Ab-Soul Explains Calling President Obama "A Puppet"

During his interview with Duck Down Visuals, Ab-Soul says his reference on "Terrorist Threats" wasn't meant to disrespect President Barack Obama.

According to two separate polls—by Gallup and Washington Post-ABC News respectively—President Barack Obama’s overall approval rating is at 47%. And while emcees such as Lupe Fiasco have made it clear that they don’t necessarily fall into the approving percentile, Ab-Soul says his reference to the President as “a puppet” in the song “Terrorist Threats” doesn’t mean he’s anti-Obama. On the song, which also features Danny Brown and Jhene Aiko, Ab-Soul rhymes the following bars:

“Dear Barack / I know you just a puppet but I’m giving you props / You lying to the public like it ain’t nothing / And I just love it / I hope it don’t stop…”

In a recent interview with Duck Down Visuals, Ab-Soul clarified the lines.

“It didn’t even really have too much to do with his race,” Ab-Soul explained. “I just used his name because he is the current President. I always say that’s no disrespect Barack Obama. If I were to vote, I definitely would like to have him in there over anybody else.”

Apparently the Office of the President, presumably one of the many control systems Ab-Soul references with his album title, isn’t even a target. Soul added that some control systems might work for other people, and the larger point was to make listeners raise questions about their own beliefs. The full interview, which also features Ab-Soul explaining his influences and how he went from working at a record store to becoming an emcee, can be seen below.

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  • Anonymous


  • Kevin

    Ab never said he was sorry for his comment he just clarified it. He never meant for it to be seen as a direct attack at Obama as it was really meant to target the position of President being a puppet saying and doing what higher ups want. And like Ab said Obama is just the current President but it would be the same with anyone else so he'd rather have someone he likes in office.

  • Confused

    I don't understand what's so confusinig about his statement. He doesn't mean to disrespect Obama as a person or man because no one really has the right to do that to anybody. But Obama, in his opinion, is simply a puppet, even if with better intentions than the next person. You niggas get so caught up in the fact that he considers himself black, you forget that he's a POLITICIAN. Of course he tells you what you want to hear or think should be said. Of course he's a puppet. 98% of all politicians with actual careers answer to others, have to repay favors, etc., even if they actually mean good. It's politics. It's also why he said he used his name because he's the CURRENT president. He's just the next person to play the game. I don't necessarily agree but I get his view, mostly because I put more than 2 seconds of thought into his statements and how the world works.

  • Anonymous

    pussy...just say what you ment

  • Anonymous


  • Really???

    cue niggas talking about politics who have never read a book or even follow politics in 5..4..3..2..

    • Kevin

      For your info Ab-Soul is actually very intellectual and a highly educated man. don't assume someone is something because of their appearance. And Ab said anyone in that position is a puppet, Obama just happened to be the current president so he used his name. So how bout you stop being a bitchass nigga talkin tough behind a fucking computer.

    • $p|!ff999 aka $p|@t999

      "If I were to vote, I definitely would like to have him in there over anybody else. but he's calling that man a puppet??? So his racist ass would vote for a fuckup excuse of a president because he's a black man over a decent white president??? Another bitchassniqqa with a bitchass opinion...pathetic.

  • truthhurts

    you muthafuckas really think Ab Soul is gon waist his time explaining what he really meant to the interviewer at duck down visuals? it was plain as day fuckin retards. like 99.9% of people are sheep. those in the know dont even bother with yall because yall only want to hear what pleases your ears. anything that goes against what yall sheep muthafuckas thought you knew & loved gets shot down. Ab aint tryna be labeled a conspiracy theorist. all people want to do is put a nigga in a box. the dude speaks the truth, if you dont like it then you got the choice not to listen. truth hurts. this life is a bitch. see you niggas on the other side.

  • Anonymous

    Obama is puppet because the Jews controls him and they tell him who to attack how to kill when to kill who is his enemy and the Jews enemy which is Iraq Palestine Afghanistan Tunisia Libya Egypt Yemen Bahrain Syria Lebanon Iran Sudan Somalia Qatar Saudi Arabia Kuwait UAE etc they are the leaders of U.S.A UK and the ones who would fall in the trap or the evil path of Jews respect comes with great character nobility and righteousness but not in a evil our corrupt way by killing and preying on innocent soul which was created for a purpose to live just like any other human being

  • Anonymous

    "The same way Em was throwing subliminal shots at Wayne on Recovery even though he was working with him." http://www.jackofallthoughts.com/music-entertainment-commentary/eminem-%E2%80%98recovery%E2%80%99-album-has-hidden-message-subliminal-shot-at-lil%E2%80%99-wayne/ some interesting info

