Crooked I Says Death Row Still Owes Him $1 Million

Crooked I says he's been playing hardball with the new Death Row Records over his old music.

Even though he may now be best known as a quarter of Shady's Voltron crew Slaughterhouse, there was once a time when rapper Crooked I was considered one of Death Row Records' hottest up-and-coming commodities. Now, in a recent interview with AllHipHop, Crook revists his Death Row days and discusses his future with the recent reformed label.

Crooked I explained that despite not being affiliated with the label for some time now, the WIDEawake Entertainment incarnation of Death Row has been using much of his past discography on more recent projects. He added that the label even asked him to sanction a release of some of his old music, but he told them that he'd need $1 million before they received any kind of support.

"I know that the people that bought Death Row Records put out some shit called Hoodstar, and they used a few [of my] songs off of that album. I’ve seen a few songs pop up on pirate websites...I was watching [Eddie Griffin's] Dysfunktional Family the other day, and I had nine songs on that soundtrack," he said. "[Death Row] called me and they wanted me to support it. I told them, ‘If you want me to do some shit, cut me a check for $1 million, and I’ll come over there for some solo shit.' I told them if they weren’t going to do anything like that, then I wasn’t going to support anything. It’s reminding people of a past that no longer exists. There is no real Death Row Records anymore. Once Suge was removed from the picture, there was no Death Row. You can’t be Death Row without Suge. My terms were to have me do a brand new album for a $1 million. They gave me the run around, and I told them I was cool."

He continued, "They are trying to put out old shit, and they don’t know how to market it. They just think that the catalog is going to sit around and sell itself – and it will – but not the part of the catalog that people haven’t heard. You have to market that. You can sell All Eyes On Me forever and a day. What about the unheard music, though? That has to be marketed to the people. They don’t know how to do that in my opinion. So when they read this, all I have to say is $1 million [laughter]. As a matter of fact, it was $1 million back then. I want $1.5 now."

Check out the full interview over at AllHipHop.

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  • idiots

    lol you idiots say he sucks? he is a sellout? dont sellouts actually SELL out and make money blah blah blah. think before you speak. EMINEM WOULD NOT SIGN A WACK GROUP OF EMCEES(exception to yelawolf. NONE OF THE EMCEES IN SLAUGHTERHOUSE WOULD HAVE JOINED IF IT WAS FULL OF WACK GUYS.

  • Anonymous

    Ask Suge for the bread-- brother good for it. Can't believe with all the Laughterhouse $$$-- they must have sold at least a 100 digital singles so far-- Crooked even thinks of money anymore!!!

  • last real nigga alive

    Suge owed pac money also... we all know how that turned up.

  • Fossie

    Fuck all you dammn haterz!!crooked is better than all rappers on ymcmb and better than 90%of that bullshit the industry is realeasin!SH FOR LIFE!!!

    • Anonymous

      If you always need somebody else to compare a rapper to, his shit doesn't speak for itself, so that points to the fact that he is completely wack.


    good luck getting that 1 million your owed homie....I can't blame him though..that would burn me up inside if someone justifiably owed me 1 million dollars....hell niggaz get pissed if you owe them 100 dollars LMAO!!!!!!


    So what ya'll want crooked to do sitback and let that label who used 9 songs of his on a soundtrack and go ask him to support it wtf come on man like how is that right so hell yeah dont use my fucking material if you an't going to pay up hell the record execs be raping artist anyway and ya'll talkin bout beats fuck the beats cause if an artist words cant stand alone without some tight production then he is just a wack as artist who let beats carry his ass his whole career point in case ymcmb if it wasn't for the hooks and beat they wouldnt be nowhere no talent ass rappers getting paid of simple ass production and sing along hook so let slaughter do what they do and stop complaining damn if they want to choose the beats that they feel they want to rap to then who cares as long as they bringing the creativity rhymes wise and spitting hot bars then fuck the beat. Just like tupac said don't just bob ya head to the beat listen to the WORDS

  • Anonymous

    lol 1 million. this rappers are so desperate nowadays.

  • Anonymous

    cocky dude for being in the game 15+ years with no sight of a debut album

  • Donald Passman

    Death Row never made a dime off of this man. He didn't say that they even owed him a dime. He was just stating that the Jewish chick, who purchased Death Row's catalog, has to give him some money, if they want his moral support. They don't need his legal support, because he doesn't anything he did at Death Row.

  • dzbk

    lmao you know damn well death row dont owe you no damn million dollars..hahaaa u noe ur sloppyhouse album is gonna flop just as bad as yelawolfs, and u noe you gonna be in need of any paper you could try to "claim"...key word claim..u had very little relevance before slaughterhouse even came apart (be thankful for any money that you do have) sure you're living comfortably anyway...working as iovine's slave..

  • Anonymous


  • Mortis

    no vaseline Sellout house

  • Condescending Wonka

    Crooked I wants a million dollars compensation his Deathrow Music. Hopefully he gets his plaques back as well.

  • kennyken

    man this dude talking about death row owes him a mill, shit he might as well carry his ass on somewhere because everybody at death row together ain't got a mill

  • TommyK

    Crooked said he wanted the new owners to pay him $1million to record a new album and support it... Why is this website lying to people and saying that Deathrow STILL owes him $1million??

  • Anonymous

    a million shoestrings maybe

  • Anonymous

    lol a mil. you're discog ain't worth a ball wart

  • twoholla

    HEY MR. CROOKED GUY>>>NEGRO PLEEEAAAASSSSE! I admit you can spit & you've put out some killer mixtapes but all the recent for sale retail product you've been putting has just been ALRIGHT...YOU MAY BE GHETTO GOLD IN THE HOOD...but you still haven't proved that you can sell in a major way on a major label...yeah you can great independently...but this dude has that DISEASE that's been hitting dope spitters for awhile now (ex. Rass Kas)...the diease isn't FULL-BLOWN yet...but we'll see...the DISEASE is called: I'M A DOPE SPITTER BUT I CAN'T SEEM TO PICK A WHOLE SELECTION OF ORIGINAL NON-MIXTAPE BEATS TO MAKE A GUARANTEDD, CLASSIC BANGIN' ALBUM!!!!.LOL P.S.-None of the pre-shady SLAUGHTERHOUSE projects were BANGIN' all the way through due to poor beat selection...& now that you're signed up with Jimmy Iovine....I doubt if this trend will cease anytime soon with all the garbage you've been releasing singles....dope emcees tend to forget that the genre you're a part of isn't ACCAPELLA...YOU NEED THE COMPLETE PACKAGE OF LYRICS, FLOWS, & FREAKIN' B-E-A-T-S!!!! YOU SCMHUCK-O-ZOIDS!!!!

    • God Save America

      Another rant from an internet loser. Say that to his face. Before that happens, you'd finally be moved out of your mom's basement, have a good job, a good lady (instead of being one for men), and all that good stuff.

    • Sco*

      Yeeaah Cat, its a whole slew of niggas that can spit but can't pick beats/nor make a full bangin' album for shit....

  • Anonymous


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