Yelawolf Discusses His Project With Travis Barker, "Psycho White"

Yelawolf also announces that his sequel to "Trunk Muzik" is set to drop this August.

It looks like 50 Cent may not be the only artist to be having trouble with Interscope Records' business practices. In a recent interview with DJ Skee, Yelawolf discussed his issues with the house of Jimmy Iovine. He offered his advice to up-and-coming artists, saying that major labels aren't really necessary at this point, particularly when they don't promote their artists' works.

"You don't really fuckin' need a label anymore; you don't need a major label, you don't need none of that shit," he explained. "If they're not absolutely working as a promotional company, as an engine to promote your music every single fuckin' day…when you sign a contract, you better be damn sure that they have obligations to work your shit. A lot of nonsense comes with it; I wish I could say that I'm happy with my situation, but I'm not. I'm just putting it out there, that's my job…I don't have anything personal against Interscope or anyone up there, but my situation is not what it's supposed to be."

Catfish Billy also discussed his numerous upcoming projects, including a collaborative EP Travis Barker Psycho White and his long-awaited effort with Big K.R.I.T. Country Cousins. Adding to the already-extensive list, Yela revealed that he's going to be releasing a sequel to his acclaimed breakthrough effort Trunk Muzik.

"I did a five-song EP with Travis Barker called Psycho White," he said. "We got together on this, just him and I, [and it was] just a meeting of the minds on these five records. [It features] Tim Armstrong from Rancid on one of the records… [it's like] a reggae-punk vibe on that record. Up next after the dust settles off of Heart of Dixie, we're dropping Trunk Muzik Returns."

He continued, "The Big K.R.I.T. collabo Country Cousins, yeah, it's definitely coming. I can't tell you when, but me an K.R.I.T. are going to make that happen for the fans. Everybody's asking about it, I think it's inevitable. It's going down…it's gonna be special."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • Willy Bill

    After raking in $42.6 million on his Club Paradise tour,Drake has brought his own peace of heaven in Hidden Hills. The 25 year old rapper recently purchased a 7 bedroom, 9 bathroom 7,500 sq. foot mansion complete with a 24 seat private theater and spa room.


    To those that say Yela's music isn't good enough to be promoted or even just radioactive isn't good enough to be promoted, you really need to jump off of these fake rich boy rappers d*cks and clean the sh*t out of your ears. Maybe then you can hear REAL quality music with soul and meaning. Radioactive was not his greatest work but far from a flop. His best work is yet to come. Maybe not love story, but it's coming. It's about time we have an artist that cares about his fans again. He wants to make classics for us to listen to for years to come, and I believe he will. GO BILLY!

  • Slim J

    The white boys right, labels don't promote and bust their ass for the artist no more, other wise we would hear more of yela on the radio, it's not because his musics wack! It's because labels nowadays promote what's gonna get fans attentions, it's a popularity contest, that's why the game today is no where near as dope as it use to be Props to yela

  • Tye

    Yela is the man! You guys say Radioactive flopped...whatever...interscope made him make that album poppy. As for selling a bunch of records, well it's 2012 people wake up, shit aint gonna can download everything for free...stop being so stupid...nobody really pays for music anymore and that is why you don't sign to a major label period...Yela is still top 5 realest emcees out!

  • Akkadian

    Some of you don't get it. The problem is Artists like Eminem don't need any promotion. His music blows up and breaks records on youtube when he drops a song or video. He needs little to no promotion and that's the problem. Interscope isn't pushing any promotion like other labels. It's why we hear half crap songs on the radio and not all good ones. Yela might be too much of a noob to speak out, but what about 50 Cent and other artists?

  • Cha Boi!

    wuddup world its cha boi back at it! now lemme get a helllll yeah if yall wanna hear cha boi and cat fish billy destroy a track together! heeeellll yyyyeaaah ok alright i got chu! ITS CHA BOI!

  • Anonymous

    Y'all do know that Radioactive has sold almost 400,000 copies since it's release right?? He's selling albums with zero fucking promotion.. it's him on the road pushing his music and busting his ass.

  • Anonymous

    Radioactive flopped, not so much if it was Yela's fault or Jimmy pushed the issue that a "radio" album would sell. But the only people buying rap records are 14 year old girls. And 14 year old white girls don't want a hillbilly rapper. They want Drake or YMCMB. I hope the best but I don't think he'll ever blow up. Although, he should sign to Strange, that'd be dope.

    • $p|!ff999 aka $pl@t17

      That is the problem with rap, hip got fake ass niqqas outselling a dude 1000 times realer than them. SAD

  • Roscoe Videos

    For a man talking knowledge with DJ Skee, I don't see why there's so much hate. I only checked him out cause he got signed but, hes talking about how these marketing companies are straight lazy, while the artists grind.

