Nas Discusses Kelis' Reaction To Her Wedding Dress On The "Life Is Good" Cover Art

Nas says that he told Kelis he wasn't dissing her two weeks before the artwork was revealed.

When Nas revealed the cover art for his latest album Life is Good, he revealed that he was posing with his ex-wife Kelis' wedding dress in the image. The R&B songstress later responded that it was "awesome" that Esco was so open and honest about his life, though her feelings weren't so calm at first.

During an interview with Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex, Nas explained that he showed her the image two weeks before it was released, culling a less-than-enthusiastic response from Kelis. "I think I told her about two weeks before it went out. Work was done. Two weeks before it went out," he said. "At first, she was like, are you dissing me? I was like, come on man, we grown. There was a time when it was turmoil but I'm not trying to play you and just showing what people know. They know we split. The divorce was public, people knew about it."

Nas explains that it wasn't the entire dress pictured on the cover, but only a part of it that was left behind when she cleaned out their home. He also defended Kelis, stating that he feels she was wrongly villainized.

"Honey's a good girl and she just caught a bad rap in the whole thing. It wasn't fair though. I love people that ride with me, because people had to split sides. Her friends had to go with her, my friends... But at the end of the day, I think they were too harsh," he said. "It's in a better place. It took a while to get there. Of course, you only see what the media put out there. We had some of the biggest divorce lawyers in L.A. It shouldn't have happened like that. We didn't know any better. i wanted to handle it outside of court, and when you're dealing with divorce sometimes and there's a lot of anger and hurt, you don't want to hear what the next person is saying. You just think that person is trying to take you down, so you go and get the best representation you can get. What we realized later, we didn't have to go at it like that. We in a much better place, thank God. We're in a much better place."

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  • Anonymous

    Flex a corny as nogga

  • LAY

    We neeeded this album...Thank You Nas.

  • God Save America

    Wow, like none of y'all ever fell down in life. If you are strong, you get up from your fall and become stronger. First step is to admit what it is and then prosper from that. Y'all negative commentators have yet to experience this. The best success comes from failure. Remember that when you DO fail.

  • Anonymous

    Flex, this is not some high school boy girl squabble...giggling like a school girl all over the place..

  • Ya Daddy!

    Some of you hatin pussies need a life for realz! I believe you niggas are paid by someone to hate!

  • The G.O.D.

    PEACE Really some of y'all need to get a life. The man puts out an album after all the turmoils and travails, he is celebrating life. Oh, I get it misery loves company, he was supposed to be crying like your Kan/Ken ye whatever the fuck is his name, be bitter et al., so your no job-having, internet wanna be thugs could point your fingers and gloat, dumb fucks. PEACE

    • The G.O.D

      PEACE Nah, fucker, go learn how to not only read but also to comprehend what you read. Tried to throw slugs but got hit in the process. Now go away. PEACE TO THE SUN, MOON AND STARS

    • GOD

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    • The G.O.D

      PEACE Typos: mom's basement, from. Oh yeah, in the immortal words of Clarence 13x 'come with it lollipop'. PEACE

    • the G.O.D.

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    • GOD

      stop crying you name jacking bitch boy. Deal with it, your favorite rapper took way more L's than Kan/KenYe and he's either respected or hated like every rapper or someone doing something. Now if you would like to argue about your sexuality defending another man like he pays your carnote then respond to this

  • Anonymous

    So much hate on this article wow. I bet none of y'all didn't even hear the WHOLE album. You probably can't even afford the album without pirating it because you have no job and your mom's won't front you the $15 broke ass bastards.

  • Fuck Queensbridge

    I fucking puke when I think of Nas. This nigga is such a bitch. Can't even drop a fucking album with some publicity stunt huh, fucking faggot!? What you gonna the next you about to release an album, kill your daughter or something?! Negro please

    • 614grind

      This album ain't for punks like you anyway. It's for grown niggas who live a real life, not little kids who type shit that they would never say face to face. Fall back lil man.

  • Fuck Queensbridge

    Whatever. Life Is Good is still a wack ass album. I thought that shit would be the greatest album of the decade and at the end of the day I found out it's garbage. Seriously, I almost shot myself when I heard that shit he did with Mary J Bilge.

  • krzymyk

    yeah this nigga flex is a clown.

  • Azup

    Why the hell was Funk Flex laughing the whole time?! Nas is telling a personal story about his past relationship with Kelis, that shit got on my nerves! Nas didn't had to share that with him. Flexx is a big fucking joke!

  • X

    Okay and here we go. First off Nas more than likely at the time of making this album was not only hurt, angry but also conflicted about his feelings for Kelis. Why? Simple if you listen to no introduction he is not putting her down. However when you also listen to stay and bye baby you get the idea that both of them made poor choices in how they acted and went about things with each other. Though if you pay attention very closely, Cherry Wine and Roses are pretty much why the marriage did not work. Nas wanted Kelis to be like what most of us would want in a woman, which is represented in the song Cherry Wine. Yet what Nas got was totally far from what he entered into marriage for. Furthemore for those who bought the deluxe edition. The song Roses is pretty much a big fuck you to Kelis and why their marriage fell apart, based on her attitude and thinking that even though they are married, she felt what was hers was hers and what was his is his. Even though in a marriage you bring everything together and there is not supposed to be nasty jealousy about who has a better career. Now when you think all of this, and what he said in his latest interviews about the album. Its obvious he still loves Kelis and is conflicted about how he feels about her. Why would you have one song being positve about your former love and then the next song pretty much saying your bullshit behavior caused me to start looking elsewhere. Flat out tell that person how you feel through your music. Cause if Kelis hears Roses, i'm pretty sure she is going to be hot, because in all honesty it is a diss song and very right in your face about what went wrong. No it could be or maybe. You don't share that type of info out to the public unless you are trying to paint a picture about someone that every thinks they know but they don't. Even career damaging to be honest with you. Personally Nas needs to take a stance with her and stick by it. Love her or avoid her at all cost unless the seed is invovled. I doubt he has really come to terms with it yet. Cause in all honesty the album cover is saying in my mind that: "yeah you ran me through the fucking ringer in and out of the court room, but guess what im still here and all I can do is be positive about my life from here on". Ya'll be the judge.

