Lord Finesse Issues Statement Regarding Mac Miller Lawsuit

Lord Finesse says that he never wanted to pursue legal action, but felt obligated given the circumstances.

Lord Finesse has issued a statement regarding his $10 million lawsuit against Mac Miller over the unauthorized use of his track "Hip 2 Da Game" for a 2010 mixtape cut.

In the statement, the Hip Hop veteran explains that the issue lies beyond sampling. “I love mixtapes but this is different. And it’s not a sample," stated Finesse. "Mac didn’t take a piece of music and create something new. He didn’t transform it into something other than what it was. He just dropped the needle on my record and changed the title.”  

Finesse insists that he did not give permission to Mac to use the song. He says that he's seeking "proper credit and compensation," and that he attempted to resolve the situation and never wanted to pursue legal action.

“Permission was never given. A lot of money was made on my song," he continued. "At the end of the day, I only stepped to these people for proper credit and compensation. I have done a lot of great things in hip hop and I never wanted a lawsuit. Never. I made every attempt to resolve this. But, when I reached out to these people their attitude was I should be grateful Mac was using my music to sell out concerts because it keeps me relevant. How does it keep me relevant if I’m not being credited or compensated? You’ve heard Mac, you’ve heard a portion of it from me. The truth will come out in court.” 

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  • shwang

    This smells like desperation from LF. I'm a big fan of his but he's making himself look foolish. It's a mixtape people. Maybe LF doesn't know about the mixtape game but that's how the business works nowadays. It's the same concept as sampling. At least mixtape rappers don't release it for-profit. For all of you saying that he plays it live therefor LF is owed money. Here's my counter-argument, how about DJ's playing other people's songs at clubs? Should they get sued as well? Ya'll sound like the people behind SOPA/ACTA

    • Rapper Noyd

      ..and ya'll sound like a bunch of know it all morons who don't know shit about hip hop. Mac jacked Finesse's whole track and made loot off it. Then told Finesse he should be grateful? lol

  • Phuc.Finesse

    So is finesse going to use this 10 mill to pay back the Blue Note artists he stole from for his latest Blue Note mix CD? Fucker was selling them for $35 a pop. Who's the real asshole here? FUCK FINESSE!

  • Anonymous

    " He just dropped the needle on my record and changed the title. -- Reminds me of dubstep.

  • tdo

    Mac should just be happy this isn't 1994 or some gully shit would happen to the kid for beat jacking like this. Sampling is one thing, straight recording over the whole beat is something else.

  • bert

    Like a fat pig at the trough shame on you.

  • ETL

    People kill me with the relevant talk. Finesse is a legend, he has nothing to prove to anybody and he still has fans from way back. Rewind 3 years half of you temporary stans were team Gucci Mane, rewind 5 Soulja boy, rewind 7 d4l or franchize boys, 10 Nelly who riding with next? Lord Finesse DITC or any legendary mc has fans for life because they put out music that's still dope enough to listen to 10 18 years later. You may like some rapper now but if it was strictly underground as it once was you probably would just listen to r&b and call hip hop a fad.

  • mac mizzle

    imma buss on finesse fat lip

  • Anonymous

    "Are you his accountant?" Google LF's net worth and it shows a link saying he's sueing for 10 million dollars lol He's broke. That leather jacket in the photo??? He's been wearing it since high school.

  • Fuck Pittsburgh

    If Miller didn't pay him properly, he deserves to die.

  • Anonymous


  • Chi

    This what I think happen, Lord Finesse gave Mac the ok to use it thinking it wasn't going to blow up like it did. Once he saw he made decent money from it, Lord Finesse was like dam! I fucked up, let me sue this cat! I'm a legend im sure they will beleive me! Another questions for Lord Finesse, Why didn't he say anything when it first came out? Answer, Because he hadn't make that money yet! Up until now, smdh at Finesse!

    • Anonymous

      Mac is known for stealing beats, this isn't anything new. Mac is just finally learning a lesson in business, this shit happens all the time. Mac got away a few times in the past, this time it's caught up to him.

    • Anonymous

      If that was true then why didn't Finesse do that when they paid him a tiny bit for some "intro" sampling on Fatboy Slim's Rockefeller Skank, when the Finesse sample ended up being the whole damn track (which blew up). Also, to sue for this kind of stuff you have to show they used the work for gain of somesort (ie launching Mac's career, Youtube advertising, etc.) so until they did that there's no reason to sue.

