Meek Mill Apologizes For "Amen," Church Boycott Lifted

Meek Mill apologizes for offending Pastor Jomo K. Johnson for his song "Amen."

Last week, Meek Mill found himself in hot water with local Philadelphia pastor Jomo K. Johnson calling for a ban on his song "Amen," which Pastor Johnson found to be sacrilegious. Now, in a recent interview on BET's "106 & Park," the Maybach Music rapper apologizes for any perceived slights.

Meek said that it was his last intention to offend any of his listners' religious sensabilities with the title of his collabo with Drake. Still, he said that he feels that neither the church nor Pastor Johnson would have ever approved of any kind of Hip Hop, regardless of the title or song content.

“People find all types of stuff offensive. I don’t think no preacher or no church approves of any type of rap music — because rap music, period, is a lot of bad stuff said," he said. "But at the end of the day, it’s real life. And me, I wasn’t trying to disrespect no religion or anything like that. My whole family is Christian. I have a half Christian, half Muslim family, the situation, the song, that’s what energy it felt and if anybody feel disrespected, I ain’t do it in that way...I did it just because it was a good feeling — that’s the feeling it gave me so I said, ‘Amen, church.' I didn’t do it with bad intentions at the end of the day.”

Pastor Johnson responded to Mill's apology in a public statement, lifting the boycott and saying, "This apology was the condition for lifting the Call-to-Action boycott. While I have made the choice not to listen to or support any artist that promotes blasphemy or misogyny in their music, I appreciate Mr. Williams being willing to acknowledge his wrong. It is my sincere hope, that he, along with all popular rappers with their fans, will embrace God’s total forgiveness by turning from the sin promoted through mainstream Hip Hop, and trust solely in Christ for salvation.”

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  • Anonymous

    Shayshay, you one uneducated n1gga. At least he apologize.. dis niqqa show no class shawty. for real.

  • lame bo

    This song is a joke. Hip hop is trash

  • Tree

    The downward spiral continues. This months new "worst song of all time". Soon to be replaced by next months "worst song of all time". How low can hip hop go?

  • ShayShay

    Yall some fukin haters get off his dick its just a fuking song least he didnt put all church type of stuff in it least he apoligize bout damn yall some haterz word up!!!! He the realest rapper out there if yall wanna complain go complain about the way lil wayne makes his fukin videos and how he dress so get off meek millz dick and go buyy his album

    • truth

      You seem real educated.. seem like the type to enjoy n word, b word, and f word on the regular. Another fake, uneducated stereotype fulfilling prophecy.

    • KnowledgeIsKing

      you are a very ignorant person, and i'm not saying that insultingly, but sadly

  • Jules

    Actually.........Pastor Jomo free style raps at his services its not the "rap" he dislikes, its the fact that Amen should NOT be attached to such dirty sinful thoughts and words. that is what he said while he was preeching at a bus stop while i was working with him!

  • O.D.H.

    God doesn't have to prove he exists. He is greater than that. If you don't believe He exists then that's your ignorance for not searching His word. No other religion does a god speak of as many prophesies, promises to us,preciseness, and dominance of power than Christianity.





  • eazy

    He speaks so intelligently

  • Anonymous

    god do not exist!

  • Anonymous


  • Decatur ATL BOI

    Who cares dude, I'm not buying the album. Done deal.

  • tedju


  • Anonymous

    Nation of Islam is the truth!


    How do you boycott a mixtape? Tell people in church not to download it? By the way here's a joke: Q: Why isn't there Wi-Fi in churches? A: Because the preacher doesn't want to compete with an invisible power that actually works.

  • Ben

    Btw, just because someone is offended, doesn't mean that they are correct. In however many hundred years, when humans laugh at religious bullshit like this (just like we laugh at Zeus and the Greek gods) it will be no small consolation at all.

  • Ben

    What a passive aggressive prick, this pastor.

  • Anonymous


    • d-nucks

      I think thats what happend...I think a family member got ahold of his ass and chewed him out...someone he respects...Aunt bertha or somebody like that....LOL!!!

