Bangladesh Doesn't Think Swizz Beatz Is "Relevant"

Producer Bangladesh recently knocked Swizz Beatz by saying he is not relevant and went on to say that "relevance is in being youthful."

Recently, producer Bangladesh discussed the issue of remaining "relevant" in Hip Hop. In doing so, he explained that he does not feel Swizz Beatz is relevant. He also shared that Swizz gets relevance due to his marriage to Alicia Keys, "a lady that's poppin'." Bangladesh also went on to discuss age in Hip Hop, saying "relevance is in being youthful."

“I don’t think Swizz is relevant,” Bangladesh shared with XXL. “I’m keeping it 100.”

While he noted that Beatz is relevant to some degree, Bangladesh explained further.

"I think there’s a difference between relevance and musical relevance,” he noted. “You married a lady that’s poppin’ [Alicia Keys], you know it’ll give you a lot of relevance, but you gotta make hits. Ain’t no hits. Are you relevant for the craft you’re doing or the life you live as far as the decisions you make?" 

He continued by explaining that he feels "relevance is in being youthful" and that he has it because he looks young.

“The relevance is in being youthful,” he said. “Still being in-the-know.  I have a 15 year old son so they think we’re brothers and I put him on to stuff. You know, I’m 34 but people tell me I look 23.  He still look to me for information. Usually it’s the opposite; usually the parents are lame or too old to understand or whatever. Just the way I feel, I got so much more time.”

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  • thadonprince85

    Ok thats ur ppinion fam. So prove it by ur beats & by tha artist u work 4. Ive truely never heard of u, but I 4sure skno whom swizz be & truely dnt care whom he is married too.

  • hek718

    sun... you dont look 23

  • newmoney

    lol that hat gatt a go tho my g!

  • Anonymous

    This dude is a STRAIGHT IDIOT! Relevance has nothing to do with age or how young you look. Yea, Swizz has had some missteps as of late, but everyone does. Swizz has been in the game for about 15 years. Let's see if this guy's name will be "RELEVANT" in 15 years. #SitDown

  • Anonymous

    this dude is a fucking clown...

  • Anonymous

    with a pic like that though lol...go touch urself in a corner somewhere homes...ur stupid hat is not relevant lol

  • Anonymous

    List of relevant niggas: Lil Wayne Drake Rick Ross Kanye West Jay-Z

  • chicago niggaaaaaa

    lol @ "banglafag" lmao



  • Anonymous


  • Omecca

    Dear Bangladesh, I apologize but you sir look mad GAY in this pic. Furthermore, your beats are nothing more than a REPEATED CHORUS/PATTERN the ENTIRE song!!! A-Milli was your best, but that was years ago. Please hang it up and get back to your regular day job as a male stripper you f@#$! Sincerely, REAL NIGGAS

  • Anonymous

    This dude look like a flamimg Stephon Urkel...

  • jabari

    this is straight up hatin i mean the guy is 34 and swizz is even younger than him and he is basically one of the top producers in this game bangladesh been poppin for five minutes and he is already talkin shiet???i guess this is what happens when the money gets to ur head

  • Jacc

    Bangladesh sounds like he frequents Hip Hop DX. You niggas love to talk that "relevant" talk.

  • junMaf*ckn

    So Jay, Nas and Eminem ain't relevant? Busta aint relevant? Nigga please

  • TigerPawRaw

    Wait, I'm confused here; what, exactly, does Swizz Beats have to do with Bangladesh? Somebody sounds like a hater to me...

  • Anonymous

    hahahaha look at that picture this nigga is madgay

  • Anonymous

    swizz carried the carees of jay, the whole ruff rydas back in the 90s there was a time when 4 out of 5 songs heard on the radio was produced by swizz who the f is banglledash

    • Anonymous

      go listen to hard knock life best rap album grammy hollaback swizz did like 70 percent production on that album

    • K

      I see revisionist is the "new" word in everyones vocab...stfu man...he has a right to his opinion just as much as the next man.

    • TigerPawRaw

      Whoa there. "Carried" Jay's career? A little revisionist history? Come on, man. No need to exaggerate, Swizz was a beast (and IS relevant, in my opinion). Just be honest, don't start saying shit that ain't true.

  • c4 triple plat

    only time bangladesh is relevant is when stunna is punking him out of millions.