    • Anonymous

      u better be glad u dont get paid 4 your thoughts, thats not what happened dummy

    • Anonymous

      nail on the head.

  • Chi

    This what I think happen, Lord Finesse gave Mac the ok to use it thinking it was going to blow up like it did. Once he saw he made decent money from it, Lord Finesse was like dam! I fucked up, let me sue this cat! I'm a legend im sure they will beleive me! Another questions for Lord Finesse, Why didn't he say anything when it first came out? Answer, Because he hadn't make that money yet! Up until now, smdh at Finesse!

  • Anonymous

    Guru R.I.P. said it best "I bet you couldn't name more than one pioneer Cause you didn't pay dues and you got on outta nowhere" Understand the Culture of Hip Hop and some of its principles. Some of you guys that comment on here are not fans yall are keyboard gossipers. I respect to young artist of today, but do the knowledge on the very culture you say you love. That Guru quote applies to at least 90% of these new artists and its probably even a higher percentage.

  • rob

    and who is macc miller some punk ass white boy ha no one knows what hip hop is anymore

  • rob

    Lord finesse is doing the right thing here, how dare he steal one of the legends of hip hops beats.

  • Anonymous

    "I never wanted a lawsuit" --> sues a mothafucker for ten milli...

  • Anonymous

    Also, if you muthafucka's haven't realised not only is Finesse suing for damages he wants a permanent injunction as well. In short, like most lawsuits this will be settled out of court for an undisclosed fee, there's no point going to court. They'll both lose out if that happens.

  • Anonymous

    All you dropouts need to recognise that any use of copyrighted material without permission is a strict and clear breach of the law. No one cares that Mac is not the only one to do this, I hope Finesse gets his dues because he reserves the right to decide who uses his OWN intellectual property.

    • shwang

      Most of these people on Lf's nuts are fucking hoodrats using the internet at the local community center. Don't expect much.

    • ac

      Oh word is that right? Except it's actually legal to use copyrighted material as long as you're not monetarily profiting from it.. get a clue 'drop out

    • Anonymous

      But 10 million??? Fuck outta here.

  • ,l;

    lmao @ this old bitter washed up nigga. get over it finesse, noone cares anymore, time to die.

  • dongitis

    It's one thing to use it on a mix cd. BUT to do a video with it? WHen did an emcee ever use another persons beat from a mix cd and do a video??!! Never. He gave no credit and let the illusion slide that it was his original track.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Mac Miller woul kill him on da mic. swag Im gonna release my rock mixtape ROCK AND ROLL GANGSTA soon bitches. NIRVANA, Radiohead and SLIPKNOT covers. swag

  • sarabeth

    This suit is crazy. What Mac did is something every rapper does when they are nowhere. and thats exactly where he was when he made this song. Now that he is big it becomes an issue. He doesn't even have near 10 million.

  • Anonymous

    This is just silly. LF has sampled a bunch of people's music before and I doubt he got every sample cleared AND he got money off of it, unlike Mac Miller's K.I.D.S mixtape. And while I agree sampling is skillful and it can show talent, you're still taking someone else's piece of music to make your own. No I am not a Mac Miller fan.

    • shwang

      LF doesn't have a case here since his instrumental didn't get released for profit. Also, for everyone saying that "well MAc Miller performed it live so he owes LF money" anyone can perform whatever they want at shows. They don't need any clearance whatsoever.

    • Anonymous

      And LF didn't use his sampled songs in concerts either?...

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately the fact that you stuck It in shows your probably are. Sorry sucker.

  • Pat

    the fact that none of you whack miller fans knew the beat was Finesse's track in the first place is the whole point of this lawsuit

    • ac

      yea so in that case Finesse should have gotten at Mac two years ago when KIDS dropped and asked him for a shoutout and proper credit on the track... Not turned around and sued him for 10mil. Regardless of what really happened the new era is going to just lash out at finesse and say he's trying to stay relevant.

