And he doesn't have talent.

  • Anonymous

    Believe me. If the money's right, these two will hop on this shit super fast.

  • Marc

    I hate the fact that Missy and Timbaland didn't even get called to even feature in it. But the rest of y'all talking stupid saying Timbaland is pop must don't know he made some of the hardest hip hop beats out. And most of your favorite hip hop PRODUCERS today have made tracks for pop stars because that's what a PRODUCER does! They PRODUCE music! Pop, Hip Hop, R&B if they asked to do it and the price is right they will PRODUCE it. Your comments would be valid if Timbaland a straight rapper and not a PRODUCER. Drake on the other hand is just fag all around and should've never been given the rights for this. Being that she's dead (as much as I hate YMCMB) we all have to admit if she wasn't, she would've at least by now worked with Drake, Wayne, and Nicki on more than one occasion. But we all know that now you're going to see YMCMB all over this. Then next thing you know Weasel is going to be trying to do some outlandish shit like always and try to sign a dead Aaliyah to YMCMB...I can see it now. Look on HipHopDx and the first thing everyone see's "Lil Wayne wants to sign the late Aaliyah to YMCMB" SMH....

  • daviddanielz

    Its so disrespectful of Drake and the other knuckle heads who decided it was a good idea to even be apart of this. This is why other artist go at Drake. He always burns bridges and in turn wonders why people dislike him. A project like that should be left for Tim and Missy to do. Anyone else is just not a real Aaliyah album.

    • Anonymous

      What talent? He sucks as a rapper and can't sing for shit.

    • ^

      Not even. This is all just a way to leech some money off of Aaliyah's legacy. Just like how Eminem fucked up Tupac's album.

    • Anonymous

      Hey David, can u tell me why u think its disrespectful? Not that he woke up someday and decided to executive produce an Aaliyah album. He was given the right and her family co-signed it. I am sorry but u sound like a straight bum ass hater and Drake is actually talented.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares if they're involved??!! no real aaliyah fan cares about those replacement artists named timberland and missy elliot. we all know that only r kelly can truly be the one to do an honest album with baby girl.

  • Anonymous

    Tim should be overseeing this project and R kelly did a good job with the first album age ain't nothing but a number so I'm wondering if he'll be involved...

  • Anonymous

    HiiiPower , motherfuckers !!!

  • Anonymous

    HiiiPower, motherfuckers!!!

  • Anonymous

    fuck drake nevertheless. hes a piece of cunt jew motherfucker the problem isn't even being jewish. he's a fucking zionist! fuck the zionist movement & fuck drake. till i die

  • Anonymous

    And I understand all that heart felt bullshit you "aaliyah fans" are trying to feed me. BUT, why are you mad at Drake and not the nigga that asked drake to do it?? That's the part that baffles me. Obviously Drake can't say fuck everybody we're doing an aaliyah album whether her estate, family, or the world likes it or not. Somebody came to him and said, would you like to produce an aaliyah album and he said yes. Blame the nigga that hired him instead of consulting Missy and Timbo. I know if I got asked to work on a Big L record, I don't give A FUCK who wants to work with me. Big L is my favorite mutha fucking rapper and there's no way i'm turning that shit down, just cause the people he was close too are mad they didn't get picked first. That's some kid shit. lol

  • So Icy Boi!

    fuck Missy Elliott! what a gay name... I hate diz unknown dude is a hypocrite. smh. fuck Timberland too. dat Pop producer worked wit Justin Timberland and Natalie Furtado. he cant make R&B or hip hop beat... 40 is one of da best Hip hop producer of all time and Drake is just a hip hop legend. dey blessed her album. swag

    • Anonymous

      Devante Swing taught Timberland how to produce, Stevie J how to produce, Static Major how to produce and Missy how to sing!! So, all of them are just watered down versions on the Master Swing.

    • c

      He been making hip hop beats since the 90s! From Aaliyah to Jay-Z to Nas.. alicia keys... shit he's even produced for your fav rapper birdman.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timbaland_production_discography Jump off a bridge!

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    This is F*cked up. If Missy and Tim won't be on there is it really an Aaliyah album?

  • yournameisnathan

    The title of this article is inaccurate and misleading. You can't decline something that was never offered.

