Chris Brown Denies Criticizing Frank Ocean's Sexuality

Chris Brown turns to his Twitter account to deny accusations that he critiqued fellow singer Frank Ocean's sexuality.

After finding himself in the midst of yet another mild controversy, this time involving Odd Future crooner Frank Ocean, singer Chris Brown took to his Twitter account today (July 30) to voice his opinion on the matter.

The singer, who received harsh criticism after allegedly replying “no homo” when asked about Frank Ocean in an interview, went on to state that people were “searching for BS” when it comes to his alleged comment about Ocean.

"My Opinion on the whole Frank Ocean subject is ......... Love who u wanna love. It's ur decision. People stop searching for BS," Brown Tweeted.

Brown’s Twitter commentary then quickly switched to matters of world peace and “social acceptance.”

"Everyone is so quick to point the wrong fingers at each other! Ask urself... Am I Doing everything I can to help the world…The world is so bent on social acceptance that we've forgotten what makes us special..." he added. "Our individuality! #Imdone #readabookbitch."

Just last year Brown and Ocean exchanged words on Twitter after Brown compared the Odd Future singer to James Fauntleroy and Kevin Cossum. Both singers did eventually put their brief Twitter spat behind them.

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  • No Homo

    You want a rapper that will speak his mind and on whats on his heart about the Frank Ocean status? Interview DMX

  • youngsta

    chris brown is right. it's our individuality that makes each one of us unique. i'm not gay but i can support frank for living HIS lifestyle, being HIS own self. and whoever says being gay or bisexual is a gimmick is a fucking idiot. you guys act like now since frank came out of the closet, hundreds of other rappers/singers are going to follow suit. fuck outta here, that's not going to happen. and channel orange is a dope album. fuck what a hater say.

  • Hip Prophet

    WORD. If fags want to suck it so bad, they should just suck it AAALLLL up. Haha jk, honestly hip hop fans, can't we just accept everyone? Sooner than later, the first mainstream gay rapper is gonna show up. Of course, at first it'll be a gimmick just to get a lot of followers, and he'll be able to diss everyone because he won't be offended when they accuse him of doing gay things, because he'll be gay! I'm telling ya'll, knowing how hip hop is and has been, a gay rapper will soon come out. It's all just a big fucking circus.

  • Anonymous

    who gives a shit what this childish criminal thinks about anything #ifyouwerenotrichyouwoulddbegettingrapeddailyinprisonbitch

  • Chad

  • Anonymous

    chris brown if a fuckin PRINCESS

  • Anonymous

    WHO CARES ABOUT GAYS FEELINGS ??? WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE TO WALK ON EGG SHELLS AROUND THEM ? If I was famous and somebody asked me about Frank Ocean I would simply just say that I don't agree with the life style. Sue me.

  • Anonymous

    Chris and Frank O are both fags

  • Anonymous

    can't even say "NO HOMO anymore?......If these gays are so "proud" and "brave" why do they start crying when criticized? Why not just suck it up and keep moving?

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