Common Hopes To Record "Be" Follow Up With Kanye West

Common also says that he wishes he was on G.O.O.D. Music's "Mercy."

Common hit the mark with his 2005 solo album Be that featured production solely from Kanye West and J Dilla. During an interview with Complex, the Chicago, Illinois rapper said that he hopes to record a follow up to the LP with West, explaining that it's about timing but that it could yield classic material.

"Yes. You know, when the time is right, I would love to get together [with Kanye] on some more music. It would be an act of passion, it would be a creative project. It would be fun instead of, “I ain’t gotta do it, he ain’t gotta do it.” It’s not like we had to do it then or when we first did it, but it’d be a fun thing for us to do," he said. "No matter where you go, you get reminded and you’re like, 'I got into this because I love making music, I love Hip Hop, and I love being creative.' Being able to work together with Kanye would be one of those experiences for me. How with No I.D. I had an experience like, 'This is what I do. This is Hip Hop.'"

He also touched on how he wishes he could have been on "Mercy." While explaining what it was like to contribute to G.O.O.D. Music's Cruel Summer compilation, Com said that he was too busy to participate. "To be honest, I’ve been in the studio and I was doing some recording, but it was mostly me, Big Sean, Cyhi, Pusha, and Teyana in there. For me, it was fun to just be able to rock with them and cats is smoking, cats is doing what they do, having fun more than anything. Just figuring it out. I can remember Big Sean being like, 'You should get on this' talking about 'Mercy.' I wanted to get on that. I wish I would’ve gotten on it," he said. "I was working, doing something. Eventually the record, it got done quicker than I could get my verse out. They put it out and it was banging."

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  • Anonymous

    Hollow Tip > Common Sense

  • Anonymous

    "let's see if anybody gives a fuck about Drake in 18 years" Today's MC's don't have to worry about career longevity. All they need is maybe 5 good years.

  • Trent

    I wanna go back on all these people with the Drake talk and how Common is irrelevant.. Every credible hip-hop critic praised The Dreamer, The Believer.. which was released at the end of 2011. Is that not relevant? The songs on there are all higher quality than all of MMG and YMCMB combined. Let's be real too; Drake's "Thank Me Later" and "Take Care" are only downgrades from his fire debut which I actually enjoyed. Just because he's what is cool to teenagers doesn't make Common inferior or irelevant. The summary is that Common is a legend and Drake is just hot right now (which I doubt that his next album will sale near as much)

  • Anonymous

    Even aside from his own projects, Kanye has been a part of so many classic, it's unreal.

  • Anonymous

    Common = Top 5 MC

  • dazeone

    Game changed and Draked Sunned u...shame Ressurection is in my top 3 all time

  • Anon

    lets get a remix feat Common . it could be a bonus track on the deluxe edition of cruel summer. A com verse would be interesting.

  • Anonymous

    Does Kanye even produce beats by himself anymore? Not saying that's a bad thing but times have changed since they recorded Be.

  • Anonymous

    Finding Forever should have featured Drake. Then he would have found forever.

  • Anonymous

    RIP Common's relevance

  • Anonymous

    RIP Ernest Borgnine

  • Anonymous

    Rick Ross: Common= irrelevant, and probably gay, that smile supicious. ^ I have more relevancy in being anonymous than you taking a rapper's name just to comment. And while you're at it, stop scrutinizing men's photographs and telling the world what you think.

  • aerfvagv

    justice for treyvon martin

  • Anonymous

    Work with Drake and you'll be relevant for the first time in forever.

  • FuKKK KKKanye West

    Hope he'll never do that.

    • ETK

      nigga drink your ensure and chill

    • FuKKK KKKanye West

      ^ What you gonna do then, cry to your momma? At least be a real man and come try to "slap me back to my mother's basement". Queers make me sick.

    • Anonymous

      This obese white kid is trying so hard to be black. Yawl skinny jean oversized shoe wearing cats kill me. If I saw u in real life, I am slapping u back go ur momma's basement

    • FuKKK KKKanye West

      Go to a goddamn Frank Ocean article to see if "I never dissed him." Bitch, you can take a dick in the anus, but you can't take a fucking joke?!?! Then just let me see your ugly face and shove it down your throat. Get therapy nigga.

