Mac Miller Confirms Contacting Lord Finesse, Lawsuit Still Stands

Lord Finesse and Mac Miller attempted to work out their issue with the latter using the former's track for a mixtape cut.

The saga continues between Lord Finesse and Mac Miller.

After Finesse filed a lawsuit against the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania rapper over the unauthorized use of his cut "Hip 2 Da Game," the two had a phone call yesterday to try to resolve the situation. Finesse told Mac that he was still going to go ahead with the suit, which prompted Mac to hop on Twitter and share that with his followers.

"I just talked to Lord Finesse. He's still suing me," he wrote. "To my fans, don't be disrespectful. Finesse is a legend. If you have a problem with his actions be intelligent about it and be respectful."

Finesse shortly responded with, "Wow.. Mac.We spoke trying to resolve the situation.Next thing you back on Twitter.. wow.."

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  • Anonymous

    People, are you stupid? Mac used a beat..then sold it for COMMERCIAL USE...YOUR NOT ALLOWED TO DO THAT..he was selling it on fucking ITUNES... come on people..use your head.

    • Anonymous

      Go on the iTunes store and try to look up "Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza". You won't find it cause it's not on there you idiot. The song was on a MIXTAPE meaning that it's FREE to the public. Before you call other people stupid, you might wanna check your facts first. Cause you looking mad STUPID right now.

  • Anonymous

    Good thats what Mac gets for dissing people for being political in Hip Hop and thats what he gets for promoting whoreisim, fucking dumb ass. Bad shit happens to fucked up people. You ant such a bad ass now huh? After this is all done I hope dude grows up some and moves on in a more positive direction, best luck to both these dudes.

  • Lord Finesse's Logic

    1)Disagree with Mac Miller over going on Twitter even though they've both been on Twitter about the situation. 2)Goes on Twitter to imply his disagreement over going on Twitter.

  • X

    lord finesse is losing every exchange with mac miller. lord finesse is looking like a beaten pathetic thirsty bum. mac miller is ass but he handles himself like a professional and lord finesse handles himself like a bitter woman. another legend we haven't seen in a while coming out of nowhere acting like clown. type of dude to buy a coffee and throw it on himself to get in court. if lord finesse wins this case he needs to pay off all the uncleared samples he used in his time. sue mcdonalds bum nigga.

    • Anonymous

      @idiot It's not against the law unless he sold the song to make a profit, which did NOT happen. Why do you think the mixtape is free??

    • idiot

      you are exactly whats wrong with music and its fans today. So mac should get away with stealing someones beat and not asking permission first. also finesse doesnt need to do this he has more money than mac miller will ever have, he's doing this because its against the law to do what mac did

  • LoveLife&Music

    Message Lord Finesse Mac don't owe you anything he gave you props for being a legend you fat greedy bastard you and he not so you wanna take his hard work you corn ball ass nigga u bitch u

  • So Icy Boi!

    Mac Miller is more intelligent den all yo fav rappas like EMinem, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Nas.... Mac Miller act mature. he a grow ass man.... dis old ass UNKNOWN nigga is just greedy to get money. smh. it was just a FREE MIXTAPE. fuck u nigga. u aint got classic albums.... i dont even heard yo shit while Mac's BLUE SLIDE PARK is a top 10 album of all time. thats a real modern classic. swag

    • anon

      So icy, you're evidently uneducated. Get off this site. Your comments lack relevance.

    • so stupid

      WOW just wow lord finesse makes better songs in his sleep he is one of the 5 best mcs of all time, do some research so you dont look like such an idiot also learn how to spell and use real words.

    • i raped so icys mom

      dont talk shit about the legend lord finesse or else im gonna make ur little sister pussy bleed again hahaha

    • gaetarick

      Although I do think Lord Finesse is wrong on this ... So Icy Boi! you are what is wrong with Hip Hop. You never heard of Lord Finesse ... go do you homework!

  • Anonymous

    Stay off of Twitter Mac, and handle this privately.

  • ff

    I hate mac miller, he's garbage. BUT, finesse is a fucking faggot for this one. 10 million, are you fucking kidding me???? 500K, I could understand...but 10 million??? 10 Million for a song HE SAMPLED ILLEGALLY himself without clearing the shit himself??? You can't get 10 million off somebody elses work. All you did was put drums on it nigga. Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. Dude is just a BROKE, WASHED UP, SCAM ARTIST trying to extort money from people.

  • Ahmed

    I love Lord Finesse, but he getting old n' cranky this week.

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