  • Eat a dick biatch

    Dis shit is funy as hell... its like saying a new album by Biggie executive produced by Wacka Flocka Flame dat bitchass nigga, hillarious shit...btw fuck drake n eminem n anyone makin music of dead pipo...stop dat shit...

  • Anonymous

    40 and drake are gonna a good job. timbo and missy have ego issues

  • YEBO



    Yo! That new Aaliyah song is boring as fuck man, straight up. that 40 music is like elevator department store music, you need timbo to wake that shit up. and here come Beige ass Drake thinkin he Quincy Jones. GTFOH!!!

  • Anonymous

    They gotta be on it... If not Drake deserves a punch in his face, thats it

  • Anonymous

    aside from R. Kelly, ppl associate Aaliyah wit Timbaland & Missy! Drake wasn't even thought abt when she was alive. So how da hell Drake & his producer gonna do an Aaliyah album? thats bullshit! if anybody was gonna do an anutha album for Aaliyah then it should've been Tim & Missy! plus the fact that they didn't even ask or mention Tim & Missy. they had the company spokesperson 2 announce it. thats sum sucker under the table type bullshit! thats like trying 2 do anutha Biggie album & not involving Puff! fck Drake bottle throwing ass!! (real niggaz don't throw bottles) but then again, he ain't a real nigga LOL!!!

  • RC

    Aaliyah must be spinning in her grave, all posthmous albums are nothing but bullshit thrown together by a record label to make a quick buck off a dead artist name. If the artist didn't release it themselves its probably because I didn't like it and felt it wasn't a quality product, releasing this material might as well be spitting in the face of her legacy.

  • Anonymous

    Oh well. Fuck them both.

  • Anonymous

    How long has it been since Aaliyah died? These two didnt do shit to her music since then and wanna act like theyre her parents when somebody new jumps on the idea?

    • Anonymous

      WTF do you expect them to do with her music after she passed? She died jackass! Leave her alone to RIP. Nothing worse than people releasing music that lacks substance and quality. All that Tupac music that was released after he passed was BS, same with Biggie

    • yey

      you really dont know shit do you? haha. didnt do anything for her career, since then...? thats ASININE!!! aka dumb as fuck. Thats like Dre didnt do shit for Snoop or puff for biggie.. u must be born in the 2000's

  • Anonymous

    Check out the newest style of music out of Trinidad and Tobago http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_AkQhtbB08 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stsnRmFqjOQ

  • NONO

    If he was a true "fan" and not just a "groupie" he would have told the label to kiss his a** unless it was approved by her family and closest peers who helped build the artist he loved so much.

  • Anonymous

    Man Drake is a fucking ass hole for this. I am a big Aaliyah fan and at this point I am just over this due to the way Drake and Noah approached it. They didn't even let people know they were going to do this, they just did it without even confronting the fans. It makes me sick. Drake is nothing but an industry snake.


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  • Anonymous

    You're making things up to make your point. Not nearly as many people gave a fuck about Eminem producing the Tupac album. Especially since it was one of the most successful posthumous albums his estate created. Not to mention, they made 2 more albums after that. So to say "I remember there was a lot of talk about that 2pac album that the majority of people didn't like and therefore stopped any new Pac music." is false and misleading. You say Timbo and Missy should be the ones calling others to do the album but the fact is, her estate didn't do that. They obviously didn't want Missy and Timbo to have Co-Production titles. So why get mad at Drake? Because he accepted an offer to work on his FAVORITE artists album? He said, he wants to work with EVERYBODY who was important to her career, what more can you ask for? Is he supposed to say no because Missy and Timbo are mad at the estate and don't want to work on the album? That's dumb. Either way you guys are blaming Drake for Jomo Hankerson's fuck up. Blowing it out of proportion simply because you don't like Drake, or you don't like that he's the hot successful guy right now. It's pathetic. And yes, I would rage if Rick Ross was producing the new Tupac album. Whether snoop and The Outlawz were on it or not. Difference is Ross was a Corrections Officer currently portraying a drug king pin. Drake is a guy from a suburb in Toronto, Canada who has a thing for R&B music.