  • static

    i know they gonna drop him and hold his 2nd album. sorry yela you fucked.

  • gogoh

  • buffalo bill

    he has to remember just because he is signed to em doesn't mean he is guaranteed to sell records like em promoting your old cd would have made a huge difference because it sucked! quit making shit and it will get promoted :-)

  • larry

    just put out better music. your album was wack and thats coming from a fan yela. All the other people on your label have hype, work hard and stop complaining on the radio.

  • Anonymous

    dude you will get dropped from interscope because your albums was weak and sold 300 copies or whatever.

  • Anonymous

    This dude thinks that he is kind of a big deal but he is far from that...if it wasnt for shady/aftermath nobody woudnt even know him...OVERATED Clown

  • Anonymous

    Yelawolf and slaughterhouse would never have been discussed as much as this on internet forums before signing to shady records, most people would not have even heard of them. The fact that everything they say makes it on to hiphopdx main news is because interscope will be paying this website to keep them relevent with hip hop fans. d12, 50 cent, eminem, game, dr dre, kendrick lemar are all on interscope and all had massive exposure. If yelawolf thinks he isnt getting enough promotion its because his music isnt good enough to compete with the rest of the artist on the label.

    • Anonymous

      If yelawolfs music was better quality, the label would promote it more

    • casper21

      quality of music has NOTHING to do with the level of exposure you get from the label. Most main stream acts don't put out anything resembling quality music, but the labels shove their shit down the public's throats. I would say that predicted sales drive the level of commitment labels show to promote the artist, but even that doesn't hold true. Rick Ross is a prime example, the amount of label support he gets far exceeds his record sales.

    • Anonymous

      ^ this guy speaks sense

  • Tommy

    like Leonard responded I am shocked that a stay at home mom can earn $4499 in one month on the computer. did you see this web page N u t t y R i c h dot cm

  • Rumors?!?!

    Jimmy didnt like the fact that eminem had a lil diss line about gaga then she got turned down by eminem to sing the hook on i need a doctor jimmy is the BAWSE!! what he says goes.

    • casper21

      actually he's right. I don't follow individual single sales, but in terms of physical albums sold, yes Em's record far outsold Gaga's, her success is driven by digital single sales, I'm pretty sure Em outsold her in digital albums sales as well. But think back on it, when was the last time Em directly dissed the most successful pop act on his own label. It's not like he's attacking her with song after song, like Mariah, it was one punch line, and he publicly stated in an interview that he's a fan of her as an artist. As far as his choice to not letting Interscope shove a Gaga feature down his throat, I think they all know how much credibility is lost in doing that, its a direct sellout attempt to sell singles to young teens.

    • Anonymous

      Em's last album "Recovery" has sold 4.1 Million copies in america Gaga's album "Born this Way" has sold 2.2 million copies in america I stated facts, go ahead and argue with facts if you want and throw out some more bland insults Douche, you cant argue with numbers

    • Anonymous

      "Em's last album still outsold her shit, " wear the fuck are you getting your information from? That is a complete falsehood. "If Jimmy didnt like it he woulda told him to take the line off," um no he wouldnt. eminem has said much worse shit about other people and no one has ever censor him. not even when he was new. your response is garbage

    • Anonymous

      If Jimmy didnt like it he woulda told him to take the line off, you act like Iovine doesnt have Vito power over everything that comes out of Interscope, lol, who you think blocked out all the references to Columbine on the MMLP?? Gaga might be higher profile these days but Em's last album still outsold her shit, I think If Iovine had to make a choice he'd pick the one who brings in the most money

  • Anonymous

    major labels love finance and especially now the radio need singles to be played which are radio friendly so it's become a problem especially for rappers

  • Anonymous

    somtimes you forget eminem has his own label sad but true his label is not as unified as it should be

  • Anonymous

    Dear Yelawolf, work harder...hard work get's you where you wanna be, two many of these dudes think once they sign to a major its all sunshine & roses... dude barely drops any music what so ever...

    • casper21

      that's whats wrong with this generation, people expect to get music, mostly free music from artists on a regular basis. 10-15 years ago the only music you got from an artist was their major releases. Yela has trunk muzik, radioactive, an ep with ed sheran out, just released a new mixtape, and has another ep with barker ready to go, and another trunk music coming. Exactly how is this "hardly any music whatsoever"?

