Lupe Fiasco Comments On 2 Chainz's "Birthday Song," Says He's Tired Of Hearing The Same Songs

Lupe Fiasco shares his thoughts on Kanye West and 2 Chainz's "Birthday Song" and breaks down the title of his upcoming album.

While appearing on Hot 93.7’s The Hot Afternoon Show With Jenny Boom Boom, Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco seemed less than enthused while speaking on Kanye West and 2 Chainz’s latest collaboration, "Birthday Song."

When asked about the song, Lupe went on to explain that when it comes to Hip Hop he’s fed up with hearing the same types of songs over and over again.

“For me, Hip Hop, I wanna hear stuff that I’ve never heard before so like 99 percent of the Hip Hop that I hear these days is just the same,” said Lupe. “And it just kinda gets like, ‘What am I listening to it for?’ And for me that’s keeping it 100. It is what it is. It might be good, the beat is dope, lyrics might be whatever on a technical thing but at the end of the day it’s like, ‘Why am I listening to this?’”

The rapper also gave a brief breakdown of the title of his upcoming album, Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1.

“Well, it’s two parts to it. One is that the album, The Great American part, is me trying to tell my perspective of the great American story, the great American history lesson, the great American experience, the great American social phenomenon…So the second half of that is the rap album part,” Lupe explained. “So there’s songs that touch on that social commentary side of it and then there’s songs that are just about rapping. Straight rapping.”

Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1 will be released on September 25 via Atlantic Records.

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  • HarrietCrosby

    songs that touch on that social commentary side of it and then theres songs that are just about rapping. Straight rapping Search and Play Free Music Online from ,where you can Play Songs, Listen Free Music Online and play any song online for free at

  • Anonymous

    Lol, u can't go dissin 2 chainz saying hes like 99% of hiphop, he reinventet himself excactly cause tity boi couldnt get attention cause he was like all the other rappers. fuck off lupe

  • Mmmmm

    Lupe bootyhole gonna be tired after I give him his birthday present

  • Jay

    Lupe is the most intelligent MC in the game.

  • Anonymous

    lupe angry west sold out

  • wavz

    Well said lupe well said.. all these rappers repeat the same ting thats y i say #coleworld. j.cole da real deal.

  • West_Coast_G

    yo i usually stay outta the commments but are you fucking kidding me lupe?? u took TROY ... one of the most known, classic records you could find...and sampled it for your new single...and ur complaining about hearing the same shit?/ please get the entire fuck outta here with that bullshit

    • Anonymous

      Going by his tracks, he seems to be very intelligent. Going by his interviews, he seems to be a fucking retard. Ver similar to his forefather Nas.


    I can outrap any of you niggaz.

  • Lupe Belongs To The GLAAD

    His name already says it all, he's a fucking fiasco.

  • romero

    I got to give Luppe his props he knows where he fits in the rap game unlike some of these artist that try to be everywhere trying to get on anybody's track.

  • SG

    I am a fan of music first, and artist last. There are many other elements in between. With that being said I am more partial to having a mixture of various different sounds to entertain myself. Music is a loosely translated version of what a person is thinking or going through at that moment. People should be more creative in there thinking as opposed to demanding artist to be more creative in their craft. When I work out I prefer to listen to a more uptempo aggressive style of music, when I am lounging I would like to listen to more subtle conscious music, when I am about to step out I want to listen to a more party vibe type of music, and so forth and so on. That is one of the more prevalent issues with hip hop culture. There are too many critics and not enough creators. As it pertains to the degradation of women in music I am quite certain that the directors, producers, artists, etc. aren't forcing consenting adult females to be provocative and sexy for a video. To be perfectly honest I hear more women reciting the lyrics to these songs about their own exploitation. Personally I don't really want to hear it 24/7, and I definitely would want my daughter to know her value in order to make sound decisions for herself regarding her flavor of music, and what to gain from what ever she listens to, but to tell her that she has to listen to classical music eternally would be a form of local dictatorship, lol. Lastly, regarding the voting issue, knowing quite a bit about the history of what African Americans had to go through to even have the right to cast a ballot in an election, to be counted as a whole human being as it pertains to the tallying of votes, the countless deaths, abuse, and struggles that were encountered just so I can click a button, or write on a sheet of paper and be counted almost subconsciously compels me vote. I completely agree with Lupe Fiasco regarding the actions that need to be taken as a community, individually, and as citizens, but instead of not voting and saying that, I would vote, use my influence over my fans to vote, but also encourage them to be more active in the process after the fact. This is a very broad subject as well.......

    • Hey Idiot

      Lupe Belongs To The GLAAD: Nice novel, now why don't you write a book called "How To Be A Lupe Fiasco Dickrider"? Hey idiot, did you come up with that comment all by yourself or did you hire a team of monkeys to write that while you continue to perpetually stroke yourself off while you scour the internet looking for more places to drop asinine comments while you sit there jobless with no degree or anything to show for yourself? Put down the lube and go find something better to do, you're not educated, intelligent, or clever enough to be funny.

    • Lupe Belongs To The GLAAD

      Nice novel, now why don't you write a book called "How To Be A Lupe Fiasco Dickrider"?

  • Anonymous

    well well well bust a nut in katey perrys mouth yo google: PISS IN YA GRILL videos hilarious.

  • D-Train

    Lupe is a better MC than French, Kanye, 2 chains and who ever else is on the radio all day.... Anonymous said don't blame the south blame the consumer and I do agree but for the most part cats buy what is popular or what they hear all the time.... Large Professor, Young Zee, Clear Soul forces, Oh no, Damu, Reks, Big Mike, Lauren Mahem, Masta Ace, Tanya Morgan,OC, Kooly High for ex all had dope albums this yr !!! How many cats are hep and are real heads is another story.

  • Lupe Fiasco Belongs To The GLAAD

    LOL yo this is the same nigga that said It Was Written is the best album ever?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what a fucking nastradoofus

  • Billy

    Lil Wayne is the REAL Kign of Hip Hop.

  • Listen to the Whole Interview

    The part of this interview that should have been reported on was Lupe's words on Obama, Romney, and voting. He made some very good points in this interview about the political system and people's involvement in their candidates. He calls people to action and said some great words. I encourage people to listen to that and forget about the 2chains piece...

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Naksh

    Lasers-"The album has received mixed reviews from most major music critics, having a score of 57 out of 100 at the review aggregator Metacritic" . MBDTF-"My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy received general acclaim from music critics.[136] At Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics, the album received an average score of 94" . lupe can't make an album as GOOD as kanye

  • Anonymous

    1) Lupe's hair is in rough shape 2) Stop bitchin and put out a good album already 3) Stop hatin on Kanye 4) Lupe's hair is in rough shape 5) have a nice day bitches

  • GQ

    It is weird that so many people on this website jumped on Lupe for what he said. He said that HE didn't feel "Happy Birthday", he didn't say you could not like it. Personally I agree with him, probably about 95% rap on the radio (where I live) is negative. Why listen to the same shit over and over again. I want to hear some new, something positive. If you don't agree that is cool, you do you and let Lupe be Lupe.

