Nas Recalls Amy Winehouse, Says New Fans Support Frank Ocean's Music For Wrong Reason

Nas remembers collaborator Amy Winehouse, and says people should support Frank Ocean's music for its quality.

Though Nas' latest album Life Is Good, is short on collaborations, one notable guest is deceased singer Amy Winehouse. The duo collaborates on the song "Cherry Wine," produced by Salaam Remi .

"That's," said Nas in an interview with, while making a saluting motion. "Amy was just one of a kind. We just clicked like that. May she rest in peace."

The Queensbridge emcee continued, explaining his belief that Winehouse's spirit lived on. "She's watching us, she's holding me down, and I'm holding her down here. It's just love forever."

Nas also became the latest emcee to speak on Frank Ocean, stating that fans should be interested in the singer's music solely for its quality. "Everybody's getting excited about records for the wrong reason," opined Nas.

"Listen to the music. The music is number one."

Watch the interview below:


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  • Anonymous

    "he's relevant in spite of them" Nice speech, but relevance is based on many factors. Nas used to be right up there with the best, but somewhere along the way dude just lost it. Boring songs... Tired production... Lower sales... All these factors + his personal problems have really damaged his career.

  • Anonymous

    "There will never be anyone else like Amy Winehouse" Adele.

  • truth

    i dont see why anyone would care about a celebs personal life. YOU DONT KNOW THEM AND THEY DONT KNOW YOU. channel orange is nice but not as good as people are making it out to be

  • nikeblue76

    i think nas is right ive heard better r&b so dont just listen to someone because u feel sorry for them or becuase they got shot 9 time s.. or more recently because they came out of the closet...

  • Acesun

    Qouted @RC: Nas himself said it the best "Do not speak to fools, they scorn the wisdom of your words". Nas isn't relavent because of the sambos and walking minstrel shows that saturate the Hip-Hop scene, he's relevant in spite of them. Cosign 100% The plethora of circus clowns with the gimmicks and no real skills have become the corporations cash cows, as long as the young keep falling for the sideshows and bleach their minds of true hip hop, the art form will always have true pioneers who continue to carry on tradition. These form of EMCEES are becoming extinct though, which keeps the remaining in the game VERY RELEVANT.

  • christina smythe

    She was my favorite singer. The first time I heard of her, I fell in love with her voice. I can't believe it's been a year since she passed away. I miss Amy Winehouse. I am happy to know that she has a memorial page on Evertalk within Facebook. Here's the link:

  • jacklyn johnson

    Peace and blessings to the family and friends of Amy. She will always be remembered. Thanks for the heads up on the Evertalk page Christina.

  • ChristinaSmythe

    She was so talented and unique. There will never be anyone else like Amy Winehouse. Someone created a memorial page for Amy on Evertalk within Facebook. You can post in her guestbook and read her biography. Here's the link:

  • Anonymous

    "She's watching us" There aren't many windows where she's at, Escobar.

  • Oasis

    I agree to an extent. At the same time, they are role models, and are in videos that are children look at. And, When he is singing, we have to inform our youth that he may be talking about another man in those songs. He is artistic, and we cant knock that but we do have to make sure we dont start condoning homosexuality.

    • Jesus fucking christ...

      You are the epitome of ignorance. Homosexuality is not a mental disease that spreads via words and songs. Yes, kids are impressionable and they do imitate celebrities, but you can't change someone's sexual preference. If you are so stupid that you believe people can "turn" gay, then I believe we should tie you down and force you to watch Richard Simmons until you start sucking dick. You fucking faggot.

  • Anonymous


  • i raped so icys mom

    fuck so icy boy if i see commenting on this post his mom is gonna get pregnant tonite hahahahah

  • Anonymous

    Nas is right on Frank Ocean. People aren't comfortable with themselves, and have got a bit upset over his coming out, but have forgotten about the music. Turns out his new album isn't bad.

    • Anonymous

      shit, frank ocean's album is tight! the music is what matters at the end of the day and frank delivers the goods on that aspect

  • @CJonno90

    I was listening to the Life Is Good leak last night, MAN THAT SHIT HOT!! Even on the Swizz feature Nas' verses save it, there isn't a single verse Nas drops. I don't know if he was scared to compete with a real MC on this album but on this form all the top MCs would have a hard time keeping up with Nas... Still cop it when it comes out.

    • Anonymous

      this is his fourth best album, behind illmatic, iww and stillmatic. still, it's sad that it took so long for him to reach his former greatness that he was always capable of. the quality of this album should be nas standard.

