Drake Breaks Jay-Z's Record For Most Number One Hits On R&B/Hip Hop Chart

Drake lodges his tenth single on the top of the R&B/Hip Hop chart.

Drake has set the record for most number one hits on the R&B/Hip Hop chart, unseating Jay-Z from the throne.

According to ATLR, the Young Money rapper now has had seven collaborations and three lead singles to top the chart, with 2 Chainz’s “No Lie” become the latest on his growing list. Jay-Z has only nine number ones, including four lead singles and five collaborations.

Lil Wayne comes behind Jay-Z with eight singles, both lead and collaborative, to top the chart. Kanye West sits in fourth with six hits – three lead and three collabos – to hit number one.

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  • killah_casp

    fuck this shit man im back he may off done it but he did it in a bitch way, shajing his ass in front of cameras making gay music that aint evan street this is ruining the whole culture i cant relate to this shit. hip hop came from the streets thats were it should stay hip hop dont go hollywood and start trying to destroy (and pretty much suceed) the genre hes portraying this cant aint touching jay he made pop hop not hip hop man so take this shit down. fuck clown ass drake.

  • yeaaahh

    It amazes me how every time there's a Drake post it's always 100+ comments of hate.. I understand if you don't like his music but why take the time to post studid comments?? You guys make yourselves look like idiots.. and to say Drake is garbage is STUPID! He's dope whether you want to admit it or not..

    • Bush

      Lol we'll just don't listen him if you hate him so bad. You acting like people are forcing you to listen to drake. Mann get the fuck on lol but let me guess. Your white & eminem is your favorite rapper? Typical shit.

    • killah_casp

      cos it gives us a voice i hope drake reads his hate and knows hes fucking wid the wrong crowd. i take my hip hop very serious.....know that.

  • DMX

    People actually think Drake has talent?!?! GTFOH



    • killah_casp

      if you clowns actually hook up for a track ill diss you my self fuk the fake young money nation, a slap to all three of ya.

  • Kself

    Congrats to Drake. Jay has acknowledged in his book and his interviews that he's usually not the "hottest" rapper. In his career, the "hottest" rappers have been Nas, DMX, Nelly, Eminem, 50 Cent, Wayne, and now Drake. But obviously Jay has had more longevity and an apparently more sound business model. Shit, congrats to both for finding their way and succeeding. Drake will be lucky if he can take it as far as Jay has. For some reason, we don't seem to produce enough long-term successes in hip hop (as compared to rock or R&B).

  • Anonymous

    I usually see Jay hate on EVERY occasion, but since he has been beaten by Drake, yall are quick to jump on his dick and defend him. SMH. Hip Hop fans are the absolute worst and most ridiculous by far.

    • killah_casp

      true shit but jays music is still HIP HOP drakes music has always been bitch hop so were talking about drake being classed as above hip hop and that is something that cant be tolerated.

    • TX

      Hey you homos can let go of each others dicks already. People have their opinions dip shits. You sound like you both have sticks up your asses. You also sound stupid when you say shit like "c-section" C'mon son.

    • Anonymous

      totally agree with this. hip hip fans can be the most contradictory fuckwits in the world. I broke my own rule here by even scrolling down to the c-section. hiphop fans are the worst "fans" in the damn world.

  • Anonymous

    Never understood the hate for Drake, compared to most pop superstars, he actually has talent.

    • HP

      to the guy below me it's actually wayne copying drake. Wayne switched his flow up after he me t drake and it's a known fact that drake writes most of his new shit

    • killah_casp

      no drake jus imatate weezy style and sounds completly different of cam plus the guy is the worst thing to happen to rap music since hammer.he is someone who trys to weasel respect by seeing what crowds think wat, then trys to chuck his ass out there like he agrees with them as proved with the hilarious "i dont plan to rap past 30" bitch move. thats how he got to the position hes in to day from being a weasel just like he weaseled a way onto a unreleased aaliyah track. drake is poison to hip hop we already seen how much has changed since his bitch ass has come along in the future we will be listening to tupac and ppl will be laughing and calling us old because all the new "hip hop" will be like this gay pop bang shit that drfake is doin.

