Snoop Dogg Reflects On Protect The West Summit, Says He's The Reincarnation of Bob Marley

Exclusive: The West Coat legend also officially announces his name change to Snoop Lion and previews his upcoming Reggae project, "Reincarnated."

From Murder Was The Case to porn to competing on The Price Is Right, pigeonholing Snoop Dogg is impossible. The Rap legend's storied, 20-plus year career seemingly tap dances on every cultural touch point. His latest redux: the birth of Snoop Lion.

The artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg officially announced his new moniker, Snoop Lion, along with the upcoming release of his first Reggae album, Reincarnated yesterday in Manhattan's Miss Lily's restaurant. Flanked by his business partner, Ted Chung, Reincarnated's producer Diplo (of Major Lazer), Suroosh Alvi (CEO and co-founder of VICE Media), and MTV's Sway Calloway who moderated the event -- Snoop detailed the unexpected spiritual journey that incited his latest evolution. "I had no plans on going to Jamaica, making a Reggae record or nothing," he explained to the gaggle of media members in attendance. "The spirit called told me to find something that's connected towards the Bob Marley spirit because I always thought I was Bob Marley reincarnated. It drew me to Jamaica." Snoop continued:

"It's not Snoop Dogg on a Reggae track. I want to bury Snoop Dogg and become Snoop Lion. But I didn't know that until I went to the temple. The high priest, when I walked in, he asked what is my name. I said, 'Snoop Dogg.' He said, 'No more...You are the light. You are the Lion.' From that moment on, I had started to understand why I was there. We hadn't even recorded one song, but I was taking all of this information and spirit."

"I didn't know what Snoop wanted," said Diplo, describing his initial reaction when first approached about Reincarnated. "I didn't know if was going to be Dancehall. But he loved the records that we were doing and he wanted to do real Reggae music. He wanted to sing and find a new voice and make good music."

Reincarnated is a three piece endeavor. In conjunction with the Reggae album, there is also a photo book shot by Los Angeles photographer Willie T on the way, and a documentary film created by VICE Media detailing Snoop's career evolution that has been accepted into this year's Toronto International Film Festival. "I thought we'd film like 20 minutes and this would be some extra online viral accents that will go along with the album whenever it comes out," said Suroosh Alvi. "After being in Jamaica for three or four days with Snoop and the whole team, I realized we're making a feature length documentary. This is amazing."

With a musical career littered with fantastic gangsta raps and unabashed pimpery, Reincarnated signals the maturation of the now 40-year old emcee. He's excited about being able to perform songs suitable for "kids and [his] grandparents" and spoke at length about a song entitled "No Guns Allowed," one of his personal favorites. "[This journey] helped me to tap into something that I have never been able to," he said. "I could never make a song called 'No Guns Allowed' because I'm supposed to be a gangster...But after looking at the world for what it is now, and my kids, and all the things that go on in life, I feel like there should be no guns allowed."

When asked by HipHopDX, Snoop also reflected on the results of the Protect The West Summit he organized in 2005 in effort to quell conflict amongst West Coast emcees:

"Today as I look at it right now, that's why they hail me as the king of the West Coast; as Uncle Snoop, because of the things that I have done to Protect The West -- to make sure that we have something. To make sure that we don't kill each other and shoot each other and bad mouth each other to where the people up top don't close down the industry and say, 'Y'all can't eat in this avenue anymore.' This is still a business. That's what I try to teach the brothers everyday. [There's] more crimes committed with us on us than anybody else. If we can change a few thoughts and make a few people wake up and say that it's ok to be cool with them years later after we had problems with them -- that's old and gone with, lets work on tomorrow -- that keeps us alive. That keeps us strong  That keeps us healthy. It keeps us one. It keeps us growing. We have to keep that alive for our youth; for the generations coming after us. Remember when you was a kid and you were aspiring to be someone that inspired you? We have to be that because we've been given the light. I'm behind you now, so my light will continue to shine."

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  • Tyler

    Seriously? this man has just bread DEATH to his people. Teaching them that it's better to be a soldja than to stay in school, learn and VOTE the current charlatains out of office and bring the peace of JAH to the world. He isn't Bob, he's hollow and dead inside PEACE to the people of JAH Tyler

  • Dissapointed Fan

    It's so sad to see a legend just ruin his whole career.

  • Acesun

    FOHWTBS. The only thing him and Marley had in common was that they both smoked trees. He not even from an area populated with Jamaicans like NYC. Fuk Outta here, looks like a person that just found out about Jamaica, and grew a fondness, he doesn't even pay homage to Reggae music, GTFOH Duke. Mad corney for this shit.

