Philadelphia Pastor Calls For Radio Ban On Meek Mill's "Amen"

Meek Mill and a Philadelphia pastor argue it out over a proposed ban on the MMG rapper's "Amen."

Despite having garnered critical acclaim and extensive fan support, it looks like one Philadelphia pastor is thrilled about Meek Mill's success. On Philly's Hot 107.9, the MMG rapper and Pastor Jomo K. Johnson got into a heated debate over Johnson's proposed ban of Meek's single "Amen," off Dreamchasers 2.

Earlier this week, Johnson called for a boycott against Mill's hit song, declaring it blasphemous for its repurposing of religious imagery in a celebratory anthem. Now, Meek took the pastor to task, saying that his public outcry against the song rings suspiciously of an attempt at publicity. He went on to say that Pastor Johnson religious rhetoric doesn't speak to his experiences or music.

"From my understanding and my look at it, it's looking like you're trying to get famous or you need some attention because you could've came to me and you could've said anything you wanted to say and I might've helped you," he said. "If you wanted me to send money for your church, I might've would've gave you that money, or I might've would've even remixed the song [to your liking]…you went about it and you went like you're looking for attention and fame…I'm out here feeding my family, and for you to be out talking about you trying to ban me - I took 20-30 drug dealers off the streets, I'm out there passing them coats out to these kids, where was you at?"

He continued, "I don't know if you're losing your mind or you're getting too deep into these books, but you're losing your mind. I'm out here making my money for my family. I don't believe in none of that stuff you're talking about, so don't even say it to me. I don't even believe in God, so I don't want to hear none of that…I'm talking about reality, what's going on now…[you] not God, [you] can't judge me…nobody ever heard of you until today; you're trying to bring another Black man down to try and get some credibility."

Check out the full 15 minute interview over at DDotOmen.

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  • 101

    @anon & DeAngelo You need to take a philosophy class. Did the person themselves throw the ball off the roof? Was it free will? Could they act differently? Etc... all those questions are applicable to your argument.

  • Anonymous

    In Reality there are ignorant athiests and ignorant Religious people. People who try to say God doesnt exist because of science are ignorant because NOWHERE in the Bible does it say "this is how God did this" All it says is that it was done. Science, The Big Bang Theory etc. just explains how it was done NOT disproves it. Religious people are ignorant because they dont know how to approach people and because they misinterpret the Bible. There is NO way any action you do will lead you to Heaven or Hell otherwise we'd ALL go to Hell because it says in the Bible every sin is the exact same and Everybody sins every single day. And people who say "I control everything I do so there is no God" Are ignorant because Its says in the Bible God gives us All free will how do you explain Adam eating the fruit??? Why didnt God just make him not eat it. If there is no Fate and everything isnt already laid out how do you explain Deja Vu?? Cmon people read The Bible for yourselves and stop getting other peoples interpretations, Thats why your heads are so fucked up

  • Anonymous

    "I need Meek to take an English class" And a math class... The last thing the world needs is another IRS poster child.

  • Anonymous

    "It means even though he sold drugs he obviously had no other way to make a living" Absolutely false, but thanks for expressing your views on Meek's lack of in demand job skills.

    • OleHead

      @anonymous You make my point! The fact that he is an "in demand" rapper in your view makes dealing drugs and anything else he had to do to get out the hood acceptable....and thats ok if thats how you feel. But how do you get upset when someone who chose a different path who was "maybe" in just as bad if not a worse position than Meek holds him accountable for what he is currently portraying in the hood. Lets assume both the pastor and Meek are good dudes.....just base it off profession. Is Meek or the Pastor doing more good in the community? Lets be real, just because you're a Pastor does not make you a saint and in lots of cases makes the fake ones worse than any other person......but we have a Pastor who cares about his community enough to speak out about a rapper from his local community who has enormous influence on kids rappin about "bad bitches in this club...Amen" and you disregard that Pastor??? i said it before they both could have handled it wrong but it takes more courage to stand up against something than to just go along with it for money or popularity.