  • TR

    If you think 2 Chainz is actually good then something is wrong with you; however he is entertaining

    • Kingpin

      Finally sum1 said it right.thats all he is is entertainin, but he ain't a dope lyricist or got clever lines...n niggas is sleepin on It Was Written.2 many YMCMB ridahs that don't know what real hip-hop is...lupe's nice n he's just sayin all tha mainstream shit is tha same, which it is


    How about fuk Lupe and his nappy ass

  • John

    Lex Luger Killed The Rap Game!

  • sowhat

    lupe should understand when 2chainz was tity boi and in dtp and before all that nobody was really fuckin with him. he watered his shit down and makin money now dont hate. same guy made show goes on and cant get you outta my head. no idea's original. you gonna hear the same shit whether its the radio or underground. doesnt immortal technique make the same songs? not everybody wants to hear an opinion on why the worlds fucked up and what we should do about it. the fantasy shit is popular cuz it helps people escape reality

    • Anonymous

      i dont agree with this at all most raido rap sounds the same because music producers think they know what sells underground rap can sound completely different between songs because they have no one telling them it must be a couple bars then repeat a lame hook and no not every immortal technique song sounds the same

  • Anonymous

    Good lookin' out, young don! You know we waitin on ya album, we got the summer bangin! @rickyrozay from Nas' twitter. There you got ya "real" rappers. Hahaha. Purists take one L after another.

  • Stop it 5

    Hip Hop purists are just like Rock n Roll purists. You guys bitch about every song and artist that doesn't adhere to the roots or original sound of the genre. Nobody is allowed to like any music because all you guys do is bitch all day.


    Their is no such thing as real hip hip in this day and age!!!! hip hop has grown to be very eclectic and you should all learn to respect that. this is the year 2012, you can find all kinds of raps and rappers.... street influenced, social influenced, party influenced, strip club, influenced, emotional influenced or emo rap, life experience influenced and so on and so on... these different types of raps do not make the culture look bad it actually helps the culture grow and move forward hip hop is much more than what you hear on the radio or what a certain artist opinion of it is.!! Sincerely Press,

    • Anonymous

      well its moved in the wrong direction its dumb and campy... well mainstream is anyway ignorance is not cool alot of these rappers like 2 chains and gucci mane are borderline retarded

  • Me

    I get what he is saying but isn't it funny that he says For me, Hip Hop, I wanna hear stuff that Ive never heard before so like 99 percent of the Hip Hop that I hear these days is just the same, And then he wants us to buy Food and Liquor 2.

  • demba BARZ

    Then write some music bitchass nigga.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck, O'Reilly would've ethered him for another time right there.

  • Anonymous

    You should let the music speak for itself, otherwise you just look like a fucking attention whore.

  • Yamz

    Lupe is right, that song is trash, but then again, so is 'Bitch Bad'

  • Anonymous

    there is no such thing as real hip hop.

  • Ricky Rozay

    most of these rappers aint real niggas. Word, Nas bankrupt never was a drug runner, Lil Wayne aint no blood, Jeezy aint no BMF, 50 a snitch, Game a stripper. None of these niggas real you guys. If they was all real they all be dead now. Like it or not Ross is the new biggie. BAWSE!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      i didnt know they asipred to be niggas i thought they wanted to be good rappers and do you think these are rappers that make good music your wrong and ross flat out stole his entire persona from another guy he wishes he could even get close to being the next biggie ross is more like the next gurilla black

    • real_talk

      and you are a cop!

  • KS

    I'm diggin a few new School Cats like Wiz Khalifa, Kid Cudi, Lupe Fiasco, The Cool Kids, Wale, Dom Kennedy, Mickey Factz, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar etc but I do hear what he's saying. 90% of the stuff coming out today is wack as f**k. I'm forever grateful for growing up with 80's and 90's Hip Hop because People like Waka Flocka, Soulja Boy, Kreayshawn, Nicki Minaj, Flo Rida etc are killing real Hip Hop. To anybody that grew up with RUN DMC, LL Cool J, Nas, Black Sheep, Outkast, Geto Boys, NWA, Jay Z, Chubb Rock, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, EPMD, Redman, Wu Tang Clan, Naughty by Nature, Special Ed, Snoop Dogg, AZ, Big Pun, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Keith Murray, J Dilla, Jamal, Jungle Brothers, MC Lyte, Salt N Pepa, Yo Yo, The Artifacts, Lord Finesse, Big L, Fat Joe, Diamond D, The Beatnuts, Grand Puba, Brand Nubian, Public Enemy, The Roots, Souls of Mischief, Del, Casual, X Clan, Leaders of the new School, OC, Heavy D, Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Biz Markie, Masta Ace, Slick Rick, Monie Love, 3rd Bass, House of Pain, Eric B & Rakim etc much RESPECT TO YOU. Peace to all my Hip Hop Headz World wide and all my People from T Dot aka Toronto Canada

    • Anonymous

      and respect to you for showing some of these people who some good artists are obviously didnt have time to name them all but there are definitely alot of artist on there way better than anything being made now

    • Anonymous

      What is that supposed to say? Fucking loser.

    • Ace

      Lol @ the 2nd anon not knowing fat joes history. I don't like that sellout, but even I can admit to you he was real hip hop before that pop shit.

    • Unknown

      Fat joe was good before big pun died. and he mentions other great artist that most people dont know and if you think tupac was the only name he missed they you dont much either.

    • Anonymous

      and u mentioned fat joe hes shit

    • smooth

      Nigga u aint mention Tupac in none of that 80s 90s rap I aint listening to nothing you got to say buddy!


    You young people are SICKENING! Lupe is right; today's rap stars are garbage, and the fault is yours, young folks! Y'all dropped the ball when it comes to lyrics and music....

  • Anonymous

    Man fuck all of you Drake, 2Chainz, and Rick Ross dickriders! This is truth! The songs SOUND THE SAME! You have all of the producers nowadays making small variations of this "trap sound" if it's not Hit-Boy its Lex Luger, if it's not Lex Luger it's Justice League if it's not Justice Leage its Cardiak or Da Internz. Then on the rap tip. French Montana, Ross, Wayne, Nicki, 2Chainz, Chris Brown all rotate on each others songs and mostly talking about swag, money, fucking women, etc. on each song and they dominate the radio! Listen closely YMCMB and MMG DICKRIDERS before finishing my statement. It is true that Lupe does not have a good track record and he is not the best artist. HOWEVER, he has skill in Hip Hop! He may talk about politics and social themes but HOW MANY FUCKING TIMES in the day you want to hear about HOES, CASH, DRUGS, KILLING, etc. ALSO DICKRIDERS, I listen to both kinds and even underground. I rock with some Wale, I rock with some Meek's songs (mixtape cuts), Big K.R.I.T, J.Cole, and Kendrick are my favorite new artists right now because they balance the club, fuckin women, and talking about real life shit at the same time. All of y'all bastards want to hear is folks talking about being rich and having swag and you recite this shit like y'all have that too. Dickriders, listen to some of that music AS WELL as some music talking about real shit and being more creative with lyrics. Being creative aint boring y'all are just too shallow and don't appreciate true hiphop Go head and rock your trap rap, swag-rap, gang-rap. But shut the fuck up already about these radio dudes. They sold their souls anyway! Fuck Y"ALL!