  • Assassin221

    DX you fucked this headline up,"Snoop Dogg Changes Name to Snoop Lion, Announces Reggae Album" would get a lot more clicks. Anyway that shit is crazy, sounds like some mid-life crisis shit right there. I thought Snoop as the stoner/gangster/pimp persona was one of those things you could count on like death and taxes but I guess not. Seems like celebrities either get mature or get weird like Tom Cruise, just sorry to see Snoop go that route.

  • showcase

    so he finally got so high he saw Bob Marley ..its about time but, he's has been in the game for so many years and always finds a away to stay relevent. I'm sure he has strong likng for Bob and wanting to create a reggae album. He couldn't have picked a better timing.

  • go snoop lion

    y'all are gonna be surprised when his record comes out and it's the bomb

  • Anonymous

    Rap game.. the new WWE

  • Anonymous

    snoop has officially smoked himself retarded

  • Fuck Long Beach

    Whatever you call yourself nigga, I still hate you.

  • Anonymous

    i like the fact snoop actually does/and wants to try to make different kinds of music. Real artist are versitile and can make anything...although if snoop is going to make a reggae album he better really focus and actually "make" a raggae album..not how like rappers say im making a rock album, yet its still kinda hiphop..and people who doubt snoop shouldnt because hes sold millions, toured, and everything else, why not do something he personally wants.

  • Anonymous

    I dont see why people are so upset. His last few efforts were not so good, maybe its beeter off he does reggae. I mean the track is actually pretty decent and he is prolly sick of the mainstream bullshit rap has become. Its his life let him do what the fuck he wants with it, instead of criticizing everything people do. As for the Bob reincarnated thing, they are just words that came out of his mouth, big fucking deal, as long as you don't take his music like he actually is it should not matter.

  • kv

    prolly irrelevant, but does this silly nigga realise bob marley died like 10 years AFTER he was born? snoop's turned into a punchline lately.

  • hmmmmm

    I wonder what pac would say about this were he still alive...

  • Anonymous

    woooow mid-life crisis!

  • Nesta

    Incredibly offensive to the legacy of Bob. Bob was a prophet.

  • ETL

    Kids have grown up to adults had their own kids while waiting on Detox, Mobb Deep breaks up, now this?

  • ElisawqkEllen

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  • Tiburon

    Bob Marley is a legend. Snoop is a fraud. FOH!

  • Pr0

    this nigga on bath salts?!?!?

  • georgel

    Changing your name from Dogg to lion is the first stupid mistake. Really wack!! His first single La la la sounds so forced. If he wanted to do something different then thats fine but changing his name to another animal name and saying your the next bob marley basically is ridiculous. What the hell happened to the 187 snoop back in the 90's. I remember seeing that video and song and his first songs on dres album and i thought he seemed cool then it was all downhill after that. Hes a joke now. Put him in the same category as mobb deep. Both have lost their minds. Thank god nas is still normal

  • Anonymous

    Please,please, please say this is some kind of late April Fools joke. You've got to be kidding me.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga ain't bob marley reincarnated....he's bob marley RETARDED

  • Anonymous

    Exploiting another man's death and legacy to invest into his fucking gimmick. This is sick.

  • ME

    if yall saw Snoop and met him face to face yall would be squeeling like little bitches ------------------------------------------------ In the words of Eazy E the great *Your only 60 pounds when your wet & wearin boots* Your dumb ass thinks Snoop is beating people up, right? U kids... SMHID

  • Jim

    Can't even believe it, wtf is he thinking?! RIP Snoop Dogg, he can never come back if he tries, reincarnation of Bob Marley? i dont care, you say it once you are completely reatrded

  • K-Ruz

    Hip-Hop Has No sanity Anymore, rappers Have to create some Sort of Drama To stay relevant..whatever Happened to letting the music Speak?? whatever Happened to letting your talent make people Remember who you Are?..if you got nothing left in you lay low till you have enough ammo to get back in or just quit.

    • Anonymous

      he's 40 now. he can't rap about gangsta shit anymore without embarassment. it's time he finds a new lane. i for one, welcome the change

  • jack johnson

    Snoop Lion is probably just the name he'll use for his reggae persona, he's not actually changing his rapping name to snoop lion. Just like how he uses the name 'niggarachy' for his producing persona

  • Anonymous

    I don't think Bob Marley ever glorified gang violence ONCE in his career.