  • Jamie K

    Wow.... quietly as kept... Christiano Can wrote or contributed to 8 of the hits listed for J, Drake and Ye. (shhhhhh) www.christianocan.com | he's FINALLY coming out!!!

  • HipHop

    It's pretty entertaining to see the level of hate towards Drake, from accomplishing something of this magnitude. So what if you don't like his music? why the fuck did you take time to click on the article then comment. That's what confuses me aobut people, they really don't even know why they're hating on something. Most, if not 80% of the people who desprise YMCMB, only hate them because of their popularity. Yeah I agree, their contenet isn't full of variety, but regardless, you can't deny talent. Drake isn't even close to "the best rapper alive" or anything, but the dude has an amazing work ethic, and it clearly pays off for him. People need to start worrying aobut themseleves, rather than living in negativity. I'm not even saying i'm a big fan of YMCMB, i just happen to respect their hustle.

    • Anonymous

      Wait for the haters to call you a dickrider. LMAO. I don't even get, I'd never click on articles about rappers that I don't like, I rather comment on people's whose music I listen to.

  • Danny

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  • Mjs

    Young Money is the McDonalds of Hip-Hop. Naturally McDonalds sells more than Whole Foods. They make what people will buy. It's not hard. So of course they'll sell the most. That's their only goal. When Drake stops singing to teenage girls and REALLY says some shit you can feel, I'll be impressed. But for now he and his label take the easy way out and churn out garbage songs about the same old bullshit.

    • Anonymous

      One of the worst analogies ever. You got it all wrong, it's hard as fuck to convince people to actually buy your shit, yeah, there are exceptions to the rule like always, but people with skills do sell (Nas, Eminem, Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco, Common, Kanye West, Ice Cube, 2Pac, Biggie among others).

    • Anonymous

      Your anology works horribly....McDonald's also taste better Good hiphop aint Whole foods. Its not for yuppies.

  • AliciaKeysaHOMEWRECKER

    YMCMB always achieveing shit like this, *Khaled voice* 'We the best forever' We run the game! YMCMB MMG SOLDIERS

  • Drake is killing it - get over it

    U guys commenting are idiots....i hate pop music and grew up listening to the likes of black moon / bad brains / mos def .... So My taste is not pop...but i gotta admit Drake just makes good quality music period. Yeah He has made a few terrible joints like "make me proud" but the truth is : He ain't in that Ja Rule / Nelly lane. That music is surface was an insult to hip-hop and there is no heavy thought put into it. The lyrics were not deep or thoughtful - the opposite of Drake's music. Listen to joints like " pop that " or " stay schemin" or "hyfr" or "marvins room" or "the ride" or whatever....drake has his poppy tracks but he also gets lyrical on many joints and his flow kills. Drake just has all the different lanes covered to satisfy a wide range of fans ala biggie, jay-z, kanye etc. Dude just changed the game and raised the bar. When u listen to a lot of other traditional rappers these days they just sound boring because Drake's flow is more unpredictable. You cornballz with your dated NaS obsession, need to get over it.....Drake is just killing it because he's more talented. Ur hatred has nothing to do with the music - its his image that u hate ....

  • So Icy Boi!

    Drake is the worst rapper ever.

