Frank Ocean Says Writing Open Letter Lifted "Boulder On My Chest"

Frank Ocean speaks on writing his now-famous open letter for the first time.

Earlier this month, Frank Ocean released an open letter where he revealed that his first love was a man.

Now, for the first time, the Odd Future singer has spoken on the matter in an interview.

"People are just afraid of things too much," said Ocean to UK's The Guardian. "Afraid of things that don't necessarily merit fear. ...[W]hat's physically going to happen? Me saying what I said on my Tumblr last week? Sure, evil exists, extremism exists. Somebody could commit a hate crime and hurt me. But they could do the same just because I'm black. They could do the same just because I'm American. Do you just not go outside your house? Do you not drive your car because of the statistics? How else are you limiting your life for fear?"

Frank Ocean admitted that part of the reason for writing the letter was because he wishes he had a role model when he was younger. "I suppose a percentage of that act was because of altruism; because I was thinking of how I wished at 13 or 14 there was somebody I looked up to who would have said something like that, who would have been transparent in that way. But there's another side of it that's just about my own sanity and my ability to feel like I'm living a life where I'm not just successful on paper, but sure that I'm happy when I wake up in the morning, and not with this freakin' boulder on my chest."

"I knew that I was writing in a way that people would ask questions," he added, speaking of the career risk he was taking. "I knew that my star was rising, and I knew that if I waited I would always have somebody that I respected be able to encourage me to wait longer, to not say it till who knows when."

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  • truth

    im starting to lose respect for him. hes milking this coming out publicity stunt for all its worth. most of his dickriders never knew who he was 2 weeks ago

  • Anonymous

    i don't mind homosexuals fags gays w.e u want to call it in the end we human people don't let ignorance bitch you. those who bitch and criticize about certain people are the worst bitches.fucking drama.

  • Anonymous

    close minded and ignorant people criticizing. I've never heard a full mixtape or album related to him but the dude got guts to come out and say what he had to say. Ask Yourself dummies(which "you" won't)would you be tough enough to let loose and let your surroundings know your situation? for those who straight macho holding your balls what happens when you find out your fav rapper or w.e reveals he is homosexual? you won't support him at all?cuz am pretty sure if you a fan sorry to say it but that damn you been dickriding..

  • Anonymous

    To me it doesn't matter & shouldn't matter what your sexual orientation is because why should that be a determining factor in your capabilities to create great music or whatever it be your passionate about. My answer it has nothing to do with what you can muster up however, due to our society being so closed minded & not having enough people along with methods for trying to change our perception on ones sexual preference then we will always stay divided. check out Macklemore's new track SAME LOVE it's a great song with a good message & thought provoking.

  • Anonymous

    to all ignorant comments on here if i was gay you couldnt whip my ass, you couldnt treat your families any better than me. so what makes you think your so much better haha what cause your in racist homophobic society and gave you some bullshit to keep you divided.

  • Anonymous

    this dude is true rebel i like the way he think. i think odd future will probably go down because of his decision to go public and but guess he said money aint everything he can at least live with himself. which is more than some of the monkeys you see in the music business. rick ross especially.

  • Hejustnice

    I think women deserve more respect in general and in Hip Hop especially. If people can come out the wood work and support Frank Ocean and be all PC about the words "homo" and "fag". We need to stop calling women bitches, hoes, etc. I mean enough is enough a lot of these DL Rappers and R&B singers have been dissing women for years. Under the guise that they were just being misogynistic but really they were showing their true colors. Just food for thought

  • Anonymous

    "he makes better music than what most people put out today" Like who?

  • Anonymous

    The nigga gay homie that's all I gotta say on the subject

  • Anonymous

    Frank that aint a boulder on your chest... thats a big phat black cock u just stopped sucking!!!

  • Lil Loc

    This nigga is doing everything for some SoundScan numbers.

  • thought dog

    I guarantee that every straight person that defends his coming out skips right past his Forrest Gump song and others like it. And if you do then that makes you a damn hypocrite.

    • .....

      STFU..that makes no sense whatsoever. Just because someone supports Frank means they're obligated to like that song. I'm a fan of Alicia Keys...doesn't mean i'm gonna listen to a song about her getting' fucked by Swizz.

    • Anonymous

      ahahah that's a good one right there dog ! i thought exactly the same when i hear this track for the first time. since i have to skip it cause when it comes to a man singin bout another man well ... it aint damn sure for me

  • murdock

    look man hes a fruitloop point blank.I wont bang his shit based on if hes talking about a man in a song i cant relate so if I cant relate its not for me.

    • ShinbrigGoku

      Who cares, he makes better music than what most people put out today, I'm not gay and I love his music, I got a bunch of friend who just love him for his music, don't let a sexual orientations get in the way or your the real douche bag that everyone hates, if you stop listening to him because he's bisexual then you never really enjoyed his music

  • @@Matt

    I hear where u coming from and I agree with 90% of what your saying, But people should respect others views not others negative bashing tho. The terms faggots and homos shouldnt be used at all

  • Anonymous

    REAL TALK- This shit is getting outta hand son. This guy is in NO WAY hiphop but them HHDX cats be shoving this guy down our throat. Son is a faggot ass R&B artist and got nothing to do with hiphop so why do u dick-in-a-booty ass cats over there keep posting about him? Hip hop doesnt support gayness, all this asskissing rappers just talking out their ass so they would not be seen as hypocrites.

    • Matt

      I was perhaps, too harsh in my wording. Although, not sure if 50/50 is right. 10% of people make 90% of the noise. More just ignorance vs understanding. And speaking out against oppression will ALWAYS be different (in impact and positivity) compared to speaking out in ignorance and hate. It's like saying that no one should have ever spoken out about racism. Because people with 'traditional' racist views should be respected too, right? It is not hypocrisy son. The way I said things and approached things was wrong, I'll give you that. But speaking out against things that are wrong? Think Malcolm X, MLK. Tupac?

    • @Annoymous #1

      I guess the fact that he is part of a hiphop group doesn't count as being a hip-hop artist...

    • @Matt

      i hope you know you don't speak on behalf of the hip-hop community cause when we read you we might thought that you think your opinion is the common state of mind of every hip-hop heads right now just to let you know : it's 50/50. you'll always find people who disagree with that shit. and some who co sign that shit when we read between your lines it is obvious you beg for more tolerance in this world so it can be a better place. well, why don't you start yourself by tolerating people who don't share your thought on the matter huh ? there is nothin more hypocrite but someone who require from others to be tolerant towards certain subjects and cannot accept the idea that some other people think differently people who share this "traditional" principles deserve respect too, don't they ? on these very few words, have a nice life too

    • Matt

      You sound like the fucking Catholic Church. Hip-Hop doesn't support gayness? Fuck outta here with that bullshit son. Hip Hop is just music. Music supports EVERYTHING. And even Hip Hop culture is starting to realize that this retarded paranoia for anything that is 'traditional' as shit; is fucking wrong. The culture should be a leader. One to help pioneer the world into a better fucking place. Instead there are wastes of life, such as yourself; who know nothing other than how to over use the word 'faggot' and 'gay' enough to make Mel Gibson proud. Seriously - Re-think your life

  • Anonymous

    if he's happier and if he feels like he's free from this "burden" he had ... it's very cool I don't co sign gayness but I respect the man though. him being gay is not a threat for nobody except people who are insecure with themselves and just because i don't co sign gayness does not mean i wish death upon gay people nor any hatred act toward them. it just means it's not the kind of life i would like to have keep up the good music Frank Ocean peace

  • DK


  • i wonder if this would turn him straight

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