2 Chainz Explains Black & Gold Theme Of "Based On A T.R.U. Story" Cover Art

2 Chainz provides the reason for his simple approach to his upcoming album's cover.

As fans anticipate 2 Chainz's upcoming debut Based On A T.R.U. Story, they now have insight on the rapper's reasoning behind his album cover.

"Black and gold, that's been the theme," said the former Disturbing Tha Peace member. "You see my album cover's black with the gold. I had the album cover done two or three months ago, I just released it. I was trying to actually trying to brainwash the consumer on Drake's tour. We're doing a lot of black and gold on stage. That's what you see me doing a lot."

The Georgia native explained that his album cover is memorable in its simplicity. "It's definitely an iconic cover to me, so to speak. I think it'll be one of the best covers of today, as far as it just being self-explanatory. Simple, yet complex...It's still out the box for me. People thought they would see a picture or a portrait of whatever. I feel like the cover says a thousand words.

2 Chainz concluded by saying that the album's cover is indicative of its quality. "This is an instance where you can judge this book by its cover. It's a dope-ass cover for this book, and the stuff inside of it is dope, too."

Watch the interview below:


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  • Not Important But...

    Y'all Having The Wrong Conversations. Did Anybody NOT Notice He Aint Explain The Album Art? Niggas Must Think Inside The Same Circle He Was Talking In. Cuz He DEFINITELY Talked In Circles. Regardless, I Still Respect His Music. Do What You Do Fam.

  • Nuts

    It's sad these rappers think fans are dumb.....but in this day and age half of them are.

  • Anonymous

    the cover says one word- "Chainz" and contains a number. and the title but who gives a shit?

  • Anonymous

    "this is an instance where you can judge this book by its cover." Yeah, because like the cover, the album will be stupid and simplistic.

  • Anonymous

    This nigga is a bitch



  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    He acts as if this album cover is genius or something

  • Anonymous

    "2 Chainz looks like me" My condolences to your plastic surgeon.

  • Me

    Really? Another article about this album cover?

  • Listen

    Bainwash-Make someone adopt radically different beliefs By using systematic and often forcible pressure. Wonder what he is trying to make the "consumer" believe.smh Wake up everybody

  • Anonymous

    "I feel like the cover says a thousand words" To me, only two words come to mind... Artistic drought.

  • Anonymous

    He's about as artistic as Tony Yayo on a bad day. AND HIS NAME IS TITY BOI.

  • Anonymous


  • iamhiphop

    2Chainz and some of the people are dumbasses for thinking that this album cover is creative/artistic. There's no symbolism; its just jewelry, plain and simple. The album cover isn't even that good and 2Chainz's music is crap. Dude is an idiot for thinking he could be like Kanye West. This is the worst album cover of the year.

  • Anonymous

    riot is my muthafuckin' jam

  • YouSerious?

    Any fans of 2 Chainz are making up better meanings behind the cover than he could ever come up with. His explanation was basically "It looks cool and its simple...buy the album". How the fuck are you guys gonna explain something that 2 Chainz himself can't explain?

    • Anonymous

      You're not even sure people who are talking about the cover are actually fans of his music. And since you're so adamant about your view that it's just jewelry, remember that the cover was made by a marketing firm.

  • So Icy Boi!

    2 Chainz looks like me. lmao. swag

  • Anonymouse

    This album will be too good to be true! BOOK THAT SHIT!!!

  • Bigg Homie Locc Dogg

    SYMBOLISM EXPLAINED for all U dummies: 2 chains on black= mental + spiritual slavery, but gold plated slavery, if u can afford it... hahaahahahahh

    • Anonymous

      you've read into it. That's exactly what he wants you to do. All he's done is say there's artistic intent when there isn't, and wait for the pseudo-intellectual fans to come leaping to his defense. HIS NAME IS TITY BOI

    • YouSerious?

      You're probably trolling, but if you aren't: There is no way in hell that the cover to this album conveys any sort of meaningful symbolism.

