Trae Tha Truth "Tha Blackprint" Mixtape Download & Stream

UPDATE #2: Trae Tha Truth enlists T.I., R. Kelly, Meek Mill, Kendrick Lamar and more for his new project.

Trae Tha Truth has revealed the cover art for his upcoming mixtape Tha Blackprint, hosted by DJ Scream and releasing August 30th via

Though details are scarce regarding the tape, Trae will most likely work with T.I., with whom he recently signed a joint venture between his ABN imprint and Grand Hustle. “It would put it on a wider scale for those people who haven’t been exposed to me but I mean, with me, nothing is different over there,” he told HipHopDX. “If anything, I’m just gonna work 50 times harder. I’m out here to let it be known that I’ma be here. But I think over there, I’ma just tighten up or maybe sharpen my work ethic a little more than it is. But for the most part it’s still the same. The only difference is Tip trying to make sure that my movement gets taken [farther], but he doesn’t want to change the movement or reroute it.”

Trae is also currently at work on his upcoming seventh solo album, and most recently released his single "I'm From Texas" featuring Paul Wall, Bun B, Slim Thug, Z-Ro and Kirko Bangz.

Check the cover art below.


[August 12]

UPDATE: The tracklist has been revealed for Trae Tha Truth's new mixtape Tha Blackprint.


[August 27]

UPDATE #2: Trae Tha Truth has unleashed his new project Tha Blackprint over at Head over to the site to download the mixtape and stream the offering below.

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  • Anonymous

    Mike Jones needs to come out from obscurity and release an album.

  • Anonymous

    Only thing I don't like is do Khaled on I got this, fuck I wanna slap the shit outta his annoying ass

  • the Grza

    This nigga Trae never does songs by himself. Sheesh. He's like the underground Rick Ross. 3 solo songs out of 17 tracks?! There's over 30 features on this...smh

    • Anonymous

      youre just over analyzing things and trying to find something to hate on Trae been doin his own thing do your homework before you start talking out the ass.. traes a real nigga u just bein a bitch if you dont like it dont look at it, simple. as. that.

    • The Grza

      I never said he was new. I've been checking some of his music over the past five years and he's never on his own. The collab thing may be new to him, but it doesn't work for me as fan. Just looking at the track list for this, I find it impossible for it to be cohesive at all when you have over 30 features on 17-18 songs. It just looks like a clusterf#ck.

    • Allah_Knight

      Bro Trae is not new lol ......mayne im from Texas this collab thing outside of other Texas artist is new because he been around since 2000 late 90's and he just know starting to collab with folks bro so thats 12 years later so do your research before you talk down nigga

    • YonkersBornAndRaised

      Hell to the fuck no is he like Rick Ross

  • Anonymous

    R. Kelly? Awesome

  • Anonymous

    Trae the Truth is dope, so excited for this shit.

  • RRD

    sounds like an album to me

  • Anonymous

    Not even gonna listen now ive seen dj scream is hosting it cause he is terrible his voice is fake and is always changing and why he got that fat arab on here whats he gonna be screaming about this time trae is trying to hard to fit in and go mainstream

    • 4whrillydoe

      actually there's minimal to none tags + no annoying dj screaming all over the tracks! been pleasantly surprised too tho

  • uDOknoDAT

    man FUCK DJ SCREAM and all these wack ass "mixtape dj's" mayne! y even bother the listener w/ mixtape dj's anymore? they ruin the music w/ their annoying tags and screamin all over the records... fuck em!!


    Swagger jacking Blaq Poet

  • Anonymous

    The only person that should have a release called "The Blackprint" is Black Thought!

  • Anonymous

    Trae used to be so dope in his underground days then he really changed and now he will work with anybody and everybody if it helps him His last good project was loosing composure

    • steve

      agree. I think losing composure was trae's "look at what you did to me" but i also really like Same Thing Different Day and Restless. After that Trae has been no good really.

    • What?

      His worst mixtape song is much better song in overall, than the best Lil' Wayne song.

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