Beanie Sigel Reflects On Upcoming Prison Time And His Musical Hiatus

In his ongoing series with Dr. Benjamin Chavis, Beanie Sigel explains taking time away from music and overcoming initial fears of returning to prison.

According to the Recording Industry Association of America, Beanie Sigel has one gold album to his credit—his 2000 debut, The Truth. Additionally, Beans has made visits to the Billboard magazine Hot 100 singles chart as a soloist and a member of the now-defunct Roc-a-fella family. But in the latest of his series of Man To Man interviews with Hip-Hop Summit Action Network chairman and co-founder Benjamin Chavis, Beanie emphasized his album tracks as opposed to singles designed to cater to radio and drive sales. In particular, he singled out a song entitled “The Children Are The Future,” as well as past offerings such as “Dear Self” “Nothing Like It,” “Feel It In The Air” and “Mom Praying.”

“It’s basically me talking to myself,” Beanie explained. “Just checking myself, like wait a minute. Let me assess myself. What am I doing? I make those type of records…that’s the type of records and songs that I want people to remember me by.”

Beans also talked about his upcoming two-year prison sentence for a failure to pay previous taxes. Sigel must report by September 12, 2012.

“At one point, I was scared,” Beans added. “But I ain’t scared to say I’m scared. I took a time out from the music, and just wanted to be normal again…just with the family and everything. I asked myself a lot about the music I do—the music that means something to me that I record—is a thing a lot of people don’t get when they listen to me.”

The full interview, which also features Chavis’ thoughts on how Beanie Sigel fits into the current Hip Hop scene and what he calls “strong winds blowing trying to take the United States backwards,” can be seen below.

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  • dazeone

    He need this time to get his mind right and bars straight..been spitting sloppy bars and been reckless for a while ...sad thing is as he gets out he will be 2 years older ..rap game is a young mans game ..invest in property and open a studio ...Mac is done and he is from my city 215...

  • Anonymous

    got damn...why can't beanie go to the barber shop and line that shit up on the side of his face,,,fuck ....clean up a litte trying to brand yourself looking like shit... He don't ever got that shit lined up...its fucking ridiculous

  • Anonymous

    "Nicolas Cage owes more than Wesley, Nas, & Buck combined" Unlike those others, Cage has probably made half of that back by now, and will continue to make more unlike Buck and Wesley.

  • Mr.Woodall

    The B coming was a classic hands down!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    "bruh if you were older then the age of 5 when the roc was poppin ud know jay screwed everyone over" Brilliant cubicle analysis bruh, but Jay even stated in an interview how Beans had everything. Money, a house, and cars, yet lost it all because he didn't handle his business right.

  • Anonymous

    only black people r this retarded fr not paying taxes

    • Anonymous

      Nicolas Cage owes more than Wesley, Nas, & Buck combined. Feel free to skateboard on the third rail.

    • Anonymous

      Just like that like that black dude (Al Capone )If you are going to troll idiot at least be a little bit intelligent or sharp with it you dumb PEASANT !

  • Dana White

    Beanie Sigel vs Raekwon in a fist fight, who wins?

  • Anonymous

    he looks very depressive on that pic. Rumors are that he is living on the streets and has no money or house.

  • jayfade

    we need that BUCK &BEANS - CELL MATEZ MIXTAPE!

  • Acesun

    Funny how the US Govt. goes after black entertainers for owed back taxes, meanwhile people are frauding the system getting 3 MIL tax returns and filing over 3K plus taxes from the same ADDRESS!! We need a flat tax rate, but that will never happen because they talk about the US being in debt and economic crisis BS, but our very same monetary system was created to create DEBT. So how can you blame the system for working? It was designed that way.

  • Anonymous

    Jay gave this dude every opportunity to shine and he blew it.

    • mindrelated

      I like how people dismiss the fact that Jay made Beans and them hot. Beans and the whole State Property crew became hot because Jay cosigned them and made sure they always hit the airways of Hot 97. Hot 97 did not want to hear or interview them, they wanted Jay but he always made sure he took them along. As for the "fucking" them in the end, how so? These guys made millions and Dame was the one screwing people out of money. Check the records, Beans said it himself. Jay himself made the deal with Def Jam because Dame was trying to keep him from owning his creative work like Reasonable Doubt and so on.

    • RAIDER

      stfu bruh if you were older then the age of 5 when the roc was poppin ud know jay fucked everyone over once he decided white business men were his boys now instead of beans, freeway, dame etc. Beans did fuck up big time but dont act like jay did all this shit for him, cuz it dont really matter when Jay fucked them all over in the end

  • Rick Ross

    Irrelevant, old ass nigga, stupid and reckless. Noone will miss you, you ain't shit. Thank God for my label and all the good it does for the black community. Every rapper on my label is black.

    • Anonymous

      No more summer camp, huh? Start rolling those pennies up, you're going to need pencils & crayons for school.

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