  • Alonzo Harris

    I'm tired of listenin' so called "conscious rappers" still bitchin' about somethin'.Shut up and make music which bang. Make dope music, not garbage music!

  • chen

    Shit do sound the same!!!!

  • thought dog

    The song is wack but Lupe hasnt delivered a good song in half a decade. You can say all you want about how dope his lyrics are.......If the music sounds bad then lyrics dont matter.

  • reason

    Lupe wack trying to act like a political rapper, but in reality he fucked up a classic now look at this nigga, spewing bullshit from his mouth lmao, nigga always has something to say about the next nigga. Btw 2 chainz is garbage and the south killed hiphop. Think about your favorite rappers nelly, chingy, d4l, crime mob lmfao

    • cantfly25

      Think about your favorite rappers, DJ Webster, Lil Ma, Juelz Santana, French Montana, Tony Yayo; hell, maybe you're even a fan of Mac Miller and Lil B lmfao.

    • Regional

      Nelly is from St. Louis which is the midwest not the South

    • Anonymous

      Crime Mob, Nelly and D4L? LMFAO! This fuck nigga still in 2004!

    • Anonymous

      How did the South Kill Rap? Did you niggas buy the garbage cds? Did you support the record companies and their support of weak artists? If so, then shut fuck up. The south did't kill shit. You dumb ass consumers did.

  • O-NAJE

    Thank God for artist like Lupe who holdfast to the tru essence of Hip Hop. This is how i feel a rapper should conduct himself,articulate, well-informed and open-mineded. I believe there has alwasys been and always will be an audience who desire lie's and fantasy and an audience who desires truth and substance...INW....

  • Tlaj

    he said a lot of good things in this interview about hip hop culture and what not. i get how hiphopdx is trying to get people to read their articles by creating headlines like, "lupe comments on 2 chains song and gives slight criticism", but that was like a minute of the video. i dunno, just think there could be a good shift of focus instead of trying to blow up this beef shit

  • Beta2k12

    Somebody tell me how fucking hiphop has evolved. fuck outta here wit this bullshit. yall just been watered down as listeners. so yall used to bullshit now these days. Damn shame.

    • Anonymous

      You are a fucking idiot, 10 years from now people will say: "Do you remember the real Hip Hop they dropped back in 2012"?

  • jay415

    all the people leaving comments how Lupe is just preaching, not real with himself, contradicting you all need to listen and understand fuck all static. he is trying to give everyone some insight to why things are the way they are. that is the problem with people nowadays they cannot see past their own opinion to see what is in front of them.

  • Clark kent

    Niggaz been dieng for 400 years.

  • Anonymous

    So lupe expects for every song to be completely different? that is impossible. and artists cannot say intellectual shit on each and every song. there is a reason why LUPE is not selling albums/ its because hes not making music that sounds like the rest.

    • Anonymous

      every song doesnt have to be different but be more diverse take a risk be more creative these days someone says swag so everyone else says swag someone says racks everyone else talks bout racks i love hip hop but its hard to defend the wackness inda game

    • rafi

      who said his sound music had to sound like the resr hes got a point a lot of rap about money, sex, weed, etc. its better to hear something different like kendrick lamar he usually has different subjects

  • true_uno

    Not much of a Lupe fan but must give it to him for keeping it real, and its so true all the music is the same. I am glad I was born in the 80's and grew up to 90's hip hop! Today's youth is lacking substance.

  • gr3yMar

    A lot of people say Lupe is preaching as if there is nothing wrong with this world/country/system. The man is maturing, sorry if most of you young AND old dumb asses can't relate unless some bullshit is being said.

  • imTravi

    leave it up to Lu to say what a lot of rappers dont...wont say

  • Yeee

    Most listen to Lupe and feel like retards because they can't comprehend a single word. So they listen to assholes like TTTWOOOO CHAAAINNZZZ (yes, with a Z at the end) so they feel like a genius.

    • ^^

      You're the idiot here.

    • Anonymous

      What about Lupe is hard to understand? You feel like a genius because you listen to a self-proclaimed concious rapper. Fuck outta here.

    • Anonymous

      fo real people listen to lil wayne, 2 chainz, etc becuase they understand wat thier saying and some complain the song is bad cuz the lyrics r hard 2 understand thier is website tht u can go 2 called but ppl these days r 2 lazy 4 tht so they listen to trap muzik

  • NC King

    He's right! Everything does sound the same. But, I love the majority of the stuff out right now. Rick Ross does the same thing everytime but shit is fucking hot. Drake same thing! But for every wack nigga in the limelight now, I can name a fire spitta in the limelight now! You name a wack nigga on the mic and I'll name a fire spitta! Prove me wrong

    • tclark

      ok. name a current fire spitta for each of these wack rappers 1.lil b 2. mac miller 3. french montana 4. tyler creater 5. birdman 6. lil wayne 7. 2 chainz 8. tyga 9. drake( was ok at first) 10. currensy 11. cheif keef 12. diggy 13. many more I can only name about 5 rappers currently killing the game. kendrick lamar,big krit, kanye west, hopsin, lupe fiasco.gimme 7 more.

  • QBN

    If Lupe wants to hear new stuff why did he rap over Pete Rocks classic T.R.O.Y for his first single?? He's nice, but needs to stop with the self righteous act.. you can't be the savior of hip when your last album was mostly watered down pop music..

    • tlaj

      he was trying to reinvent an old classic. i think hiphopdx posted an article about that before. his partner chilly chill suggested it n the chose that song

    • icedtea

      you can say whatever you want about lasers, one thing is sure it doesnt sound anything like the rest plus even if the beats were a lil mainstraim the lyrics and content is dope and nobody says the things that lupe says

    • kpfingaz

      Yes! You said EXACTLY what I wanted to say. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Rap music today= 80's hair metal. Rappers better stop copying each other, get creative and write something interesting, or this genre will die out

  • Decatur ATL Boi

    Tired of hearing niggas say "South killed Hip Hop" well guess what crying about it ain't gonna revive it or something so do your thing and shut up

    • Anonymous

      Them the same niggas that wanna a Big KRIT beat and a J.Cole feature on their favorite rapper album! Its wack rappers EVERYWHERE!!! Don't point at our Waka Flockas unless you ready to claim your Red Cafes

  • Billy

    Lil Wayne is the Kign of Hip Hop.

  • Anonymous

    Lupe, the ultimate pseudo-intellectual.

    • Anonymous

      fucking idiotic Drake stans.