    • Anonymous

      Dude, u are always dissing everybody that has 'K' in their name but I never seen u diss Frank Ocean. U must be a Frank Ocean ass dude that enjoy cocks or a fat white boy that tries so hard to be black

  • trent

    The Dreamer, The believer was a dope album... he was transitioning with labels which is probably why it got less exposure.. Dude is super relevant.. one of the greatest lyricists in my opinion, always speaking from the heart.

  • hundra

    i love common but i can't imagine him on "mercy" 2 chainz was a perfect fit for that...i don't really like com on "commercial records"

  • Anonymous

    Rather have heard Common than 2 Chainz ass on Mercy

  • @CJonno90

    People saying Common is isn't "relevant" anymore well y'all listen to what's "relevant" with shit like this "Shorty so fine, pussy so fresh Diced pineapples that my baby tastes the best I nearly lost my mind, guess it was a test Swept her off her feet and went and bought her ass a Lex Paid it off cash so I never wrote a check Leave my cars at her crib I'm just stuntin' on her ex Pussy's excellent and I know it sound a mess I love to make her toes curl as I'm lickin' on her flesh uhh Sex all night, couple shots of Ciroc Crib on the water, got LeBron up the block Money ain't the thing baby, welcome to the Mark Diced pineapples, talking diamonds by the jar Bitch so bad got me wishing I could sign her Uniform Isabel Marant when you on the team Double MG them other niggas fell off, baby girl I just wanna see you well off" I'll just go ahead and peep knowledge off this "These are the words of a believer Achiever, leader of the globe Feeding souls of those in need I bleed the blood of the struggle Walking over troubled puddles Hustles in my chest, no hustle no progress Extremities of life and it's process Birth of a son, death of another With love I caress both mothers And told em, whos in control is the one thats above us I walk where money talks and love stutters Body language of a nation going through changes The young become dangerous, pain gets spent into anger Anger gets sent through the chamber Its tough when your own look like strangers We are the sons of gangsters and stone rangers If he could how would Ernie Barnes paint us? Look at the picture, hard not to blame us But time forgives in the Chi where the young die often Do they end up in a coffin because we havent taught them? Is it what we talking we really ain't walking? Dues hustlers pay, how much did it cost em? Find myself on the same corner that we lost em Real talking, in they ear like a walkman Thoughts spin around the corner to the world When I see them, I see my baby girl Believe!"

  • It's Your World Part 2

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  • @Craig_itsFriday

    Be dope, Finding Forever dope. I hope this happens soon. Chemistry is very rare , keep Real Good music flowing. Fuck the common haters talking bout sales...what about skills u fake wannabes?

    • Anonymous

      What about you guys supporting him to make his numbers more respectable? Otherwise he's just another rapper that gets sucked off on the internet.

  • Anonymous

    yeah.i myself think it should have been common over 2 chainz COMMON Sense > Tity Boi

  • jake

    common > drake

  • dentaldamboy

    Kanye isn't gonna waste his time with a clown like Common. Common is completely irrelevant. This guy can't move any units whatsoever. No one is checking for his music anymore. You can officially put a fork in him. Things are so bad for him that he was living with his manager in Chicago and the place for foreclosed on. Damn! Guess he should have worked with Drake instead of throwing subliminals. From now on, Kanye is going to be working with YMCMB, MMG, and Kendrick Lamar.

    • Anonymous

      So your saying Mos Def ain't gonna be on Cruel Summer? Because that's where your wrong...

    • Anonymous

      Stick a fork in common...cause that sassage is done! Talib and Mos helped kanye the most out of anyone.. you see them on the album?No..Its about whatt he kids like.. Unfortunatly its 2 chainz 4 Braclets.

    • Knowledge

      Dude, check your history....Common helped Kanye when Ye was doin beats in other dudes basements. These two are actual friends so sorry, if Ye stops dealing with his friend when his friend was there before all this...thats b$tch sh%t...PERIOD

    • Anonymous

      Common has more success in his toe nail clippings than you will ever have.

  • Y-Rap

    Thought that's what "Finding Forever" was...meh NEW COM AND YE'!

  • Rick Ross

    Common= irrelevant, and probably gay, that smile supicious.

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