  • Lawless

    It's an impressive accomplishment for someone so young in the game and with only 2 studio albums to their catalogue. It does however show just how 'pop' Drake is. It'd be almost inconceivable for hip-hop records to be doing this well over the last few years, but one artist is particular has. Being more 'pop' doesn't take anything away from Drake though, he picked his lane and has a sound that no one else has right now. Hate or love his music, it's clear that enough people love it. But Drake won't be looked at as a great in hip-hop or r&b because he excels at neither. Drake is by no means the best rapper in his generation, or the most talented r&b singer. His success is largely to do with how he's fused the two styles together, his clean upbringing and the enterouge he had alongside him - YMCMB were at the top, and no one else was close at the time, and with how often they make singles and colab within the team, it's no surprise if Tyga / Nicki are on that list not too far behind Kanye. 'The Throne' still belongs to Roc Nation though, however popular YMCMB / MMG are at the moment isn't the macro view that the throne looks at. Jay and Ye have enjoyed over a decades worth of success (Ye just 8 though) and countless critical awards and accolades, despite how hip-hop is viewed/regarded, Ye and Jay are the ambassadors of quality hip-hop when it's put alongside other genre's icon's. Kanye west at just 35 years of age has 18 Grammy's to his name in his 8 year stellar career. He's likely to get more because he also produces and that's arguably his greatest talent.

    • Hp

      @Ahh: you are right but How middle class was Rakim? we're all middle class i doubt any one of us is penhandling.. Drake was upper middle class though

    • Anonymous

      Yall can't argue with haters, they make dumb ass comments, so why do yall respond with logic? Problem is, most of them were on his dick when Drake was the next underground sensation, but since he was destined to greater things instead of supplying a small group of people with content, who don't even support you, they started to hate. Just like all the heat Slaughterhouse is catching now. It's just the way things are. People want rappers for themselves, so they can act like they know real, unaltered Hip Hop, but once the masses discover these rappers, people say these rappers suck and sold out.

    • Ahh..

      @ lawless. Good points and i agree with many of them but Drakes "clean" upbringing or so-called wealthy upbringing has been discredited in numerous articles. Drake grew up middle-class - on one floor of a duplex. The idea he grew up wealthy is just a bs myths or the record. And btw, plenty of rappers like Rakim, de la soul grew up middle-class. ..I'm just pointing out another thing the haters like to lament about is just bs

  • Willmatic

    Its only one 'record'. Its not like Drake has surpassed Jay-Z. Wait till Drake drops 11 No.1 albums, sells over 50m, makes 3 classic albums, headlines worldwide festivals, starts his own record label and is worth 475m. Then we'll talk.

  • makaveli316

    I still don't get how this clown could be even considered a rapper and how could you even listen to him? You know what hip hop used to be and then it came the bling bling/soulja boy/skinny jeans/swag shitty era? Well, i think now we are witnesses of another era in hip hop, which is even more idiotic and ridiculous than ever.

  • Anonymous

    Drake is a mainstream pop star he is no where near hip hop

  • So Icy Boi!

    lmao! Drake is da 2nd best rapper alive and men lie women lie, numbers dont.... how you feel Jay-Z? you fake ass nigga! YMCMB is better den ya old ass camel! Im proud of Drake... real hip hop won, YMCMB won. its a great day in my book. swag

  • yardie

    download return of the body snachers G Unit...!!

  • Anonymous

    You kinda gotta consider the audience Drake has when you read this, because Drake kinda has a pop style to his music that people will listen to. Jay and other rappers are more RAP so they'll get rap listeners almost exclusively. Drake's definitely hot though, I'll give him that.



  • Anonymous

    alllll the haters that hate on young money... guess what... number dont lie. stats dont lie. sales dont lie. haters lie. keep hatin while drake just passed one of the grestest for top hits on the list. haha keep hatin.

  • Donald Passman

    Drake is an amazing star and has the potential to be even bigger. However, he won't continue doing albums, once the major movie roles come.

  • 1love

    this milestone holds no prestige because lil wayne and drake top the list.

  • Ninjas in Paris

    Not a fan, but don't hate him. If I do, it's probably because he with YM (hope they be paying him his royalties right - remember Manny Fresh & Juvie?). He makes catchy music so that gets the female fan base, Way too early to compare him to Jay, he's no where close to Hov - skill wise & record sales. can't deny the former, however, we can consider a significant factor for the latter - the Internet. Jay blew up before that, and was able to go multi-platinum, and rightfully so. Drake's first 2 albums did pretty respectable numbers, I think both went gold or something like that. Not bad considering how the music game has changed dramatically. Just some random ADD thoughts

  • cao

    This wigger drake has like 1 million bullshit songs out, him and weezy are music whores...hey drake...you owe ja rule royalties for biting his style harder than 50 cent..

