T.I. Shares Collaborations With Andre 3000, Lil Wayne, Cee Lo, R. Kelly

T.I. explains that he has songs with Andre 3000, Lil Wayne, Cee Lo, R. Kelly and more, potentially slated for his "Trouble Man" LP.

Atlanta, Georgia's T.I. is prepping the release of his Trouble Man album later this year. Slated for a fourth quarter release, Tip has revealed several big name collaborations, though none are sure to appear on the final cut of the disc. 

“I got a record entitled ‘Trouble Man’ with R. Kelly… that’s dope. I got a record called ‘Wave Hello’ with Cee Lo. I got a record called ‘Who Shall I Be Sorry’ for with Andre 3000.  I got another record called ‘Guns and Roses’ with a surprises feature. It’s out the genre and it’s through the roof. That’s another dope record. I have records with Usher, a record with Lil Wayne, song called ‘Ball.' A record with Trey Songz," he shared in an interview with XXL

Still, this is no indication of who will end up being on the album. 

"I got to figure all these records out though. … I got a record with Trae Tha Truth and Juicy J called ‘Fight Music,’ produced by Mike will." 

T.I. is also fiishing up work on his STARZ show "Boss," after wrapping up his role in "Identity Thief," a comedic film. He will also be returning with his reality show on VH1 and another book, this one titled Power & Beauty

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  • Anonymous

    400,000 first week sales

  • Anonymous

    September 4th... counting down

  • Anonymous

    He's released some dope tracks, definintly going to by Touble Man

  • Anonymous

    GO get it killing the charts!

  • Anonymous

    Cant wait for trouble Man sounds dope!

  • No Mercy

    I think T.I. is trying to make a comeback with his features. He is worrying too much about album sales and making a hit. He probably going to have more features than album tracks. Just make the quality music we know you can.

  • Anonymous

    Is this the same dude who turned people againsn't Lil Flip? With each new album he's slowly becoming pop.

  • Anonymous

    Before No Mercy dropped he said he's got a song with Lady Gaga called Lick It so you can't always take his word, he's not as bad as Game & 50 Cent for bullshitting but...

  • R. Kelly Pissed On An Under-aged Girl!!

    "I got another record called Guns and Roses with a surprises feature." I'm gonna take a wild stab in the dark and say it's either with Axl Rose, Slash or just simply Guns N' Roses.

    • Dave

      Your title name clearly shows how forever dumb you'll remain,if that is not enough put it on the street billboard commercial..He keeps making money,his fans has forgiven him a long time ago & still recognized as the KING of r&b,so bitch keep trolling..

  • Anonymous

    and not like he needs much help..T.I. is a legend in the rap game period

  • dentaldamboy

    Andre 3000 and Lil Wayne are legends in the rap game. These guys will help elevate TI's sales. I'm glad he didn't put BoB on this album. BoB is pure garbage. Anyone who thinks that YMCMB is too "poppy" or too commercial is obligated to HATE BoB. He's the worst. He puts out pop albums that are played on the pop stations and don't even have hip-hop beats. Atlantic is gonna cut it's losses soon and drop BoB. His album completely flopped. Meanwhile Drake is gonna push 2x platinum with Take Care.

    • Anonymous

      lol you all the same perosn

    • SMFH

      dentaldamboy is obviously a stupid troll. Lil Wayne is not a legend; he hasn't even released a classic album. B.o.B is a better rapper than everyone at YMCMB. He's not a pop artist; he's alternative hip-hop. If you listen to his mixtapes, you can see that B.o.B has bars.

    • Shady 2.0

      Fuck "dentaldamboy" (Troll), "Anonymous" (Idiot), Fuck B.o.B and everybody related to him (Jealous people can't do so they HATE) Do not dare put Lil Wayne in the same sentence let alone league as Andre 3000, I'll slap the fucking yellow off your teeth!

    • Fuck B.o.B and everybody related to him

      ^^^^ HELL YEAH, you know you flopped when you did a song with the biggest pop star and you still didn't even go gold

    • Anonymous

      R.E.A.L.T.A.L.K That guy Bob overwrote the worst sale-out of hip hop industry...collab with T.Swift and still not even gold? That, is flop.

  • micah dancy

    Glad TI is working with andre 3000 its been long overdue hope its fire like the album can't wait try to get big boi on that song with andre 3000 TIP!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Big Boi said he's not collaborating with Dre on anybody else's song until they drop the next OutKast album. He's saving the magic.

  • tipster

    TroubleMan album of the year! Hurry up and drop "Ball" !

  • seuok720

    Trouble Man September 4th

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