B.G. Sentenced To 14 Years In Federal Prison

Former Hot Boy B.G. is headed to federal prison for weapon and witness tampering charges.

B.G.'s legal saga has come to an unfortunate conclusion for the New Orleans rapper.

Nola.com reports that the former Hot Boy was sentenced Wednesday (July 18) to 14 years in federal prison for gun possession and witness tampering.

The report provides that B.G. arrived in a jumpsuit, and sat in a wheelchair.

The rapper, who was arrested after a 2009 traffic stop, previously pleaded guilty to being a felon in possession of a firearm. He then obstructed justice by convincing one of his associates to claim ownership of the gun.

Prosecutors reportedly sough a 25-year prison sentence, citing B.G.'s past criminal activity. Prosecutors also claimed that he was "profiting off of New Orleans' "cycle of violence," pointing to his music videos as an example, but U.S. District Judge Ginger Berrigan declined to use them as a basis for a lengthier sentence. 

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  • Anonymous

    Go to Jail, Go to Directly to Jail, donot pass go,do not collect yo life!

  • Anonymous

    So now she left the name "So Icy Boi" and is going by the name of BasedBoy LOL yo bitch at least show us your real facebook account so we can know hoo the fuck you really are

    • Decatur ATL BOI

      @ Dummy! Right, these lames that are riding for these other dudes are scums of the earth. How, as a man (or mouse) are you going to count another man's money talking 'bout "we getting money". Ninja, "We" ain't getting nothing, you are on your computer that is one click from crashing and driving your moms Ford Tempo to the store....Get a life!

    • dummy

      how is it benifiting your situation though. is it putting food in yo stomach? gas in your moped? is it buying your remedial books for ld class? no. so y r u worried about money the next nigga makin? smh. cock sucker supreme

    • http://www.facebook.com/mirna.delgado86

      fuck you nigga YMCMB got M-O-N-A-Y we don't need that bullshit and fuck B.G. this nigga DESERVED to go to jail hope he dies there.

  • anonymous

    so much for a hot boys reunion lol


    shit, another real street nigga get caught by fucking authority. fuck white, fuck government and fuck the police. we need new president. i just witnessed some pure gayness. fuck da police!

  • Anonymous

    "Or does it vary by each individual" There are no exceptions. Anyone who does something severe enough to get 14 years did it to themselves, talented or not. In BG's case, he wasn't very talented, but he can't say he wasn't given a shot.

  • Anonymous

    "14 bangers do u want him standing up to wild out on you" Probably not. He might have just wanted to shake the judge's hand though.

  • What

    Dont do the crime if you cant do the time, Free BG, hell no to much stupid niggas like this running around have chance to get rich, but like seee more ass hole that pussy hole, Peace nigga you out

  • yeaaahh

    Here we go with "free this" and "Real nigga that." That's what's wrong with the black community today. People consider guys like this real and glorify them instead of pointing out the good that others do. If you commit a crime you DESERVE to be punished, point blank. When will people realize that living like this is nothing but stupid..

  • Sco*

    Damm, a fourteen piece?! B.G. is a real nigga that made real nigga music..unfortunately in so many cases this is exactly how the story concludes....Its like the ultimate contradiction, if a nigga raps about real nigga shit and he's not living it, then he's considered "fake"/if a nigga raps about real nigga shit and he catches a fucked up bid, then he's "stupid" or "blew a great opportunity"....Which is it?.....Or are both arguments valid?...Or does it vary by each individual?....

  • Anonymous

    "The report provides that B.G. arrived in a jumpsuit, and sat in a wheelchair" Was he trying to pull a Paul Pierce?

    • Anonymous

      Nah they used them strapped wheel chairs for hostile violent out takes where they can strap your ass up in em and then give you some thorazine to calm your ass down if you flip out. If you about to give a niggah 14 bangers do u want him standing up to wild out on you? Saftey first...lol, maybe BG asked for it cause he couldn't take the news standing up- you know that joke niggahs say to the judge when he gives them 18 months, and they reply "I can do that shit standing on my head!"then he gives en 3 more years and say now you'll be sitting on your ass for the rest of the years...lol

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      i googled this number and it was a asian/chines long distant number and translated to tarot card reading or some other bull.Why do people think blacks are ignorant and start there presentation with EBONICAL spelling: "Fuuq Yeez my nikkas?"