    • Anonymous

      everyone knew it was a lord finesse beat,,,dumb ass lol

  • pocketrocketz

    thats some bullshit..mac miller is 18 years old...prolly dont even have ten million...leave the kid alone..lord fineessss is an old ass fuck tryin to make his name still relevent...what is a mixtape??everyone been doing it for years

  • Anonymous


  • morons

    Todays young hip hop fans judge by how much they make and their age, cant really blame them, they have that pop culture embedded in them, thats how MTV n shit have raised them, older heads were all about being innovative, original, creative and just havin fun and putting out a message, how times have changed.

  • Assassin221

    Idk the details, I don't listen to Mac and never heard the song, I thought it was pretty common practice though to borrow other beats on mixtapes though. But regardless, 10 mil? That's just fucking retarded. http://www.soundcloud.com/anarchy12

  • B

    I don't understand the basis of Lord Finesses' lawsuit. Mixtapes ALWAYS use other peoples beats, not just samples of them - but you don't need to clear a copyright if you're not making profit of it. Perhaps he made indirect profit from the publicity he gained from his K.I.D.S mixtape, but you can't say Mac Miller has X amount of dollars because of the song Kool Aid and Pizza. I'm surprised no lawyer hasn't just ended this unless there's something I'm missing. To someone else post - does the Pharcyde (or really the Dilla estate) sue Wiz Khalifa for using the beat of runnin' on the song Name on a Cloud? This happens on every single mixtape INTENTIONALLY. I even remember a quote by Big K.R.I.T in reference to one of his mixtapes stating how, despite the fact that people said it plays like an album and could be one "there's no way he could clear all those samples" - but its ok, because its a FREE mixtape.

    • Anonymous

      co-sign the first nigga. if you could get 10 mil out of every time someone uses your beat on a free mixtape, A-Plus of Souls of Mischief would be the richest man in the world

    • Dirty

      Whether you're making money or not, it's illegal to use copyrighted material without proper clearance. This isn't well known because if you're not making money from it, it's usually not pursued in court. But cease & desist letters are very common.

  • NY

    About time some legal action was taken against Mac Miller, all he does is steal beats from the 90's and claim them as his own. The Pharcyde should also look into this for their song "Runnin'" I don't know the name of Mac Miller's song on this beat but it's directly taken from them also without changing anything to the beat.

    • OP

      By not giving credit for the beat, he is giving the illusion that he made it. Miller has been stealing beats and doesn't give credit where it is due. Of course part of it may have to do with the company he's under as well....You do realize (Miller) performs these songs at concerts and makes money....Artists make money at concerts too.

    • ac

      To clarify to your dumb ass, Mac doesn't take these beats and claim them as his own. He released a MIXTAPE wit A finesse beat on it, while he never gave credit to finesse he also never tried to give the illusion that it was somethin he produced, or jerm, or whoever. get a clue

  • Anonymous

    mac miller is a stupid jew fuck running his jewmoves on niggaz

  • stresswon

    Yall got some funny ass comments. I bet half of yall are "rappers'. I say that loosely. Understand the business aspect before you make your lame ass comments. Finesse is far from broke. This is more of Finesse gettin at the label that is making money off something from his discography. I got nuttin against Mac Miller either. This is business at the end of the day. Those of you hatin on Finesse for this move obviously do not understand how the business aspect works. and those talkin that "old man" ish need to grow up and be a man first before you talk smack over the net. Uno

    • Anonymous

      Don't need to be Lord fineses accountant to know the basics, but feel free to expand on why someone who is obviously a real fan can't make an evaluation and be critical of the situation of an underground legend without being told to SHUT UP. Take Jat z for instance right, everyones an expert on Jays finances and business ventures. So when it comes to vouching for the underdog and not falling in line with the rest of the flock and following pop culture it's to be frown on and disrespected immediately, your contempt for the realness shows clearly and obviously have no business commenting in on hip hop at any time!

    • Anonymous

      i wonder why none of you are highly successful a&r's.

    • Anonymous

      Shut the fuck up you dont know how finesse finances are unless you're his accountant. So for you to make a statement on his money. I'm not taking shit else you say seriously. The people on this site kill me. How many years of experience do you have in the music industry talking about the business side of it? None so you shut the fuck up.