  • Anonymous

    I swear this nigger has lost the fuckn plot



  • fuck

    snoop dogg is the reincarnation of vanilla ice

  • snoop lion is WACK

    fuck this nigga man, i used to love snoop, and i love reggae, but this shit is so fucking wack.... makes me want to give up the ganja forever after what it did to this nig

  • jack johnson

    To bob marley... ..sorry about this :(



  • This is Awesome

    ahah I dont care what anyone thinks this is the coolest shit I have ever heard anyone doing. He just flipped everything on all you sales number counting wanna be tough guys and said f'it Im goin reggae. I love it. The rap game is so stupid and watered down anyways. the last thing we need is ANY more rappers. Right on snoop lion I would smoke to that!

  • merk city

    respect the dead. (marley) respect snoop's career.

  • jr_rider23

    I wonder at what point after he sobers up on the plane ride home from Jamaica is Snoop going to say, "what the hell was I thinking"

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    it finally happened he smoked so much he thinks he's marley

  • ETK

    nigga must be out his fuckin mind which high priest was that? "you are the Lion" shit he musta smoked more than Snoop did

  • Anonymous

    there's only one King of The WestCoast and thats The Game.....this nigga too faded

  • Anonymous

    Great. Now he changed his name (again), plus he's desgracing the legacy of Bob Marley. What a fucking bitch.

  • Anonymous

    just let me know when he puts out another good cd. its been like a fuckin decade

  • Wtf

    The reincarnation of Bob Marley??? What a fuckin disgrace!

  • Anonymous

    From Dogg to Lion, that shit sounds legit as fuck. This is probably a stunt to reincarnate his deaded career. Is there anything rappers wont claim?

  • TDogg

    Hey asshole..hit a nerve didn't I..thanks for reading my silly kid bitch ha ha ha

  • T Dogg

    and for all you Tupac dick riders..Pac wouldn't have became the legend he is today without the influence of Snoop and Death Row Records...silly kid bitches..before All Eyez on Me Pac wasn't a Mega rapper..but you lil young ass living with yo mama ass kids don't shit about hip hop history..go listen to early Tupac..he was on some Chuck D shit..good day silly kid bitches!

    • realtalk101

      Me Against The World was released on Interscope prior to 2pac inking a deal with Death Row Records. That album to me was his best and it highlighted his transition more so in full depth from his previous works to material to come.

  • T Dogg

    mofos is crazy on these boards..must be lil kids..William Roberts can say he's Rick Ross and he used to work in a prison..Nas can be Escobar but never sold tons of coke..rappers can be all these negative people and that's acceptable..but when Snoop says I'm Bob Marley he got to be silly dumb fucks..go up and read his words..the man brought all the west coast rappers together on some peace silly ass kids..mofos get murked out here in LA in a real way..especially when they're clicked up on some rap shit..who else other than Snoop can get everyone together? the man is worldwide with his influence..he and you know good got damn well he aint Bob Marley literally you dumb kid fucks..if yall saw Snoop and met him face to face yall would be squeeling like little bitches..the man is a living legend..Remember this little kid bitches..if it wasn't for Snoop Dogg there would have been NO avenue for gangster rap on a mainstream level no No Limit Records, No Cash Money, none of that understand his contribution to the game..let's see how long these new rappers can last and make money while doing it..very few last 20 years doing offices are not even stable anymore..silly kid bitches

    • Size Em Up

      "if it wasn't for Snoop Dogg there would have been NO avenue for gangster rap on a mainstream level" N.W.A., Ice-T, King Tee. These three paved the way for mainstream gangster rap. Anybody else that got started in the nineties is a beneficiary (Snoop). Other than that, your other points seem valid. From what I could decipher through your ranting.

    • TDogg

      you just made your sexual preference known..this convo is over..I cannot argue with a homosexual..

    • Anonymous

      i couldnt understand the point you were trying to get across with so much snoop cum in your mouth.

    • T Dogg

      ill skin your kids alive mofo dont fuck with me

    • asshole

      you are an idiot, who gives a flying fuck. raise kids to care about more then celebrities and you will find things alot better/easier in life

  • 50 Cent


  • Anonymous

    Starting to wonder if all these rappers are not just playing make-believe. Outside of maybe Styles P I'm starting to doubt anyone's did what they claim to have or still are.

  • Anonymous

    For all you cats out there justifying this move in the name of maturity, do not be fooled. Snoops been busting hard core lyrics about murdering people and pimping out women for years despite the fact that his has been married with kids for years. I guess this is what Ghostface was saying when "your favourite rappers be really frontin". This is sure to be an epic failure and ol' Snoop will be back threatening folk and pimpin women in at lease one rhyme within in 2 years. This is not what Bob Marley was about and is a fucking insult.

  • Big Ghostface

    Reincarnation of Bob Marley? Fuck.Outta.Here.