  • Neazy

    Doesn't Jay have 11 number one albums? I'd rather have 11 number one albums than 10 number one singles. Still gotta give credit where it's due. The game is changed now; albums don't sell, it's all about singles, and Drake's giving people what they want. But let's not act like he's done more than Jay.

    • Anonymous

      I've seen nobody say that. But why can't you people not congratulate one for his success without bringing down the other?

  • Noname

    If there is no Jay, there is no Kanye. Do you really think there is a Drake without Jay or Kanye? When Drake is sought out by each and every label to do a song like Jay was... Then talk. When his name is in the Top Ten lyricists... Better yet the Top 5, let's talk. Once and for all, the white and world wide base for rap, hip hop, RnB today is because of the 90's and 2000's rappers. These current guys are not re-inventing the wheel.....

    • Anonymous

      "Once and for all, the white and world wide base for rap, hip hop, RnB today is because of the 90's and 2000's rappers. These current guys are not re-inventing the wheel....." co-sign to the fuckin' fullest.

  • youngsta

    haters gonna hate. drake made more hits in 3 years than old ass jay did in 16 years. keep doing it drake! make these haters mad.

    • youngsta

      yo man. i agree drake is a boss, but you gotta do some research bra. one in a million sold 2 million in the us alone and even more worldwide. rip baby girl. new album's gonna be great.

    • YESSIR

      DRAKE IS THE BAWS. HE'S MAKING A POSTHUMOUS AALIYAH ALBUM AND DISSES HER ON THE FIRST SINGLE. "Selling under 150, you ni---s gotta be kidding, is this even a discussion?" ONE IN A MILLION ONLY SOLD LIKE 50,000 COPIES.

  • 30,40,50,60,70svs80s90,2000,2010,2020

    80s doing it

  • King of Kingz

    P.S....RnB isn't RnB anymore. Hiphop has become Hip Pop.....that list doesn't apply to Jay anymore....he is his own list.

  • illone

    What the sam hill kinda stat is that?!?! most hiphop-slash-Rap&BullShit singles? Who da flduak cares!