    • Anonymous

      Thats a sex line number you just threw up there...Run up menz phone bills

  • realtalk

    Don't know him, don't care. One less dummy in the streets & his suffering the concequences is no skin off my back. lock him up and line up the next dumb thug willing to throw it all away.. at least we have jails for these types.

    • Sadistic Nacho

      >Sco eat my dick, its inside your mom's vagina

    • Powerphi

      @realtalk101 You have a good head on your shoulders brother, and make excellent points. You should express your views on Huffington Post where a wider audience can benefit from your insightful postings. (This story is currently posted on the Black Voice page).

    • yeaaahh

      @Sco - so he's a race traitor because he doesn't care nor identify himself with this foolishness?? I'm black and I'm tired of us all being looked at like savages because of "Niggers" like this. Black people need to stop this bullshit..

    • Sco*

      Ole Uncle Tom/Herman Cain/Clarence Thomas ass nigga, kill yourself later today.....

  • Damian Omen

    Shyne was the last f the real niggahs especially doing a bid for p.diddy/puffy. He got cash flow and he never told and his career suffered for it, but he living large albeit courtesy of puffy and a trust fund. BG must think he got it like that that a man would just turn over do a bid- nan niggah knows how bad both their records were to begin with, Some shit on your wrap sheet is considered 3 strikes to life; no one knows the personal situation but it is ugly 14 years for trying to strong arm your Co-Defendant? Damn son, thats hard time!But the feds is a sweet place to do time as opposed to state prison

  • Anonymous

    1 hot boy coming out (Turk) 1 going on (B.G.)...some niggas are just to dumb for their own good

  • Brick in your window...

    I think rappers are the dumbest criminals ever, I am a felon but at least I can read, Obviously his co-defendant wanted to take the charge and if the prosecutor wanted BG he was gon make his co-d look like he snitched. I would assume when they separated them (and prosecutors do this for effect) thats when BG tried ti reiterate he wanted the CO-D to take the charge based on his record. Everything can be recorded, letters could have been sent and via birds chirping. I don't know many men who gon take a 14 year bid for guns to save some one else and not get taken care of. Maybe BG didn't tell his family he would lace them with cash put a settlement in his canteen fund. sounds like the prosecutor played both their ass

  • murdock

    I dont like his music but damn 14 years for a gun?Thats just crazy

  • Fuck YMCMB

    Where's So Icy Boi when we need her???

  • k sizzle

    Damn he ended up worser than fesh n bone niggas need pimp c lawyer

  • killah_casp

    hip hop has lost yet another legend hear i dont see b.g making music and still be relevent after a 14 year sentence evan though im feeling his shit few can do that sort off thing shit youd think thered have to be a body for that sort of sentence release b.g this is fucked up right here

  • Anonymous

    everyone who left cash money either dead or in jail, or washed up nobodies

  • Anonymous

    you do the crime you do the time.

  • pienman

    damn, bruh! REALLY.... hip-hop police took anotha one

  • TD

    Cant do the time? Dont do the crime lol I will be 36 when homeboy sentence is up. Enjoy the booty warrior B. Gizzle

  • BasedBoy

    See this is what happens to bitch-ass niggas that are disloyal and bite the hand that feeds them! HAHAHAHA B.Gs career is OVER, Turk comin out and aint nobody gunna be look for his shit, and Juvenile FLOPPED BIG TIME! Hahahaha Only true, loyal niggas like lil WAYNE get big and become Hip Hop legends. YMCMB ALLDAY ERRDAY!

    • truth

      you don't listen to rap do you? by loyal do you mean giving baby head and making pop songs. youtube lil wayne pre loli pop you kock sucker

    • killah_casp

      fuck ur faggot ass shit u deserve a slap.

    • Anonymous

      How you fixing to say ymcmb when wayne and almost everybody on the label depend on 13 & 14 year olds to buy there records? Do your research boy. Gizzle good in new orleans. Is wayne? that boy's whack ass shit aint hit hard in the last couple albums. Album sales might mean money, but real is real. or do you now know this? And pusha killed wayne. Just saying!