  • Maya Winterz


  • slickwatts100

    this is the exact same type of disrespectul shit joe budden pulled on method man

    • mr dont play

      joe is a fag now... jimmy iovine makes him do push a the pool in his spare time!

  • Anonymous

    no one can be this stupid...

  • TruthBeTold

    bangladesh... hmm.. wasnt that dude almost famous? wasnt he almost a super producer? who knows, but whats relevant and what people do know is that swizz is dope as fuck, bumped for the ruff ryders, and works with everyone from jay an yeezy to 50. whos bangladesh again?

  • Anonymous

    just lost all respect for dude. Relevance is youthful? DRE? PREMO? JAY? NAS? Just shows this dude know hes got nothing on swizz and is mad. Swizz is a legend regardless of how much i hate his voice, he produced almost all of ruff ryders shit not to mention his more recent success. This dude is a clown.

  • chicago niggaaaaa

    he need dat hat smacked off his fkn head!!!

  • chicago niggaaaaa


  • chicago niggaaaaa


  • Anonymous

    I would argue the opposite, Swizz was in the Ross video, looks younger than Bangladesh, and he's got music out with ASAP Rocky. No ill will towards Bangladesh but he's kinda trippin tho.

  • Phil A

    I do agree with most of you that Bangladesh has not accomplished enough in his career to criticize another producer that has had more success than him. I truly believe that he's trying to create some sort of buzz for himself by trying to stir the pot. Personally I'm not a fan of either producer. I much prefer producers like DJ Premier, Kanye West and NO ID.

  • Anonymous

    None of these guys are "Relevant". Who cares make good music and shut up! Hiphop is the only genre where this nonsense comes up. Hiphop is the only genre age matters. See a problem with this?

  • Anonymous

    Without google, someone name me 5 hit tracks this guy has done...I rest my case.

    • Anonymous

      6'7 and a milli thats about it. Is bang now hating on swiss for getting married to keys or his money making schemes? If anything bang should be concerned about getting his royalties from stunna.

    • joe cool

      I think he did 6'7. basically any song that sounds basically the same is his. his track record is terrible btw

    • Will

      Lmao your so right. The only hits i know that Bangladesh produced are A Milli, Break Up for Mario and Ludacris Whats Your Fantasy thats it other than that all the other songs hes produced havent been Top 10 hits or anything. Swizz has a whole catelog of hits and is very much still relevant today he just doesnt produce as much cause he doesnt need to same with Timbaland. They had the 90's and 2000's on lock. Bangladesh is nothing compared to them and i think this dude wont even have the longevity they have had.

    • Anonymous

      8ball and MJG "No more drama", Gucci Mane "Lemonade", actually any song that blends good with Amilli.

    • Proof

      Ludacris 'Fantasy' - Lil Wayne 'A Millie' - and that's all I remember but he got a lot more... don't sleep on em he been around for some time now

  • Deshawn

    I think it's disrespectful to call someone irrelevant especially someone whose probably inspired you to go into your craft. Yes Bangladesh is a HOT producer Right now, but Swizz been around for ages and continues to strive. I feel what he's saying but it's still disrespectful

  • Anonymous

    ....swizz sucks salty donkey balls.......

  • Anonymous

    Nice thoughtful pose to try and distract from the fact hes shirtless with a pink furry hat on.

  • Anonymous

    now producer beefin n shit jeez

  • ghostfaceMURDERER

    a yo FAG-ladesh!!! WAKE UP NIGGA! Anybody ever tell you that you look 23 was lyin' 'cause they know who you are. NIGGA YA LOOK 40. and as you say, "just keepin' it 100."

  • -

    that hat shouldn't be relevant

  • Anonymous

    this nigga is only relevant because of TWO SONGS, and he didn't get paid for ANY OF THEM !

  • Tom

    what Cheryl said I'm dazzled that someone can earn $8683 in 1 month on the computer. have you seen this page (Click on menu Home more information)

  • Liquor and Karate

    This dude would be better suited tending to his own biz and not swizz beats,making those beats for ymcmb is only gonna keep in courty trying to get paid

  • So Icy Boi!

    I like the picture ;)

    • TrollonYou

      I'm sorry, in all my TrollonYou excitement, I forgot "the YMCMB Dick-Rider." part. Damn, falling off my Troll SWAG on you lame asses.