  • Anonymous

    Eminem has never been a good business man, especially in the entertainment business, he's the last guy who should have a label. He hates the spotlight, you never see him unless he has something of his own to sell, and even then he only does a handful of interviews and shows here & there. Not that there's anything wrong with that, I kinda respect the fact that he's not an attention whore like the rest of the dude's at his level, but if your gonna run a label and call it "Shady Records" I think having your artists seen with "Shady" himself here & there might be good for business. But Em has $100 Million plus so who the fuck am I to tell him what to do?? Yela needs to kick rocks ASAP tho, shit aint gonna get no better over there

    • casper21

      yes he doesn't like the spotlight, but he's also fully aware of the power he possess. If he steps off the scene for five years like he did, all he does is drop a single freestyle, 16 bars, and the blogs go fuckin nuts with activity and traffic. No one in the industry has his level of star power so he doesn't need to be up front and center like the other moguls and superstars that actually crave the attention above all else. In the past he's been able to sell the product of whoever is on his label using the sames approach he uses to sell his own shit, by limiting exposure instead of trying to saturate the market like wayne did at his peak popularity. Obie managed to go platinum on his debut off Em's starpower, D12 had two multi plat selling records. The problem with that approach is that it didn't work long term for his other artists, the formula only work long term for him, his other interests need to be pushed more aggressively. If EM really wants Yela and Slaughterhouse to succeed on a mainstream level, his best shot is to follow the blueprint that Tech N9ne is using with Strange Music artists. No major label does it like they do. Everyone on Strange Music actually get music released, and mostly to critical acclaim, and they go on rediculously long tours to promote all their artists. Em would need to tour extensively with both Yela and Slaughterhouse to give them that spotlight.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Yelawolf is a shitty talentless rapper. Trunk Muzik sucks. Radioactive sucks. dis white boy has no substance. he thinks he is da next hip hop legend like Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and Drake... lmao you will be never a GOAT... Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and Drake are da best rappers of all time. just saying. swag

    • Anonymous

      Rick Fake Fat boy Impostor Ross and Drake black wannabe white boy and Lil Wayne the fuckin annoying retarded piece of scumbag are wack they were never a goat 2pac Biggie LL COOL J NAS AZ 50 Cent Dr Dre etc are the goat of hip hop you YMCMB MMG We Da Best DickRyider you ride their dicks

    • Anonymous

      Soon as you mention best rappers, and ross,drake & wayne in the same sentence you lose all credibility with anyone.

    • Anonymous

      everytime i read your blatant trolling all i can think of is "this can't be life".

  • Anonymous

    For a rookie on a major label he is talking real slick... This dude should be thankful he got the opportunity to be promoted along side of eminem. I'm sure he is upset over the lack of control he has. But it is no different than a 9-5 general worker. Unfortunately in "the work place" we do not always have the privilege to control our work environment. Any person with half a brain knows a major label has great expectations of each and one of there artists. With expectations comes control and as an employee you have no choice but bind to your authority figure. Yellawolf would be half of what he is without interscope and eminem. Never bite the hand that feeds you

    • Jim

      That's bullshit. Yeah few people have any choice on what they work on in life but everyone is responsible for striving for their own happiness, not to resign in some cubicle and hope the big bad man doesn't bother them today. True, we probably wouldn't be talking about Yelawolf as much if it wasn't for Interscope, and yes, he should consider himself fortunate that he's had success in music, but that by no means justifying a shitty, give-up-and-get-out attitude. Call me idealistic.

  • Lo

    Fuck inter scope yellawolf get out!


    Record Labels are parasites for talented artists who actually want to display their talent. Radioactive was a record label (think L.A.S.E.R.S) album, that's why it flopped. Yelawolf fans don't want a bs record label album. They want that Arena Rap shit. The major labels wouldn't be anything without talented artists, artist are better off going independent, b/c although they may not have the rolodex of a major label, at least they have control of their art form, and if they are talented, they'll make a shit load of money and still be able to open all of the doors a major label could. Labels get all of your album sales, and now they're trying to cut in on your touring funds and your merchandise. Labels are the devil, plain and simple...

  • Max

    "You don't really fuckin' need a label anymore; you don't need a major label, you don't need none of that shit," he explained. "If they're not absolutely working as a promotional company, as an engine to promote your music every single fuckin' daywhen you sign a contract, you better be damn sure that they have obligations to work your shit. A lot of nonsense comes with it;".. I've been sayin this since 2005 and niggas looked at me crazy

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      1. Yes... Yelawolf's white. *rolls eyes* 2. And what in the flying fuck does Slaughterhouse have to do with this? God, you just grasp for anything just to make fun of Slaughterhouse, huh? Fuckin' moron.