    • Anonymous

      This deserves a cosign Hating on the real niggaz that grind and develope their craft is what alot of these new kids are doing. All they want is a bently and some bling pushed up in their face. Take your ass to thestrip club. And stop calling anything thats real or revealing reality, old and washed up. Take your ass to the strip club

    • Anonymous

      yep I agree 100 percent fam! Finesse get your bread. Niggas always screaming GET YOUR BREAD, NO MATTER WHAT! WHATEVER IT TAKES! But once a real nigga goes out his way to claim his, the same niggas supporting That philosophy turn around and hate a brother. It's def not a young vs old thing. This is def a ignorance/ awareness issue. Some people just do not CONSCIOUSLY WANT TO ACCEPT THE TRUTH. THEY WILL GO OUT OF THEY WAY TO DENOUNCE IT FOR THE SAKE OF "GETTIN MONEY". Stupid fucks.

  • Anonymous

    "Finesse ain't no slouch!! He got bread!!" I'm sure he'll make Forbes this year lol If he was truly caked up he wouldn't waste his time filing a 10 million dollar lawsuit. There are ways to handle things, and I bet if he met up with Miller face to face this could be handled the right way. Such as have Miller do a song off an upcoming Finesse project. Or have Miller admit he jacked it and put the video on-line.

    • Anonymous

      Are you his accountant NO! You dont know if he broke or not. What I do know is this nigga is thirsty trying to get 10mil for a nigga who did a mixtape on his song. Get the fuck out of here Lord Finesse. It's the new niggas you old heads step aside. We dont care what you did in the past! Early!

    • Anonymous

      Obviously dickhead. I never said he was a millionaire, but my ask anyone in the bronx, them niggas is eating right, prolly not as extravagent as your bitch ass might live, but he NOT BROKE. fall back and eat a dick.

  • jd

    I love LF a million times more than Mac Miller, but the irony here is too thick. You're from a crew called "Diggin' In The Crates", you're whole career is from chopping up other people's music. LF made money off them. Mac's mixtape was free. Piss off Finesse.

    • dumbass

      for someone who "loves" finesse you're an idiot the difference is finesse asked permission to use the beats for his mixtapes. all this shows is how disrespectful rap fans and new rap people are towards the ones who made it possible to do what they do.

    • Bullet

      Listen to your ignorant ass talking as if finesse stole those records as they were, sampling music takes talent, something mac miller didn't do.

  • thought dog

    Give up the money Mac Miller. Ur jewish, we know ur family is filthy rich.

  • Anonymous

    Lord finesse is a pathetic broke ass bitch , I know Mac miller is wack but he didn't make 10 million dollars of a mixtape nobody cared about & of a song that 99 % didn't even know it was a song from finesse , bring out your own shit and make cash or do a 9 to 5 , cuz what credibility you got left , how fuckin poor and desperate are you when you have to sue mac miller , a legend ? HELL NO

    • sad times

      i didnt think id ever see the day that a hip hop fan would say fuck finesse and all you can say is his old? haha cool but i wonder if funk fans say the same about the greats like James Brown etc. Disrespectful angry children, its sad times for hip hop.

    • Anonymous

      And for the record YOu dont know how much bread Finesse has

    • Anonymous

      Fuck Lord Finesse. Matter a fact fuck Finesse he aint nobody's lord! Get these old fucks out of here!

    • Anonymous

      Alright homie, i see you, along with a bunch of mac miller fans are upset that finesse is taking action but what ya'll fail to realize is THIS ISN'T PERSONAL. Finesse has already stated that he has contacted them about this issue before, and they continually disrespected him by saying "he's lucky". Not for nothing Finesse ain't no wet behind the ears producer, the man has contributed to almost every major hip hop release including Notorious BIG's "Ready To Die" and Dr. Dre's "2001". Just because MTV only promotes bullshit music and you never got the chance to really understand the man's legacy, that is no reason to diss like this will affect you. Mac Miller will not lose 10 million dollars, but he def got caught doing something he has been accused of before. In fact, the first time i heard of him was due to a couple young producers who claimed he had stole their material. Not a good look. THE PRODUCERS ARE THE TASTEMAKERS AND TRENDSETTERS!! Mac has been very respectful regarding this lawsuit, but I'm sure it's because he knows Finesse will son the shit outta bol. Finesse ain't no slouch!! He got bread!!

