Snoop Dogg Banned From Norway For Marijuana Possession

One of Snoop Dogg's favorite vices will keep him out of Norway for two years.

Snoop Dogg's legendary penchant for smoking marijuana has now created difficulties for the West Coast rapper.

TMZ reports that Snoop has been barred from entering Norway for two years.

Last month, customs officers stopped Snoop, whom they discovered with eight grams of weed. Snoop was punished with a fine of just under $2,000 U.S.

Snoop's lawyer says the emcee "can live with the decision," and has no immediate plans to appeal it.

This isn't the first time Snoop has had trouble getting overseas. In 2007, Australia's immigration department expressed concerns about the rapper's criminal record and banned him, but lifted the ban in 2008.

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  • Anonymous

    Ol' azz still doing young kid stuff.Be smart snoop, you have a Brand that you tarnish everytime you do something stupid.

  • killah_casp

    this is jus stupid snoop is probably the most well known stoner on the planet and people are STILL trying to stop him from enjoying a smoke really what is peoples problems with weed its our lungs and are life its a lot safer than alchol in fact if weed replaced alchol the crime rate would go down its really sad that we live in a world were we are forced to put up with perfetic laws that dont affect a single other person shame on norway

  • Anonymous

    "I'm the greatest gangster that ever lived" Yeah, your about as real as Tony Montana was.

  • Lil Loc

    Banning Snoop for smoking??? That's like banning Usain Bolt for running!!!

  • Anonymous

    thought this nigga was in detox

    • Anonymous

      Detox is an urban legend, nobody gives a fluip about it, even in the oft chance that is does come out, it has built up so many mixed feelings already that it's bound to flop.

    • Anonymous

      Lies the album doesn't exist its never gonna come out.Don't deceive yourself nigga.

    • So Thorough

      He IS they're gonna release it on January 2013 I guess

  • Anonymous

    Why is Snoop so obsessed with weed? It's like he smokes it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Decatur ATL Boi

    Rappers shouldn't go to Europe. Rap music ain't supposed to be played for rich people.

    • Decatur ATL Boi

      FYI, someone posted using my tag name, I would never say hip hop artist should never go to Europe, I feel quite the opposite, they should almost live over there because that's where they are most appreciated. P.S., for the one that used my tag name to post, you're a loser and a fraud.

    • E2

      Decatur ATL....You're an ignorant retard. Probably still live in your moms basement.

    • Anonymous

      Not every hip hop nigga is a street nigga. Some are just posers, and if you feel that way dont listen to alchemist then. He produces some hard ass beats, but he lived a good life not that I care hes dope.

    • Anonymous

      Y'all on some dumb shit!

    • ETK

      He's right though some people shouldn't listen to Rap only places it should be played are America and Africa.

    • Anonymous

      OOOOOh i didnt know every where in europe was rich including east europe was rich tell me more please tell me more great sensei Decatur ATL Boi.

    • Anonymous

      Typical ignorant american hasnt got a clue about what goes on in the world other than their own country

  • @CJonno90

    I think Marijuana anywhere shouldn't apply to Snoop I mean come on it's Snoop Doggy Dogg...

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