    • Anonymous

      Of course you do YMCMB. YESSIR-EE "BOB" too. Not schocked. Lame asses. I troll on you. Didn't get my first response. Scroll back a page. Trolls the name, TrollonYou is the game. Young Money Cock Muncher Boys. Trollin all day long hahah SWAG.

  • getonyourdomatory

    sigh...aye yo Bang stick to producing! Let your music speak for you and you at least come off humble. Opening your mouth let's us all know that you ain't got nothing going on upstairs homie - not a damn thing. For the scientific minded; did you know that for about the last 100 years scientists have developed theories based on study that matter i,e. material does not behave like it actually exists. Look into Quantum Physics - fascinating stuff. How ironic is that for you dumb niggas killing each other over material items and thinking you actually matter because of matter. It might blow your mind but if it agrees with you run with it. If not stay dead losers. Audi 5000

  • PuCho

    Swizz hasn't made a good beat for a while now but has made classics with Ruff Ryders and DMX, this idiot on the other hand has made nothing but trash.

    • Proof

      cuh made 'A Millie' and countless other bangers that everybody love or used to love... check his resume before you talk shit he might have produced your favorite song

    • TrollonYou

      Co-sign. His song 100 whatever the fuck it was with whoever the hell it was was (some good rappers but just terrible beat-see I don't even remember it lmao) a carbon copy basically. Trying to jump on the Hitboy bandwagon too, at least Hitboy makes decent beats and can spit a lil. You garbage bro.

    • SMH

      I co-sign. This dude is straight garbage can juice.

  • drob

    Did they ask him or question or did he just decide to put Swizz on blast?

  • Anonymous

    Swizz as a rapper is irrelevant. Swizz as a producer is still very much relevant. If he wasn't, why is he doing songs for Jay, Kanye, and Nas?

  • Anonymous

    Looking at the picture, he almost looked like Nicki Minaj for some reason.

  • Anonymous

    lmao he looks older than jay-z gtfoh

  • Anonymous

    Swizz Beatz sucks, but Bangladesh sucks even worse.

  • Dumb Ass

    Says the dumbass nigga thats been ripped off by Young money twice and still sucks young money cock. Swizz has more hits and beats than this dumb lame could ever dream of. Young niggas need to learn to respect their elders. Bengladesh got wack beats too by the way.

  • The Damn Truth - Nothing Less

    Looking liek he ate a bowl of full of dirt in that pic

  • Anonymous

    I love Bangladesh's beats, i personally don't like Swizz Beatz (i like his beats, but not him)...but Bangladesh is kinda wrong, Swizz IS def still relevant...not AS relevant as he used to be (DMX, RR days), but nonetheless still relevant

  • Badmofo

    Swizz Beatz = Kidrobot Clothes/Art, Reebok, Lotus cars, Grammy's, makes beats for legends & bangs Alicia Keys on a reg. Bangladouche = beats for half ass rappers.

  • The Damn Truth - Nothing Less

    You know it's because of Young Money and all their BS affiliates that this whole "youth thing" has spiralled out of control right? This whole "being relevant bc I'm young" and all. I'm tired of Drakes take on the matter, Waynes take on the matter, Birdman's take on the matter and now this clown with whom without that wayne hit, would be no where around my radar. This dudes will one day realize how stupid their mentalities are once they grow gray hairs and are still trying to do them. They'll then realize how much of a misconception they created with that mentality, that will eventually be their own demise in the artist world. "F" you guys, and I'm glad the Nas, jay Z's, Kool G raps, Dre's E40's, Outkasts are still relevant just out of skills adn being great artists! Bangladesh, you'll be the next Stevie J. Hot after a few joints here and there, and then on some reality BS series trying to stay relevant. Go to hell.

  • Anonymous

    bangladash hasnt made a good beat and i still listen to its dark and hell is hot sooo.....

  • Anonymous

    dude looks gay as fuck in that picture

  • Country Clean

    My 5 year old daughter made a beat similar to A Mili on an ipad. A 34 year old cat rockin a fake fushia corner store fur hat....yeah...that shits real relevant...go put on a fuckin shirt.

  • GreyMar

    glad I aint the only one to realize this. Been sayin it for awhile. Swizz is whack

  • So Icy Boi!