  • King of Kingz

    Hahahahahahahahaha......OMG....look at some of you....you juvenile suns of guns.......hahahahahhahaha....Jay vs Drake....?hahahahahahah r u serious....? Are some of u really sitting here even discussing this? Daaaaaaamn.....u niggaz r fucking soooooooft....ooooh shiiiit. Well here it goes: u fucking idiots ever heard of Rocafella? Anybody?....ye it's the label Jay started ummmm...some years ago....ye....he lunched it coz he couldn't get a deal, so released every album on it. That was about 16 years ago, he got bored of that label about 3 years go..but ye...it still making money from every record released on it. Ye every album since big man dropped Reasonable Doubt. How many of u fucking losers copped that album? Ok maybe u ignorant idiots were too young, maybe not even born. So how about In My Life Time Vol 1? No? Vol 2..Hardknock Life.???c'mon some of you...? How about Vol 3..Life and Times of S.Carter? Still non of u?...Dynasty: Roc La Familia....?only went number 1... Just like the previous 3. It's ok don't worry...there's more to come....Blueprint? Blueprint 2: The Gift n The Curse?....Black Album?C'mon....u ain't HipHop and shouldn't be on this site if you don't know THA BLACK ALBUM. Shame on you retards....ok...I'll give u the 1 more chance.....Kingdom Come?...also number 1.American Gangster?? Only number 1?..Blueprint 3? C'mon...even the youngest muthafucksz here know this!!!!!...ALSO number one!!!! Anybody heard of Def Jam?? Ye.....Russell Simmons started this label, and opened the door for every hiphop artist since LL Cool J. Jigga sat on the Presidents chair...(don't care for how long or what he did...he sat there!) Do you want the collaboration albums list? Ye...mad singles on all of em that went number one! Y'all heard of 40/40 club? I dunno if it's good or not...never been...but there's more than 1 in different cities. Ooooh n for you ball players....anybody heard of the Nets. Ye Hov owns that too! Do you know how many features this dude has done.....? Are we really talking numbers here? Are we talking record sales? Are we talking MONEY?!?!you don't want to have this conversation...u really don't. I apologise for the long winded piece up there...it only covers part of this legends body of work. But clearly it's necessary. I'm kinda getting used to HipHopdx n all the bloggers here...that come here with their uneducated bullshit. Facts or facts. Opinions are opinions, not fact. somebody down there said....Jay needs to step up.....?WOW. Anybody heard of RoC Nation? Ye that's Jays new label, only did a deal for about $150mill. Anybody heard of Kanye West? Do you know how many Kanye has signed to his label? Btw....product of Rocafella, the label Jay ran! Noooooow for u Soulja boys...I kno ull like this....anybody heard of Rihanna? Don't care if Drake is or isn't tappin THAT.....Jay discovered her! Oooh ye... Since we talking about women, "he got th hottest girl in the game....wearing his chain...his names HOV" This ain't no competition....Drake can have this measily, insignificant achievement. Why is it insignificant? Coz numbers don't matter in the industry anymore......matter fact ever since the news of Drake co-executive producing Aaliyahs so called posthumous album, nothing in the industry means anything........outta the 10 singles...how many of them are tru quality. We don't know if he is rapping or singing anymore, but that's o right....coz " it's art". Sure to some it is...and that's ok, I ain't saying Drake shouldnt have fans, but this should not even be a discussion...... -------> to my real hiphop fans.....we all good maaaayne!!!!lthe amatures always sparr first before the heavyweights come out. Let the puppies run loose before THA big dogs come out to eat!

    • King of Kingz

      LOL...nigga u soooft! C-section?Faggot? Is that the best you got?ur really on ur way! Have u ever written a letter u illiterate muppet?how do you kno it's a "love letter"?? Kinda means that yo bitchass probably read it...so u gave it the time outta ur day, which makes u the biggest faggot for making ur comment...LOL, contradicting ur own shit, u dumb fuck. Go cry a river on another site or go back to school!

    • Anonymous

      It's always the same with you fools. Once your favorite rapper starts to lose a spot he used to own, yall gonna say: "It don't matter no more anyway". You might think it don't matter, but Jay's ego is waaay too big to let things like that happen. I'm sure he's preparing something along the lines of "American Gangster" after he's seeing Nas and Drake succeeding like that.

    • Anonymous

      LOL. DAMN, B! Jay doesn't give a fuck, defend other rappers like that, they might care. But Jay? Fuck outta here.

    • Anonymous

      Aint nobody feeling ur bullshit "I love my boyfriend Jay Z' letter u wrote there. Gtfoh and stop writing novels on a c-section u faggot

    • King of Kingz

      Lol, I just re-read all of that...and damn it IS pretty long! Apologies ppl, it was 4 in the AM, I'm half way across the world. For those of you who DID read it, props to you! But hey....y'all feel what I'm saying right...or I hope u do! This shit is real maaaayne!

    • Anonymous

      learn how to spell first cuz

    • Anonymous

      All what you said before was summarized in the last paragraph. Try refering the word precision in the dictionary.

    • Anonymous

      King of Kingz just went full retard. If you're trying to make an argument at least make it readable.

    • Anonymous

      damn nigga its that serious huh

    • BlazeDatIshUp

      Well damn muthafucka.....you really expect folks to read that shit..lol... Couldn't you just be clear, consise and to the point within two maybe three short paragraphs...shiiiiit...smfh

  • NV80

    To mention Drake and Jay Z in the same conversation is just shameful. Drake is a freaken joke...... This is what music has come down to this guy LOL I guess music is dying not just hiphop and R&B

  • tonystark5151

    Wait a minute, Drake has 10 songs? Really? Who cares if he has top singles, it's irrelevant in today hip-hop because it's all garbage. He has 10 top garbage singles.