    • Anonymous

      co sign it's probably one go his best work since the lost tapes this album (to me) is just amazing and i think the fact that salaam remi and no id produced almost the entire album is relevant as well the only failure on this album is the swizz beatz track otherwise Life is Good definitely worths a 4.5/5

  • Shady 2.0

    "Everybody's getting excited about records for the wrong reason, Listen to the music. The music is number one." That goes both ways whether love OR hate...



  • So Icy Boi!

    Nas is overrated. my Dad tried to play me ILLMATIC but I didnt like dat shit. I said come on I dis old shit is wack, I cant even dance to dis. my dad cryed. dat nigga too old too. ha. I think Lil Wayne THA CARTER III is da true hip hop classic. swag

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    Hip pop fans these days are hatin on legends, we need to raise our children with knowledge and respect. Hatin on Nas is like hatin on Hip Hop- period.

    • @CJonno90

      "Imagine if Prince made music featuring - or reflecting - Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z or Dr. Dre. While it may sound good in theory, the fact is that Prince has never needed these artists to define him and because of that he will always remain a musical genius. Nas needs no peer to define him."

    • AliciaKeysaHOMEWRECKER

      Fuk off you dumb arse bitch your not gna like every single artist & as times have changed so are the artist who were once hot. But you stay riding that dick homeboy. YMCMB MMG SOLDIERS

    • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

      True dat!! He aint got nothing to prove... he does not have to do the same collabs again and again. Anyday I would love another collab with RZA, Premo, AZ, ALchemist...but damn Life is good is an instant classic! If you say other wise than maybe you just dont like the more mature type of hip hop. We have enough ignorance poluting the minds. let this dude kick knowledge on the creative page

    • @CJonno90

      He's already worked with the likes of Premo, AZ, Pete Rock, Q-Tip, Large Professor, Lauryn Hill & Buckwild he aint got shit to prove to you... Listen to Life Is Good and tell me if that's HipPop!

    • Anonymous

      nas is the forefather of hip pop. if he's so real, why does he refuse to rap on beats by rza or premo? why does he choose rick ross over az, cormega or g rap?

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    Yeah yeah yeah, I see a bunch of idiots hatin on Nas lol, get a life! He's your favourite rappers MC you clowns, his next gonna be a classic! Hatin is frustrated jealousy lol.

  • Anonymous

    It gets more and more apparent that this faggot was talking about himself on Ether.

    • Anonymous

      why you so obsessed with me, lil faggot? it's so easy to get under these over-sensitive ass nas stans' skins.

    • tbones

      @Robin, on the contrary, dat anonymous bitch is well known on a Nas post as a frustrated 30 yr old bitch that bleeds uncontrollably whenever Nas drops a gem on his fav rapers. Dnt waste ur time responding to his wack no life having ass.

    • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

      Anonymous....lmao Ether was a reaction to an action...try to think before you print lol Aint nothing more entertaining that these born yesterday idiots

    • Shady 2.0

      The irony you are now the lil' emotional bitch crying out of jealousy.

    • Anonymous

      The irony. Ether is nothing but a lil' emotional bitch crying out of jealousy.

    • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

      Why you all up emotional, did your nails break, or is your pink spendex trashed

  • So Icy Boi!

    Nas is overrated. ma Dad tried to play Illmatic to me but I didnt like dat piece of shit. I thik da true classic hip hop album is THA CARTER III. swag

  • So Icy Boi!

    Nas is overrated. ma Dad tried to play Illmatic to me but I didnt like dat piece of shit. I thik da true classic hip hop album is THA CARTER III by Lil Weezy Baby. swag

  • So Icy Boi!

    Nas is overrated. ma Dad tried to play Illmatic to me but I didnt like dat piece of shit. I thik da true classic hip hop album is THA CARTER III by Lil Weezy F Baby. swag

  • tbones

    Cosignee @ Nas, too many zombies in this world giving and praising frank as if he just did something monumental to d world by say he gay, peeps getting excited for the wrong reasons. Like ma nigga said, listen to d music n stop getting shit twisted.

  • Guest

    Thank you Nas for saying the same damn thing everyone else has been saying but in a more direct manner. Nigga's first love was a man. Now he has more bitches than a kennel. What's orientation got to do with anything?

  • RC

    Nas himself said it the best "Do not speak to fools, they scorn the wisdom of your words". Nas isn't relavent because of the sambos and walking minstrel shows that saturate the Hip-Hop scene, he's relevant in spite of them.

