Jay-Z & Partners Sued For Unpaid Royalties From Creating Roc-A-Fella Logo

Dwayne Walker has filed suit against Jay-Z, alleging that he is owed unpaid royalties from creating the Roc-A-Fella logo.

A New York City, New York clothing designer has sued Jay-Z and his former Roc-A-Fella record label partners, claiming they owe him $7 million in unpaid royalties for designing their label logo.

According to NYDN, Dwayne Walker filed a suit in Manhattan yesterday that he created the Roc-A-Fella design and wasn’t properly compensated for his work.

“The logo has become universally recognized as an iconic symbol of Jay-Z, one of the most successful recording artists in the history of popular music,” the suit claims.

Walker designed the logo in 1995 when Roc-A-Fella started. The suit says he saw the initial logo that Damon Dash had in mind, and said he could do better.

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  • Anonymous

    "Point being, with Jay's name recognition and clout, imagine if he can sway other star caliber players to come to Brooklyn." Right. Jay's Lebron James recruitment fiasco went according to plan.

  • mase

    damn, why now son!!!gtfoh

  • Got Money In My Ghetto

    Damn a nigga can't even draw a fucking logo anymore

  • Fuck Marcy

    Hope Jay-Z dies now.

  • Anonymous

    It took this nigga almost 20 years to sue for something he claimed he created..lol..epic fail...you dont deserve shit...if you've been compensated to create the logo that's enough unless you had a contract that stated otherwise..its hard times and niggas will use that "back in the day" shit to eat off of other peoples plates.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    "As while most of your favourite rappers might find those doors of that world closed in on them" Yeah. Most rappers don't think about tommorow. One door opens and they think that means they have a long career ahead of them.

  • Anonymous

    Well once you aquire a certain level of success and you play the mainstream game like jay has, doors swing open almost effortlessly. He is not what you really would call a "boss" who brings some what innovative or completely original ideas, but does what it takes to get that acceptance. As while most of your favourite rappers might find those doors of that world closed in on them.

  • Anonymous

    Madonna didn't help launch Roc Nation. As for Serena, she's still active in tennis which means nobody believes she could coach anything other than a celebrity tennis match. Jay's situation could get interesting cause the Nets now have a new arena. Just signed DW to $100 mill (bad move IMO), and want more players. Point being, with Jay's name recognition and clout, imagine if he can sway other star caliber players to come to Brooklyn. He'll never coach, but the PR alone would go through the roof, and generate big bucks for the NBA.

  • Bigg Homie Locc Dogg

    This Dwayne Walker dude is a walking DEAD MAN... MARK MY WORDS...

    • Lil Loc

      and you're just a wannabe thug. hoo you think you foolin cuz you ain't no goddamn crip stop faking

  • Anonymous

    Jay founded Roc Nation along with Live Nation. It's not like he has a few baby shares within the company. As for the Nets, he's quickly becoming the face of the organization in terms of marketing, and I bet if he wanted to he could probably become an assistant coach. Lastly, he's made plenty off his musical catelog, so even if he doesn't own all of his music (which is irrelevant in the big picture), he has so many revenue trails that music will become almost a footnote to him. Like I said... He may not be the smartest in terms of being an all out innovator, but being in the right place at the right time will still get you alot.

    • Anonymous

      "As for the Nets, he's quickly becoming the face of the organization in terms of marketing, and I bet if he wanted to he could probably become an assistant coach." ^ just like Serena Williams can jet from Wimbeldon to the Miami Dolphin training camp and coach because of her marketable one percent stake in the team......Madonna has the same 360 deal w/Live Nation....no shade on Jay.......just saying you're stanning, relax.....

  • ?

    i wonder what Dame's original logo looked like.

  • Anonymous

    No one isn't "hating" or disrespecting Jay's wealth. Jay isn't the type of person who could start a business from the foundation. Like I stated earlier, Roc-A-Fella Records was his last successful venture and Dame was a big piece in that. Roc-Nation is owned by Live Nation. Jay only have stocks invested within the Nets organization and he does not make any executive decisions with the organization. Jay does not own his music. But Jay invested in his name "Jay-Z" and built that as a brand to accumulate his wealth. He sells his name because the "Jay-Z" name is gold. No hating or disrespect here. Jay is very wealthy and should be applauded for achieving a large amount of wealth over the years.

  • Anonymous

    "Jay-Z, one of the most successful recording artists in the history of popular music" The ONLY reason for this shit.

  • Anonymous

    "But he is not a great business man" Realistically, he doesn't have to be. He walks into a room and charms people because he knows how to play the game. It helps he has 400 million in the bank, but in a way, it's probably not even all about money, cause making money for him is easy. It's the credibility factor. Now that's he involved with the Brooklyn Nets, he's going to appeal to a whole other audience. He might not be the smartest guy in the room, but best believe he's the one with the most to gain.

    • Anonymous

      lol. jay some super smart dudes who do all the analytical shit for him. people really saying jay don't have great business skills? i have seen everything now. must be some bitter nas fans who're still butthurt over the taxes story.

  • k-twist

    "im not a business man im a BIZNESS, MAN

  • Anonymous

    Don't believe the hype....Jay is PAID...I don't see how anyone can call him a bad businessman...the best business move he ever made was parting with Dame...Dame sank like 6 companies simultaneously, including Beanie Sigel's ventures...Jay's invested well...Nets, Barclays, Armand de Brignac, Rocawear, that publishing company with Steve Stoute, and Roc Nation/Live Nation...they are making a killing...they are a label/management company...client list is crazy. I don't know how making money investing doesn't equate to being a good businessman.