  • sun_god7

    Don't hold your breath for Jay-Z to become Jay-X.

  • Jon

    So he went from king of the yard to king of the jungle. What's next: Snoop Dodo?

  • da1

    I bet the blunt smoke is still in his system.

  • Skoolz da Teacha

    The first comment punctuates this bit of news as effectively as possibility would allow. Shout to d-nucks, em please "refer to first comment"

  • d-nucks

    yep this nigga has smoked one blunt of kush too many....Snoop Lion? Hilarious. Now this nigga a rastafarian? Even More hilarious. REincarnation of Bob Marley? Utterly RIDICULOUS....that is so disrespectful

    • Eat a dick

      This jst proved that weed in jamaica is so strong to comfuse even weed Connoisseurs like Snoop to completely loose their minds...I mean Snoop Lion WTF!!! THIS SHIT IS HILARIOUS...

  • dentaldamboy

    What's the matter "Snoop Lion"? Did Katy Perry not want to do another song? YMCMB always stay true to thier roots.

  • Fuck Snoop Lion & His Family

    Bob Marley just roled on his grave.

  • Up North

    I don't know man. One minute he's a hard as fuck West Coast O.G., next minute he's a pimp running around with Don Magic Juan, and now he's Bob Marley Reincarnate? Bob Marley was about far more than music and smoking weed. He was about his people. And there was never any confusion about it. Do what you do Snoop. But do it for the right reasons, not simply because you want a change of pace.

  • dave

    Snoop ! opinionguy2011 .com

  • fabdoe

    From Snoop Doggy Dogg, to just Snoop Dogg, and now Snoop Lion? yup the weed has taken over his life lol

  • Ricky Downs

    I think it comes with being 40. The young guys on here are saying Snoop is dead. Snoop has woken up and seen the truth. How long can you keep calling women bitches? Don't you ever want a family? What if you have a daughter and I told you how much I want to wax that big fat ass? You would be pissed. And finally, blacks just keep killing blacks. I am white and my family are Chicago cops. The gun violence is just blacks killing blacks. And some white people love it! Go listen to MF Grimm. You think being paralyzed and in prison is cool. Also, Chief Keef is a god damn idiot. He is a disgrace to Chicago and rap. Kool Keith is the true master! Peace.

    • stupidpig

      Hkohr and white trash cop guy need to stop double body slamming white women into the pavement . h.kohr and cop are the same white trash .

    • H.Kohr

      Even though I ain't really a fan of the police, i have to co-sign this post from the cop-family-guy.

    • Ricky Downs

      Also, why does anyone listen to a correctional officer from Florida? I thought it was all about no snitching or whatever. Peeps don't even follow their own codes. Buying gangster fantasies from a C.O. Wake up!

  • Kingpin

    Niggas is stupid hatin on snoops movement.u can't be stuck on tha same shit for 20+ years.u can't be rappin bout shit u was doin back in tha day to appeal to niggas now.big ups to snoop cuz that nigga stay real...he a real g, movin like a real g.niggas be madd close-minded n shit n don't know hat maturity is...u ain't 20 suntin all ya life totin straps n shit Real niggas do real shit

  • lol

    this nigga lost his smind

  • youngsta

    snoop lion?!!! hahahahahahahaha! just retire you old ass bitch.

  • Shawn Williams

    Snoop Dogg is going Reggae?????? Man, I miss the old Snoop Dogg! But now it's Snoop Lion!!!!!!!!!! He'll be right back soon, I promise.

  • Anonymous

    snoop you smoke too much...

  • Anonymous

    Get off the big homie snoop. If he wants to do a Reggae album so be it.

  • Neon Voyce

    Somebody stop this old dude from playing the smoke messiah. His braincells are burned out smoking weed all day everyday, I mean really who takes this dumb ass n**** really serious anymore? R:I:P: Snoop

  • Anonymous

    This is a joke right? Like when 50 cents hand got cut off by the Lamborghini doors on the Escalade.

  • Anonymous

    Snoop is trying to do new things. Come on, you can't keep rapping about the same sh*t all your life. You're gonna get tired of it at one point. Still, while I am anxious to see how Snoop will sound now, I hope he doesn't completely abandon rapping. You can still rap on a reggae song about peace and partying and all that.

    • T Dogg

      Snoop's press conference yesterday is on YouTube where he explained he won't stop rapping, but right now he's tired of the same old Snoop Dogg type raps

  • nickrazor2000

    My man has officially smoked himself retarded. Snoop Dogg 1992-2012 R.I.P. YOU WILL BE MISSED

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