Rapsody "The Idea Of Beautiful" Album Stream

UPDATE: Rapsody enlists Phonte, Mac Miller, Raekwon, Ab-Soul and more for her Jamla Records debut.

Rapsody has announced the release of her debut album The Idea of Beautiful, dropping August 28th via Jamla Records.

Jamla head 9th Wonder handles the bulk of production on the LP, which also sees instrumental contributions from Khrysis, Eric G, E. Jones, Amp and Ka$h. Guests on the project include Ab-Soul, Mac Miller, The Cool Kids, Phonte, Big Remo, Nomsa Mazwai, Raheem DeVaughn, Big Rube and BJ The Chicago Kid.

Check the tracklist and cover art below.

1.) Motivation f/ Big Rube of the Dungeon Family (produced by Khrysis)
2.) Precious Wings (produced by Eric G)
3.) Believe Me (produced by 9th Wonder)
4.) Non-Fiction f/ Raheem DeVaughn & Ab-Soul (produced by 9th Wonder)
5.) The Drums (produced by 9th Wonder)
6.) Kinda Love f/ Nomsa Mazwai (produced by 9th Wonder)
7.) Celebrate (produced by E. Jones)
8.) Destiny (produced by Khrysis)
9.) Good Ol' Love f/ BJ The Chicago Kid (produced by 9th Wonder)
10.) In The Town f/ Nomsa Mazwai (produced by 9th Wonder)
11.) Round Table Discussion f/ Mac Miller & The Cool Kids (produced by 9th Wonder)
12.) The Cards f/ Big Remo (produced by Amp)
13.) Beautiful Music f/ Phonte (produced Ka$h)
14.) When I Have You f/ Nomsa Mazwai (produced by 9th Wonder)
*****Bonus Track: Believe Me (HaHaHaHa Remix) (produced by 9th Wonder)


[August 6th]

UPDATE: DJBooth.net has been given the green light to stream Rapsody's new album The Idea of Beautiful. Head over to DJBooth.net to hear the LP in full.

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  • Anonymous

    2pac (TuPac) - Me Against The World http://rapz.net/188-2pac-tupac-me-against-the-world.html , 90

  • Anonymous

    Would like to see her on a track with Anthony Hamilton.. Can't wait to see him in Chicago on the 26th! http://bit.ly/TXAYvC

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful music. Have to cop this for sure.

  • Anonymous

    NC's history of dope artist ? There's a few but lets not go overboard.

  • nsparks923

    This album is nice. Very nice. Production is really good and Rapsody got mad skills for a female. Not sure what some of you cats are talking about. Shits cold.

  • Anonymous

    The art of rhyming is a dying craft because so called M.C.s don't crush mics no more. These rappers are so concerned about whether I'm witty or not and this rhymes with this word. Fuck that! Concepts, abstractness, song composition, hook placement, inflection and fucking deep thought and meaning are over looked. I'm not talking about for every song humor is needed to balance shit out. Why are cats making long ass songs with no replay value? People record 20 songs and place that shit on a c.d.and say here it is. Disorganized shit all over the place, wack songs but no meaning to the overall theme. No cohesion whatsoever!!!! I'm not talking about Rapsody's cd but wack ass projects in general. I want people to read this shit and study the craft more man. We play too much with this music that we claim we love c'mon man!!!!! I ride with 9th all day, but we need more consistent verses and concepts without all the pussyfooting. Im using 9th as an example because his label is at the forefront to bringing respectability back to the culture. Don't front cats know about N.C.'s history of dope artists and Hip Hop and if you don't you better research that shit. This don't have anything to do with hating I'm just a fan first and an artist who's feed the fuck up with subpar shit under the guise of Hip Hop or good music in general.

  • BlackOreilly

    Im from NC and everybody give 9th his props on the production tip, hell you got too. But why he chose the artist he chose, is a constant topic. FYI, I don't rap, just a fan. The nigga signed THEE TOM HARDY. C'mon, you telling me he's better than avg ?

  • BlackOreilly

    The production, of course will be on point. But, all 9th artist are GARBAGE. Let's be honest. There intentions are good, but their flow is mad weak. Rhapsody is no exception. There's no way in hell she should be rapping over 9th's beats.

  • D.Scott

    This album should be on point. -D.Scott

  • Jemerson Ripley

    If you are a true hip-hop fan (not rap, there's a difference), then you will definitely know what the Idea of Beautiful is. Believe me, you need to GET FAMILIAR with the true essence and do your research........JAMLA is comin'.......

  • ThatswhatImsaying

    All yall hatin' just because she's a girl......thats sad B...She can RAP.....period....and yall dont like it.....plus half of yall wanna rap on 9th beats anyway...and yall just mad it aint yall.....cop the album and SHUT UP

  • CrimsonDiva

    Can this album just go ahead & drop way ahead of schedule?! I can't wait to hear the gems on this one!

  • thawing

    I want this album now! Especially looking forward to hearing Phonte's verse on Beautiful Music

  • chris36

    She coming to South africa so i am happy about that, i thought she would have a feature with Actual Proof, Tom Hardy or Skyzoo the other rappers on the label are boring....

  • Anonymous

    Rapsody is NOT a good rapper. I love 9th & his producers but most the rappers on his label SUCK!! I fcks wit Skyzoo, Remo & Tom Hardy. The rest of em suck! Rapsody rhyme off-key off beat. She doesn't hold my attention. The beats are hot but her rhymes are very forgettable!

    • Mount up

      and you're a rider ^

    • AllUpInYa

      You a hater. She is HOT AS HELL...and you MAD

    • Anonymous:

      Her style has by grown leaps and bounds since then. E.S.T. was the last KH project that featured her on most songs. That was 2 years ago. A lot can and has happened since.

    • Anonymous

      Ive been listening to Kooley High for a while and she is easily the weakest of the 3 rappers. I have the hardest time trying to comprehend how shes blowing up and not the other two.

    • Anonymous

      yo u wildin son!!! you wouldnt know real hip hop if it hit you in the face. Everybody got they own opinion but obviously u aint listening right homie, shes been runnin circles around alotta cats since she came out...do ya homework!!

  • YouSerious?

    Love 9th's label, but c'mon, you're gonna put Mac Miller on a track over Thee Tom Hardy?

  • Anonymous

    Why isnt she putting Charlie Smarts or Tab-One on?

  • MalenkoMijito

    This is going to be HOT! Rapdiddy go get yours girl I'm fully supporting you sis!



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