Estate Of Notorious B.I.G. Denies Association With "Ready 2 Die" Musical

The estate of the Notorious B.I.G. says it has no connection to the rumored musical about the late rapper.

Fans were more than puzzled yesterday when the playwright and producer of an upcoming musical about the life of the late Notorious B.I.G. titled "Ready 2 Die" were arrested for stealing more than $800 worth of books. Now, in a recent report from AllHipHop, the estate of the deceased Brooklyn legend denies any involvement with the theatrical production.

Biggie's estate says it has no involvement whatsoever with the rumored musical or its respective writer and producer, Alfred "Paper Love" Green and Raheim Pope. Furthermore, the estate added that it has sent a cease and desist to the production after they held an unofficial casting call back in March.

“Please note that this is an unauthorized play. Our firm has previously sent a cease and desist notice and any association with the Estate of Christopher Wallace or Notorious B.I.G. are unauthorized,” a rep from the estate explained. "There is no connection or association between the Estate of Notorious B.I.G. and Alfred Green and Raheim Pope."

As previously mentioned, Green and Pope were arrested yesterday for stealing $868 work of books from a Barnes and Noble, including 50 Shades of Grey and R. Kelly's biography The Diary of Me. Both face fifth degree larceny charges, among others.

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  • Daniel

    Hey I'm new at this, just wanna hear some feedback and thoughts. I'm totally new at this. 20 years, From Denmark

  • tigerpawraw

    Can't wait for the musical!!! I've heard they've got Katt Williams as Diddy and Tiny Liston Jr as BIG! On another note, I wonder if the writer and producer of this masterpiece will still be working together, considering the writer snitched on the producer, revealing to police said producer's propensity for hiding car keys in his anus, which led to them unlocking the getaway car and retrieving the stolen goods (I swear I didn't make that up, check the link to the original article if you don't believe me. you can't make shit like that up!!!)? I'm guessing that might cause a rift between them... But hey, if Phife and Q-Tip can get back together, you never know! Wait... Nevermind, this shit's on Detox status.

    • Anonymous

      the cease and desist letter went out so any performance and money made would have been taken away by the estate...that's why they were stealing books...those guys will never prosper in the industry no matter what they try to do.

  • Anonymous

    "... for stealing $868 work of books from a Barnes and Noble, including 50 Shades of Grey and R. Kelly's biography The Diary of Me." lol thievery on books that get women wet and books that R. Kelly pisses on. What a world...

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