Macklemore & Ryan Lewis "The Heist" Album Stream

UPDATE #2: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have ScHoolboy Q on their album, as well as Ab-Soul on a track called "Jimmy Iovine."

With an EP, a host of celebrated videos and a 2012 XXL Freshman title under his belt, Macklemore has managed build a major following under his DIY-driven music. Now, it looks like he and producer Ryan Lewis are gearing up to give fans their official debut The Hesit this fall.

The Seattle duo recently revealed on their website that they will be releasing their debut album The Heist this October 9. The album, which will be released independently, is their first project since 2010's re-release of their debut The VS. EP.

In conjunction with their new LP, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are planning to hit the road beginning this August on a world tour, with the first 40-dates starting in the states. The Heist World Tour will begin this August 5 at Lollapalooza and continue until early December.

Check the flier below for a complete tour listing.

(July 16)

UPDATE: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' The Heist, releasing October 9, contains the following tracklist:

1.     Ten Thousand Hours
2.     Can't Hold Us featuring Ray Dalton
3.     Thrift Shop featuring Wanz
4.     Thin Line featuring Buffalo Madonna
5.     Same Love featuring Mary Lambert
6.     Make The Money
7.     Neon Cathedral featuring Allen Stone
8.     BomBom featuring The Teaching
9.     White Walls featuring ScHoolBoy Q; Hollis
10.     Jimmy Iovine featuring Ab-Soul (of Black Hippy)
11.     Wing$
12.     A Wake featuring Evan Roman
13.     Gold featuring Eighty4 Fly
14.     Starting Over featuring Ben Bridwell (of Band Of Horses)
15.     Cowboy Boots

[September 15]

UPDATE #2: NPR has released a full album stream of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' upcoming album The Heist. Head over to to hear the LP in full.

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  • Real talk

    Most of the people hatin is probably the same dude, Macklemore is by far the most honest, realist rapper of this generation.

  • SIG

    I really enjoy this album... Im white.. live in the burbs... I thought rap was poetry... I like how Talib is real hip hop but this shit isnt.... Yall are so ignorant... Still on that shit that tells you how to think instead of that shit that teaches you how to be creative. This is a creative album. If you dont like it cause of the style then go crank that soulja boy. It's hip hop whether it's your favorite kind of style or not. PEACE

    • Rashid Muhammad

      LOL at you devils. So what you're white. Am I supposed to give you an award or something??? It may amaze your 10er friends, but it doesn't concern us, so get over it.

    • Anonymous

      Hate us negroes but listen to our music. LMAO. Sometimes I just don't understand white people. Do you think anyone here gives a shit about you being white from the burbs? It should amaze your cracker friends but it doesn't concern us.

  • MGF

    You need to give this a stream before judging it. This is one of the most unique and interesting albums I've heard this year. Not a fan of the political statement of same love but then again I'm not a fan of selling drugs or pimping hoes either. So it would be hypocritical to dismiss because you don't agree with everything the artist does. This album is a legit if people don't judge it by the cover.

  • R5Furby

    I cannot believe some of the ignorance I'm reading in these posts. This is some of the realest $hit I ever heard. FACT. 'The Heist' is the sickest album of 2012 by far, I wasn't aware guns, money and b1tches was 'real', how much of that $hit features in your life....really? fu

    • SIG

      Cosign bro. All these ignorant hoes are on that money pimp shit. When yall dont have any money or hoes. Living vicariously through your favorite rapper. LOL THATS A JOKE.

    • TaZzZ

      Co-sign.. the negative messages of hip hop will always be louder, but this is the kind of shit that makes me a hip hop head. AOTY all day, I've had it on repeat for days and it only gets better. It captures this moment in American history like nothing out. You could listen to this in 100 years and know what we were all about, the issues that impact us, etc. Every song serves a purpose and is a great message encapsulated in a powerful metaphor (Jimmy Iovine=corporate rape of hip hop culture, wings=the paradoxes of consumerism, and on and on... If it weren't for Cowboy Boots (just can't get into that groove personally), this would be flawless. This is grown man rap, if you don't have something intelligent to say, save it. Cuz sexual and racial bigotry gets no one anywhere. Like Mack says, a culture built out of oppression and we don't have acceptance? Its human rights, whether its your skin color, whats between your thighs or who your attracted to... If you can't get with that, this world doesn't need you

  • Young Nigga

    White = Lame? HAHAHA! Thats why Eminem is EONS better than every black rapper in the game & he got crowned as King Of Hip Hop by Rolling Stone. White rappers bring real hip hop. Black rappers destroy what they built.

  • BOY

    Macklemore is extremely underrated. He should sign with YMCMB because Weezy is KIGN of HIP HOP. YMCMB!

