Asher Roth Changes Title Of Sophomore LP Because Of Frank Ocean's "Channel Orange"

Asher Roth scraps his album title "Is This Too Orange?" to avoid comparisons to Frank Ocean's debut.

Asher Roth wants his sophomore album to stand on its own. During an interview with Karmaloop TV, the Def Jam rapper said that he scrapped the title of his second LP, Is This Too Orange?, claiming that he wants to avoid comparisons to label mate Frank Ocean's major label debut Channel Orange.

"Yeah, it’s tough. Obviously, the initial title of the album was Is This Too Orange? and out of respect for Frank [Ocean], and the project that he put together, he kind of beat me to the punch. So whatever, whatever," he said. "I just want to make sure that we have an original idea. I don’t want any connotation or any comparisons or anything like that, simply off of a name. We might have to start fresh from a namesake, might have the fans name it. We’ll see what’s up."

As for the delay surrounding the record, the "I Love College" rapper said that he's dealing with the politics of the music industry but that he's trying to preserve the quality of the music without compromising his artistry.

"We have a new album coming out, and obviously with the music business and the industry being the way that it is, the shape that it is, we’re kind of dealing with those strings. So we’re just trying to navigate those seas and point the ship in the right direction without compromising the character or compromising the art. So we’re just having fun and making sure we’re doing it right."

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  • Asher Roth - The Spaghetti Tree

    1. For You (Produced by Nottz) 2. Not Enough (Produced by Nottz) 3. Whatever You Say (Produced by Nottz) 4. Ball and Chain feat. Pharrell (Produced by Pharrell Williams) 5. The Life of Kings feat. Game (Produced by Pharrell Williams) 6. G.R.I.N.D (Get Ready It's a New Day) (Produced by 1500 or Nothin') 7. Hiding Place (Produced by Oren Yoel) 8. Second Chances feat. Pharrell & Mac Miller (Produced by Pharrell Williams) 9. Still Lives Through feat. Santigold (Produced by The Neptunes) 10. All Roads feat. Chester French (Produced by 1500 or Nothin') 11. Home feat. Chrisette Michele (Produced by Chuck Inglish) 12. That Ain't Love (Produced by Blended Babies) 13. Don't Wait feat. Swizz Beatz (Produced by Swizz Beatz) 14. Dreams feat. King Chip (Produced by 1500 or Nothin') 15. I Wanna Know (Produced by Nottz)

  • Jamon

    Niggas be sleapin on Asher cuz hes white and not just that really, mosty its because he raps about different shit and has a different swa. Fact is this dude has alot of skill on the mic, hes a real cat, cant wait for the new album.

  • R.Pgh

    Still listening to Pabst & Jazz. One of the better mixtapes in the past 2 years. Sucks that every article refers to him as the 'I love college' rapper. Just pigeonholes him that much more, when that's really his only 'gimmicky' song.

  • Anonymous

    who gives a fuck about this Macaulay Culkin lookin muthafucka

    • Anonymous

      Obviously you if you clicked on the article about him and commented? you must have given a fuck to initially click and end up here. Did you think about that before or?

  • Anonymous

    answer: it is too orange

  • Mastadon

    Wish the labels wouldnt fuck artists over so much and kill any buzz they get going. Cannot wait for his cd to come out! Fuck the major labels

  • Fuck Asher Roth & His Family

    It's a shame no one will buy your album.

    • HAHAyo

      Its a shame u aint got nothin better to do than troll

    • R.Pgh

      I plan on buying it, so there goes your theory.

    • Anonymous

      So you're saying, out of the billions of people on this planet, not a single person is a fan and is going to buy this album? not even ONE person. Yeah, that seems legit, we'll go with that. this album wont get 1 sale. Even if it doesn't sell, it only means it hasn't sold, it doesn't mean the music itself isn't still the best thing you haven't heard. It's an opinion and yours is pretty irrelevant as it's negative and unjustified.

  • DJJ

    If the new Asher album comes out and then Jay Electronica's Act II, 2012 will be such a great year for me. Also that new Brother Ali is coming too! OH YEAH!

  • bmoc

    cant wait for the album

  • streetvillain

    Who knew David Spade could spit?

  • DrebinSlevin

    There's no buzz left for this guy. He need's to get that album out. SOON.

  • JETLIFE116

    duhh fuck...a nigga been waiting two years to buy this shit

    • Anonymous

      If you were a fan, you'd know he has mixtapes and they would hold you over at least for a little while. But yes, I too have been anticipating this sophomore for a while now.

  • Anonymous

    Orange is the new pink..

  • Anonymous

    asher roth hates homos

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