  • Anonymous

    Throw ya Diamonds UP!! #MASONICRAP

  • OleHead

    The black community sees any form of success as successful when you come from what we came from, so to young people on the streets seeing Meek Mill on tv, on the radio and driving nice cars means he made it. It means even though he sold drugs he obviously had no other way to make a living and used his only God given talent of rapping and made it out the hood. So when you have a pastor who has lived by a different standard....who possibly came up just as poor as Meek or maybe even poorer but for whatever reason decided to live his life through Christ......when he condemns Meek yall take it as an attack on yall because you relate to Meek more than the pastor. Leave religion out of it, if the person talking about Meek never sold drugs you would hate him, if he never did a bid etc etc. The most notorious gangstas in the black community were celebrated because they passed out turkeys during thanksgiving and handed out jackets in the winter while they sold crack and killed their own. Its apparent most people excuse the drug activity because of the few good deeds they do. Meek was wrong and so was the Pastor...but in retrospect Meek didn't think about the effect of his music on the community so why should the pastor worry about effecting Meeks pockets?

  • Anonymous

    End of the day, Black men need to open a better dialog amongst each other. They're both right on many issues but the "my way or the highway" mentality isn't helping, there's no I in team. And yes I am purposely leaving religion out of the mix, these problems exist regardless of faith.

  • Fuck The Church

    Church is the root of all evil. Hopefully everybody will stop that shit and become atheist.

  • nwoWolfpac98

    haha why are rappers so fucking religous? always taling about god n stuff, big middle finger to any1 stupid who dosent believe and jus living ur life ur way with out worrying bout hell (kuz it dont exist btw).

  • 666 there just numbers, church s**ks

    fuck the religous establishment why cant we jus be happy ppls.

  • Anonymous

    As far as the song... It's terrible. Ignorance.

  • Anonymous

    "The church does exactly what people accuse the music industry of doing" There's good and bad in every organization. Congregations have become "big business" for alot of so called pastors. Some are making millions from donations to the church, and in turn use that money for their own gain. It's up to people to differiate between the greed of a few people, and the bible itself.

  • alex

    if meek doesn't believe in god why did he say " i just want to thank god....." in the beginning of amen?

    • the megadon

      it was a typo i think he said i only believe in god but the editorial here said he don't believe in god but you can check out the interview yourself

  • @SmeezeF

    I need Meek to take an English class LOL.

  • rell

    You control your actions. God makes things happen. I believe in god all day. Not everyone will though.

    • DeAngelo

      We as a people control our actions and collectively make things happen. There is no need for a god to do that. Everything that happens in this world has a cause, a cause that can be explained biologically or physically.

  • shane

    Meek Mills is right about this guy. Religious leaders in this country in general, and in the black community specifically are using the bible to make $$ and control people... I bet if you forced most of these guys to take a lie detector test and asked them why they do what they do and if they really believed in the shit they preach they would fail miserably. I think people can believe what they want, but u should still be able to recognize a crook and a sham when u see one. I would never let a person or organization use my personal beliefs to manipulate me to fund their lifestyle when I'm poor and they're rich... The church does exactly what people accuse the music industry of doing. controlling peoples minds and leading them astray from what they really need to be worried about. i think we all know right from wrong, and as long as u try to do your best in life, and when you die your remembered favorably by your loved ones, then you did good in your life. Anybody who judges another person over his personal beliefs is wasting his time and energy.

  • Anonymous

    "I control all my own actions" But you don't control fate.

    • DeAngelo

      Fate doesn't exist. If someone throws a bowling ball off a building and it hits someone it's not "fate", it's because one person threw a ball and the other person happened to be walking somewhere they needed to go to.

  • DeAngelo

    I respect Meek Mill a lot for this. Most people on this website are ignorant for diving into religion mindlessly the way they do. I don't understand why people believe in god. I control all my own actions and you control yours. Where does that leave room for a god? We may be all well in good sitting on our computers debating about a rapper, but there are people out there starving to death in places like Africa. How do you think they would react if you told them there was a god looking out after them? Heaven and hell is a power tool used to convince people in the lower classes to behave despite no chance to ascend the hierarchical ladders of societies past. If they are "good" and obey all the religious rules they will be rewarded with something that doesn't exist. Oh and all that stuff about Jesus? If you do any sort of historical research about Christianity, you will find how unlikely it is that he did anything that is said of him in. The Bible is a book of lies made by people in a search to understand the world around them. We now have information available to disprove information but people are still trapped in the knowledge of thousands of years ago. All in all I'm a bigger Meek fan now.

