Killer Mike Clears Up Frank Ocean Comments

Killer Mike explains a recent Tweet he made in reference to Frank Ocean.

It's been almost a month since OFWGKTA crooner Frank Ocean publicly came out as bisexual, and the news is still reverberating throughout the world of Hip Hop. Now in a recent interview with The Grio, Atlanta rapper Killer Mike discussed the topic and cleared up a recent Tweet he made about Ocean's revelatory letter.

Mike explained that his Tweet was not meant to criticize Frank Ocean's sexuality. Rather, he wanted to highlight the hypocrisy he sees in some black women who disparage heterosexual black men for their promiscuity when failing to take into consideration their own sexual health. He went on to empashize that he feels no enmity towards any person based on their sexuality, adding that some of his closest family members were openly gay.

"[The Tweet] wasn’t in reference to Frank Ocean. It was in reference to black women," he said. "Black women tend to be overly celebratory about things that directly or could directly affect them in a harmful way. I watch black women on Twitter malign heterosexual black men who they view as promiscuous...yet it’s harder for a woman to give HIV to a man than it is for a man to give it to a woman. I watch the same women celebrate bisexuality in a black man. I don’t judge bisexuality or homosexuality; to each his own. I grew up under wonderful gay uncles who are the reason why I went to Morehouse, the reason why I have certain fashion sensibilities. They are the ones that gave me culture because my dad and stepdad were just manly kind of men. Artistically and culturally I am who I am because of my gay uncles."

He continued, "That being said we have to admit that when engaging in anal sex, it carries a higher risk for something. So I am just amazed when I see black women who just castigate their heterosexual partners to dirt level, celebrate gay and bisexual in a way that is almost exclusive of how their distrustful they are of black women. They look down on black women and say that ‘I’m not a whore,’ but all these other whores are. In how they look down on heterosexual men who are traditionally their partners, but they celebrate somehow another group of man that supposedly will never betray them and seek their heterosexual partner...I support Frank Ocean’s freedom to be who he is. I congratulate Frank Ocean. I feel that my gay uncles would be ashamed of me to be anything else. With that said, I’m not ever going to let black women who don’t let us off the hook, off the hook. I’m not going to let sisters who are the highest growing population of HIV cases off the hook either."

The original Tweet can be seen below.

With all our congrats to Mr. Ocean. Black Women still have growing HIV rates. Demand a test & to know if your man is Bi. Be safe sisters.
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  • Lol

    Killer Mike? you probably got that killer in you...stop hating on Frank Ocean like he got AIDS..smh then turn around and say I'm not bashing Frank Ocean, I'm talking about black women...this fool probably want to come out with his gay uncles that molded him into the man he is now

    • Geniuslike

      Exactly. Thank God for smart people. Hatin ass niggas get nowhere. It's been proven time and time again. Yet niggas who aren't do so hot STILL don't get it. Dumb niggas.

  • observant

    Nothing disgusts me more than humans making excuses. Errant behavior is an integral part of being human and yet it can be overcome. You have been given living examples of this but you find it easier to worship them as it absolves you of any responsibility. You are the swine that likes to wallow in the mud and give yourself pats on the back for making a mess. I won't congratulate you for being steeped in this ridiculousness. You are wasting your time on the planet; death would actually be an improvement. Oh make me sick.

    • Rashid Muhammad

      @observant this is because black people today are nothing but some house niggers and sissyfied scared of revolution ass negroes that are always apologizing for anything they say

    • mindrelated

      As the sinner becomes blind to his/her own sins. You are not above any, because you are "observant", you are still a sinner. Rather than use your spiritual beliefs to show one inferior, how about you use your beliefs to uplift.

  • Anonymous


  • D

    Safe sex is safe sex wether gay or straight ..... If you don't use a condom you open yourself up to disease

  • Anonymous

    frank ocean=HIV What a bitchass nigga somebody should beat his ass wait bad choice of words...

  • Anonymous

    fuck frank ocean faggot ass ol gay ass bitch

  • d-nucks

    A report just came out that male black homosexuals have the higest ratio of new cases of HIV. Fuck this shit...what the fuck is we congratulating Frank Ocean for?..why are we treating him like some kind of trail blazer. He's gay...he's not the first...its wrong its a fornication, adultery, all falls under sexual immorality. I'm not giving no nigga props that admits he likes to take it balls deep and sucks on mushroom what is. I will give him props when he repents and turns from that life style...then i will give him props...till then...he just a another gay dude...where his homesexual lifestyle like a badge of honor.