  • Really!?!?!?!

    the problem with these young rappers these days is they think they can just forklift a whole beat and call it their own. Lupe tried to pull this shit a few weeks ago with Pete Rock's T.R.O.Y. beat. These kids don't want to invest any time into their craft anymore. they just think they can use someone else's work and call it their own. It just doesnt work like that! 10-15 years ago these wack rappers would have been ridiculed for this kind of shit. There's really no excuse for this type of wack ass behavior.

    • stupid

      fuck you old people you're just mad you not shinning anymore?? how stupid are you seriously? yea im sure the "old timers" are so mad that they dont appear on mtv...oh wait people like finesse, wu tang pete rock dj premier all still have a bigger following than kanye mac any new rap idol has. Rap these days is so devoid of talent it shows in their illiterate fans.for fucks sake the beastie boys shit all over mac and wiz and whomever else raps with some stupid name

    • Anonymous

      Nigga Fuck you old muthafuckas. Yall just mad cause yall not shining anymore. Fuck off!

  • Anonymous

    "I think he's just broke and looking for easy money" It's too bad alot of the older catz are broke like they're. Back in Finesse's heyday, I'm sure even the smallest amount of money felt like alot.

  • Anonymous

    "A lot of money was made on my song" To the tune of $10 million dollars? No way.

  • diels

    who cares if the album is for free.. you are using somebodys idea to help you own situation. get the clearance first and then move on. plain and simple. otherwise get sued... this has nothing to do with being relevant it has something to do with not clearing the record for use... its business and everybody should get paid and credit for anything that is used that they ORIGINALLY wrote.

    • Anonymous

      I bet all you listen to are mixtapes. Get the fuck out here and stop listening to mixtapes and start buying all of you music from I Tunes Sucka!

  • youngsta

    god, i wish this old fuck would just crawl in a hole somewhere and leave hip hop alone. he's such a jealous mothafucka, mad at mac for making it. and the song was on a FREE, i repeat, FREE mixtape. no money was made off of it. and finesse should hook up with rick ross and go to the gym. fat fucks.

    • wreiad

      Even if it was performed in concert, there's simply no way it made 10 million dollars. That's just retarded.

    • Anonymous

      Old fuck? do you have any idea who you are even talking about? Your just mad because someone said something negative about your boyfriend fag miller. Pretty much one of the wackest rappers in the game.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, shit stain! Is Mac Miller hip hop????? Nope!!!!! Does he get respect in hip hop!!!! Can he rhyme???? Nope!!!! Who has made beats for the likes of Dr Dre and Biggie????? Thats right you Abercrombie & Fitch, tight jean wearing fuck, Lord Finesse!!!

    • Anonymous

      if the song was ever used in a concert HE OWES MONEY YOU DUMB FUCK. GO PLAY LACROSS

  • Anonymous

    Oh well, I wonder how many Mac Miller fans never heard of Lord Finesse til' now. I don't even like Game, but his "ask a Jay-Z fan about Big Daddy Kane"-line was one of the truest ever. Anyways, even if he doesn't win, this gave Finesse much more attention than anything he did over the last few years put together.

  • plucky brewhaha

    Can't be mad at Fenesse. When it comes to the business of music many MC's don't give a flying fart about the producers that support them. Folks always talking about "oh I can get this named producer and that named producer on my album" while trying to get beats from you FOR FREE! GTFOHM!!!

  • Andrew

    Funny, because I had no idea of Lord Finesse's song up until this shit. You should be thanking Mac a lot of young kids even listen to your instrumental that he is literally giving away for free on DatPiff. This is a poor man right here. This lawsuit is going to get thrown the fuck OUT!

    • NY

      @Andrew A real fan would of hip hop would know Lord Finesse's song "Hip 2 da Game" and think of that first before thinking of Mac Miller's version. By the way I'm 20 and I blame the kids for not recognizing the song because they don't respect the older rappers like I do. They think anything before their time has to be horrible cause you think things would progress but it's not true at all, today is the worst rap you will ever hear.

    • IDK

      Funny thing is, I first heard of Lord Finesse's "Hip 2 da Game" since around the begging to mid 2011, but I never heard of Mac Miller's "Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza" before that. Yesterday was actually the first time I've ever heard of that Mac Miller song.