    • Anonymous

      these people are completely retared. getting money is not something to applaud. maintaining the money and making more and more of it is the real shit.

  • Kali

    Seems everyone's getting sued these days.Might have to sue Chief Keef for being wack.

  • Anonymous

    Iconic symbol? thats the diamond cutter sign by DDP. Everything else is pointless

  • uncsam

    Yo, why do they come back 20 years later, asking for money? I know the economy is bad but gotdamn, this shit has to stop. Stop trying to leech of these celebs you motherfucking parasites. You can brag about designing the Roc-A-Fella logo, be proud nigga.

    • Anonymous

      about if he didnt sign a contract..what would you say then...and why did it take him so long to even sue...i doubt he didnt get paid for..because why the article said ROYALTIES...but royalties for what..if it's not be using for any other purpose then for what it was intended for..you dont need to be compensated for anything else..

    • duh

      That's a pretty dumb thing to say. So what you're saying is, if you created something and these people signed a contract with you, blew up and made mad loot, then didn't pay you what you were owed... you would just be proud to have created something for them. Riiiight.

  • Anonymous

    Jay-Z is a very wealthy man. But he is not a great business man. People have to understand how Jay really makes his money. He makes his money from selling the "Jay-Z" name. "Jay-Z" is a brand. He leases his moniker to companies so both can make a profit. Jay really hasn't havd success with any business ventures since Roc-A-Fella Records. But he is still a successful person who acquired a large mass of wealth over the years.

    • Anonymous

      No one isn't jealous of Jay-Z. People have already stated that Jay-Z is very successful and wealthy indiviual. Because someone posted Jay-Z's actual ownership of the Nets and his postion with the Barclay Arena, they're jealous?

    • Ceasar

      You guys like like a bunch of jelous cackling hens, trying to dismiss Jay's accomplishments. Like "oh he's only the director" or "oh, he only own 1.5% of the Nets." Instead of sounding like a couple of faggots who's net worth is somewhere in the neighborhood of $50, you should be taking notes and learning the biz from somebody that's worth $500 million that started as an underground rapper.

    • Anonymous

      ^Okay, so what's your point? Some people are not motivated by money and some people feel they don't need to acquire large sum of money in their lifetime to be happy. No one is hating on Jay-Z. Calm down man.

    • Anonymous

      That 1.5% is worth more than what all ya miserable ass haters will achieve in ya whole lifetimes put together.

    • BlazeDatIshUp

      @anon.... Why bother explaining anymore, these clueless idiots just don't get it. Regardless of the facts they will continue to believe what they want, while folks like us actually know what's really up.

    • Anonymous

      You don't have to like Jay, but people in here are really trying to discredit Jay's business acumen? Come on, this IS fucking retarded in itself. That's like throwing ice cubes at the sun. No matter what you say, it will always be wrong in that regard. Your hate makes you so fucking blind that you can't even see the truth anymore. You fucking DON'T stay hot off your name alone for 20 years and still going strong. If so, why did 50 fell off the way he did? And don't come with these billionaires who already had something to invest when they started. Coming from marcy with absolutely nothing and transforming into a worldwide icon with a networth of 450$ million >>>>>>>>>> starting as a millionaire and becoming a billionaire.

    • Anonymous

      Jay owns some stocks within the Nets organization. Jay doesn't make any executive decisions within the Nets like hiring general managers, staff, trades, etc. Also, the Nets were planning a move to Brooklyn way before Jay became invovled with the team. Jay did not buy into the Barclay Arena. He was name director of the arena by the "REAL OWNERS". He will do shows because of his name to draw people to the arena like I stated earlier.

    • BlazeDatIshUp

      Anon has some valid points, and folks need to stop bringing up the fact that he owns part of the nets, cuz his actual stake in the team is only about 1.5 percent. Yes they did let him be a part of the logo design process and all that jazz, but if he wasn't a recognizable figure in entertainment would they give a fuck about some guy who owns about 1.5 percent of the team, no. He is basically good for marketing. His moniker/name, which is his brand is what makes him his money, not some incredible business mind that people think he has. He may be an ok business man at best, but yea he knows how to pimp his name out.

    • BMORE2012

      ^^^^^^^^^^^ Couldnt said it better. This dude is retarded for real. I bet he thinks Gucci Mane is richer than Jay Z

    • Ceasar

      Dude, you're fuckin retarded. I guess buying into an NBA team, orchestrating a move to Brooklyn, designing the teams new logo (even though he probably paid some kid off craigslist to do it for ($500), then buying into the arena where it's games will be played is just dumb luck. And oh yeah, opening the Barclays center with concerts from himself. Yeah, that sounds like an incredibly bad business man.

  • Malcolm_Ecks

    Almost 20 years later...

  • dentaldamboy

    Jay-Z stays losing. It's only a matter of time before all of his investments go bad and he has to file for bankruptcy. Jay is "worth" more than Stunna, but all of Jay's money is tied up in poor investments. Soon enough, Jay-Z will be broke and Beyonce is gonna leave him for a budding superstar like Tyga or Meek Mill.

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