  • nice

    Congrats to Drizz Drake! Also, When Jay was 25 he was pushing weight (supposedly) not pumping out numbers 1's. What Drake has done at his age, this early in his career is dope...so those saying "jay has more this and that" Just remember...Drake is 25.

  • Welll

    Quality over Quantity- Jay-Z wins all day, everyday. Drake doesn't have classic music at all

  • I fucking Hate Drake

    Gay Buttcheeks are flapping & puckering eveywhere. Drake is a Queerbait doodie sniffing homoexual ass fag.

  • Kaz

    No disrespect to Drake because it was a good achievement. But he only beat Jay-Z due to collaborations. Jay-Z got more number 1 singles and albums.

  • two chainx fu

    Jay-z gotta step his game up

  • Nuff said...

    Soooo according to jay z's lil "men lie women lie numbers dont" line i guess that means drake is a better rapper?? Hell naw, thas why i always hated that line. Now days yo sales really dont mean shit bcuz the audience this cat targeting aren't real fans of rap music. Drakes numbers are a result of extensive marketing, that is all.

    • Anonymous

      And we all know that so-called real rap fans don't support.

    • Anonymous

      "Drakes numbers are a result of extensive marketing, that is all." You can literally replace drakes name with anyone who has a number one album or single and it would still make sense. Even though im not a fan of drake he isnt that bad of a musician, just seems like the biggest prick in real life and way too arrogant . Its kind of hard to defend him as-well when his music label has the most plastic fans

  • Anonymous


  • Hova

    Really what has the world come to??

  • Shalamar

    Youtube Degrassi and tell me how you go from that to saying N*gga every other line oh yeah and bodyin people up. This dude is a bitch straight up and would get smacked in any real hood

  • Anonymous


  • mitcholos

    That's What You Call Target Audience BS... Jay Has Been His Own Artist This Whole Time

  • Anonymous

    10 years ago Jay-z was considered wack major label BS. Now he is a hip hop legend?

  • flexx

    So many haters..you dont have to like his music but at least acknowledge the kid is doing something right. Yall a bunch of fucking retards.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn't matter. Dr. Dre is still the greatest rapper of all time. I can still sleep at night.

  • Anonymous

    "10 years later>>> remember drake" Drake doesn't need to log 10 years into the game. If he can last 5 he's going to guarantee himself a cultural reference on Jeopardy.

  • Anonymous

    why are people mad ? Its not that serious. hov will probably send a text congratulating him while you losers continue to bitch lol.



  • ac orchestration 6h

    remember nelly? he was hot. where's he now. 10 years later>>> remember drake?

  • Marx

    Just to clarify I was speaking on Drake receiving the highest honors out of the class he graduated from along w/rappers such as Kudi, Wale ect. No disrespect to those I mentioned. Just stating my honest opinion. They have to be doing it something proper in order to be mentioned.

  • Marx

    People don't give him respect b/c he exposes himself emotionally but that brings in a nice female fan base & keeps him sincere. Regardless of what you say the man is consistent. There was Jay (rhyming), then there was Kanye (rhyming & producing). Now there is Drake (rhyming & singing). Of course I left out a lot of big names that have done it up. I'm just speaking in regards to who's been consistent while remaining on the popular charts. They all have & Drake is the one that received the highest honors out of the class he graduated from.

  • Texas PhatKnots

    LOL!!! Hit singles are nothing compared to Jay-Z's body of work. 11 #1. ALBUMS and still going. Hova still holds the Crown and just plus Jay don't have to sing on his records to do it. FACTS AND MORE FACTS, BITCHES!!!!

  • Slug

    Where is Icy Boi's comments!!! I was really looking forward to them this time.

  • j

    What the fuck is a Drake?

    • Anonymous

      does it make you feel better to pretend as though you dont know him even though he just set a new record? lol whatever helps you sleep better my nigga. smh

  • tre

    Good 4 him-----) opinionguy2011 com

  • blah

    Who cares about number 1 hits-- Jay's got 11 number 1 albums. Drake will never touch that.