    • steee

      so true. i mean he actually is very intelligent. but he has this air about him thats so snobby like hes better than everyone else. lupes whole last album sounded the same as everything coming out then, except worse. i used to love lupe, but hes just gotten kinda lame. i really hope next album proves me wrong though

  • Bloodline of Kings

    Lupe is one of the realist in the game. I don't understand the human thought at times. How can you muster up any Hate on a cat who overall has been extremely consistent with providing the culture with thought provoking commentary. Get Grown. Word to Cee-Lo Green.

    • ^^

      niggas replying are stupid wayne stans.

    • Anonymous

      Agree with sam entirely. Plus he has a special taste co-signing whack music (Lil B, anybody?), and speaking in topics whose make you looks like intellectual yet doesn't back it up his opinion with enough factual knowledge. Still Lupe Fiasco all day every day for me, but you must be blind not seeing that he doesn't always practice what he is preaching.

    • sam

      I'm a Lupe fanboy but he contradicts himself all the time. Wants to hear new stuff and but raps over troy? Said in the past he hasn't thought about being part of group - what about the All City Chess Club? He raps about not being materialistic but froths about his car collection every chance he gets still rate him as one of the album will be dope

  • BasedBoy

    Thanx to BasedGod the rap game is thriving and flourishing! Niggas like Lupe, Kendrick and these old ass "hip hop dickheads" are the ones killing hip hop by constantly bitching! LISTEN TO YALLS OLD SHIT AND LET HIP HOP EVOLVE! Lil B has got this.

  • Anonymous

    South killed hip-hop....word to Lupe

    • Anonymous

      all of you are dumbasses.

    • Anonymous

      New York (Northern East Coast) Killed Hip Hop with that nonsense shit. With lines in the vain of "I'm the physical, spiritual, mental, cosmic individual...." Basically saying bullshit that people don't relate to and thinking you all sound fly. Yeah that shit ryhmes, but what the fuck are you saying? NOTHING......That's why Northern MC's are now trying to rhyme like they are from Down South. For what? Improvise your own shit and make sure that people can understand and relate to what the fuck you are talking about!

    • anon

      and yet lupe reps the south every chance he gets Word to UGK dumbass. smh at these fucking underground hiphop groupie ass bitches. Eat a dick you fucking stan.

    • Anonymous

      Radio killed Hip Hop... don't hate what we do cuz yo city can't figure out how to be themselves.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah...Cause Def-Jam is obviously a southern label. Fuck outta here.

  • pienman

    he is speaking the truth tho cuz everything is now sounding like the stuff from 3 seconds ago! come on hip-hop just differentiate is all he is sayin..

  • reason

    The people have spoken- Lupe is wack and the south killed hiphop.

    • Anonymous

      Lupe is far from wack.

    • Anonymous

      Look back at the History of Hip Hop and you will see that Wack ASS Artist have come from all over including North,South,Mid-West etc. Not only that, you got clowns who act as if Northern Rappers only put out quality music. You must be rolling up Crack in the Blunts you've been smoking? I can recall many Northern wack ass albums I've heard, so stop hating the South. Plenty of artist down here have put out great albums!

    • cantfly25

      So Southern artists somehow created major record labels, then signed themselves and the focused on promoting a certain type of music? Gotcha.

  • Anonymous

    this 21 first century !!! music is not the same no more the, if u aint like it then make ur own stuff ! this guys put in work in that studio they cant impress everyone!!! some people aint into deep hip hop thatss all if u deep stick to nas if not deal with chains !! so u cant call him out like that !!!

  • Anonymous

    this 21 first century !!! music is the same if u aint like it then make ur own stuff !! some people aint into deep hip hop thatss all if u deep stick to nas if not deal with chains !! so u cant call him out like that !!!

  • Cudder

    anyone here who says Lupe "tries too hard" needs to back it up with better arguments. tries too hard, what does that mean? that you ain't down with his new singles because you're bigging someone else like Kendrick? Kendrick Lamar IS preachy too to an extent, so foh with that shit Guys like... Rick Ross. he tries too hard. Drake tries too hard. Snoop Dogg these days tries too hard. Lil Wayne doesn't try at all. But don't tell me Lupe "tries too hard" when he spits a song with a superb message. fuck does that mean. AND HERE'S THE BEST PART, at some point Lupe switched his music style up. you haters shot that thing down faster than he could dreadlock his hair. now he goes back to basics = he tries too hard. whatever niggas

    • Anonymous

      He tries too hard being the Lupe when we was when first came out, since the majority of his fan base built on that image. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that he's acting, or its just a role ... nothing like that. But through time everybody changes, I believe the most important is to be real to yourself and your principals. The big question in this game is always was and will - how does it affect your relevance? Almost every artist tried to make moves to keep up with the changing of the times. This is how hip-hop lost a lot of pure and original artist over the years; this is why we rarely have pure, profilic albums. Its not easy risking the good life by making the music that you first came with, even if its representing you to the fullest and maybe became outdated. The point is - do you REALLY sure Lupe switched his music style up? LASERS was a half Lupe, half Atlantic disc. So, what's like Lupe style now? Because if he is in that dubstep / electronic style from then, he can do it, but should do it entirely. So the old fans either love it or leave it. And its not just about music, but his whole image, what he is stand for and against. The problem is that Lupe is blending things together (contrary beat selection; some dumped down lyrics etc.), and one might suspect he is just trying to live it up for his old image but as a person already changed. That's why he is trying to hard. Back in the day, he was who was. Now he's clearly seeing some things differently. IMHO an artist' art should reflect his personal problems and issues in his life, so its not a necessary bad thing. But he should be definite about where he is standing now, and making the music he really feels inside instead of grinding hard to live up everybody's expectations.

    • LJofSpades

      Very, very true.

  • Anonymous

    all Rick ross songs are the same, YMCMB/MMG songs are all the same and boring

  • ETK

    so let me get this straight... Lupe says the same thing most people here have been saying for YEARS and suddenly he's a preachy bitch hipster? the fuck does that make the haters here then!? you haters need to kill that shit, if you guys don't wanna hear him speak the truth, click the back button and go listen to your 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne joints all you like... don't act like the man doesn't have a point. and hell, I won't lie I like the senseless kind of hip-hop too but damn I've heard it all. and 2 Chainz who's been jumping on everybody's songs like 06 Lil Wayne is no different from em.

    • Anonymous

      People are no longer used to people in HIP HOP or a specifically a HIP HOP Artist speaking intelligently. When somebody starts talking with sense and you a ignorant mufuca you immediatley go on the defense and lash out...thats all thats happening here. If Tupac was to emmerge as a new artis today..with the same mentality and talked with sense like he did....people would clown him to....these sheep have gotten used to niggaz with NOTHING WITH SUBSTANCE TO when a nigga talks somewhat smart he corny and a hipster...whatever the fuck a hipster is. Thats a term some old white man came up with in the record industry to alienate intelligent artist with something to say.

  • 2Chainz

    "She got a biiig booty so I call her biig booty..." - 2Chainz

    • Anonymous

      That's the dopest most intellectual line I have ever heard. How long do you think it took to come up with that?

