Lupe Fiasco To Release New Single "Lamborghini Angels" Next Week

Lupe Fiasco preps the latest single from his upcoming album "Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1."

Lupe Fiasco has revealed that his new single "Lamborghini Angels" is slated for release on August 14th.

Taking to Twitter, Lu said that the next single from Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1 will contain content that some might find offensive. "Warning: if you are easily offended or religiously sensitive DO NOT listen to Lamborghini Angels. Contains very disturbing content. Listener discretion is thoroughly advised.

The Chicago, Illinois rapper has already released the singles "Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free)" and "Bitch Bad" for which a video will be released shortly. Food & Liquor 2 is currently stated for release on September 25th.

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  • n/a

    lupe is that dude, always been a fan, but this new lupe over the past 2 years has been pissing me off. all his music now is provacative. i understand he is speaking his mind or whatever but damn we get it. f&l and the cool lupe was way better then this anti terrorist lupe. The beat on "bitch bad" is ill though

  • Wakethefuckup

    Lupe is a beast fuck what any of you people say, half of the people that use this site can`t even fucking spell, go back to school! no wonder you people hate, you probably can`t understand anything lupe says because your dumb asses never raised the bar for your intelligence, you stay dumb listening to all the garbage being put out and praising frauds and lames, wake the fuck up.

    • YouSerious?

      The problem is, while Lupe is a good rapper, he seems to never shut up about everything wrong with hip-hop today. Meanwhile, this guy's last album was an embarrassment (blah blah blah the label forced him to do certain types of tracks....shit was still weak).

  • So Icy Boi!

    worst rapper alive. diz old ass nigga shud retire already... he was a fake skater. now he is a fake political rapper? get da fuck outta here. u aint no Weezy. Lil Wayne wud outrap u and he is a real skater actually. swag

    • So Icy Boi!

      and I would know cuz I let weezel skate my asshole twice a week till he skeet,minumum. dat nigga fressh mmm mmmm #swag

  • Anonymous

    Love his music, but dang he's not gonna leave anything to surprise come release time. Guess he figures if it's gonna leak, he may as well leak it himself

  • SuperGucciRap

    LOL it should: "If you are a straight male that knows real music, you should not listen to this". Lupe sucks and he can't even skateboard. Only losers who can't talk to a girl even listen to Lupe. Gucci Mane, Justin Bieber and One Direction are real hip-hop that help contribute to our society for positive things. Lupe is a dumbass who dumbs down our society by making garbage all the time. It's Gucci Time!

  • 40glocc

    yall suckin his jimmy way to much. He Aint what he claim to be lmao. Dude swears hes gonna change the whole rap game but he put out bullshit like lasers. Get a grip and stop acting all high and mighty.

    • ^

      You're a dumbass. Lupe is definitely in that 3%. And you judge him based on song titles. LISTEN TO THE SONGS!!! "Do you listen to music or do you just skim through it?"

    • Anonymous

      Lupe was just saying that 97% of rap is garbage....... well he fits right in that 97%... the name of the songs tell you everything

    • ETK

      he ain't what YOU claim him to be - when the fuck did he say he was gonna change the rap game

    • Anonymous

      You don't know anything about Lupe, Lasers, or the rest of his music. Shut your ignorant ass mouth.

  • ETK

    Y'all didn't hear Lupe on an earlier hhdx article... He's going INDIE after this.. so he's going all out with what's on his mind

  • Young King

    I've known about this record for a while now. I'm surprised he's releasing it as a single, hm. Good record though LET'S GO!

  • Yeah

    Like it or not, Lupe is the smartest and most intelligent human being in this world. Only dumb ppl with low IQ's hate on Lupe just because they can't comprehend his lyrics.

  • Anonymous

    yall some hatin, bitchin, complainin ass people on HHDX...all the nigga did was warn the sensitive people, so he can back his shit and say dont bitch at me i warned you not to listen so gtfoh with your opinions...respect lupe F&L2 is going to help rejuvenate hiphop !

  • YouSerious?

    We get it, Lupe, you're "Edgy" and "Groundbreaking"....I mean I thought Immortal Technique was an uptight motherfucker but damn.

  • Jay-Z

    "With the same sword they knight you, they gon' good night you with"

  • Anonymous

    OMG I am so not listening to this song because it ain't gonna be high on the charts and I need everybody else's acceptance to know what music to listen to.

  • e.

    Should have been "Warning: if you have a brain, don't listen to Lupe Fiasco"

  • Anonymous

    Lupe's following isn't strong enough to offend people with "religiously sensitive" stuff. You better be careful, sir.

  • Anonymous

    "Warning: if you are easily offended or religiously sensitive DO NOT listen to Lamborghini Angels. Contains very disturbing content." Not sure where things went wrong, but Lupe has become very annoying. He's still that dude on the mic though.

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