    • X

      To the peeps who actually read it thanks. My thing is im going off of the lyrics of those specific songs. To be honest, I was lifting listening to the album and roses in particular through for a loop on exactly he was saying when addressing Kelis. I could be wrong, but that was some straight up emotional stuff right there that got me thinking about the rest of the album that has to do with their broken relationship.

    • Educated

      Good read, it wasn't a novel just a well thought out post, it beats negative comments that take as little effort as passin gasssssssssss sloppy minds

    • Anonymous

      It's actually a good read, way better read than any of this stupid childish shit that's commented below. Though I will state that how he has expressed himself is grand on the album and I could relate. Having mixed emotions about your ex/baby mama is hard to go thru no matter how much you front.

    • Anonymous

      I sadly read it.... it was pure speculation -zero percent facts - 100% bull.

    • Gnip

      No way we'll read your sorry ass novel

  • therealwayno

    The album is tight, it's not really for kids though. If you were born in the 90's you might wanna wait and pick it up 10 years from now.

    • Anonymous

      Seriously man I'm 19 and enjoyed it too. We get a bad rap for all the shitty raps but teens aren't the only people that support crappy music

    • Swordz (26)

      17? and you felt it?? Damn-maybe there is hope...

    • 90's child

      So not true, good music like this appeals to everyone including the younger generation. Im 17 and i had this classic on spin all morning already and to be fair i havent digested all the lyrics like a grown man probably, but still i get it man. Life is def. good, Thanx nas classic.

  • w h o k n o w s


  • Anonymous

    Why is this nigga struggling so much in every interview when he's trying to articulate his thoughts? He sounds like a retard.

  • Ayo

    A lot of children below me commenting on another grown ass man's life as if they ever been married with children and a career... jus keep smoking ya reefers laid up in ya moms basement fuckin low life club ratches and pretend like u can even comprehend what nas is trying to get across with life is good. for some of yall life is bad.

    • Anonymous

      A whole lot of smoke for a nigga basically redoing a lil' twisted version of 808's & Heartbreak without Autotune. Like these topics haven't been discussed waaaay before Nas in much better fashion. And you lost anyways for implying that most of Nas' fans have accomplished more than his so-called haters and thinking you just consumed worth-dropping wisdom after listening to that album.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    so, after he used hip hop is dead and nigger as forces of promotion and couldn't come with anymore reasonable gimmicks, he's now using his ex to market his albums? what a fucking bitch. the irony of this fool ethering himself by promoting this shit, only to hand the profits of it straight into kelis' pocket, haha. this whole fuckery makes "Kelis said her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard/Then Nas went and tattooed the bitch on his arm" one of the most devastating lines ever.

    • Fuck Queensbridge Killa

      ^^ nigga whuuut??? Nas ain't doing no fucking gimmicks bitch!!! He's just being smart and fuckin with people's heads so they can get curious and buy his motherfucking shit, that ain't no fuckn gimick. If you buy Fran's album just because he's a fag, you're a bitch.

    • Fuck Queensbridge

      he's right though Frank Ocean did the same thing Nas always do: bitch ass gimmicks like "Hi I'm gay so buy my album" that shit is horrendous.

    • Muney

      Cuh was blinded

    • yep

      Its called concepts and subject matter for an album you peon. was he supposed to just drop a project with nothing in particular to talk about? you sound stooopid



  • Anonymous

    seriously dude get over that bitch just you keep talking bout it over and over again means somehow you still care bout that woman

    • So Thorough

      Life Is Good is the gayest album Nas ever dropped like he's saying "OMG I did so wrong come back for me baby" on the whole CD that shit is trash!!!

    • Anonymous

      he's crying about his L's all over the album.

    • Anonymous

      yes im sure he also cares about his first wife and the mother of his daughter, so what nigga, its called being a man it aint like he crying on songs about loving strippers like yer boy drake

    • Anonymous

      nas stans are some of the biggest hypocrites that ever walked on earth. if it would be drake on the album cover, or him doing countless interviews speaking about his former wife, the same ones who're now defending nas would be the first to call drake a pussy. disgusting ass stans.

    • Anonymous

      "of course he still cares about her that is the mother of his son" therefore he must care bout his first wife too huh ? the wife he had a daughter with and who fucked jay-z in the backseat of his own damn car you fuckin idiot really thought you would sound smart with your post huh ?

    • Anonymous

      of course he still cares about her that is the mother of his son

    • Anonymous

      Of course he fucking does you fucking idiot! If you have said that without listening to any songs off Life Is Good you should be shout...

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