    • Ocean Breeze

      I can just imagine you are a black thug wannabe going around screwing a myriad of girls ever so often...judging from your use of English...and you have the nerve to least Frank's brave enough to admit, and he's're hating on the guy who now has money, freedom and happiness...screw you


    while people applauded frank Ocean for is courage, it seem like they ignored the bigger issue. This dude knew his partner had and girl, and from his letter is sounded like he knew the girl too. so now this is bigger than Mr Ocean and his sexuality. he was a part of a culture "down low brother" that is helping to kill the black community , by spreading HIV. I cant respect his sexuality, but not that down low shit. This has nothing to do with his music--love is album. I would be a hypocrite to boycott his music because of his sexuality, while supporting the rapper who promote killing and drug dealing.

    • BradZuk

      What the fuck are you talking about? He didnt give anyone HIV and doesnt have it himself. And, people will love whoever they love. It's largely out of our control. LIsten to bad religion closely. Its about unrequited love. It's about how painful it is to love and know that you'll never be loved back. Thats it. what the hell is so wrong about that?

  • Mck jaggy

    Young money camp beta get tested

  • Anonymous

    crackas created aids

  • Genius like

    This dumb negro is the worst kind of hater. One who tries to cover up the fact that he's hating with "facts." Point blank ur salty over the attention the dude is getting, like many other artists. If the post was just about black women you wouldn't have mentioned the guy at all. Number 2, anal sex? AIDS? Damn do any of y'all niggas in the south graduate high school? AIDS gets contracted through ANY sex. Anal, vaginal, oral. ANY... Duh. What gender you have sex with doesn't matter. The amount or lack of protection is the only way to prevent AIDS, other than abstinence. Dont even get me started that men give AIDS more easily than women. What the fuck are you talking about? Do you listen to yourself? Men and women can spread AIDS the same. Know why? Cuz you get AIDS from bodily fluids dumb ass. Idk if you knew this or not, but you can't penetrate a women without coming into contact with some or many different kinds of bodily fluids. There are only 6 posters in this because most people who went to school, (in the US anyways) know this. Killer Mike your response sounds retarded cuz it is. Nigga you're salty a gay nigga sold more albums and is getting more attention and praise on his first commercial shot than you ever will. And I know why a lot of dudes in hip hop are hating. Unfortunately for you, the dude puts out good music. That's why his shit is a big deal, not cuz he's gay or bi or whatever. If y'all niggas put more time into actually making GREAT music, like Outkast, you wouldn't have time to hate or even notice the dude. But you don't, and that's why your music sucks, that's why people aren't checking for you, and that's why this nigga is on tour and you're on twitter. I wish all y'all old heads would stop hatin on the younger generation and get your cake up. You have no idea how foolish y'all look to us. And we are your future bosses, so you should care.

    • Ocean Breeze

      I applaud you...I couldn't have said it better...

    • Tito

      Geniuslike, stop trying to educate people like you know perfectly what are you talking about, because you clearly don't. Those long posts you wrote made you look arrogant but also stupid, because you were wrong about some basic points as Genius?Really stated.

    • Geniuslike

      I would be glad to write your dissertation for you, seeing as how I'm obviously more educated. Lol I'm sorry I won't argue with you when you're out here sonnin yourself. And yes I am a Genius because I stated that the dude was hating. That's all. All you contrarians just like to argue, cuz you're stupid. Literally stupid. "You definitely cannot transfer aids thru oral sex, unless you have an open wound in your mouth..." um so YES you can transfer aids orally. Sheesh I didnt know I had to state EVERY single specific detail about AIDS. My bad again I just assumed ya'll niggas know a little something without it being all having to be spelled out. Good lord there are more ignoramus' out here than I thought! I'm sorry, again I can't speak with niggas that son themselves AND can't even stay on topic. Bottom line, Killer Mike is a hater. Probably an undercover ass nigga too. Im out, peace out dumb ass argumentative, contrarian, homophobic niggas. Read a book. Stay in school. Drugs are bad.

    • Genius?Really?