  • da1

    I'm pretty sure most of Jay-z's number 1 songs were his own. Also it will be cool to see if Drake can drop more then 10 number 1 albums on the billboard. He has 2 so far but I don't think he will have a track record like that of jay-z's.

  • Anonymous

    Lol I'm pretty sure just about all Jay #1's was his actual song and most of drakes were featured songs... Jay never did a lot of made for radio features soooo... yeah it really don't mean nothing major

  • Anonymous

    okay 75% of all real rap and people who know hiphop fans dont listen to to the shit thats on the radio and if they did real niggas just cop it illegally on the internet so this acomplishment is actually bothin really

  • Anonymous

    "Plus, chart success means nothing when it comes to discussing talent" Hush child. Adults are speaking.

  • dentaldamboy

    As an accountant for Cash Money Records, I see when large sums of money get moved. Stunna knew that this joyous event was imminant and got Drake a really expensive gift. You guys will be reading about it on here soon, trust me. Shoutout to Drake. This is proof that the real is on the rise. Drake keeps it 100 all the time, and he's rewarded handsomely for it. He's going to do wonders with the Aaliyah album.

    • anon

      if this shit is true, ya'll niggas is gay as fuck. You mean to tell me you go to work everyday for these motherfuckers, working 9-5 probably, bein a company bitch, then you come home to comment on this shit dickriding that same company you just was working for? ya'll just dickriding 24/7 then. bunch of homo bullshit.

    • dentaldamboy

      He didn't buy any Carter IV albums. How would you like me to prove it?

    • Anonymous

      haha so you should be able to tell us how Birdman bought all those Carter 4 albums. Bwahahaha.

    • Anonymous

      Prove it, it takes only a few clicks on the keyboard to say that shit. PROVE IT.

    • dentaldamboy

      @anon I don't care if you think I'm lying. I worked very hard to get this job and I'm very proud of myaccomplishments. Nothing you say can take that away from me. You should be proud of me for holding down a skilled corporate job.

    • Anonymous

      Accountant at cash money Records? Nigga stop hullicinating

    • YESSIR

      Give us a scoop - what's his dick taste like? 16 LETTERS YMCMB OVOXO MMG WTB

    • dentaldamboy

      For the record, Birdman pays everyone here at corporate very well. We get NYC/LA wages here in NOLA. Goes a long way down here.

    • YESSIR


    • dentaldamboy

      I'm not in PR, but YESSIR is in the marketing department.

    • Anonymous

      You should have mentioned that you are in PR too. Oh wait,stunna never pays.

  • 777

    This only proves that people have no taste in music. Plus, chart success means nothing when it comes to discussing talent.

    • Anonymous

      Haha. People saying sales don't matter ONLY say it because their favorite artist moved 10 copies in his entire career. How'd you look saying sales matter when it don't support your opinion. Yall trying to take down FACTS with OPINIONS. It's completely worthless.

    • Anonymous

      Whats the point in having talents if you cant succeed? Plus quit this bullshit about music taste, taste in music is a personal choice based on how you feel a song. Its just like saying since you dont like apples, anyone who eats apples has poor taste.

    • Anonymous

      Blah blah blah..Why U mad?

    • Anonymous

      This only proves that people, who claim to have taste, don't support Hip Hop.

  • Anonymous

    Thats is just 2 albums and a a few years in the game. Joe Camel 'should be afraid of what he's gonna do next, hold up'

  • MMG Uncut

    Real hip hop = drake, ross, wayne, 2 chainz, waka flocka flame, nicki minaj, gunplay, meek mill.



  • Trent

    All hail YMCMB.. lol.. please do not compare this dude to Jay-Z not even a discussion fan boys

  • Blayze

    T-Dot stand up! Making records that make records!

  • Anonymous

    He did it in THREE years, let the haters come in to make him have 20 number one singles one day.

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