    Bangladesh is da GOAT, da best proucer of all time. he is inspires me to make classic music. and he looks sexier den DJ Premier, Pete Rock, RZA, Dr. Dre or Q-Tip... look at his pic. dats a real man. swag

    • ghostfaceMURDERER

      d swain you a funny ass dude word up!

    • khordkutta

      youza funny dude!!!

    • TrollonYou

      I troll on you. Been watchin your lame ass for a while kid, idk what pole or pipe you smoking and I REALLY hope you trolling everyone on here as well with your whack ass comments about YMCMB. You prolly don't even remember the real CM when Mannie Fresh made them all blow up and they ruled the late '90s. Still, I troll on you. And I will every time I see your whack ass posts. Its gettin hot.....400 Degreez-type hot, and respect the G-Code. Go back and listen to some Flossin Season or anything off that album other than Lil-Gayne sayin Drop it like its prob don't even know what I'm talkin about you ignorant fool. Tired of your lame ass and the other lames that roll with you yellin YOLO on this site. Why don't you get one your self. Dongbag.

  • Up North

    This nigga. Trust me, nobody's production pisses me off more than Swizz's, but Swizz has a legacy. Bangladesh? A legacy of getting raped in his asshole by the fags over at YMCMB for the shitty production he provides.


      100% Truth, Bangladesh is a stupid ass name for a producer anyway, Swizz Beatz practically crafted the Ruff Ryders sound while Bangladesh is still young and still stupid. Doesn't matter what age you are in hip hop, if your beats suck your beats suck, plain and simple.

  • Anonymous

    this dude only has hits when lil wayne spits over his beats. he ain't had no big hits outside of lil at the same time, i remember when swizz got caught using casio keyboard

  • Frank Wonder

    Swizz is relevant. He may not be the best producer, but a lot of people are checking for him. And like 614Grind said, learn how to get paid for your beats and then you'll be relevant.

  • TBD1983

    This dude reminds me of when Jermaine Dupri had beef with both Dr. Dre and Timbaland about thirteen years ago. When he made the comment about being the "best" producer in the world and how Dre and Tim comes second and third to him. They were suppose to do that "Chairmen of The Boards" concept album through Interscope. JD's comment propted artists from both Aftermath & Beat Club (at the time) to diss JD & So So Def. Bang must want Swizz to responded in some fashion. Regardless if he's banging out the "hottest chick in the game", Swizz's beats changed the landscape of urban music production. Bang was whore through the industry, he got shitted on by Ludacris when he was Shondrae. Then got shitted on YMCMB for not paying him for his production, now he signs to the same cats that used him for his production (YMCMB). Nergo has no self respect for himself

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    So we have an irrelevant muthafucka talking about someone being relevant. This guy makes shit beats and swizz's only problem is that his beats are all starting to sound the same, and it's been that way for a few years now, but that can be changed up. This guy is just full of himself, cuz he is delusional if he thinks that he looks 23 with his face looking like that. Maybe in his head someone said he looks 23, or he's hoping that if he says it long and hard enough folks will believe that shit....I wish producers would just keep their mouths closed. At least Pharrell isn't saying some dumb shit, cuz he's busy doing bigger better things, and still producing a lot of ish on people's albums.

  • 614grind

    Learn how to get paid for your beats first, then maybe you can be relevant.

  • Black De La Rocha

    Lol who the fuck is Bangladesh to give advice about being relevant? That's like taking diet advice from Rick Ross.

  • Anonymous

    Loooooooser ... This dude is a fuckin clown. Worry about your career and not anyone elses you fuckin twat

  • The watcher

    The whole relevant, or not relevant thing in hip hop is just like swag, or hater.. Overused, misunderstood, and used incorrectly. Thats what makes hip hop the most retarded genre of music on the planet..

  • Anonymous


  • thought dog

    No matter how young you look...A 34 year old man should never be proud to have extensive knowledge of shit teenagers enjoy.

  • JayDub

    Hahahaa, what a crap interview, waste of time, pointless comments, get a grip DX really!