  • Anonymous

    BG going to the feds and Turk coming out after 10 years, Juvie flopped ... smh. yall shoulda stayed down with CMB.

  • coach101

    whattt thats sum bull ishh keep it up brother ur music is still gonna be played

  • Anonymous

    The thing is yes he deserves some time like maybe 5 years, but he wasnt raping or killing no one. They just trying to make an example out ot him. They need to lock of Mit Romney for not paying and filing his fucking taxes

  • Jin

    And if you idiots read the report, he was arrested with a friend Pollard. Pollard then claimed that the guns were his, but investigators found that BG forced him to try and make that claim. Pollard pled guilty and made a deal with the Feds (aka he ratted out BG). The more you fucking know...

  • Jin

    Ok seriously...did everyone miss the WITNESS TAMPERING part of the conviction, or did you idiots just read "gun possession" and start bitching about T.I. and shit. My god people need to learn to read. Witness tampering is punishable with up to 20 YEARS if physical violence was used. 14 is lenient you dumb fucks.

    • Up North

      The fact that B.G. is a prior felon is what swung the pendulum towards a heavier sentence.

    • Nuff said.....

      Ok...But The witness tampering charge came from him telling his homeboy to say the gun belonged to him. R kelly shoulda been charged with witness tampering for telling his brother to say it was him in the video. Did r.kelly get a 14 year sentence?..or sentenced at all? nope! The reason is money. Money money money money. It aint about justice its about profit. T.i. and lil wayne got off easy bcuz they have the money to do so. This sentence is way to harsh and is some bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    Officer ricky is somewhere laughing

  • what da

    holy fuck 14 fuckin years and its fed time so he will do 85 per cent minimum thats fuckin insane for a gun

  • d-nucks

    damn...that seems like TOO MUCH TIME....there are rapist, pedophiles, and murderers doing less time than that. I thought he was gonna get around 5 years...damn....keep ya head up.

  • Drake

    I'd fucking do him. B.G. iz hot bitch.

  • Anonymous

    haha real talk baby is joe jackson wayne is wacko jacko and the rest them niggas the other jackson 5 brothers out here fuckin and goin broke

  • Anonymous

    You live your life like an idiot, you suffer the consequences. I have more pity for him then most tho, we all heard the stories bout Birdman leaving him broke, dude was a heroin junkie by the time he was 12 and Cash Money didnt care so long as he sold records and remembered to give "Daddy" a kiss on command. Turk's life is all fucked up too and we all know wayne aint right in the head. Summin bout Birdman & the "Hot Boys" just always looked fucked up & perverse, what kind of grown man walks around kissing underage boys on the mouth and turns a blind eye while they shoot heroin into their arms. A Psychiatrist would have a field day with the whole situation.

  • Anonymous

    This is some fallout from loosing that Boosie case.

  • Flo Rida

    14 yearz isn't long enuv, 4 dis son of a b

  • Anonymous

    if ti caught that case he would have only done half of it

    • Jin

      I think you dumbasses missed the "WITNESS TAMPERING" part. Holy fuck people on this site are dumb, learn to read before making stupid comments. Witness tampering can be punishable with up to TWENTY YEARS if physical violence was used.

    • realtalk101

      No he would have got a year and when I read this news that's exactly the thought that came to my mind as well.

  • Anonymous

    This is very good news for the people the streets are now saver and we dont have to listen to music from this wack fuck anymore.

    • Anonymous

      @Realtalk- thats what you have security fr to carry licensed guns. If you can't afford security then why carry the guns if your not prepared to do the time. Bullets count as years too. The witness tampering could be (the prosecutor only protects whites and put them in a witness protection program) but for BG and his Co-Defendant they got sucker punched to turn on each other and both got time. Obviously BG TOLD AND RATTED ON HIS CO-DEFENDANT. If he got caught strong arming him to take the charges then it was his mouth or actions from tampering with a witness that got them convictions; shit if the prosecutor stalled BG and moved his Co defendant to another jail or prison just to give the impression he working with the state even if he didn't say anything- that tactic eventually makes men ASSUME they menz snitched. If niggahs gon do crime at least understand law and tactics. Cause both of em talked somehow, whther it was accidental or in stupidity...Bad boy move in silence. they should have shut the ras clot up!

