Lupe Fiasco Responds To The Backlash That Followed His Obama Comments, Says He's A "Docile" Critic Of The President

Lupe Fiasco speaks on past comments made about President Barack Obama, reveals the names of the artists on his iPod.

While stopping in his hometown of Chicago, rapper Lupe Fiasco visited Coke Lounge at WGCI for an interview in which he answered various questions from fans. He was of course asked about his recent comments about President Barack Obama to which he replied that compared to the president’s other critics he’s rather docile.

“The biggest terrorist’s in the United States is Barack Obama and the United States government. I got black-balled immediately,” said Lupe. “But the funky part is when I tell people what I’m saying is nothing in comparison to if you wanna listen to The Patriot, it’s a radio station that’s on 24-hours a day, seven-days a week and I’m critical? And it’s not even real; they’re making up all types of craziness…So I’m not worried about that. I think that I’m actually docile in comparison to his true opponents.”

The interview took on a much lighter note as the rapper then went on to rattle off the names of the various artists currently on his iPod which include everyone from the late Fela Kuti to rock group Foo Fighters.

And according to Fake Shore Drive, on top of revealing the artists featured in his iPod playlist Lupe also went on to name MF Doom as his favorite lyricist.

Lupe Fiasco is currently preparing for the September 25 release of his new album Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1.

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  • da1

    there are no presidents they all holograms. and lupe say cool shit. but do some music. mf doom the shit

  • Anonymous

    Blaming isn't going to solve anything you have to vote against this bullshit.

  • Tree of life

    America wake the fuck up your fighting an ideological war. The war on terror doesn't exist the people in power are using it as an excuse to take minerals and oil resources.

  • imTravi

    If Lupe keeps this up he might end up like Pac...he's saying too much and "They" not gone let it go too far.

  • wishworks

    oh lupe you better cut that shit out, Obama Gangster son, send niggas to your home. M.I.B. whipping dat on your front lawn. Must remember even though Obama is a man of color, his is still the Pres. Which means his one of them good old boys you know the haves, who makes them radical have nots wit big mouths disappear. John linen, ban-to Steven Biko, Malcolm X , M.L.K. Gonde, J.F.K. & Bobby Kennedy, even a attempt on Bob Marley, and God Knows who else, that tried to speak out in where all silenced, my homie or made to look like they are crazy ( Dave Chappell, Martin Lawrence, Dixie Chicks, Rage against the Machine, all black balled) . Lupe Be careful of what you say, Watch your 6, and God Sakes Remember M.J. because they can say what they what me personally i think Sony sent Merry to give him a bad patch, Remember he own most of sony's earlier masters and publishing from various artist not just his.


    I tell you what. I am so tired of hearing this guy ramble on about his thoughts and opinions on the president. Is he making music or running for office? I mean honestly I do have to give him credit in that he people to talk to him but sometimes I wonder if some of the things he says he really believes or is he just trying to sound like this rebel alternative intellectual who can see things the rest of the world can't? lol I am sure his core fan base will support him no matter what but I think his antics just prove he doesn't know how to maneuver in in the mainstream game and now he is trying to garner attention for his music. The real reason Lupe is not selling units is because he is quite boring! Extremely talented lyricist but just a boring ass individual!

  • Anonymous

    Lupe using the word "docile" is a bad call, like someone said correctly below it implies your some kind of puppet figure.

  • deeknows

    Lupe is just doing what should be done in hip hop, he is exposing and criticising power, ofcourse he wants publicity, who doesnt ? but he is taking the moral high ground, if you dont like it go listen to something with no message!

  • Anonymous

    Obama mentions Lil Wayne and Lebrone James in his speaches. He's a wanna-be pop star. He should host 'The voice" and not the country.

  • Anonymous

    Docile = easy to manage, control, or discipline; submissive Yep you are sure one docile cu*nt you whoopie goldberg looking kook.

    • 614grind

      He said he's "docile" COMPARED to Obama's real opponents. Stop being a lazy cherry picker looking for sound bites to use in a vacuum to support your wack narrative.

    • worse1

      hahahaha! tru dat must b whoopi goldbergs brother from another father!