    • Anonymous

      so then what was the point of your comment DUMBASS

    • Anonymous

      Doesn't mean Wack Miller is going to leave with his hip hop rep in tact, not that he had any in the first place. Lol

  • Anonymous

    What's ironic about this is that Lord Finesse didn't even clear the original sample in the song. So how is he going to sue someone else like it's his? It makes no sense. I think he's just broke and looking for easy money.

    • IDK

      ^ I've been trying to say that in the past two articles regarding this situation, but nobody would acknowledge that. But yea, I also believed that Lord Finesse did clear that sample.

    • Anonymous

      OR your over looking the fact that MAYBE Oscar Peterson didn't give a FUCK. So, how do you know that the sample was cleared. Seems like your going off spec... no speculation. Clown. Your using your opinion. Learn the difference

    • The MG

      Question, how do you know that the sample hasn't been cleared? Just because Mac said it doesn't mean it's true. Mac probably just said that out of speculation anyway. And if the sample wasn't cleared, then Oscar Peterson (who's dead btw) would've sued Finesse a long time ago, and "Hip 2 Da Game" would've been removed from the album.

  • ciredeezle

    Should he get sued from nas for nikes on my feet for using his voice?? Its the same shit... This fat fuck probably owes taxes and is hurting for a dollar get the fuck outta here

    • 905

      You sir are a moron. Mac Miller makes money off concerts when he performs this song. New rap fans don't know shit. All he wanted was credit, and Mac Miller has been known to use beats and not give credit.

  • ciredeezle

    Thats what mixtapes are for is free promotion and freestyles over other artists songs!! He didnt make money off that song it was free he made money cuz fans wanted to see him not listen to your fucking beat which you sampled from someone else. So hes ruining hip hop as it is with this bullshit shut your fucking mouth and drop it

    • shwang

      How about when DJ's perform songs at their shows? You fools sound like the people behind SOPA/ACTA

    • PhncnMRchntz

      Lord Finesse is entitled to compensation when ever Mac Miller performs that song- period. And to tell you the truth, I didn't hear of Mac Miller until he laced that instrumental. And promotion ain't free. Labels/Artist have a promotion budget, in regards to mixtapes, to pay producers and features. And the shit might be a tax write off - not sure.

  • Go

    More Power To Lord Finesse

  • Mike Love

    not surprising considering Mac has stolen unknown producers beats from e-mails, made tracks and videos for those songs, and posted them on YouTube without even crediting the songs producer. Whether it's 10,000 views or 10 million, you should always credit the producer. Especially if it's just mixtape work and they most likely won't get credit in any other form.

    • Gibberish

      Freddie Gibbs didn't give credit to Milkbon for his version of the song "The Ghetto" which also has surpassed 700,000 views on YouTube. Who knows he may have gotten permission from Milkbone's estate.

    • IDK

      Mac Miller's "On Some Real Shit" currently has around 700,000 views, but the beat used for that song was taken from Miilkbone's "Keep It Real." Mac didn't credit, or at least shouted out, Miilkbone nor producer Mufi in that song.

  • RC

    Finesse is always on top of his buisness and I'm glad he made it clear that droppin a needle and ripping off classic tracks is NOT sampling! I think mac and the people handling his biz are gonna get a nice slice of humble pie, and they should probably leave room for seconds.

  • malc

    Still tho...10 Mil?!?!?!?!?

    • Alan Shore

      its called Litigation and Arbitration. You hi ball, they lo ball, and eventually Finesse gets $750,00 from their record label.

  • Anonymous

    i bet lil mac miller is crying over this shit,

  • Anonymous

    I feel what he is saying here actually.

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    It's business and never personal


    fuck that pay the man mac bout corny any damn way frozen pizza and kool-aid really? BIG KRIT said he produce and mix his own shit out rap all of yall

  • Anonymous

    mac is known for not crediting producers

  • Anonymous

    Good, I hope it scares off all these hack internet rappers who cant find their own beats. The shit was cool when it was just 50 & fab doin it but nowadays every rapper in the game drops 5 mixtapes a year and more then half the shit be spittin over other peoples beats, its overkill

    • chronwell

      U right! Also I cant(actually I can) believe that Mac Miller's management made it known to Finesse that Mac is keepin Finesse relevant! Wow! This world is crazy!

  • Anonymous

    At first i thought this guy was in the wrong but i just found out that mac was selling that mixtape and made money from all those millions of youtube views so if your making money from it it is only right

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