  • d-nucks

    Lupe..has a very VALID AND TRUE POINT...alot of this shit comming out sounds the same...same beat same subject matter

  • Yup

    Let's be honest, the majority of hip hop fans are pretty stupid. How do you entertain such a dumb group of listeners? You keep it simple, throw one liners in there, catchy punch lines....the kinda stuff thats easy to remember. That's where you draw the line between rappers who wanna make money, and those who wanna make hip hop.

    • Anonymous

      So much truth in such a small space. One sidenote though: because hip-hop became popular in the mainstream, its all about the business / money, so its not worth actually making masterpieces. A very few can understand, enjoy and appreciate it; and it doesn't pay well or get praise neither.

  • Anonymous

    typical hipster

  • Anonymous

    o reily ethered this fool on national tv

  • 3 chainz

    where is o' reilly when u need him.

  • Anonymous

    "The end is near people" Thank you for that insight Nastradoofus.

  • Anonymous

    "If you really think 2 Chainz is "balling out of control," than you have no fuckin clue how the music business works" He's on everyone's songs, plus could possibly go gold with his debut album. If that's not ballin, then it's one hell of a good head start.

    • Anonymous

      That's not ballin. Its called being Def Jam's money sink, and if everything goes all right and the label has the money, they will be a washed up rapper just as before. The sooner they got the dough they can make out of him, the sooner they drop him; its simple as that.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah you CLEARLY have no idea how the music business works

  • Anonymous

    lupe is now just a hipster fag all ways playin victimm like the nigga in school who always said smokin weed is bad and that he dont get bitches cause he dont want to man this nigga soft we know they rap the same shit we hear the lyrics nigga

    • the real

      All ya'll got caught up in the first 30 seconds of the video, and didn't even hear what he was saying...he ain't hating on shit he just given his opinion, he never said no one sucked, he just said he wasn't feelin it, what we can't not like shit no more getthefuckouttahere...but the rest of the video he says some important shit you don't hear coming out a lot of young cats mouth, I ain't the biggest Lupe fan but real recognize real

  • I mean

    Birthday Song is trash. period.

  • Grizzle

    Lupe used to be cool, now he's just another hipster.

    • d-nucks

      what the fuck is a hipster?...he's a hip hop artist....the powers that be label certain type of niggas and dumb ass mindless can't think for themselves niggaz like you go along with the "terms".

    • Anonymous

      Yea I'd rather hear some dope shit that sounds familiar than some awkward and weird shit that's trying too hard to be different.

  • Anonymous

    2chainz, future, french montana, lil b, rick ross same garbage

  • Anonymous

    I feel Lupe, these rappers are shit.

  • Neon Voyce

    Man I cant believe why you hatin on Lupe. I'm not the biggest fan of his music but what he said about Hip Hop is damn true. I grew up listening to Hip Hop of the 90's and the early 2000's and I can say it wasn't like this. Every artist had his style. U said a name and could combine the name with the style the name had. Nowadays everyone is pushing the same sounding music out. No matte if its Jadakiss, 2 Chainz or somebody else the most shit sounds the same. Lex Luger, Jahlil beats or whatever. Identity and quality got lost over quantity. Can't compare a beat from Mike Mosley who delivered beats with the detail on every verse with a beat from Jahlil beats. And the content of the songs...better not speak about that... And to all Lupe haters just listen to Around My Way and then create a right opinion about him and his new album...Peace

  • Anonymous

    well i guess thats lupe's problem, trying so hard to be different instead of trying to be consistent.

  • Anonymous

    Lupe is right when he says that 90% of hip hop out there now is thesame. But hey, context means everything here. I cant help but ask the 'look who is talking?' question here. Cause his last album happened to be in that 90%. What is his excuse, his label? or the fact that he has lost his 'food and liquor' touch? I use to know a time when people said things and backed it up with actions, hopefully that is what he is aiming for.

  • Yeaaahh

    I CAN NOT STAND THE WORD "HATER." Every time someone has an opinion these days they get called that. Lupe is right, almost everything sounds the same right now. Most of these rappers, if you hear one of their songs you've basically heard them all. I wish more rappers would speak out like this instead of cosigning wack, popular rappers to feed off their hype.

  • Anonymous

    Yes music does sound the same today, as the 80's had a "sound", the 90's had a "sound", and the first decade of this century had a "sound"....Well Lupe, you"re and an artist, instead a bitching about it....create a "sound" that's actually tolerable to the listener....You sir have the ability to turn this thing we call hip hop around......*the preceding sentence was ALL Sarcasm...kick/push your way off a cliff....

    • jr_rider23

      I get it. It's like before he just spit and you would be like "wow this guy is good." Now he is out there trying to let us know that he is educated and he is telling us how he needs to be different and he is telling us how he is a victim. I just wish he would go back speaking just through his music and everything off the record could just be him instead of putting on this image.

    • sheep^

      Try's to hard.... What does that even mean? Who came up with that concept? I bet it was idiots like you who can't stand a higher elevated mind so you have to make sense of your disdain by coming up with stuff like he's try's to hard.. he's to preachy... Ever thought that you were just dumb? And that you can't feel something unless it's simple or meaningless in the end?

    • rootsUNDA

      I don't like Lupe at all. I just think the nigga tries to hard to be this super conscious complex rap nigga. His music just doesn't do it for me. Kick Push was cool, head knock shit.

  • 2 Chainz

    next lupe album 5k first week

  • Anonymous

    i aint gonna start hatin on 2 chains cause i like that nigga when he was on dtp but when the album drop and all the songs is bull shit like birthday then imma hate

  • 2 Chainz

    you just mad cause i got the bitches and the bread you so dope your career is dead

  • Anonymous

    zRo and slim thug summer time video coming soon

  • anon

    lupe is a preachy ass bitch now. Nobody gives a fuck about you since you dumbed down your sound on that last album. Dude is just lookin for attention now, fucking pathetic.

    • Anonymous

      He is just chillin and being honest... With what he believes, and that is the problem to you "people" you don't have a strong belief system and will judge anyone who does as "preachy"... SMH sheeple!!!

    • Anonymous

      Exactly, he was one of my absolute favorites, but now, he's just an annoying ass, self-righteous "I know it all better"-bitch.

  • .....

    Someone dares to opinion and gets labelled as bitter and irrelevant lol, people these days, idiots...

  • J

    its lack of exposure, that gets u stuck on the same topics as an artist... With the lack of education, stuck on stupid in heavy rotation.

  • Anonymous

    lupe you trash go skate board off a cliff

  • MC Cuss Words

    If you wanna hear something fresh check me im mc cuss words and im here to show that cussing isnt always bad. hey there kids cuss words are cool dont listen to what the teachers tell you in school and everybody know that parents are cruel lets yell cuss words and break the rules because everybody know these are words too this is a sample from a song of mine from my mixtape

  • Anonymous

    2chains sucks , his lyrics arnt good he is like a guy with down syndrome with a mic ...and people who thinks he is good , you guys are the reason why hiphop sucks now

    • Anonymous

      nah, the reason are so-called heads that don't support the artists they claim to love and put lots of effort into hating guys, while you're working backwards and giving this guy only more attention.

