Rick Ross Refutes Rumors Of Signing Trina, Explains "3 Kings" With Jay-Z & Dr. Dre

Rick Ross says that he wasn't nervous, but more excited, to hop on a cut with Jay-Z and Dr. Dre.

Rick Ross is gearing up for the release of his new album God Forgives, I Don't, due July 31st. For the project, Ricky Rozay managed to get Dr. Dre and Jay-Z on the same record "3 Kings," a collaboration that he felt unified the coasts with the South and served as a momentous occasion for his career.

"Even more importantly, I feel that we were unifying the game with the West Coast, East Coast and down South at one time. It was just everybody repping they side and doing what they do, you know?" he told Wild 94.9's Nessa, explaining that recording with Dre was exciting for him. "Nah, I wasn’t nervous. I was really just, if anything, excited, because he the greatest producer in the history of Hip Hop, Rap mausic, however you want to label it. I’ve been a fan forever, straight up and down. Just to watch him turn those knobs and create a lot of music, it’s something I will definitely never forget."

The Maybach Music Group honcho addressed recent rumors that he signed Trina to his imprint, stating that no deal is in place and refuting rumors that he bought her a Maybach.

"Nah, I haven’t signed Trina yet or we haven’t done a deal yet. I was actually in the studio with Trina maybe two weeks ago, and she was playing me a lot of her new music. Her and Meek Mill did a collaboration, me and her did a collaboration. We were just in the studio kicking it, having fun."

Watch the full interview below.

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  • killacrossdadon

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  • Anonymous

    "Let's all praise Nas bceause he talked about his everyday life" Better yet, let's call him father of the year because his daughter turned out worse than a Kardasian.

  • Anonymous

    "if Ross can get drug dealers to launder money by purchasing his music in bulk and paying off A&Rs, than he stays in the game" That would make a great plot for New Jack City 2.

  • reed

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  • reed

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  • reed

    Dam nobody wants to claim her http://opinionguy2011.com

  • VicManMan

    I hate it when rappers get along and are all buddy buddy with each other. BEEF! Doesn't have to get violent, keep it lyrical. What happened to the competition in Hip Hop?

  • Anonymous

    Let's all praise Nas bceause he talked about his everyday life on IWW.

  • SATX

    This pig said Dre is the best producer of all time? RZA is WAY better than him. RZA produced 5 classic albums in a 3 year span! DRE has ghost producers! RICK ROSS is Wak!

    • The_Observer

      Nas is the biggest contradictory in hip hop history son comes out saying 'hip hop is dead', instead of reviving it by staying true to lyricism and promoting extreme lyricist, nigga turns around and kills it even more by doing features with Ross on his album so dont quote no Nas son...he's a hypocrite

    • Anonymous

      So wack that you couldn't resist clicking on an article that features him in the headline meanwhile Scarface and Sigel got 15 comments while all the supposed heads are using their time to shit on Ross and his songs. Closet dickriders. Like Nas said: "Hating is confused admiration"

  • Bunch of whining bitches in here...

    Why are y'all still crying over this Ross shit and him being a liar?Didn't fifty adopt the real 50 cent identity?Wasn't Nas using Escobar for the longest?It's fucking hip hop you bunch of whining bitches.Enjoy the music or not and shut the fuck up already you amateur bloggers with your holier than thou attitudes and more fake than everybody you rag about..bitches..

  • Me

    Detroit stand up!!! http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com/crossfade/2012/07/rick_ross_tour_bus_robbed_detroit.php

  • dench

    TORCHENT.com good website for hiphop fans

  • Big Boss Man

    Who ever questions Ross/Roberts,Rozay, what ever, is an idiot. This is how it works: Ross got a distribution deal with Warner, they don't listen to any of your whining, all they do is listen to numbers and if Ross can get drug dealers to launder money by purchasing his music in bulk and paying off A&Rs, than he stays in the game. Understand how that works. Nobody is listening to your whining about Ross. Ross is obviously either A: Planted by the feds to infiltrate rap or B: He is a front to launder money. Eeither way, he ain't going no where, so suck it up. If you don't like it, don't listen, but Ross, Roberts, Rozay, Hip Hop Police, Detective Fats, whomever, ain't going no where as long as he's telling or laundering, which ever or both. Just like that rat bastard Suge, an obvious snitch. How do you do all Suge does, make woman disappear and still, no jail. Okay, you can believe what you want, but Suge is also, either A. Fed Rat, or B. Big Gangster paying off everybody, either way, Suge ain't going no where either.



  • wouzi

    rick fraudzay album was just average. nas life is good is 1000x better than his wack ass album

  • Anonymous

    "Why does William think it's cool to rap about selling drugs when he actually was a respectable person" How many Correctional Officers do you know who wear expensive jewelry, live in mansions, and drive flashy cars? He saw an opportunity, and took advantage of it. The American Dream.

  • Anonymous

    "and refuting rumors that he bought her a Maybach" No. He leased her a Maybach.

  • over hyped track

    Ross had no reason to be nervous cuz 3kings was wack. Free Mason is a way better song. It was technically only 1.5 verses of an all-around wack ass song. Jay spits a decent verse, Ross gets credit for .5 of a verse jus cuz his verses are almost never memorable or worth mentioning & who knows wat the fuck Dr.Dre was rapping about.(alot of ppl think Ross wrote it) Not to mention that beat which is average at best. Dre gave Lemar a banger beat in Recipe but he gives Jay this mediocre shit.

  • jester

    singing trina would be a great move they have amazing chemistry

  • Anonymous

    album leaked shit is wack go download it yourself

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    shit is wack if you want to download it heres the link http://rapgodfathers.info/download/20666-rick-ross-god-forgives-i-dont-deluxe-edition

  • Anonymous

    The Notorious R.o.S.S.

  • Dave

    I lost some respect for Dre, working with Ross. Jay I get, as they are both Def Jam artists. But Dre working with this pathalogical liar sucks.

  • Dr. D R E

    Rap mausic? Someone needs spelling classes

  • Anonymous

    Why does William think it's cool to rap about selling drugs when he actually was a respectable person (before he lied SO much) who has talent and who has worked at honest jobs for a living and struggled to become succesful in entertainment only to dissapoint his fans. Hes' a bad influence of a rapper who uses the name of a living man who was in prison for doing the things William raps about, and he stole the mans look too with the beard and bald head, it's way too much for me to overlook as a music fan.



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