  • ItsTheTruth

    This nigga just said he was trying to brainwash the consumer? lmao wonder how many heads that went over

  • 2 Chainz is Bron James of the Rap Game

    This will be grammy worthy

  • Anonymous

    AKA: "Since it was my album, I put 2 chains, because my rap name is '2 Chainz'. It's really self-explanatory".

  • youngsta

    lmao, old ass 2 chainz reciting an essay on a wack ass, simple ass album cover. dude, it's 2 gold chains with a black background, nothing more, nothing less. no need to over analyze shit. album's gonna flop anyway. he only has buzz for being a guest rapper.

  • Anonymous

    Like I said before, an ignoramus will only see 2 chains, while some others will see the allure of the precious metal and the simple background and get it. The black and gold are SYMBOLISM.

    • Anonymous

      "Presumably you're expecting a magnificent concept album about the history of jewellery as it relates to black people, but instead you'll get 10 tracks about 'swag', dancing and violence, and you'll love it, make no mistake." ETHER

    • Anonymous

      You're pseudo intellectual, and you're doing exactly what Tity Boi wants you to do - making up a meaning for a picture of him looking all thoughtful and wistful. There is no artistic intent here. Presumably you're expecting a magnificent concept album about the history of jewellery as it relates to black people, but instead you'll get 10 tracks about 'swag', dancing and violence, and you'll love it, make no mistake.

    • SMFH

      Dude. It's just jewelry. There's no symbolism. Nothing artistic or creative about it. It's been done before. You're overthinking shit. This album cover is crap.

    • elaborate, please

      what meaning?

    • Bigg Homie Locc Dogg

      2 chainz= mental and spiritual bondage to luxury, decadence, and image... 'nuff said...

    • Anonymous

      lol yes it's me, but nothing pseudo about what I said. It's deeper than 2 chains. Think about the metal itself and it's history, the background color, ask why it's a cuban link and not a figaro link, and you should see the symbolism to his plight of a resurrected rap career. Most people don't see symbolism, like someone right now in a church parking lot with a Ram truck that has a ram on the hood that also makes an inverted pentagram. They would say strength, but Dodge's insignia is a 5 point star upright shining it's rays, like the morning star, and you should know who was called the morning star.

    • Anonymous

      lol the pseudo-intellectual "allure" nigga is back

    • Salty Santa

      Symbolism for what exactly? You got it figured out, please enlighten us. or are you just gonna call me simple to get out of it?

  • Anonymous

    whats there to explain? its 2 gold chainz,

  • Anonymous

    Crazy that this dude graduated college with a 4.0.

    • Anonymous

      Not trying to say his degree is good or bad...Just wish rappers could tell people about the positive shit they did to get where theyre at. Until somebody told me about his degree I thought he learned everything from the trap and strip clubs.

    • Anonymous

      Now we're even trying to downplay education? SMH. This world is lost.

    • Anonymous

      wow niggas hating on college degrees now? how you gonna try and downplay this nigga's education? And you're probably the type of nigga who'll college education in someone's face the moment you're feeling threatened by them. but now its "high grades dont mean shit"? just give the nigga his props. niggas are so bitter in 2012. Its hurts when all your preconceived assumptions about how uneducated someone is goes to shit huh? And then it turns out they are actually ahead of you... shit id be trying to undermine his accomplishments too.

    • Anonymous

      But this was college. And he graduated in 3 years. if you notice, a lot of these southern rappers have degrees which is why their business savvy is a lot better than some of the new york rappers. think of how many NY/East Coast Rappers were the next big thing and never panned out do to label woes/lack of hustle. The fact that this cat has a degree should be commended instead of hated on.

    • Anonymous

      Just because you have high grades in school doesn't mean you're smart.

    • To Anonymous #2

      2 Chainz played college basketball & graduated with a 4.0 GPA in 3 years at ASU. So to Anonymous #1's point, he's not making up lies. Try to do some research before jumping to conclusions, dumb fuck.

    • Anonymous

      Oh really? Where is the proof? Stop making up lies.

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