  • DA40.Oz

    It's hilarious that niggas is talkin about how much they hate homos but they got a ton of Lil Wayne up on they itunes an shit. THAT dude is a faggot, this dude just raps about em. Yall should support Mack if you ever want Baby and Wayne to get married finally.

  • Caesar

    Bunch of goddamned faggots taking over hip hop.

  • AJ

    If any of you are skittish about Macklemore listen to "The Language of my World" and you will be a fan. Great mix tape.

  • FuKKK MaKKKlemore

    If only I knew who the fuck these crackers are.

  • TaZzZ

    Macklemore is for the children... Dope shit

  • Anonymous

    Lol two fudge packin faggots on some corny ass gay shit. Vanilla Ice got more skillz than these fags. Yeah beats are good but otherwise this shits emembarrassing lol.

  • mike

    YO THE BEATS ON THE ALBUM IS SICK!! sounds like they got it from WWW.YUCBEATS.COM check that site out its awsome!!

  • Travis

    First listen, this album is dope!

  • music fan

    i was going to buy the album but i didn't like that gay guys song LOL

    • AJ

      And your whats wrong with this country, hell this world.

    • TaZzZ

      The irony in your comments is beautiful... I bet you don't have the masculinity to put your career on the line for something you believe in. One song will never get rid of that homophobic mentality, but its a damn good start... Thanks Mack, a lot of rappers can say no one censors them, but you show it

    • asher1985

      lol exactly the reason I'm not buying it as well, I'm telling you its all about where you grow up and washington state is a very liberal place

  • Anonymous

    straightdopewhitenigga , only better honkey is yelawolf and eminem

  • Jay

    This album is the best album I have heard in a long time. Whoever is talking shit about it has obviously not listened to it. I dont throw around the word classic alot, but this album is. Blown away by it though. Completely different then everything else out there.

  • Anonymous

    These dudes look like George Michael's bodyguards. They probably have trust funds. That's so non gangsta.

  • Curry

    This album is by far the best album ive heard this year production wise, Macklemore his lyrics are great and just because he doesnt talk about guns money and bitches does not mean this shit is corny, its the fuckin best album this year imo.

  • datnigga

    bunch of clowns. Shit corny as hell

    • Rashid Muhammad

      @DA40.OZ "Niggas IS hypocrites" Yeah dats right niccaz iz hypocritez, dem muthaphucckkkaz be bytchin bout white dudes bein rappas but dey neva say chyt when blacc noocaz is whak. An I talk lyke dat cuz I think iz coool ta b ah illiterate neegroh an type lyke ah fucckin munky. Grow up, fucker.

    • DA40.OZ

      Niggas is hypocrites nowadays. This shit is automatically corny cuz dudes is white, but it's all good when Wiz dropped ONIFC with his ass on the cover looking straight homo. @ETK nigga you know you listen to YMCMB talkin about real hip hop pshh. Fuck outta here lame ass nigga

    • Jay

      Who likes real hip hop? What do you consider real hip hop? This album is as real as real hiphop gets. Is it because they are white you think its corny? Damn, and people wonder why nothing but horrible and POS lyricists are all over the radio.

    • ETK

      ^^ Come on, kid, everyone who likes real hip hop knows this shit is corny.

    • Anonymous

      who the fuck is you sucking soulja's dick? go crank your fucking ears

  • Anonymous

    no thank you I rather support 2chainz over this bullshit

  • Anonymous

    This shit is going to be corny. White rappers really suck.

  • Kyle

    'The Hesit'? This site needs better editors.

  • Ash Motown

    Will be a solid album he will be able to tour heavily and make his bread off this album. Win for Macklemore

  • True2HipHop

    Can't wait for this great cd to come out. It's a shame when a white MC spits & has better bars then the majority of these wack industry lames that the industry puts out like there something special to listen to. Nope, but Macklemore is something worth listening to. He sticks to being an MC & I thank him for that. #MacklemoreIsReal!

  • ^^

    Surely you mean the rap map? Plus what has race got to do with being a good rapper? We're not in the 1960s anymore, so stop with the segregation bs.

  • FuKKK MaKKKlemore

    Seattle will never be on the map rap, and these white devils aren't helping at all.

    • SeattleNative

      most people these days seem to lose the meaning of poetry... with there lil wayne, rickross, etc.. but honestly i could care less on what most ignorant people have to say these days... The heist is the realist album out.. he deserved whats coming to him!

  • Anonymous

    i liked Thrift Shop i think the album will be decent

  • MMG Uncut

    Wack ass nerd white battle rapper.

  • William

    I'll save you the trouble: this will be the album of the year.

  • tommy

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