Slaughterhouse Supports Frank Ocean's Decision To Reveal Sexuality

The support for Frank Ocean continues as the members of Slaughterhouse say they have no problem with Frank Ocean's sexuality.

Artists left and right are offering their support to Frank Ocean, who recently revealed in an open letter that his first love was a man.

Joining the ranks of Busta Rhymes and Lil Scrappy, Slaughterhouse had only positive things to say about Ocean's revelation. "This is amazing that this is a question," said Joe Budden in an interview with Fuse. "We about to be in 2013, and honesty is like...'Oh! Honesty!'"

"This is great. I mean, I applaud him," continued Budden. "Like I said, the album [Channel Orange] is amazing, and hats off to him. Hats off to anybody that's comfortable with themselves. Much better than ninety-nine percent of these people running around, pretending to be something they're not."

"A huge part of the industry is insecure," added Royce Da 5'9. "So, like, I embrace integrity. Definitely. I think it's awesome."

"I think a lot of other artists should take a page out of his book and be themselves," said Royce. "Because you don't have to listen to it - that's your choice if you'd rather listen to it or not. The fact that he's telling you the truth is awesome."

Watch the interview below:

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