    • @MERCY

      'stop polluting other people wit ur ignorance' are you fucking serious?! you're spewing bullshit about things that MAY NOT EVEN EXIST like you're fucking god's bff. fucking kill yourself you ignorant sack of shit. you can't even think for yourself for two fucking seconds so you resort to your 'religion of peace' to make all the oh so tough decisions in life for you. grow the fuck up and stop acting like god is real. you think santa is real too?

    • Mercy

      the stuff u r saying on this site is very blasphemous....if u dont believe in God or christianity thats ur problem to deal wit..stop polluting other people wit ur would do u a lot of Good if u realise the reason why u r on this earth...the sooner u find God,repent of ur sinful deeds,the better for u...God loves u...thats why he is still giving u life day after day,have a change of man as u are on this earth ur death cos after death,there is no repentance....only judgement...Remember God Loves You

  • Anonymous

    How you don't believe in GOD but you got a song called "Amen". Meek is suspect for this. I was excited about him but he corny now. There are a lot of religious leaders who who speak up about this if they knew. It doesn't mean dude is trying to come up. Dude is SPEAKING up. I dont care what you are trying to do for your family if what you are selling is poison. We don't respect money by any and all means. Dirty money ain't respectable.

    • aprudeaux

      if you LISTENED to the interview he said he Only believes in god. the person who wrote this article miss quoted him.

  • Maxx Plank

    Hey DX, you can syndicate my interview with the Pastor on why he boycotted Meek here: Just link us back...

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    song is garbage anyway


    My last time listening to Meek.

  • Anonymous

    To be honest, the Amen track is kinda blasphemous. The pastor got a point, but Meek is right he should have went to him in person. Then maybe Meek could have cleaned up the record.

  • Fresco Entertainment

    Correction: Meek Mill said, "I don't believe in none of that stuff you talking about. I only believe in God so I don't wanna hear nothing you got to say. Only God can judge me."

  • ambition

    God forgive u meek mill....??????

  • Anonymous

    Eternal Oblivion

  • 704

    I have liked every song from flamers 3 to the present except amen.

  • That Nigga J

    YSL in my shirt, fly as hell off Earth Y'all niggas smoking on dirt, I'm on probation poppin on Perc

  • thought dog

    I dont really care for modern religion but Meek Mills song is some pure ignorance though. 90's babies don't know bout morals though so I'm preaching to the choir right now.

    • thought dog

      Come on now...There's ex child soldiers from Africa that are more respectful with more morals than a majority of the Fatherless kids in America. Stand up, learn to act right and stop making excuses for being disrespectful dipshits.

    • BD

      The problem with us (90's babies) stems from the generation of sorry ass niggas that came before us that failed to raise their own children or even be present in their lives. The young dudes dont get up for the lady to sit down, why? Because what man taught him? ...Generalization to argue with a generalization.

    • Fuck you 90's babies

      Well I be on the subway and I tell these young ass niggas to get up out there seat a let the lady sit down. I have even put my hands on these youngstas. See I'm from the oldschool I put these hands on these young niggas. I put that strap in they face I dont play with these young niggas. Most of yall bitch boys are cowards. I dont give a fuck if you blood or crip you get it too. Fuck yall

    • stay anonymous

      Fuck you who you think raised 90's babies and if u ever voice ur opinion on dem trains u talkn. Ur ass wont b a spectator for long u old faggot

    • Anonymous

      Yea you 90's babies are some disrespectful bitches. Yall dont respect anybody. Yall hate on the legends of rap, cuss out elderly people, and just dont give a fuck about morals or values. I guess each generation gets worse. 90's babies are assholes and really I feel sorry for yall because most of yall lost. Yall want to be like souljah boy. He is the most disrespctful youngsta out. He want be an asshole but when someone older want to check him. He want to pull out that Im young card. Thats the first thing yall youngstas say man Im young. Fuck yall and yall skinny jeans and oversized shoes. Yall dont have any home training. I hate to see you young mutfuckas walking around when IM on the subway. I want to kick yall ass cussing out old people talking shit to some twice your size. You gets no points for that shit.