  • J

    Good perspective fam! With some other religions, it could be worse

  • d-nucks

    Man people just need to respect the fact that alot of christians found it offensive. Respect that. No difference if someone made a song that was offensive to muslims buddist and so forth. Homosexuals find all kind of shit offensive..and people bow down and kiss their ass all the time...cause theyrun the entertainment industy. Christiand don't so its okay to offend them. Christians has a turn the other cheek ideiology so its easy to mock them with no reprocussion. But let somebody mock muslims...homosexuals or PETA....ITS ON THEN! Meek Mills song Amen..Mocks christian faith and makes light of it. Think about in the song he's talking about drinking get drunk and fucking bitches....then says AMEN AND CHURCH?. He talks about sinning and then connects it with Church and says amen? Ya'll can't see how some Christians can be a offended? What if instead he like a MOSQUE...AND SHALOM? Muslims would be offended to. What if he said he was going to travel to mecca and throw a party and have ORGIES...Muslims would not have the right to be offended...would they bee wrong if they were offended? HIPHOP has changed..Hip hop always seem to have respect for God..even though it would talk about gangsta shit and other wrong doings. But now there is BLATANT DISRESPECT AND MOCKING OF GOD GOING ON. Just like Rick Ross's God forgives and I don'T. That is mocking God, and it also comes offas saying he think he is HARDER THAN GOD...or bigger than God. It just disrespectful. Anybody that had true respect for God would not use a title like that and feel comfortable. I applaud Meek Mill cause i don't think he did it intentionally, just by him recognizing that people are offended was a HUGE STEP. THATS WHAT A MAN DOES. He is still going to perform it..but at least he recognized how it could be offensive. NOW IF YA'LL DON'T LIKE MY OPINION.....EAT A DICK....but you can't say I ain't typed some real shit.

    • d-nucks don't care...but there are people that do...which is my WHOLE POINT DUMBASS...try to think further than your nose next time before you type are response to me....d-nucks bitch!! lol!!!

    • Kev

      Tru dat fam..u have said all that supposed to said..

    • TD

      A whole of text about nothing lol. The pastor can kick rocks. No one cares about what they found offensive.

  • NOI

    Louis Farrakhan for president!

  • Anonymous

    thats how you know this nigga aint hip hop. you aint supposed to apologize for your music. Imagine if nwa ever apologized for fuck the police? You a fake nigga, fuck y'all

    • d-nucks

      so disrepecting somebodys religion and apoligizing for it AIN'T HIPOP?...You got a fuck up interpretation of wht hip hop is.

  • Anonymous

    shut the fehck eeeehhhppp

  • Widened Eyes

    Wait, people still believe in god?


    Wit the money that song makmnu really thynk he means that shyt?he jus tryna get all the hate off him. No pastor wuld approve of rap? Ur using church terms to promote fornication drinking and idolizing money. Iif u accept thys apology ur a dumbass

  • Condescending Wonka

    Pastor Johnson does not support blasphemy aimed at white jesus. He must be a man of high moral virtue.

  • Brown Land

    That preacher was wack in the actual interview though.

  • Anonymous

    I thought i was the only one offended by that Bs song..that was ignorance and lack of reverence for God. I respect his character a little more for adressing it and apologizing.

    • Anonymous

      You can't make the argument that something exists solely on the basis that no one can prove you otherwise. Since you say that something exists (God, in this situation), the burden of proof is on YOU. Your argument is completely invalid.

    • Anonymous

      theres no evidence that he DOES'NT EXIST....think about it

    • Atheism FTW

      God doesn't exist and there's no evidence to the contrary

  • Anonymous

    notice the pastor said "mainstream" hip hop. he knows what hes doing. it was just a nice Christian way of saying mainstream hip hop and popular music is fucking garbage. he wants along with most of us our Hip Hop back with real lyrics, not nonsense.

    • Anonymous

      mainstream music... meaning popular, influential music. That must automatically mean he loves him some MF Doom and wants to bring real hip hop back. Great reasoning there. -_____-

  • Anonymous

    Theres tons of rap groups that have performed in churches, for church groups and supported by churches. If your whole life is evil then all you know is evil.

  • Khalil

    Damn Mill, you shouldn't have caved. Don't let a religion rule your life like they some god or something.

  • Yeah man

    I bet he wont make a song like "Amen" and have Muslim content in it. He know better.

  • UES

    dreamchasers 2 was wack af. i gave this mixtape a second chance by listening to the tagless tracks and still think its wack af. its hard to be original in hip hop now and appeal to the older hip hop heads. most old niggaz in hip hop only c/s this nigga cuz they aint wanna look like old angry rappers. i respect every rappers hustle but dont have to respect their music. meek is wack. one

    • Anonymous

      Meek isn't wack but DC2 sure was. If he can bring the same energy to some fresher beats then I'll still check for it.

  • Brainiac

    He should apologize about how wack the song was. He should also apologize about his terrible, annoying high pitched voice. Ya mean boul?

  • Anonymous

    I'm glad Meek said this. I wanna see the homie win!

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