      Yall need to take a science class. HIV can be transmitted through direct contract between blood or semen. But, while incredibly powerful once in the body, the virus is actually very weak otherwise. Sex with an HIV positive individual only yeilds a transfer about 1/4 times. And Killer mike is ABSOLUTELY right that it is easier to transfer from men to women. It is also easier to transfer through anal sex, because the lining on the colon is incredibly thin, and particularly adept at absorption directly into the blood stream. Thats also why suppositories are more effective than swallowed pills. And, you definitely cannot transfer HIV through Oral sex, unless you have an open wound in your mouth. If you really want to preach and bitch about what everyone else is saying and why theyre so fucking dumb, you should try to be right. Cuase this is just embarrassing.

    • Anonymous

      u r way to simple

    • Hell B Odin

      You actually are actually more likely to contract The big H through anal sex as the infection is passed through blood only. Anal sex is more likely to either rupture blood cells or even cause bleeding. Killer Mike is still fool.


      LOOL *yawn* @geniuslike, you have a lot of time on your hands. I might have to hire you to write my dissertation at University. Seriously though, you expect people to listen to you when you're that patronizing?

    • ihateu

      @genius like so u like to suck d##k and take it in the but uhh? y dont you come out the closet as well?

    • Geniuslike

      First off, of course I didn't mean ALL bodily fluids. My bad I forgot I was talking to people not fully educated on the topic to begin with. That really was my mistake for not clarifying. Umm I also was unaware that I was talking to a personal friend of KM. I mean you do know him personally right? You must to say that he's not a hater. Or you're one of those people that believe everything you read/hear in the media, and believe that you "know" someone based on little bits on personal characteristics revealed in interviews. Your version of hating might be "fuck Frank Ocean." Sadly, you are only one person, with ONE kind of view. And I'm going to assume not a person who has any clue about how to manipulate someone's understanding. As a public figure, no one can come out and say "fuck frank ocean." no one who values their public career anyways. So you throw little jabs which go unnoticed to your "blind supporters" sometimes called fans, and mix in some "I'm not talking about frank ocean, I'm talking about black women" kind of bullshit. No he was TALKING about Frank Ocean, OTHERWISE he would not have mentioned his name. He could have easily said gay men/bisexual men. OR if he was ONLY concerned about black women, not even mention the dude at all! That's called sideways hating. Just like someone starts off a sentence with "I'm not hating, but..." Nigga yes you are hating. Go to school and actually learn about the usage of language before you confront someone about glass houses. I said the dude was hating, and it was obvious with his back peddling, IE the terrible "facts" and info he was supposedly trying to get across. If he was trying to get across facts, he would've mentioned the right ones, or at least actual facts. Plain and simple. Dude was hating, got called on it, now everybody knows he's a hater. Not that it matters anyway, he's a nobody.

    • spirit equality

      @genius like You're making quite a few huge assumptions here. Nothing in the letter above states that anal sex is the only way to transmit HIV or that Mike isn't aware that (some) bodily fluids transfer HIV (you would be highly unlikely to contract HIV from bodily fluids like tears or sweat, for example, so even your simplistic use of "bodily fluids" as a transmission source could be categorized as incorrect; thus, stop throwing stones from your glass house! Blood and fluids emitted by sexual organs are the primary fluids that can transmit HIV). He's not "hating" on Frank Ocean's success. Mike has never been known to randomly call out an artist's name for attention, do some research. He is referencing Frank Ocean as the basis for bringing up the issue of bisexuality. Frank has a lot of people discussing this issue. Frank's success isn't the source of this conversation, his open letter is. Without that letter, this conversation wouldn't be ongoing, sales or no sales. Hating would be "F--k Frank Ocean", not "with all our congrat(ulation)s to Frank Ocean". And your "old heads" comment is as ageist and ignorant as anything Mike said above.

  • Diddy3900

    @7 Citites SLymm, we live in a masses world. So if the thought provoking ppl are not the masses, your not going to get your 500 post.

    • thought dog

      This article is common sense and a splash of sensationalism from hhdx. Nothing thought provoking here really. Only reason this tweet is an issue is because of the people running the industry.

  • Anonymous

    well put mike,good to see somebody from the south,that doesnt play into the ignorant coon role,south needs more david banners,outkast,ceelo's,etc and less gucci,wacka,etc

  • Anonymous

    this is an intelligent position that many people will react to emotionally instead of understanding the dynamics he is highlighting. Shit is real out here with the HIV...

    • 7 Cities SLymm

      * very well stated * where are all of the thought provoking coments on this issue? if it were rappers beefing or somebody getting arrested, this would have 500 posts

    • Anonymous

      Cosign this post and WHOLE ARTICLE.

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