  • Anonymous


  • Cyber Sapp

    Here is the thing these artists have to realize. You can put out all the mixtape albums for sell you want. you can do individual pub deals and put those suckers out and make your indie money while waiting on that single that will propel you. At some point you have to make a decision about your career. (Do you want to be mainstream or just young, hip, and fresh?) If the latter, then you can live off your touring and internet love. However if you want to be rich and famous (mainstream), you have to put in the work and pick songs that have mass appeal. I don't know who are advising these people on song selections, but they are not doing a good job. It's not about albums anymore for the majors. It's about that one or two singles that can prop up a career. I'm glad they are only dumping EPs out. Hell he should drop and EP every quarter. It'll serve the same purpose as an album, but it will keep the overhead down. In my opinion on his best year I don't think he'll have more than 70k real fans worldwide. That's just the reality of his music which I like, btw. Now that he has gotten it off his chest, now he needs to expand his scope and reach in his track selections. Good Luck bro!

  • Anonymous

    He should sign with strange

    • yes

      Definitely i thought the same thing. He would fit right in with Strange.

    • Anonymous

      Co-sign to the fullest. How dope would he be over their schizophrenic production. It was proof when he did that world wide choppers collab with tech.

  • Anonymous

    trunk music 0-60 sold more than radioactive with no promo at all so i see why he is upset and with the right push yela could be one of the biggest artist in the game but i like underground arstist better anyway because they can be there self i just picked up lil wytes album still doubted? and it is harder than anything i have heard in a few years if u havent heard it check it out it goes hard!

    • blaze

      i know how fucking sad is that radioactive 127k with promo and on a major label trunk muzik 135k no promo

  • Damnitall

    STFU, sounds like billionaires telling us "Money's not important." Yeah, if he could do it all himself, why'd he sign a deal? Oh yeah, they gave him money to do it himself, they opened doors by putting their logo next to his name - and dumb ass doesn't appreciate. Labels are what they are, they distribute, they get placement, they open doors, they finance, they connect, they manufacture, all that. 99.999999% of us don't have the money to manufacture 10,000 cds let alone 100,000. Sure you can put it on tune core but itunes aint putting you on the front page banner without that major label retail rep contacting them first. Grow up complainer, be happy and work harder for next time.

    • CN are 100% in the correct lane. The big three Sony, Universal, and Warner Bros own all the other majors...and those names are connected to larger ent. comps which are connected to even larger comps. The board of directors and the investors for those top comps are the only people with the money to do any of this.

    • Worley

      "99.999999% of us don't have the money to manufacture 10,000 cds let alone 100,000." Neither do the labels. They get their money from parent companies who get their money from shareholders and investors. Everything works on credit.

  • asher1985

    no offense to yelawolf but this is his fault. he could have made a much better album for them to work with. not only that but he's probably mad that they pushed back "love story" and honestly i don't blame them. his first cd bombed pretty hard. i do think he should wait at least two more years before dropping a second major label album. if they ever let him come out with one again. but this whining stuff isn't helping...go on tour, keep putting out music, and build relationships...then maybe your next cd will blow. it took t.i. a couple of try's as well as wale. so my advice, wait your turn, and be patient

  • Anonymous

    game not happy also

  • Anonymous

    eminem is a good rapper but he dont go hard for the artist in his label 50 having problems slaughter always getting pushed back now yelawolf he need to be seen alot with his artist.

    • Anonymous

      But i will say MMG despite being great at promotion and putting on ...don't move units. Their product is too repetitive.

    • Anonymous

      @anon. above J MMG are everywhere my dude. you just ethered yourself saying their promo is bad then admitting you don't know right after.

    • J

      If you don't listen to radio then why would you make the statement? MMG is running shit right now. Playing the Jay's Philly concert which I can't wait for and quite a few spins on the radio. I'm not saying they're my favorite but you have to give credit. I saw Kanye at Revel and his GOOD music is heavily promoted and everywhere as well. Em is great at a lot of things but I wish he'd support his guys like he did D12. Slaughterhouse should be his D12 and now they have the added bonus of talent. STEP UP EM!!!

    • Anonymous

      MMG promotion is pretty bad too actually, I've never heard a single MMG song on the radio (to be fair i havent been listening to radio much) but its been 80% YM and 20% cheap YM imitations (as if YM wasnt bad enough...)

    • Anonymous

      I think this is where people have to give it up to rick ross and lil wayne. They have a great eye for success and know how to produce results.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. Em is most productive when handling himself he's not really the Mentor type.

    • Wait

      More like Warner Bros>Interscope. The Major label they're under is a big difference

    • Anonymous

      MMG promo>Shady promo. Em's nowhere to be seen. Ricky may be a fake motherfucker but at least he's out there with his dudes. Shady records are wasting the talent of their guys

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