  • oskamadison

    First off, I've NEVER liked Swizz Beats. I can literally name on one hand all the joints he's done that I liked. That being said, who does Bangladouche think he is? For every one banger in Bang's catalog, swizz has about 4 or 5, easy. If Swizz "isn't relevant", why do most of the relevant artists still work with him? (ie; Nas, Hov, 'Ye, Drake, etc...)

  • Anonymous

    Bangledesh is Gay!

  • Anonymous

    STFU you DJ Clue/Method Man lookin' crybaby. Swizz may not be hot like he used to, but he has definitely made his mark in Hip Hop plenty of times. I know you were bangin' out It's Dark and Hell is Hot you denial bitch. GTFOH

  • Anonymous

    He right about Swizz..ever since he stop producing for the Ruff Riders & Cassidy I found everyone of his shit to be super wack... COSIGN THAT HIS BEATS NOW ARE VERY AMATEUR AND HIS VOICE FUCKS ME OFF

  • JETLIFE116

    He right about Swizz..ever since he stop producing for the Ruff Riders & Cassidy I found everyone of his shit to be super wack... But this nigga right here in this picture with the pink hat u_u looking hella flame what type of nigga shows up to a photo shoot & lets niggas do this to him, the photographer was probably like "purr like a kitten"

  • King Chandler

    Also, all this is coming from a man who takes shirtless pics wearing a pink sherpa hat. lol ^^^^^^^^

    • Anonymous

      dude said 100 o'clock shadow!!!!!!!

    • yak moof

      @ King! I know right. He says "people think I look young" ...yeah right, not with that 100 o'clock shadow on your face. You look like an old ass man trying to look young. Your music is so wack that you will fall off in a year or two, so save your money and stop spending it on pink lumberjack hats.

  • anonymous

    never been a big fan if swizz; has a few bangers but a lot of his joints just sound like noise. but this dude bangladesh has one beat that he's tried to re-make like 50 times. a milli is 5 years old homie. do something new.

  • King Chandler

    The funny thing about this post is that the only reason this dude is relevant right now is for making this comment about Swizz.

  • land lord

    Typical youngin. He has a few hits and now you can't tell him nothing. GTFOH! I bet he won't be around in 5 yrs and Swizz will still be getting $$$$



  • dockevoc

    Swizz Beatz' beats have always annoyed the shit out of me

  • Anonymous

    he looks older than Swizz. plus his theory would mean that JayZ, Nas, Tech N9ne, Luda, Em anyone over 35 that looks it is irrelevant. and we all know none of those guys are irrelevant

  • Anonymous

    Relevance is being youthful? Rick Ross might be the most relevant rapper right this sec, and he's like 36 so.............idk about this one.

  • Anonymous

    They are both shit producers, who gives a flying fuck about relevance. The mere fact that these Bangladesh is bitching just shows that he's a straight up punk and he can't walk the talk cause I ain't heard shit from this muthafucka in a long ass time. No one checking for either of them fools.

  • jg

    so he says relevance is being youthful, but he aint young, but he looks young. This nigga is a loser, isn't he the one who Cash Money gets beats from but doesn't pay?

  • Anonymous

    this is nigga is an idiot , this dude makes cookie-cutter simple ass mainstream beats and think he's the shit , fuck this nigga , and the only time bangladesh was relevant is when he was going after young money

  • sam uk

    "i'm 34 people tell me i look 23" well they're lying ha. This guy is obviously jealous that Swizz Beat is married to Alicia Keys.. and i suppose he considers himself to be most relevant? Lol.

  • heacockycocksucka

    well, swizzy's been on all of the latest greatest rap releases (life is good, watch the throne, welcome to our house). where u been mr. bangladesh? where's ur hits?

  • nickrazor2000

    That Pic up there looks like a sample pic from some gay porn mag. this idiot is really feelin himself. He must jack off looking in a mirror listening to 6 foot 7 foot

  • BGG

    this is why no producer should be allowed to speak

  • Anonymous

    This is the same dude that kept rehashing the amilli beat and didn't think nobody would notice? I had toothaches with less nerve. I never was a fan of Swizz production because he does the same thing (recycling) but I can't say he's not relevant, in fact I find them both annoying and far from my top 10 producers. I liked Bangladesh better when he was Shondrae.