  • Anonymous

    you hip hop heads are so corny its hurts my sides when I read the long drawn out essays that you write on here lol. I hope I never take music as seriously as you guys, I would have to kill my self. Yall sound so lifeless and pathetic.

    • Anonymous

      but YOU are reading articles and perusing comments....sounds like you might lack a life and be semi-pathetic yourself....

  • Anonymous

    Everyone got they own opinions. If it sound the same which most of it does, but he gotta understand we in this era. In the 80s music sounded the same, the 90s the sound was similar among rap/hip hop, 2000 as well. My thing is if you dont like it dont listen and if yor're in a position to make a different sound like he is then do it

  • SpecialK

    fuck this guy. really. i'm not the biggest 2 chainz fan, unless i feel like getting turnt up, but lupe is no one to comment. he's preachy as fuck and a wannabe, straight up. tries too hard to be controversial in his music ever since he was labelled a "political rapper" (and i think he's far from that). also tries too hard to "experiment" when it just ends up sounding a straight mess (like that "friend of the people" tape"). let's be honest here, his only consistent works were food & liquor and the cool and those fahrenheit tapes he did way back. this guy needs to reevaluate his music.

    • Anonymous

      And Enemy of the State is nice too. And basically what you're saying is because Lupe dropped 1 lackluster mixtape and an album that he knew wasn't great himself, he's bad? If we're talking creativity, I can name a solid 50 (at least) creative and dope Lupe songs. So your bit on consistency is really irrelevant because you named most of his works. Reevaluate your comment

  • Gabegaloshes

    Why does any criticism = bitterness and age? Lupe is SPOT ON. Most of the songs these days are rehashing the same old mediocre styles.

  • Anonymous

    lupe sounds like a bitter old rapper i guess he tired of respect and is looking for the spot light

    • Roger Rabbit

      @you wack U chose the right display name it tells me alot about U cuz guess what thats just what you are. 2 Chains better rapper then Lupe???? so i guess Drake is a better rapper then Common? GTFOH U sound like a kid from Seaseme Street it's obvious that you don't listen to the lyrics SMH U and every other kid born from 1992-Present is just a loud mouth waiting to get roasted by your truly Roger Rabbit.

    • Rodney De Niro

      @You Wack and Anonymous so how does 2 chainz,lil wayne,rick ross,birdman,bow wow,diggy simmons,drake,nicki minaj,T.I.,omg girlz etc.. DICK!! taste in your mouth? must be real good because you both sound stupid and need a reality check, and get your ears checked as well because what you hearing is bullshit, I smell pussy and it must be you faggots

    • Anonymous

      It's better to stay silent and let people not know your an idiot than to make a post and remove all doubt.

    • You Wack

      I am 16 and even i know 2chainz is better than this wack azz rapper Lupe ... I all about money !!

  • Rodney De Niro

    Lupe speaking the truth! hip hop is getting worse and worse the underground rappers are the only ones putting out quality albums but will never see the success it deserves because of corporate america, they think rick ross,lil wayne,2 chainz,drake,big sean,wale is nice but there not they all sound the same and have no message in there music plus there not deep at all, hip hop with emotion don't sell because people are afraid of the truth and don't like to think to deep.The music industry force feeds us this bullshit we see on T.V. and hear on radio and it's sickening and bores to death.Lupe,Nas,A tribe called la soul,wu tang clan,gang starr,cunninlynguists,people under the stairs,little brother,mobb deep,2pac,Rakim,krs-one,black star,masta ace, eminem(sometimes) are lyricist with meaning and what i call hip hop

    • Roger Rabbit

      @Rodney De Niro man i like you Bro You hit the hammer right on the nail and your right we are forced to listen to this crap these artists now days are setting bad examples real talk, calling woman bitch's, flashing money like we ain't got kids starving in the poorest countries, woman shaking their ass in videos like porn (SMH), kids being brain washed by YMCMB (Double SMH), RIP Hip Hop

  • Anonymous

    I dont care if you think it sounds the same Lupe your last mixtape and album were SHIT. Your next alum better be good, or at least back to good Lupe. Last chance!

    • Anonymous

      His one song All Black Everything is better than 99% of the shit I have heard since his album dropped.

  • Roger Rabbit

    why everytime a rapper tells the truth about how Hip Hop sucks now days you Drake and Wayne fans get offended? Lol thats how you know Lupe keepin it alive he tellin the truth it all sounds the same and is a bunch of bullshit Fuck Rick Ross, Fuck Lil Wayne, Fuck Drake, Fuck 2 Chaiz etc...if U think im lying just take a look at 106 & Park garbage show

    • Anonymous

      Drake and Lil Wayne. Yup. Rap sucks.

    • Anonymous

      C Note ...New Soldier Boy out soon ...You will love it SON

    • C Note

      Preach it, brother. Most of J. Cole's shit aren't even played on the radio, I mean the conscious music: "Show me something", "Can't Cry", and so on. I hate hearing the same repetative music over and over again. Quiet frankly, not only do they suck, it's boring.

    • Anonymous

      say what you want about the rest but Drake and Wayne make original sounding songs compared to other mainstream rappers.

  • Jl

    I'd be interested to see Lupe and Kendrick Lamar get on a track together.

  • antwan

    Boobie and truth um if lupe fiasco is corny can you name your favorite rapper who has 2 gold albums under his name..not dick riding or anything but corny would be under the def under gucci man who can only dream of selling 7 digit numbers..

    • Anonymous

      I'm a Lupe fan and that comment is stupid! Soooo many corny rappers go gold! LMFAO WENT GOLD! If you're gonna talk about how Lupe isn't corny, talk about his songs and not his numbers because numbers just puts him in the same boat as YMCMB, Ross, and other wack rappers lol

  • WantonSoup

    Damn bro!! Let's take Lupe out the equasion here. For shits and giggles lets just say one of your homies made this comment. It would be 100% accurate. It's truth in the message.

  • Anonymous

  • Boobe

    Lupe corney a** hell n all his music

    • Rodney De Niro

      He's corny because your retarded,simple,slow minded as don't understand real hip hop lyrics fuck outta here kid and go 2 step somewhere better yet go crank that wack shit you call music, it's just noise idiot fuck that trap,crunk,club shit for real

    • Anonymous

      Doesn't matter. I ain't disagreeing with you. At least he understands that all this repetative music (saturated with either: Money, hoes, cars, clothes, and more recently weed) is getting boring. So he's doing something different. Althought he doesn't have the best "flow" he's trying to evolve as an artist and be a leader, rather than a follower.

    • Roger Rabbit

      Lupe Corney as Hell and his Music? are you some Justin Bieber fan or something have you heard Food & Liquor or The Cool i think you need a lesson on Hip Hop cuz Lupe is a real MC not Drake, Wayne, 50 Cent, Nelly, Tyga etc... Shut the fuck up U dumb kid SMH

    • Boobe LOL

      And with a name like boobe ...You sound like a lapdancer ... Stick to soldier boy,lil boosie ,lil wayne ..Matter of fact anything starting with the name Lil is what you need to stick to Booby ...