    • Uncle Uh Oh

      Morals? 90's babies? What about a man who is presents himself as a leader in his community going out of his way to block the income and put down a gainfully employed individual, whom he has never met. I'm sorry is that what Jesus teaches? If so, then why in the hell would I wanna go to church? I think the ignorance lies in this minister. What is he teaching his congregation? Destroy in the name of God? So, get off that 90's babies nonsense...if you know so much then teach. Class dismissed.

  • L-Boogie

    I'll never understood why people attack the rappers when they're just sheep, why not attack these money grubbing record labels that sign mediocre rappers to make bullshit. Yeah today's rappers are just as bad but it's the labels signing these dudes and giving them a chance.

  • ETK

    I don't respect Meek Mill's beliefs but I respect him as a man and that's good enough. he didn't waste time lettin niggas know straight up where he stands, and hey you may not be ok with where he stand but guess what.. welcome to religion. can't expect the world to be backing all yo beliefs and I understood that a long time ago.

  • ETK

    DAMN. Meek Mill got game. I believe in God but I got nothin against a man strong in his beliefs and not backing down, straight up answering back to the pastor whereas most rappers would ignore the shit. and the track Amen was sorta funny to be honest if he don't believe in God, there ain't nothing you can do broski. live and let live

  • Ben Atheist is about to start listening to Meek Mill

  • ap

    The whole rant on bothsides is disturbing, the live feed is on worldstar...the whole think was handled wrong, regardless of your beliefs pastor was trippin and most pastors that understand accuratly what the bible teaches would say he was tripping. after listening to the live fee i have to side with meek mill on this particular debate. as far as the actual faith trying to discuss that in any legit intellecutal capacity on an music site would be foolish...but this whole situation is crazy, i do think pastor tryin to get famous

  • Anonymous

    LMAO Oh man long live Meek Mill hahaha that's right brother fuck the church

  • Anonymous

    If I ruled this motherfucking country I would take all of this churches from our hoods and put it back in the caves of Europe. That whole shit is made for taking money from the poor and molesting our goddamn children.

    • Uncle Uh Oh

      Yes the music industry is different. Regardless of how real the rappers you hate say they are, it's entertainment. Religion is only entertainment to those who have realized it's bullshit. But those others who do believe in religion have caused more death and destruction over an massively longer period of time a musical form that's been around for a few of decades. Wake up,,,

    • Digga

      And the music industry is any different? They rape your mind everyday with that nonsense street shit and u stupid monkey ass niggers on here praise it. You are no better than that pastor. And the music industry isn't either

  • Fuck The Church

    Now I got mad respect for Meek Mill

  • Sam I Am

    Real talk fuck anybody that uses their beliefs to bring down another person while trying to make a name for themselves. How you gonna call yourself a pastor and then go around bad mouthing another person. That shit don't make any sense, if you felt some kinda way about something another man said why not tell that man to his face, instead of going on tv and radio to talk down about them. Dude is a coward who is using the cover of religion to make a name for himself. This is why religion gets such a bad rap, so called religious folk trying to force their beliefs down other peoples throats.

    • Digga

      People do that shit without religion. In fact, rappers do it all the time. They floss in their videos, showing off while you monkeys don't have shit. They use fake ass riches to make a name and bring the people that don't have it down and call them haters


    So first he says that he doesn't believe in God, and then he says only God can judge him? Meek Mill is confused.

  • gutter man

    pretty intelligent comments from meek. i see your lane now meek.

  • Khalil

    Meek Mill just became one of my favorite rappers. Lol. Why believe in some religion that was beaten into our ancestors? I don't know Mill's reason for his beliefs, but I know I actually read parts of the bible that they don't teach in Church and that crap is disturbing. Obviously, all religion was made up by people who were high out their minds. Dragons, boats big enough to carry EVERY animal on the planet, worshiping some meteorite that fell from the sky, seeing ghost, and other stuff that would be more suitable for the fiction section. None of that was God, that was just some powerful ass drugs. They were high (or crazy) out of their minds!!!! LMAO You can believe what u want, just know that its all fairy tells. You pray to a god to make stuff better, but you can't go out on the streets and actually do anything about it. That's why humanity is effed up, we rather wait on an imaginary figure than going out and trying to bond on the basis of basic human connections. We let this religion thing divide us too much. Wars, genocide, slavery, segregation were all promoted by using religion, and this is the thing you chose to put your faith in?