  • Brandon

    Calling the kettle black? Stop it 5

  • Anonymous

    Bangladesh Hits: Started 2000 Ludacris:What's Your Fantasy Kelis:Bossy Lil Wayne:A Milli,6 Foot 7 Foot Beyonc:Video Phone,Diva Mario:Break Up Gucci Mane:Lemonade Nicki Minaj:Did it on'em Kesha:Sleazy Swizz Beatz Hits: Starting in 2000 The LOX:Wild Out Ma:Best of Me Limp Bizkit:Rollin Style P: Good Times R. Kelly:Snake (Remix) Cassidy:Hotel,Get No Better,I'm a Hustla,My Drink n My 2 Step T.I.:Bring em out,Swing Ya Rag Beyonc:Check on it,Get Me Bodied,Upgrade U, Ring the Alarm. Smitty:Diamonds on My Neck Busta Rhymes:Touch it Eve:Tambourine Swizz Beatz:It's Me Bitches Jay-Z:On to the Next One Chris Brown:I Can Transform Ya Drake:Fancy Nicki Minaj:Roman's Revenge Kanye West:Power (Remix) Who's Relevant Now Bitch?

    • OUCH!

      @c: i did not forget. i just did the "hits" that they made. not every song they produced... @BOLD DEBAUCHERY: Swizz did start in the 90's but to make things fair i started the list on the 2000's. still Swizz beatz has more hits to date.

    • O-dizzle

      Bold Debauchery umm Jay-Z yrs.. I think blueprint was last two year ago and watch the throne was last year. ..Can you count? duh...also Swizz been around longer and put out way more hits. What the hell you talking bout. that is like saying Dre did nothing in years so he is no longer relevant.... Dre is a beast!

    • c

      you forgot all the Ruff Ryders's stuff!!! come on man! You forgot all the tracks for Jay-Z!


      swizz beats's hits started in the 90s with ruff ryders, dmx and jayz. swizz beats didn't have a hit for 3 years. he aint relevant. bangladesh is poppin right now. he had that rihanna smash not too long ago, plus i bet we'll be hearing some new shit from him soon. to conclude, when the last time you heard a decent beat from swizz beats? that jayz shit. that was years. he aint on point anymore. the nigga washed up. bangladesh had that rihanna beat that was fire. plus i bet his album gon have crazy beats. swizz aint fuckin with him.

    • sam uk

      haha well said, sir!

    • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

      lol nuff said

  • Commanda

    Granted, Swizz sucks, however this dude is a one trick pony AND YMCMB raped him for his beats by paying him happy meal money...GTFOH, fool!!

  • Burr

    the funny thing is, Swizz Beatz is only 33 while this guy is 34

  • Anonymous

    GFID only does 132k JEZZY WON

  • >_

    Who the hell is this guy thats claiming other people arent relevant? I havent even heard of this nigga. Swiss isn't relevant? Given, he was better back in the day but to say that his fame is only cause of Alicia keys... This nigga mustive never owned a Ruff Ryder or DMX album.

  • Anonymous

    You know the other dude has to be a crank when your defending Swizz Beatz...

  • Nuff said.....

    AND, the only reason why niggas know this dude name is bcuz of the legal shit between him and lil wayne. This nigga think jus bcuz he got some hot beats right now that hes relevant. Nah son, bcuz its a million other niggas out there with hot beats that sound just like urs. u just one of the lucky few that hppn to be at the right place at the right time to get the opportunity to be where u at. And the ppl who listen to the music u produce more than likely dont know or care who u are. Shit, most bitches think the rappers are the ones makin the beats, lol. You will be completely 4gotten about in a year our 2 and swizz will go down as one of the greatest rap producers. Damn, so niggas need to just NOT do interviews bcuz then ppl can see just how stupid they really are.

  • Anonymous

    Swizz Beats is boring as fuck. back in 1998 he had some dope beats but most beats suck.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah and? Muthafuckas talking reckless about someones age. Music is music, no matter what age you are you can appreciate any music from any era. That's like a 40 year old calling you out cause you're listening to late 90's music. Changes when it's from a different perspective don't it.

    • Anonymous


  • Big C

    Summer on Smash is produced by Swizz Beatz. That song comes on Sportscenter everyday. Ya know Sportscenter? That show that's on 24/7 and pretty much everyone is America watches? But nah he's pretty irrelevant

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    This guy can't be serious....Swizz has hits for days and is still very relevant so what is this clown talking about?

