Mac Miller Confirms Contacting Lord Finesse, Lawsuit Still Stands

Lord Finesse and Mac Miller attempted to work out their issue with the latter using the former's track for a mixtape cut.

The saga continues between Lord Finesse and Mac Miller.

After Finesse filed a lawsuit against the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania rapper over the unauthorized use of his cut "Hip 2 Da Game," the two had a phone call yesterday to try to resolve the situation. Finesse told Mac that he was still going to go ahead with the suit, which prompted Mac to hop on Twitter and share that with his followers.

"I just talked to Lord Finesse. He's still suing me," he wrote. "To my fans, don't be disrespectful. Finesse is a legend. If you have a problem with his actions be intelligent about it and be respectful."

Finesse shortly responded with, "Wow.. Mac.We spoke trying to resolve the situation.Next thing you back on Twitter.. wow.."

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