Nas Explains The Notorious B.I.G. Line From "No Introduction"

Nas recalls chatting with the Notorious B.I.G. in his gold Lexus truck.

In the opener to his recent critically acclaimed album Life is Good titled "No Introduction," Nas spits the line, “Remember talking to Biggie inside his Lex truck/Said stay fly when you bummy, keep your pajamas Armani.” Now, the Queensbridge emcee took to Rap Genius to explains his brief encounter with the Notorious B.I.G. in his Lexus.

According to Nas, Biggie suggested that Nas purchase a gold Lexus GS3, similiar to the one he had purchased. Unfortunately for the QB emcee, his license had been revoked, and he was unable to purchase the vehicle. Yet it was a later encounter with the Brooklyn legend in his Lexus that made Nas realize what he had missed out on and why he needed to act more responsibly.

"Rest in peace to Biggie, we was just talking [and] one of the things he said was he suggested to me that [I buy] the Lex[us] truck GS3, they had just come out with the GS3 at the time he wound up getting his. I ran into some trouble, I was driving without a license and I lost my card, so I was riding around with some dudes and I saw Biggie sitting outside in his truck. He seemed so lonely because he was like, 'I'm by myself, where the homies at? Who's gonna ride out with me?' He seemed lonely breaking down the Dutch in the street…[he said], 'Damn man, you were supposed to get this [car],' and I'm looking at it like I fucked up; I gotta get my life together."

Check out the full video over at Rap Genius.

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  • Z

    Pointless weak verse just to say BIG on a song..And the album is soft too.

    • N1ggaplease

      Soft!?! Nas album is hard as hell. Lyrically their are few who can touch him. You must be a Wayne nut hugger. Big called Nas out on songs as being cool wit. Nas doesnt have to make up stories about big for creditability, he has that already.

    • Anonymous

      u mad cause Nas shit on ya favorite rapper's whole album with just one verse off of one song on his album.

    • Cudder

      man you a hatin ass nigga you don't have to reach at all to mention BIG in a song... look at Jay-Z lmao

  • Slick

    if u wanna sound like a bitch or a whore or a fag end your comment with Bawse! or YMCMB Fuck That

  • Slick

    When niggaz die other niggaz fabricate fake stories about how close their friendship was. Biggie always hung out with his homies, so this shit is false all the way through and that nigga never drove himself around.

    • ETK

      you mean to tell me Biggie would never, EVER in a million years, decide to have some alone time and cruise somewhere? there a time when a nigga gotta be alone man. if you ridin around with your homies 24/7/365 you'll turn fuckin crazy

  • Slick

    When niggaz die other niggaz fabricate fake stories about how close their friendship was

  • Zee

    @So Icy Boi!... Please kill yourself...

  • DeirdreTom

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  • So Icy Boi!

    fuck Nas. his new album is wack. 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne are our new poets. swag P.S. studio debut album Infinite Swag Universe comin in August. tracklist: 01 Swag, Pt. 1 (feat. Lil B) 02 Bullet in His Head (feat. Game) 03 Gangsta (8 Times)! 04 Blood for Life (feat. Tyga) 05 Ready (feat. Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit) 06 Solipsism (feat. Waka Flocka and Gucci Mane) 07 YOLO 08 Infinite Swag Universe (feat. Lil B, Chief Keef, Cash Out, Soulja Boy, Travis Porter) 09 Michelle (feat. Cassie and Machine Gun Kelly) 10 Slim Dunkin Back (feat. Waka Flocka) 11 Niggas in Tokyo (feat. Mac Miller) 12 Swag, Pt. 2 (feat. Chief Keef) 13 Hammer Time* 14 Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana Cover)* 15 Dwayne Carter* *Bonus tracks Produced by Lex Luger, So Icy Boi!

  • True2HipHop

    who knew a convo about a car could have so much significance to an individual.

  • slick

    biggie alone in his truck? biggie never learned how to drive

  • Charles madison

    New music from C-4 check it out !!

  • IDK

    Lexus GS3 truck?? What's a Lexus GS3 truck??? At the time, there was a Lexus LX 450 SUV and a Lexus GS 300 car, so which Lexus is Nas referring to?

  • Shan

    I use to love hearing the little back and forth Biggie and Nas had going on with the subliminal and disses, of course it was all friendly competition...both were just keeping the other razor sharp.

  • Nuff said...

    !!!::::Attention:::!!! Anybody with the words, swag, boi, young, icey, yessir, bf, or anyone who praises young money. PLEASE!!!! ignore tem. They are trolls only here to piss ppl off bcuz they have no lives what so ever. dont fall in that trap! #Dont feed the trolls!

  • Anonymous

    "get your own style, don't copy somebody else's" What? You make your own clothes?


    wats the name of his jacket that hes wearing in that photo^ and if possible a link to a website its on? thnx

    • Anonymous


    • b`F

      I don't even know why you want that jacket, it's ugly as shit.

    • b`F

      ^^^^ No you gonna die waiting for that jacket bitch ass nigga I hate your whole family.

    • NGRZonFYA

      thats just a photo, i was requesting a site where i could buy it, but thanks anyway, can anyone else help me?

    • Anonymous

    • NGRZonFYA

      dnt hate, i aint copyin his style, i had already seen that jacket and wanted to get it b4, and cudnt find it so stopped tryin, cos googling "rrl jacket" doesnt work, but now i seen nas wearin it i wanted to see if anyone knew

    • Anonymous

      get your own style, don't copy somebody else's but if you must know, try googling "rrl jacket" that should point you in the right direction

  • Anonymous

    "he should do a book like prodigy did" No. He shouldn't.

    • Anonymous

      Well he's got one coming out this fall called it ain't hard to tell written by toure But it won't be a snitch tell all book

  • Anonymous

    nas has a lot of dope stories, he should do a book like prodigy did.

  • Anonymous

    "He seemed so lonely" Food was his friend.

  • Hudes

    hey Sean.. do me a favor and go change the Life is Good rating to 4.5 what the fuck is your boy thinking?

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