    • realtalk101

      The streets are now safer because an individual who was carrying fire arms to protect himself got 14 years? There is nothing to imply he possessed the weapons to inflict damage upon the public or any given individual, they obviously were for protection purposes or else they would have used them on the arresting officers.

  • Anonymous

    14 years for sum dumbass shit wow

  • Real Shit

    If he snitched like Tip, he woulda been alright.



  • So Icy Boi!

    you was unloyal to da family. YMCMB cant save yo ass anymore. Lil Wayne is our superstar now cuz he never left da family. swag

    • killah_casp

      dnt you mean fag b.g will be worrying when he drops the soap but weezy learned to adapt 2 prison life before being sentenced from birdmans wrinkley cock entering his a hole ymcmb are the spice girls off hip hop there abunch off annoying bitchs with no personality what so ever sell out rap will never be respected so fuck off from this "Hip Hop" website and go listen to nikki minajs shitty pop record u fag



    • realtalk101

      Cash Money took a young kid from the streets, that suffered from drug addiction, with little parental guidance if any, that had the inspiration to spit bars that they themselves could not and made him their cash cow, then pocketed every dollar he made and paid him off with a roof, cars, cloths and jewelry to project a certain portrayed image. When he began cleaning up and wanting to make a change with his life he told them okay you made all this money off me, I'm getting right and I would like to renegotiate our contractual agreement. After he brought them at least 2 if not 3 solo albums that easily sold over 500,000 units a piece not to include the compilation efforts and Hot Boy albums, they pretty much told him he can be replaced. Cash Money records may carry on today but it had a serious down time during the turn of the century and its rebound was in large portion off the back of B.G. & Juveniles earning. They are the ones that brought Cash Money Lil Wayne, not Baby. Anyhow long story short, I know I wouldn't sit under the wing of somebody that probably pocketed at least $10,000,000 if not a whole lot more off my efforts and tells me I can't have nothing.

  • Anonymous

    damn them crackas don't play

    • jase

      them so called crackas didnt send him away. blacks did. and quit making excuses and crying. he did the crime and he has do the time. simple as that.

  • dentaldamboy

    His real crime was turning his back on the Cash Money family, the same one that made him rich and gave him his big break. I don't blame the judge and the prosecutors for going hard at this guy. They saw he was a disloyal snake for how he treated Birdman. Fuck all the old cash money members. When Wayne is America's second black president, he will pass a law against criticizing the YMCMB family and being disloyal to Stunna.

  • realtalk101

    All I have to say is this is very sad news. I grew up on Hot Boys. B.G. is one of the realest to ever spit on a mic. Screw every one of you fake little chumps that say he deserves this. B.G. isn't a gangsta rapper, its not a persona, he was a spokesman for a generation, a product of a harsh and deadly environment, one of the most deadliest in the world. He helped teach a specific demographic of people that didn't have nothing, no hope, to change it. Very few of you cakes can even understand the dynamics of B.G.'s upbringing, let alone what he stood for to that specific demographic.

    • Powerphi

      @realtalk101 You have a good head on your shoulders brother, and make excellent points. I was unaware that Cash Money paid him with material items as you describe in response to my above message that I inadvertently posted anonymously. I was also unaware that he is a former drug addict who turned his life around. By all appearances, he has been mislead in one form or another for the better part of his life. You're very correct in pointing out that although he has never been a picture-perfect role model, his music positively impacts many people through a commonality in lifes circumstances. You should express your views on Huffington Post where a wider audience can benefit from your insightful postings. (This story is posted on the Black Voice page).

    • realtalk101

      To diss him is like to diss Pac, B.G. was one of the real early on rappers that came from nothing in a seriously poverty stricken location with an abundance of multiple homicides by the day. If anything he was stuck in the middle of a real war zone, in AMERICA. His lyrics reflected the mentality and human nature of his environment, he spoke for those people that had no voice. Maybe its beyond ignorant minded individuals to understand that. Vouch for the credibility of his words or not but I guarantee he helped people in certain predicaments out of concept of relayed knowledge through his experiences that allowed them to be inspired to pull through troubling situations, hes a ghetto hero. May not be your definition for what a hero is. With that said though, I can also tell you've never been under any suppressive circumstances because you can't even comprehend the impact.