  • ItsTheTruth

    Ab-Soul is playing with everybody, except his true fans that are on the same level as him. Ab-Soul made that album for people who are awake and see the truth in the matrix we live in. Regular people will not be able to comprehend the idea that the President would be chosen for the people regardless of votes. That is only given to the people for the illusion of freedom. Ab-Soul is not going to waste his time explaining this to some schmuck who would just end up labeling him a conspiracy theorist, it's not ab-soul's job to sit down with everyone and say, "Hey, listen, you need to understand this." That is the own person's job, if they are willing to go down the rabbit hole with an open mind, or choose to feel safe in the ignorance-is-bliss reality they chose. There is an interview with Ab-Soul where he says Rick Ross and 2-Chainz are his favorite rappers. He said it was because "they have the best ad-libs." Do you actually he believe he was serious there too? He was totally fucking with the interviewer because that's actually how dumb some people are. The same way Em was throwing subliminal shots at Wayne on Recovery even though he was working with him. Ab-Soul is one of rap's biggest enigmas, and if you don't understand his music, you won't understand who he is and where he's coming from.

    • Paul

      He means that the position of President is used as a puppet. Whether the President be Barack or John Appleshoe the fact remains that they are just puppets with no real power or free will.

    • Anonymous

      first of all, i didn't say that i think he's trying to be something or the other, i said he's not as deep n shit as y'all make him out to be. but as for him trying to be conscious or whatever, c'mon, that Dear Barack / I know you just a puppet but Im giving you props / You lying to the public like it aint nothing / And I just love it / I hope it dont stop what is that supposed to mean? what's his point? is he supposed to be trying to enlighten people when he says shit like that? and then: It didnt even really have too much to do with his race, Ab-Soul explained. I just used his name because he is the current President. I always say thats no disrespect Barack Obama. If I were to vote, I definitely would like to have him in there over anybody else. c'mon. y'all give this dude too much credit

    • truthhurts

      clearly you just have your head in your ass so you dont understand. you think he is posing as an intellectual or whatever else you might think hes faking? FOH. take ya ass back to class with that bull my friend.

    • Anonymous

      i don't think that Ab-Soul is as deep or as intellectual or conscious or whatever as you and these other dudes posting below make him out to be.

  • Anonymous

    He was just telling the truth, Obama is a huge puppet. Doesn't mean that you can't respect him and want to vote for him, thats just how the US federal government is set up. It's just stating facts.

  • Anonymous

    Wtf soul.. swallowing your words. You called him a puppet for a reason why go back on what you say now? Upsetting...

  • Anonymous

    But this doesn't make since. You can't say Obama is a clown and he lying, then turn around and say "I didn't mean to disrespect him" and that "I would vote for him". Either you like him or your don't.

  • El Hajj

    Damn Obama got yall on his dick. I don't know why you all put such faith in politicians rather than yourselves. Obama will not save you and neither will any other politician. Only YOU CAN SAVE YOU. and God.

  • bootsy

    obama sucks he loves gays more than blacks, obama has never ever came to the hood and he dont do nothing for unemployment he is a puppet ab had it right the first time

  • sqb

    Im with dan on this one.We all know what he ment dont see why he has to go back and say some dumb shit to cover it up.


    Clown ! OPINIONGUY2011 .COM

  • idiot

    You are calling AB SOUL stupid? SMH

  • Dan

    Rappers are very stupid

    • Anonymous

      Ab Soul's intelligence is definatly shown more through his music then interviews. Trust me he is certainly not dumb. Just listen to the Control System album to see what I'm talking about.

    • DanYou'reAFool

      He is saying ALL presidents and politicians are puppets not just Barack. And he clarified his statement because he likes Barack more than fucking idiots like Mitt Romney and he'd rather have Barack in office than a lot of other people. Pretty clear statement if you ask me

    • Dan

      You giving this guy to much credit. He's one average smart dumb rappers.

    • blasphemy

      "Dan" is very stupid. I rest my case.

    • notYOU

      He's targeting Obama because he's the current president. It's obvious that Soul would rather have Obama in office rather then McCain or Romney, that's what he means by that comment. It doesn't matter who the president it.. because they end up being "puppets" anyway. Think about it...

    • Dan

      "I always say thats no disrespect Barack Obama. If I were to vote, I definitely would like to have him in there over anybody else. I rest my case.

    • notYOU

      Ok, they're stupid just because they don't like how the government in this country is running?? You must not be aware of what direction our country is headed in. Don't be ignorant....

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