    • Anonymous

      so you telling me you would rather purchase a drake and 40 produced Aaliyah album than a Missy and timbo produced Aaliyah album? Mind you: Drake shared no chemistry with Aaliyah besides being a fan. fans are mad at the fact thta it was drake and not timbo and missy becuase the nature of Aaliyahs music complimented those two due to the chemistry they shared

    • Art

      Not sure what Eminem being white has to do with that argument but whatever floats your boat buddy

    • NONO

      Naw you should feel the same if Rick Ross did the same....and nobody knows how Tupac would have felt about a white rapper producing his album...Truth is...labels only care about that dollar, and they would rather Drake do it because of his recent fame.



  • brollya

    its to much crying and bitchin in this game right now..... so wat they aint on it... if drake and 40 wanna do it den let em... blackground got they back so watever... timberland wasnt even cool wit aaliyah before she died jus cuz he was salty she was fuckin wit dame dash and he liked her and missy aint makin hits lik dat no more so its watever.... do ya thang drake... make dat good soundin music u and 40 kno how to do... seem lik everybody crying jus to get a headline article. u aint see easy mo bee crying wen he couldn be on the born again cd... u aint see daz cryin wen he couldn do better dayz and all tupac other albums... u aint hearing r kelly cryin cuz he cant be on the aaliyah album either..... r.i.p.

    • NONO

      Lack of respect is the problem right now. They should be doing the album. Drake is just obsessed with her. Don't make excuses for him.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck all of you mother fuckers man! Y'all are missing the WHOLE fucking picture! Let musicians who die REST! You don't see them making new material and they have a whole bunch of music of hers! These folks nowadays have no respect for the game. It aint all about the money man...

  • dentaldamboy

    Another song ruined by Pusha T. Why the fuck do people keep putting him on their tracks. Here is a list of songs Pusha T has ruined: Grindin' Grinding Remix What Happened to that Boy When's the Last Time Mr. Me Too Runaway Christian Dior Denim Flow I Don't Like Remix New God Flow Exodus Mercy So Appalled Everybody Knows



  • Anonymous

    I wonder if everybody would be bitching and complaining if it would have been kanye west producing the album. Would missy and tim still not wanna do it. Ya'll niggas blowing this shit way bigger than it should be. Nobody said nothing when Eminem produced Tupac's album. Oh but it's okay because we like Eminem. Even though Eminem was still working at Burger King when tupac died. It feel like a lot of unnecessary hate going on right now.



    • Anonymous

      I remember there was a lot of talk about that 2pac album that the majority of people didn't like and therefore stopped any new Pac music. Do you see a trend here? I do. I agree with what someone down there said, Timbo and Missy should be the ones calling Drake, Kanye, whoever else and not the other way around. Now BE HONEST, would you agree to a new 2Pac album executive produced by Rozay that doesn't include Snoop, Dre, The Outlawz but has Wale, Meek, Gunplay and Torch?

  • thought dog

    In other words...We want more money.

  • The H

    don't worry, when Timbaland announces his next shitty album, I'm sure he'll contact Drake. He's acting like he never worked with Drake or like he hasn't tried to cash in on his popularity, when "Say Something" was the most popular song from whatever album he released 3 or 4 years ago.

  • Anonymous

    what is the world coming to? drake wasnt even in the game when aaliyah was alive. WE BETTER GET WAKA FLOCLA TO EXECUTIVE PRODUCE TUPAC'S NEW ALBUM.....sad

  • Hip Hop Fan

    If Timbo and Missy are not working on the album I will not be checking for it at all. Too bad because they are the ones who basically made her and if they don't want to be apart of it then it says something about the managers and family input...

  • Airwave Dave

    It should of been Missy and Timbaland reaching out to Drake.

  • Mike

    HMMMMMM...on the other hand..were all human with lots of emotions I don't blame them.

  • brian

    meezy u is a asshole drake and 40 make great music together the past have to respect the present

  • Anonymous

    A fan of Drake and 40, also an Aaliyah fan. Im more upset with Jomo Hankerson. He was the one that said word for word Missy and Timbaland were gonna be involved. All Drake said was that they were hoping to get everyone that was essential to her career involved. So to Jomo, fuck you for lying. pretty sure drake is gonna get the majority of the hate though since its just easier for people to hate him lol

  • meezy

    YMCMB groupies will love the album, but without Missy and Timbo its going to be hard to get true Aaliyah fans on board.

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