    • Anonymous

      @ realtalk101 you dumbass dont act like BG is a hero.

    • realtalk101

      I agree, it would have been a better story had he made a positive change. However, sometimes the negatives sink your feet in so deeply that your anchored to them. Cash Money didn't pay him in checks, They paid him in material possessions (cars, jewelry, housing, expenses etc.) So he never really financially attained enough money to change his enviroment especially after leaving Cash Money for screwing him out of his money. He was on the back end of his career and got in position too late to implement the change.

    • Anonymous

      Too bad he couldn't lead by example. His repetitious criminality invariably lead to his detention. At the moment, he's just another product of his environment who can't defy the odds. I realize he was brought into this world under misfortunate circumstances, surrounded by ignorance, poverty, and disease. Nonetheless, he created a golden opportunity, and failed to take full advantage of his exceptional talent.

  • Anonymous

    He got 14 years because of this part.... Police found three guns, along with loaded magazines. Two of the guns had been reported stolen and "the car itself had been stolen from an Alamo rental car parking lot."

    • jase

      @ realtalk101 no its called you get ya shit together and get out of that area. he has seen how keeping it real went. now he can go hang with c-murder in prison. people are just stupid. get ya money and gtfo the hood. imbeciles never learn though.

    • realtalk101

      If you were a high profiled individual, smack dab in the middle of a location that's been certified nearly year in and year out to be the murder capitol of the world, would you not be strapped? Also, I seriously doubt they jacked the car off the lot chances are it was rented and the bill went unpaid for a few days, then it was reported stolen. Cops sighted it, had all they needed to pull it over and found what they found.

  • Cole

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  • opidsopgidsa

    another addition to the Prison Industrial Complex.

  • Cole

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  • Anonymous

    Don't do some retarded fuckboy shit and you won't go to jail.

  • Anonymous

    ok. 1.SEE!lazy big headed ass muhfuckaz was fuckin around too much!now no Hot Boys reunion.ever. 2.damn.14 years foreal?a bit much unless this guy caught a couple bodies. 3."Gangster" rappers are stupid

  • Shamba

    14 Yrs for gun possession. Thats ridiculous. PPl have done less time for Murder and Attempted Murder. And The Prosecutor wanted to give him 25 yrs. Give the man a Fair sentance. You can tell the Prosecutors personal feelings influence him. BG was in precarious decision on one hand u have to protect yourself (Gun) on the other hand u might not be able to afford security, and then on the other hand U can end up in jail for owning a gun.

  • FThisShite

    lol. do black folk ever learn? another day, another nigga off to jail. obviously, crime pays.

  • Anonymous

    And like that..he's gone! (dj drama voice)

  • cjrocker

    See you on the other side, brother

  • Jeffco

    Free: Boosie, Buck, C-Murder, Beans, Chi Ali, Remy, Lil' Turk and the rest of the locked up hip hop soldiers Keep ya head up

  • Anonymous

    isn't 14 years a little harsh?

  • mr_b

    take away the fame and music and he's a criminal. period. thank you justice system.

  • Anonymous

    wtf is "prosecutors sough a 25 year prison sentence"? you mean sought after? wtf is wrong with you ?

  • Burmy

    Them's the times we live in...the real (BG) are inmates and the fake (YMCMB) are superstars. I weep for hip-hop today...

    • Anonymous

      BG isnt with YMCMB and hasnt been in years. For the most part, other than waynes 8months, YMCMB niggas know how to stay out of jail. Fuck being a ganster. Id rather have my freedom

  • kennyken

    man you better learn, stop talking about shit like that on wax. judges are hiding mother fuckers now.

  • thisisbullshit

    george zimmerman wont do 14 years for shooting down trayvon martin. yet you give this type time to b.g make me want holla

  • Anonymous

    now broke black desperate entertainers are being sentenced because the only way they can come out and be promoted by record labels i even they promote this game image. now you putting them away from damn near the whole life.

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