Large Professor Recalls Nas' Aborted Jay-Z Diss Track

In addition weighing in on who won the battle of Nas versus Jay-Z, Large Professor says the original version of "Ether" was produced by Swizz Beatz.

Given the fact that Nas and Jay-Z have now reconciled their 2001 beef, the question of who won the legendary battle between them always makes for an entertaining interview. When asked about Jay’s line in “Takeover” about how Jay allegedly showed Nas his first Tec-9 while the pair were on tour with him, Large Professor gave his thoughts on the line and the entire battle.

“It was just a matter of Jay stating the facts,” Large Professor told Maya The B and Mitchell Jackson of ThisIs50 Radio. “He was trying to bring a lot of facts to the table, and he was going at Nas. Someway, somehow it as a, ‘Yo, you was on tour with Large Professor’ type of thing. We was all on tour—on that same level and all of that.”

Despite being from what both “Takeover” and “Ether” insinuated were rivaling boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn, Large Professor said there was no beef during the early days when Nas and Jay toured with him. He did add that, like most quality Hip Hop, there was a friendly competition between all artists involved. Ultimately, Large Professor said he enjoyed the energy and production of “Takeover” but preferred Nas’ rhymes on “Ether.”

The early-Aughts beef between Nas and Jay would spill over onto two albums, with Nas releasing “Last Real Nigga Alive” and Jay-Z throwing additional shots on “Blueprint 2.” Cooler heads prevailed, and there were additional barbs from Nas that the public never saw. Hot 97 stopped Nas’ attempt to hang Jay in effigy at Summer Jam. And Large Professor adds that there was a more malicious version of “Ether” that was never made public.

“When Nas was first recording “Ether” it was over a Swizz Beatz beat, and he was getting at him,” Large Professor added. “That was the original lyrics about, ‘It should’ve been you on the plane crash,’ and all of that. I was there and I was kind of hype, but you know I’m like an adrenaline junkie.”  

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  • mindrelated

    Everyone keeps saying Ether was better but only the last verse in Ether was really hot. Nas won the battle but Jay won the war. Jay had three diss tracks to Nas with what has been determined to be all facts by various individuals, including Nas. Do people forget how ill Super Ugly was? Personally I give Ether the slight edge head to head with Takeover but overall Jay won the battle.

  • James

    nas is the most overrated rapper of all time. good lyricist but hasnt moved with the times at all, completely stuck in the past. life is good is ok but brings absolutely nothing new to the table. jay's switched it up no end, nas' insistence on making safe tracks puts him, as an all round artist, below jay-z in my opinion

  • Make1

    lol, if not for anything else. Peace to Large Pro for dose'n us with some unknown hip-hop history! Lmao, Nas goes from Urban Plato to war-lord Hannibal Barca when it comes to competition. Can't wait till I get my hands on the new Nas.

  • Bryanipr

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  • blitzo

    Cormega - F**K Nas and Nature was one of the heaviest diss tracks....The beat was incredible. Just wanted to put that out there. respect

    • checkmate83

      I found a white label vinyl of the single for "F**k Nas" at a used bookstore for like a dollar last year. Pretty sick find.

  • Anonymous That is for all you dumb fucks.

  • Anonymous

    nas should do an album with rick ross. then you have the fake nas escobar and the fake rick ross. both claiming to be drugdealers and killaz. lol oh and fuck the nas and ross stans

  • jester

    Thank fuck Nas didn't go with Swizz

  • Gay-Z

    Gay-z sucks camel dick



  • Anonymous

    Mobb Deep is trash and never could touch 2Pac. Nas and Biggie Smalls couldn't touch him neither. Jay Z on the other hand, well I'm a Pac fan, so I'll end it at that...

    • tim

      hahaha exactly. pac is over rated man. i grew up in the 90s i liked pac but i never saw him as the best that did it then. when i was a kid and pac was spittin or after he died we still looked at biggie/ny rappers (by the way pac was born in manhattan if im correct). plus Mobb Deep dissed him on Drop A Gem on Em if you listen to Prodigy's last verse he made Pac look ike a dumbass. Big too on his end. best part about it these dudes never said his name and their fans caught that shit. just a different level of wittiness is needed when arguing against biggie/nas and stuff. i love pac but no way shape or form did i think he could ever ever fuck with nas on some barb wire bar for bar shit. come on yo. be real. the catalogues are there.

    • Anonymous

      biggie shits on Pac with lyrics aand flows you dumbass. pac is the most overated rapper ever

  • Anonymous

    What comes down to it is that none rappers these days can make a genuine rap beef like Nas & Jay did. One of a kind beef and will live legendary no matter who's side you are on. They both making good music and still can keep their fans buying in 2012, the era of clouded fucked up music.

  • Anonymous


  • Ls4SaLe241

    Pac went at Nas, Big went at Nas, and Jay went at Nas. Obviously in their eyes Nas was the one to beat......

  • Anonymous

    boooo to this article



  • ocen

    ok that was wrong, cause nas is a lyricist and ross is not

  • ocen

    and to put this nicely (cause of my respect to his lyrical ability), isnt Nas sorta like Rick Ross in the respect that he makes great music but the actual bio is umm inaccurate?

    • Anonymous

      Nas is the 90's version of Rick Ross, only difference is his rapping skills.

    • Anonymous

      @nasnothinglikefat not even TRYING to hide your bias. ross has meaningful songs too. how come you want to ignore nas ignorant songs and only focus on ross'? they both in the same boat ocen is 100% correct. bias dickriding bullshit aside.

