Kendrick Lamar Calls Lady Gaga A "Real Good Friend"

Pressed to speak about his friendship with Lady Gaga, K. Dot expresses that she is a "real good friend" and that he hopes they will collaborate in the future.

After Lady Gaga began speaking about Kendrick Lamar on Twitter, rumors started flying. Recently, Kendrick Lamar spoke about their friendship to clarify matters, explaining that Gaga is a "real good friend" and that he hopes the two of them can collaborate in the future. 

“That’s a real good friend… a real good friend,” Kendrick explained to The Source when asked about his connection to Lady Gaga.

When asked if there would be a collaborative track between both artists in the future, K. Dot explained that he hopes that is the case but that he's content with a friendship. 

“God willing," he replied. "For now, I just like the friendship thing.”

Earlier this week, Gaga shared this via her Twitter account:

This weekend, Gaga showed her support by attending Kendrick Lamar's set at Pitchfork's Music Festival. She also sent this message out via Twitter: 

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