    • D

      Lupe is probably one of the best and intelegent Artists. You dont like him because your probably f*cken "Dumbed Down" to the same bullsh!

    • Boobe

      2many hoes for me to be gay but lupe music sucks lol wierd ass he ain't hip hop

    • Anonymous

      yup and you're a faggot. what else is new.

  • irvfin3

    for you ppl who keep saying he did pop you idiots he was forced to release lasers with the pop music he didnt want it to happen that way and co-sign lupe at least one smart rapper is speaking his mind

    • dockevoc

      I labeled it horrible because it was really, really bad. Like REALLY bad.

    • Anonymous

      Haha. LMAO. That's that dumb shit. He was forced? Yeah right, that's why he put out the exact same garbage with Friend Of The People.

    • Anonymous

      @dockevoc but the lyrics were actually really good. You sat, listened to the beats, and since it wasn't on Preemo or Dilla sounding beat you instantly labeled it horrible. The beats are trash but he's not in control of producers. He did what he could do with the crap Atlantic gave him

    • dockevoc

      He was forced to make wack pop records? Forced? He made the worst album this side of R.E.D., wrote every lyric, and put his name on it...I don't know how a label can 'force' you to make horrible music

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree with him. Basically all of hip hop sounds the same. U honestly can't tell one song or artist from the other. That's what made the 90's hip hop so good. Variety!!! U had all different forms of rap music. Gangsta rap, conscious rap, G-funk, hardcore, grimy, etc. Every region had their own sound. It wasn't all about money,partying, bitches and maybachs and private planes, which 99% of these cats don't have. They rapped about alot of those things but that wasn't the ONLY thing they could bring to the table. They told stories about what's going on their hood or the how we could do better as a people. Now it's get a hot beat, a catchy hook, calibrate with about 15 other rappers to make your album, and get the biggest booty in your video. I'm not against anyone from doing that but when that's ask everyone is doing. That shit gets real old real fast. A tribe called quest didn't sound like nwa. 2pac didn't sound like method man. Those tapers all had their own original style because that's what made u stand out

  • RIP 7

    I agree with Lupe. Hip Hop is suppose to be about creativeity, and being orginal. But unlike most of these new rapper's if you want to call them that. They all sound,rap about the same lame shit poppin bottle's, gloryfing drug dealing,gang banging and stripp club's. But this is radio fault these are the songs they play. That's why I don't listen to it anymore. There is plenty of good Hip Hop underground.

  • New Breed

    I am 16 fuck you over 25s hating on the new breed ...We don't need no positive shit aint shit positive in the hood !!

  • Klaled

    hip hop is destroyed

  • Anonymous

    lupe does not want this mass appeal nigga lupe want Speaks his mind And he is good in this Do you know how long 2chainz In the game 15 years lool Have you heard about him before this year hill noo and Do you know why that>>> lately he DUMB DOWN soooo haaaaaard lol

    • Antwan

      i heard about him before this year you know the guy that did the colab with lil wayne in duffle bag boy you know playerz circle/DTP yeah ill say about 6 7 years ago

  • Truth

    Yes, the guy who made Lasers knows what he's talking about. Replace "Birthday Girl" with Lasers and I agree with him. Did I mention Lasers was fucking terrible? Lasers was fucking terrible.

    • dockevoc

      Ok bro. Enjoy Lasers. My bad, shit was a classic.

    • Anonymous

      Dockevoc ..The only thought i have is how the fuck have you managed to use a keyboard to write the above bullshit comment !

    • dockevoc

      Experimental? Synth pop beats are experimental if Lupe raps over them but trash if anyone else does? GTFOH. Shit was wack. The only thought it provoked was how can I get it off my ipod as fast as possible.

    • HHFAN

      No, L.A.S.E.R.S. was fucking terrible. The only reason he made F&L2 is to get back his standing among his base (like me).

    • 614grind

      @MAC DRE It wasn't terrible, like I said. I said it fell short of expectations. Read first, then fire youngin'. Too busy tryna say somethin' cute and end soundin' stupid.

    • Ignorance is bliss

      Mac and Dre ...Keep it ignorant my nigga keep it ignorant

    • LIES

      STFU truth i mean lies

    • MAC DRE

      it dont matter you stupid n!gga, it overall was terrible, that's like me putting out an album that sounds like shit with no replay value and saying "at least it was thought provoking"

    • 614grind

      It wasn't totally terrible but it did fall very short of expectations. The point is, it was experimental and thought provoking...which makes it different.

  • True2HipHop

    This is so true, i feel like all of these southern rappers sound the same & same with the beats. Lyrics are usually wack & beat has very similar sounds to it that have been played on the last 100 songs from artist from that region. Not Hip Hop & he's right what are you listening to it for it it all sounds the same. Let's get off of that dumbed down music & get back to the lyrics & something refreshing.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with what he said 100%

  • Anonymous

    Lupe Just kept it gutter and visted poorest place in the nation....Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Lupe the truth. ^^^^ this yeah Lupe made mainstream music before, but those songs were original and creative. FUCK YMCMB FUCK MMG FUCK 2 CHAINZ

  • Anonymous

    so they why wont lupe make some good fuckin music?

  • Anonymous

    Hey is right 95% of the music do sound the same and most of it i dont listen too anymore, but how he is going to say that when he use pete rock beat without even changing it up, then say all song today is the same what am i missing here

    • Anonymous

      You missing the point that's all !!

    • Anonymous

      I think he is talking about the content of the songs ... also that Pete Rock shit came out a decade ago, how can you even compare that to what is going on today in hip hop ?

  • You Dumb

    I am white and it makes me laugh how you people only like music that talks about ...Money ,Bitches,Killing each other .. No wonder your race is being left behind .. LOLz 2chainz

    • Yes You Still Dumb

      Gofyaself ... Fact black people are the only people who write songs or have ghost writers creating songs about murdering their you only people... Fact: You are the only people who dance to songs about treating women who like your sisters and your moms like hookers Fact: You are the only people who would believe an x cop is a real life drug pushing gangster ... Ricky,Meek Mills,(French Montana -He's not even french) Lolz

    • Gofyaself

      I am black and it makes me laugh at how whites think we all listen to only one type of music. Fucking idiot!!!