  • Anonymous

    Lupe just mouths off platitudes all the ain't saying nothing that is threat to jackshit...its getting corny

  • kennyken

    now that i've googled docile and found out what it means, i'm gonna say this. Obama is not doing anything worse than any president before him. I don't understand why he is under such scrutiny because he's black. the president doesn't run the country. if you pay attention, it's these 8 or 10 billiionaires running everything. that's why none of obama's policies ever easily make it through the house. Psy attention, people. obama is our biggest hope for the country. We've become so big-headed and just full of ourselves, and have watched other countries and continents build while we sat around fighting over black/white/power issues. Obama is not the problem. He wants to change the entire face of this country, which is long overdue.

    • Anonymous

      Stupidity thy name is wad92

    • Anonymous

      No sorry but ur wrong. Its has nothing to do with his fucking skin color its the fact that hes brought the deficit up(i understand if u gottalook that one up to) into the trillions,done nothing about the wars, hasnt fixed the jobs solution at all just changed the way they do the numbers so it almost seems like he did something not to mention the fucked up shit he did with fast and furious. Plus his policies are pretty socialistic in nature and sorry but that jut promotes lazy ass motherfuckers who dont even know what docile means.

  • wad92

    If you are defending Obama you are an idiot. He promised to bring the troops home but instead sent more, he promised to shut down Guantanimo Bay but didn't. He promised to not send his troops in without a real reason for war and yet seems to be antagonising Iran about claims of WMDs. The only thing Obama has done right is Obama care, being the first black president, and being a great personality. If you way that against his faults it doesn't cancel them out

    • Anonymous

      So in other words if he were white, he would be considered a normal president. People like you kill me with this OVER dramatized critique of Obama.

  • Anonymous

    he listens to tech n9ne? Never would have thought he listened to tech, collab...make it happen

  • smartypants

    "died" not "did"

  • smartypants

    the reason people were mad at this idiot is because he was telling people not to vote. lets see how much this dunce like Romney. People did so black folks could vote. I thought this nerd was conscious. failure.

    • lolsmileyface

      "People died for our right to ride at the front of the bus but niggas are still sitting in the back by choice." Shit cracked me up! But its true man. 100%

    • 614grind

      When did he tell people not to vote??? He said he didn't vote. Stop spreading half truths just to support your lazy agenda. Lupe does more for the community at large than a vote could ever do. He said that he doesn't vote because America historically and presently has had terroristic, war mongering policies. Since he is totally against war of any kind, he can't in good conscience vote for a US President. Stop reading headlines and go to the horses mouth.

    • ThinkCritically

      True, people did fight and die for our right to vote. But if you have the right to vote then you have the right not to vote, right? If I as a citizen believe that neither candidate is qualified for the position or that it doesnt matter who the president is because nothing change, why should I vote? People died for our right to ride at the front of the bus but niggas are still sitting in the back by choice.

  • c4 triple plat

    no. hes a dumb ass.

  • Anonymous


  • RC

    Lupe really is a pretty docile critic, he really hasn't said any incredibly deep or important shit. Now if he started dropping knowledge like Immortal Technique then I'd have some respect for him.

    • Anonymous

      @Corey you not listening because you're a media bitch that only listens to what plays on the radio

    • 614grind

      The question is, do you apply and the knowledge that was dropped on you?

    • showcase

      little weapon?

    • Corey

      yet lupe is at the coke lounge, being heard, by the masses. lake of potency does not affect the facts. immortal is dope, but hes not being heard yo.

    • DrebinSlevin

      Immortal Technique has a much larger and more vicious catalogue of song criticizing the government and talking about social issues. Lupe has ONE song off of his debut. None on his second and ONE on his crappy third album. Lupe points out the exact same social issues that Mos Def and Talib Kweli have been for the past 15 years. Lupe ain't saying anything new.

    • El Hajj

      You must not be listening to Lupe then...or you must just be HEARING not LISTENING

    • ....

      As oppose to you, who is dropping knowledge all over the place...

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck was that video filmed with? holy shit i feel sick

  • Anonymous

    Doom might be the most underrated ever. Unreal discography.

  • Anonymous

    i dont think i can take 2 more months of lupe saying dumb shit just to get publicity for his album

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