    • DeAngelo

      All of it is bullshit. Heaven and hell don't exist and nothing happens when we die. They are simply illusions created by authorities to control the masses when the general public was even more gullible than it is today. Do your research and put down your bible and you will find the truth.

    • soooo

      yes religion is bullshit but god is not

    • ambition

      there is no hell??? the sooner u realise it and change ur ways,the better????pray for forgivenes of sin, man???u dont know wat lies ahead of u...????All that the Bible said is coming to pass gradually....have a change of mind b4 that day comes

    • chillin

      @Khalil: REAL TALK!

    • Anonymous

      There's a difference between religion and God. Religion is man-made, whilst God is not. It's like if a group of friends watched a movie and argued over the main message. It wouldn't be the movie's fault they're arguing; different people will have different interpretations.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^ There's no hell, that's just some trash honkeys pushed to your ancestors while they were being enslaved. Just think about it, all that Christian, it's pretty stupid, so of course it's white man's thing.


      There are a lot of people on this site going to Hell. I feel sorry for you guys and wish there was some way I could reach you all. Here's hoping for a good life for everyone.

  • Anonymous

    what about the meeting of Nicea, where they voted on whether Jesus was the son of god or a man. They voted and you think Im supposed to believe that bullshit the pastor speaking! Fuck off

  • Anonymous

    why are there so many churches in the hood. Because there's a whole lot of pastors trying to get rich by selling religion!

    • sooo

      why is there so much bullshit rap in the radio?? because there is a whole lot of rappers trying to get rich selling bullshit music

    • gutter man

      not only that, but its all systematically set up to mislead and emasculate the potentially powerful people. if you beleive in hell youll obey anything to avoid it. its control of your mind

  • Anonymous

    The pastor is a crab in the bucket. Why everybody want to come at rappers but the same hypocrites never mention hollywood. Movies have video and audio and its all about killing, rape, putting down black people, being gay, and drama. None of these so called leader say shit about that.

  • Anonymous

    WOW! Meek Mill needs to be saved ASAP, his comments are very stupid

    • Anonymous

      @anon I feel for you. You only believe the story you were taught. If you were born in Asia you would probably be muslim or buddist, or hindu. Who are the sheep really?

    • gutter man

      i have compassion for the misled sheep above me who blindly believes in a mind control system(christianity) and had the arrogance to act like his way is right and others are wrong. Jesus who? have you met him? how do you know he ever existed? open your mind and do the research. religion is poison.

    • Anonymous

      I feel for the two commentators above me.. Yup, go ahead, follow whatever you want to follow just know that Jesus loves you, it's never too late to convert.

    • gutter man

      second that. think man- who designed your beleifs? who told you what to think??

    • Anonymous

      you need to be saved. The only reason why you are what you are is because your parents taught it to you and their slave master taught it to them! Think!

  • Anonymous

    Im a rob the pastor for robbing Gods people

  • Anonymous

    Wow that was a pipebomb

  • czar

    "I dont even believe in GOD" ... man the worlds is headed down a razor blade into a pool of alcohol and shit.

    • gutter man

      its been prooven that when people are forced to be moral they rebel or become troubled but when people are left alone and not manipulated and oppressed they tend to be moral on there own in a intuetive way. religion is a greek word (re-legio) which means divide! and were all divided and hating eachother because of religion, religion is a form of control which causes wars and instabilty and controls peoples mind. secret socitetys wrote the bible a thousand plus years ago in order to control the peoples minds

    • chaalie

      So because he doesnt believe in god, the world is headed into alcohol and shit? man you're dumb! LOL ...Atheism has a direct correlation to intelligence my friend(I wouldn't say in Meek Mills case though). Fuck these money oriented rappers that use "im getting money, fuck everyone else" mentality to justify everything they do.

    • Anonymous

      Only reason you believe in god is because that's what your parents taught you

  • William Long

    "If I ever go broke, I'ma take yo' moneyHave my n**** snatch yo' b****, and rape yo' honey" -Meek Mill

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