    • Anonymous

      the ppl that replied to u caught feelings because they know your right

    • You Still Dumb

      You white on a black site .. Is that all you can say Faggot !! You the kind of dude who dances in front of the mirror to Soldier Boy


      But you're white on a black website

  • Klaled

    well all of this comments apart from 5 or less comment are relevant most of you don't even know what hip hop stands for hip hop stand for speaking the truth not buying Bentleys hoes to relief you or to be in your music video Drake is some wheel chair boy lil wayne is some thick dude and the rest of YMCMB MMG are the wackest group on the plant period Rick Ross and is some gangsta wanna be who was a cop hip hop was relevant when NAS AZ Rakim Pete Rock LL Cool j DJ Premier Mos Def Ghostface Killah Jadakiss Styles P Fabolous Lloyd Banks Lupe Fiasco but i an't now it was killed by hungry goons wanna be like 2 Chainz Meek Mills French Montanta Tyga Wiz Khalifa as Nas Said hip hop is dead

  • Mike

    The end is near people. 2012 is upon us and we have reached the end of days. There is a war going on in this world between good n evil, wrong n right...between good rap(nas lupe hospin big krit j cole) n cRap(rick ross, ymcmb, mainstream garbage). The Mayans were right, 2012 will end the bullshit, fake niggas, haters in this least I hope.

  • R.Pgh

    why is it when someone has an opinion, negative or positive, they are either a hater or a dick rider?

  • Gedom

    Why does Lupe think he's a conscious/political rapper all of a sudden? Wasn't this negro rapping about skateboards and anime cartoons when he came out? Nigga PLEASE. You aint Nas, you aint Mos Def, I'm sorry.

  • G

    Reading these comments and the replies on Twitter has me convinced that people really want ignorance in their life over peace/love/enlightenment. This stuff is played NOT only at parties, but on the radio and everywhere else. He is saying that dudes need to switch it up. The ones people consider to be the best talk about the same stuff (Bitches/Money/Materials/Cars/Killing/Dope Dealing/Gettin Faded). It's the same stuff over a different beat. Lupe tries to get people to think outside the box and try to change. People act like Lu making their wage. He making millions too. So what he gotta hate for. Stupid.

  • FLUX

    I'm guessing he hasn't heard LASERS yet?

  • willdad

    I can't jiggy to lupe at parties...the fuck i look like getting trippy to kick push lmao...his music is made for vibing not him complaining is just stupid...there is music for any type of occasion

    • Anonymous

      seriously is life all about partying to you cats? i hear party music in the gym, in mcdonalds on adverts everywhere its not even gotta do with the clubs anymore you ppl listen to party music when your alone too

  • g.o.o.d. music fan

    real talk Lupe Fiasco should be on G.O.O.D. Music.fuck 2chainz.

    • Anon

      Kanye offered and he said something along the lines of 'why be pawns over there [G.O.O.D.] when were kngs over here [Atlantic]' this was after he was criticisiing his label for not giving him creative control over his music. I liked lupe but im just not feeling him lately, he seems a bit to arrogant and condescending these days and hes just coming across as a pompus twat he makes a good point but the message has been tainted by the imperfections of the speeker

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Lupe Just kept it gutter and visted poorest place in the nation....Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Lupe the truth.

  • Anonymous

    Lupo is such a hater.

  • Ricky Rozay

    Yeah Lupe all ur shit sound the same too or does this nigga not remember the show goes on. that shit was pop garbage and so was that album. shit was ass. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lexheartzx3

    Lupe is such a hypocrite so "girl i want you to know" isn't the cliche hip-hop & r&b fusion i hear on the radio everyday...this is obviously jealousy & bitterness on his part focus on your music bruh.

  • dentaldamboy

    This is why YMCMB doesn't mess with Lupe. He hates America and he cates capitalism. He's jealous of everyone who is successful. There is no room in the rap game for someone like him. Thankfully Kanye stopped messign with him too. Lupe teaches the kids how to be terrorists. Wayne and Drake teach the kids how to be hard-workers.

  • Anonymous

    Dude's just jealous that 2 Chainz is ballin outta control.

  • Raw Business

    Lupe feeling himself too much. He makes the same songs he's complaining about. How many times have people remade classic songs? How many mcs went pop? How many sequels have there been in hip-hop. He ain't original himself.


    I agree with Lupe but let's not forget L.A.S.E.R.S. was fucking garbage. I can't even listen to the album the full way through.

  • Anonymous

    coming from the dude who brought you lasers and f&l 2 which are just albums bashing america and the whole "fuck the establishment" far i think ive heard everything lupe has to offer

  • JETLIFE116

    Ye rather make songs with 2Chainz then a Child.Rebel.Soldier album...sometimes i dont understand people's intentions



    • Anonymous

      ^something is not working inside your brain

    • D-BO


    • Anonymous

      shut fuck up nigga u comparing lupe fiasco to 2CHAINZ loooooooooooooool What happened to this world lupe fiasco is lyrics Genius maan

  • toy-t aka tokyo tony


    • wassupdoc

      the 1st part to getting over a problem is admitting u have one. i say that because, obviously, u are on some physcodelic shit to say lupe n G.O.A.T. u on that bathsalt, homie. u should eat ya own face

  • livefromtexas

    how about we wait and see if your new album is any good before you run your mouth Lupe? because last time i checked, your last album was pop garbage full of the same old shit and beats

  • lilk

    Its 100% true, but really dude?? Some of his songs are super commercial, not like he's helping...

  • C Note

    I fully support what Lupe Fiasco's saying. Only rappers that I'll listen to nowadays is either Cassidy, J. Cole and Nas. Other than that, it's all repetative shit. Nas on "Trust"? That shit was mind-blowing, Cole has too many good shit, as does Nas & Cassidy. But "Damn I miss the game", from Cassidy truly highlights what Lupe's saying.

    • Raw Business

      Cassidy? For real, wow you really are a purist huh? Note the sarcasm.

    • Anonymous

      There was a time when Cassidy was mainstream to the max, he was dropping club records all over the fucking place. Like pop records, J. Cole has some pop records too. If both had the choice to be conscious or major mainstream, they would choose the latter.

  • nuc

    co fuckin sign Lupe on this one [3]

  • khyle

    finally somebody saying it

  • carAnthony

    co fuckin sign Lupe on this one [2]

  • Decatur ATL BOI

    Lupe is speaking the truth, Hip Hop is the same damn song on almost the same damn beat...The cowards are scared to be different and make music that's not on the radio. Make the radio come to you!!!! Where is Ice Cube when you need him. Dayum. P.S., and the folk that listen to hip hop radio are highschool drop out air heads who can't think for themselves. You hear a Wacka Flaka song that he's made about 15 times already and think it's dope, you hear 2 chains and Ross talk about the same crap on every song. I mean, can we get a leader that will stand up and write about something different than weed, girls, the club & money. Real life is way more complex than that, is that your whole life expierence? Gotta be kidding me.

    • thafranchise

      It's simple! Don't listen to to that music if you feel that way. Is it that hard?There are so many other artists out there that make different music that you might be looking for. Stop pointing fingers and complaining.

  • yeahson

    bout time somebody speak the truth on this wackness

  • Anonymous

    I usually ignore when these back pack rappers chime in on mainstream, but this time I agree. 2 Chainz dropped 2 singles that sound the same, its mixtape shit.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Lupe is the truth here in YMCMB we kiss men and suck dicks like nobody has done before. swag

  • Anonymous

    co fuckin sign Lupe on this one

  • Anonymous

    Spoken like a true fuck boy who makes the same shii over and over. Lol!

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