Pusha T Says He's "In The Dark" About Kanye West's Plans For "Cruel Summer"

Pusha T reveals that he isn't privy to Kanye West's master plans for G.O.O.D. Music's debut album.

Fans hoping for a nugget of information about G.O.O.D. Music's debut album Cruel Summer won't be getting it from Pusha T. In fact, Pusha contends, he won't be able to tell anyone much of anything about the project.

"I'm in the dark just as much as you guys," said Pusha in an interview with Billboard. "Nothing is conventional with these guys. It's to the point now, and it's so bad, because [Kanye West]'s been so unconventional… that people won't even accept conventional shit from him. I know we're not gonna start now."

Pusha, who is featured on the singles "Mercy" and "New God Flow" from the project, said that the 2012 BET Awards was another example of Kanye West's secrecy. "I'm like, 'Yo, what are we gonna do for the BET Awards?' He goes, 'Oh, I got something.' I walk out, it's like a fucking 50-foot fucking Lamborghini!'" explained Push. "You know what he tells us? He tells us things like what color to wear. 'Hey, bring white or black.' 'Okay, what are we doing?' 'Bring white or black.'"

The Clipse member continued, explaining that the recording process has been surprising. "I felt like nothing was forced -- things were experimental at times, and I think you're gonna see that," said Pusha. "You're gonna see the experimentation in guys like Common, who is looked at in a certain way. And it was so great to be on a record that may have a bit of a different flow than what you would know Common for… He's in there like 'This shit is hot, this shit is good, I'm getting on this!' It's so funny, because we're sitting there, dying laughing, and then it kicks in that Common is really writing his verse. Then he lays the verse. And then you realize his verse is sustained and better than yours! It's things like that that happen during those processes. It was so fun in that sense, because it was just all type of fun and surprises."

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  • Anonymous

    lmfao push the reason kanye wont tell u shit is cause ur gunna run outn do a interview n tell em what he just told u loool

  • Hidden By Leaves

    The only thing "Cruel" about this summer is how tough the wise old owl NaS just shit all over everyone elses best attempts at making a GOOD record. El&Mike did their thing this year but the true king just kicked the throne over and owned court. Checkmate.

  • Anonymous

    pusha t playing

  • firealarm

    I find it hard to believe this album is dropping in just a few weeks.



  • Anonymous

    Pusha should get a new job...'Spokesman for Good Music'

  • Zac

    For anybody that thinks yeezy is falling off, you are dumb ass fuck.. and as for the person thinking his raps suck on these tracks??? I highly doubt you can rap anyway. i don't see you name everywhere.. and ymcmb may be on top right now but look at the music they ar making.. easily marketable to the main dream.. FYI main stream music is awful.. you should know that if you are on hiphopdx.. considering they only put real music on this site, none of that bubblegum rap bullshit that wayne is putting out.. stop hating and realize kanye will never fall off, he's a legendary motherfucker





  • Real Talk Bro

    Pusha T is becoming one of my least favorite artists along with Eazy-E and any conspiracy theory rapper who contradict themselves. I never liked Clipse but No Malice changed his lifestyle even Hopsin who I didn't like for ripping off Eminem and using celebrity names for attention with negative energy just released a nice song yesterday. But Pusha T is along with the likes of Ludacris, 2 Chainz, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne as artists I can never respect. Even Kanye West fallen off although Kim Kardashian is a succubus puppet. Just go away Pusha T. Also to his fans who are as bad as LeBron fans who get butthurt when you say a slight criticism toward the "King". Lebron is a sellout fake selfish individual who will never be king. Jesus Christ is my only King.

    • Anonymous

      smh white jesus is king. your slavemasters must be very proud.

    • Anonymous

      First, I am sure they taught you paragraphing in elementary son. Second when you make a point, be coherent. What are you talking about?

    • Come on man

      Man for you to even bring up Lebron James in this comment section, apparently your the one who's "butt hurt". LOL, everybody knows Jesus is King. Relax man, it's just a basketball game! LOL

  • Interesting Fact

    Nobody even cares about Pusha T unless his name is mentioned next to Lil Wayne or Drake...lol If Drake or Wayne's name was mentioned, this story would have 200 comments.

  • Anonymous

    "No one cares about album sales" Kanye does.

  • Anonymous

    It is gonna be a cruel summer for Kanye. Dude's so close to falling off. If it drops and it is the same level of quality as MDTF or better, then I'll eat my words and admit I was wrong. But I'm not seeing it.

    • Anonymous

      he ever chould rap lol still great beat n song makertho

    • Young Lou

      I agree. That "Mercy" song is some bullsh*t and his rapping sucks

    • LOL

      LOL AT BOTH THESE COMMENTS!!! Anonymous 1: Kanye will never fall off Anonymous 2: "Easily one of the top 3 most popular rap artist right now?" hahhaa thats funny, try fucking legendary in every aspect

    • Anonymous

      how the fuck is he falling off? Kanye is easily one of the top 3 most popular rap artist right now?

  • Anonymous

    "Are One of The Greatest Groups of The Past Decade" Maybe the group with the most potential, but album sales have not been their friend.

  • Anonymous

    "You know what he tells us? He tells us things like what color to wear" So he's dressing you now?



  • dentaldamboy

    I told ya'll that Pusha T was already on his way out. He's not very talented and certainly not marketable at all. He's done way more harm to GOOD music than he's worth. This guy is completely washed up. He has no solo album or mixtape in the works. He doesn't have mansions like Wayne. He doesn't have a G4 like Birdman. He's never dated celebrities like Drake. He doesn't run through sororities at Howard University like Tyga. He doesn't headline international tours like Nicki. Baseically, Pusha T is washed up.

    • Shocked

      i just love how tygas big accomplishment is running through a sorority. thats funny as hell

    • Anonymous

      Hahaha, funny as fuck.

    • Anonymous

      this shit was funny. but for real though niggas still responding to trolls in 2012? smh aite

    • dockevoc

      Tyga runs backwards through cornfields naked

    • kadlkaod

      Tyga don't run through no sororities at Howard. I go to Howard lol.

    • Anonymous

      And you are doing any of these things???? thought so get off other ppls dick and get your own money young ass whippersnapper wtf happend to real niggas? erbody go hard nowadays and wana hate on each otha wit the tight ass clothes n shit lool

    • Anonymous

      You Can't Call Pusha Washed Up If He Hasn't Reached His Full Potential, ======================================== That nigga is 35 and being in the game for 15yrs+. When is he going to reach his potential? He best not quit his day job

    • Anonymous

      Take Wayne Dick Out Your Mouth Man lol. Clipse Are One of The Greatest Groups of The Past Decade and Pusha Has Plenty of Music Recorded. You Can't Call Pusha Washed Up If He Hasn't Reached His Full Potential, Jive Records Hip Hop Division Ruined Plenty Guys Careers and He's Survived and Doing Bigger and Better Things

  • g.o.o.d. music

    STOP FUCKIN WITH US AND DROP THE ALBUM!!! goin on fall talkin bout "Cruel Summer". cmon kanye.

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