  • Caelsk

    Okay, until Cruel Summer comes out, Bangladesh can't say shit about being relevant in Hip-Hop. The last relevant piece of work he did was 6 Foot 7 Foot (a fucking annoying production if you ask me), and Did It On'em before that. That song he did for Rihanna was pretty poor. As far as talking smack on Swizzy, jesus christ.. That man has so many hits that he'll always be relevant. And if hes talking about 'up to date' relevancy, how about Watch The Throne? That shits nearly a year old and still relevant. Swizzy also did a song on Nas' new album. Being relevant has absolutely nothing to do with youth. Hov is 42 and has been relevant since he started. Swizzy has made a whole bunch of songs with Jay and been on plenty of his albums, don't think Bangladesh has done one. So basically, Bangladesh is a complete moron. You keep it 100, you still aint shit nigga

  • Nuff said.....

    Well, that was just a dick headish thing to say...Swizz has been around for a long time is is still makin money and moves. Soooo how is he not relevant? bcuz 15 yr olds dont follow his shit?? fuck outta here....smh

  • Anonymous

    Swizz Beats: Urban Music Awards 2009, Best Producer (won) Grammy Awards 2010, Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group "On to the Next One" (won) 2010, Best Rap Song "On to the Next One" [Nominated] 2010, Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group "Fancy" [Nominated] In the list of top 20 producer of all time and Kanye called him the greatest of all time. Fat Joe, DMX, Eve,Alicia Keys Jay-Z, The LOX, Kanye West, T.I., Cassidy (rapper), Lloyd Banks, Ruff Ryders, Drag-On, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Beyonc, Drake, Fabolous, Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes Bangledesh: Won a grammy Lil Wayne, Beyonc, Ke$ha, Usher, T-Pain, Nicki Minaj, Bad Meets Evil, Ludacris, R. Kelly, Jamie Foxx, Rihanna, M.I.A., Fabolous, Ice Cube, Busta Rhymes, Gucci Mane, Missy Elliott, 8 Ball & MJG, Shawnna, Sean Garrett, Ciara, Mario

  • Ghost

    I googled this dude, and he looks to me like a 34 year old man...A 34 year old man who wears 13 year old's clothes...He should listen to Nas song "2nd Childhood" and grow up a little.

  • Anonymous

    swizz had hits before he turned 21 this guy is only known for that wayne track he must have been on some shit

  • haha

    I'm not a fan of Swizz but seriously, isn't this the fuck that sued Cash Money twice because they dicked him over on beats and then SIGNED to that faggot ass label?

  • BGG

    enroll in college or did u even finish high school wit that dumb ass comment u r relevant cuz u look young? gtfoh u clown then y do ppl suck dr dres balls for a beat and hes pushin 50?

  • i dont like that shit

    if you have to worry about other men life and not yours that tell me alot about this nigga here he a faggot...


    he telling the truth BIG KRIT needs more credit as a producer

  • Anonymous

    Why he pick out swizz beats though? There is alot proudcers he could of thought off before him.

  • Anonymous

    i think we call all agree that swizz beatz should never be allowed near a microphone in the studio ever again

  • Anonymous

    this guy sounds like an idiot. some one look up the number of bangladesh hits and swizz beats hits and post them up

    • Anonymous

      The only big song I can think of from this dude was "A millie" or whatever...But Wayne has had bigger hits then that. Swizz may be garbage, but he does have way more hits then this dude will ever have.

    • haha

      why don't you do it, lazy-ass?

  • zach

    yeah cause Bangladesh is just so relevant, tell me who has even heard of this dude. pretty sure everyone has heard of Swizz beats not this fool...

  • Anonymous

    i looked up swizz on wikipedia and it says hes 33, so is he a year younger than bangladesh??? can that be right?

    • Anonymous

      well swizz is 34 in september if wiki has his birthday correct, so they are the same ago

    • Anonymous

      that's why this entire interview made no sense. could u imagine his face if someone revealed to him that swizz is younger than him?

  • Anonymous

    interesting....i don't know what to say about this....swizz beats has some MEGA HITS behind under his belt though....can't say I agree.

  • @CJonno90

    "relevance is in being youthful" Oh so Bangladesh is as brain dead as the inbred illiterate fucks that comment on here...

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