    • Anonymous

      Thats great^ haha really though rick ross is a chump who shouldnt be breathing into a mic

    • nas nothing like FATROSS

      never...ever compare rick ross terrible career and life story to NAS please...please..NAS classic songs and classic meaningful songs 1 mic, rule the world...rick ross is a stupid rapper rapping about nonsense kill yourself

  • ocen

    SDK...Apparently you preferred jokes i just preferred facts. Ether was great dont get me wrong but it was camel face, you 33 in a karate class, type stuff (funny shirt w/o the r). to "is it ouchie wally wally or is it one mic, is it black girl lost or shorty owe you for ice"

  • dan

    what did you think of destroy & rebuild?

    • OCEN

      very good song, loved it but it wasnt on the same level as the pre-formentioned songs. Im not saying it was a blow out, but at that point in time in my life i was feeling Jays point. but it all probably comes down to what station in life you were at in your life at that time, that colors your (or mine) opinion. its very rare that we get two greats going at it on that level. so WE ALL WON

  • ocen

    excuse me, WE ALL WON

  • ocen

    Nas had "ether" Great Song: Jay had "takeover" Great song, Super Ugly Great song ("came in your bentley backseat, skeeted in your jeep left condoms on your baby seat") ouch! Blueprint2 great song, What More Can i say Great song. I love both artists, but since i tend to like real lyrics about real things, im gonna have to side with 4 songs about truthful things than one Great jokey (playing the dozens like) song. Real or fake im going with the real. BUT LIKE GROWN MEN THEY PUT THIS BEHIND THEM AND SO SHOULD WE........BUT I THINK JAY WON


    Nas is a far better emcee then Jay. "Ether" is the one battle track that displays how to be victorious in a well-known battle of hip hop greats. NAS gets the W !!!

  • BK

    Both of them niggas are ill I wish ppl would just move forward and enjoy their work.Jay has always been a fan of Nas and vise versa.

  • Anonymous

    Ether is so overrated, it's unbelievable. Kick your little lies I kick my real facts Like you sneaking out the back of the Source Soundlab This nigga never sold Aspirin, how you Escobar? Had to buy your chain back last time you got robbed Me and the boy AI got more in common than just balling and rhyming Get it? More in Carmen I came in your Bentley backseat, skeeted in your Jeep Left condoms on your baby seat And since you infatuated with saying that gay shit Yes you was kissing my dick when you was kissing that bitch >>>>>>>>>>>>> Everything Nas could've ever thought about saying.

    • poolofsharks

      @2nd anom. So you can't play it was written or God's son all the way through smh plus life is good> bp3

    • Anonymous

      Ether was ok and they voted it against superugly a minute and a half nothing of a song. Compared to the takeover ether isnt shit sorry but its good lyricism compared to real facts..look up the older large professor interview when he even says nas first time seeing a tek was jays on tour in dc. And illmatic is nas's only album where ill put it in and listen tothe whole thing..and that shits ten songs. Reasonable doubt, bp1, the black album and bp2 i can play thru without question.

    • Real Talk

      And Illmatic > Reasonable Doubt

    • Real Talk

      If you hate Ether, you werent around when it came out, i know die hard Hov heads from BK that were like WHOA when Ether came out, New York voted it the better track, if you dont like Ether or think its overrated, your either not into real rap music serious JayZ dick rider. Like seriously, everyone knows Jay is the one that has the better higher quality body of work, but Nas got him on Ether period.

    • dentaldamboy

      1) Jay-Z never sold any drugs. He had no criminal record until he took the wrap for his boy stabbing Un. When Jay-Z was a teen, he sat around the house and moped while his mother and sister starved. 2) By Jay's very logic, he was kissing Nas' dick every time that he kissed Carmen. And don't pretend that Jay didn't Kiss Carmen. 3) If you think that fucking Carmen makes Jay-Z a better man, then you've got your priorities all wrong. Girls never define a man. A man's gotta define himself. 4) You're a fucking faggot and you like it when guys skeet on you, unless it gets in your hair.

  • Anonymous

    damn i m getting tired of this nas/jay z shit even mature adults like rashad philips write articles about it.FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO DO

  • Anonymous

    thank god i grew up on the west and did not care about either of these wack ass major label clowns

    • Anonymous

      co sign first Anon back in the cali nobody gave a fuck bout the jay-z/nas beef these east coast rappers pretending selling cocaine and playing this mafioso shit are wack anyway

    • c

      Name a good rapper?

    • Anonymous

      West grown over here and I bumped the hell outta both those tracks back then (still do on occasion). Fuck you talking about? Go play your Wiz Khalifa in your mom's basement lil man.

  • Anonymous

    This could possibly be the lyrics to the "original" ether but no one has ever confirmed it There are some good lines but can't say its anything to amazing. Kind of interesting about Jay Z and Terror Squad (call yourself gangsta but you were begging for pardon\ that night in carbon\ when terror squad flipped on your squadron\Tried to front on their checks\ till pun put a gun to your chest\) I think the Ether they released had way better lines (You ass, went from Jaz to hanging with Kane, to Irv, to Big) That line kind of sticks because he's now just sticking with kanye west.

  • Anonymous

    God damn, will this shitty, worthless debate ever stop?

  • Anonymous

    I wanna hear this more malicious version of ether! someone leak it!

  • the Grza

    The beat for Ether was nothing special, but i'm glad Shitz Beatz version stayed locked in the vault.

  • Anonymous

    hiphopdx always up with irrelevant articles

    • rdcj

      Cosign GRABY. Irevelent to kids that weren't lucky enough to be old enough to buy them record or even understand what was going on. But it is relevent to the millions of peeps that bought those albums and and still enjoy them.

    • GRABY

      Irrelevant to your cornball ass. Not to real Hip-Hop heads.

  • Anonymous

    if it was over another beat and had different lyrics then what does that have to do with ether?

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