  • SomeBrokeNigga

    I don't blame Nas for telling people to support Frank for the music and not just cause he opened up about his first love, like yeah support that the dude is Bi but also support him cause of the music hes putting out.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Nas is a broke ass nigga. he cant even pay his taxes and bills. lmao... he needs YMCMB and hot artists to stay relevant. dis nigga even need dead stars? Amy was not dat great. Nas should do a track wit SLIM DUNKIN. dat would be a no. 1 hit. swag

    • Anonymous

      If you listen to temporary music, you're presumably doing it for your own validation...which is fine, just sort your life out...and probably best not to use temporary, fad slang just to fit in either...

  • Hova

    Damn nas need to stop talking bout other niggas and worry bout makin money to pay his bills. He ain't never been the same since jay ethered his career.

    • Anonymous

      Everytime a Nas post comes on here we get a load of comments I believe when you see the chart position of Life Is Good y'all gonna swallow your words. Nas' career ain't nowhere near dead I mean look y'all still obsessed!

    • Anonymous

      lol. you idiot. nas signed to jay after calling him 'greedy' and def jam an 'evil empire'. but stay listening to this liar. oh yeah, nas destroyed jay so hard. he called a guy gay that fucked his girlfriend and left condoms on his baby seat. jay wifed beyonce, but yeah "he's so gay and looks like camel". where as jay completely exposed nas and shook him with nothing but cold hard facts. if ether was better, why did nas change his whole style after i am and nastradamus? lmao. nigga would be ja rule status if jay didn't lit that fire under his ass.

    • Anonymous

      when the fuck did jay z ether his career? nas destoyed jay z, just cause jay gets more record sales nowadays does not mean he's better, Immortal Technique said it best, "the only time an artist goes platinum is when their fans are stupid enough to support them".

    • Anonymous

      ever since jay destroyed this nigga's soul, it has been over for him.

    • ze gift

      jay z ain't ethered nobody career. nas did himself with the hip hop is dead bullsh1t.

  • Anonymous

    Nas, your boner for Amy Winehouse is getting pretty old...

  • Anonymous

    Nas is right once again

  • Anonymous

    HipHopDx is supporting his music because he gay.

  • thought dog

    Frank Ocean is just following Lil Waynes example of how to blow up. He didnt take it as far as Wayne by french kissing pedophiles but he did gain the attention he needed to sell the album.

  • The mega

    Nas is right though people support music for the wrong reasons and that what i been saying since that boy frank ocean admitted he was gay or bi people started to look for his music why though? why not support it cause is good but thats the generation we in is not about quality is about hype and sexuality

  • c4 triple plat

    nas dont fuck with that fag shit

    • Anonymous

      @falsepositive if the size of a mans nose and the sunglasses he wears are what you measure to tell if a man is gay.... wow. something must have really gone wrong in your life

    • falsepositive

      vouch @ truthteller. just based on the size of nas' nose and the designer "sunglasses" he wears he is obviously a flaming homo. the proof is in the pudding but most black people are too retarded to see it (cuz black people are dumbfucks with mad street credz)

    • Stupid People Say Stupid Things

      @truthteller Really? So where is your proof? Because maybe it's just me, but I believe Nas was married to a few people and he has kids. So, really, I'm just dying to know where's your proof? Tell me, where is it?

    • truthteller

      Nas is and always has been a fag! I have 100 percent proof.Fuck Nass and Frank gay.

  • Anonymous

    Worst? Dude ur a fag

  • Miles

    I could be wrong but i don't think that song is is really lost. Nas bout to drop The Lost Tapes 2, and it just so happens that this song was "lost".

    • Ramel

      Actually...truth be told! Hit Boy has some garbage ass beats! You do realize he did that terrible "Black Girl Lost 2" right? A couple people told me Nas wasn't really feeling HitBoy's generic production. Sounds crazy b/c that's the biggest thing people ridicule Nas for, but listening to Life Is Good, it's his best produced album since It Was Written.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with him, but he's one to talk, he done pulled his share of publicity stunts in his day trying to generate hype he couldnt get with the music alone (Trying to name one of your worst albums "Nigger" comes to mind) Life is Good is great tho, so no hate, I just find that comment hilarious coming from him, its like Charles Manson trying to tell me drugs & cults are bad, GTFOH man

  • Anonymous

    So is that why the song you two were working on got lost,lol

    • Anonymous

      STFU,Both Of U

    • Anonymous

      what does that have to do with anything. you created that conspiracy in your mind about nas deleting the song now you're using it as evidence? it came from your head nigga. how you gonna make some shit up and then try to present it as fact?

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