RZA To Help Direct A Series Of Comic-Related Films

RZA continues his work in the film industry, and his first project may be "The Black Panther."

RZA has teamed up with Reginald Hudlin, former President of Entertainment for BET and producer of Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained to work on a series of projects.

Deadline reports that RZA, who has directed and starred in his own film, The Man With the Iron Fists, will join Hudlin to direct and produce a series of comic-related projects, and potentially start their own company.

Hudlin wrote The Black Panther series for Marvel Comics from 2005 to 2008, which has been repeatedly rumored to be a possible upcoming feature.

The Black Panther centers around a modern day African chief with superhuman senses and abilities.

RZA joins Method Man and Ghostface Killah as other Wu-Tang Clan emcees to be involved with comic book projects. Both Meth and Ghost have written and starred in their own graphic novels.

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  • Bennmetht

    I got say i seee RZA and i want to read see or hear it...that simple really...and very very Very few times have i been let down in the 16 17 years i been a fan...as for the article.....The Wu Tang has their own comic books the nine rings...so how he is just now joining meth and ghost in comics when those are like 10 years old...well as always great job with your research DX

  • Anonymous

    rza better produce method mans album first CRYSTAL METH!!!!

  • Anonymous

    "I Refuse" the new mixtape from Don Rama is available now at this link! http://depositfiles.com/files/gmfuii9oy Stoneface Ent!If It Aint Bout Biness We Aint Got No Biness In IT! NAWF-WEDONTCARELINA STAND-UP!!!919!!RALEIGH-HOOD,BULL-CITY STAND-UP!!!

  • Anonymous

    I'll give Rza credit for showing up in American Gangster, but directing is a whole different thing. I'm surprised Universal would give him $20 million to make a movie that likely will gross $20 million. They must smell money overseas.

  • Tai

    I've been a fan of The Black Panther since I first read the old Avengers and Daredevil comics, and I really think you described him piss-poorly, man. Although, RZA being of the Wu-Tang, I can't think of a better rapper or director for this. I'm so excited.

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    Salute the Abbot, dude truly is a mastermind! How many blueprints he put out already. Cant spell WU TANG without the R-Z-A

  • Anonymous

    RZA is smart putting more of his time into film then music, he's already accomplished everything he could have wanted to in the rap game I'm curious to see how he works as a director. Got some heavy co signs from Tarantino and a few others so he must be on the right track

  • The Enigma

    That is serious thinking

  • jester

    I wanna see Mehki Pheifer get the role

  • Anonymous


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